Have you fruits been following this beef between Gillie da Kid, and this guy Dirty Rik? This shit might be the most hilarious thing I've ever seen on World Star Hip Hop. And obviously WSHH has had its share of hilarious moments.

What follows is a guide to the beef as it developed in a series of videos on YouTube and World Star Hip Hop, complete with links to all of the videos in question.

Without further ado...

Dirty Rik goes at Gillie da Kid in a freestyle for a good 5-plus minutes. It looks like Dirty Rik might be upset that his career isn't going anywhere, and he blames Gillie da Kid. This despite the fact that Dirty Rik claims to have a deal with Interscope (presumably, not the same deal they gave the Knux), a BMW, and, perhaps most importantly, some jewelry from Jacob.

For what it's worth, I'd say this is a fairly impressive example of that kind of freestyle where you stand in a guy's face and all but dare him to cold cock you, like that guy did that one guy in that, "Oh, you mad cuz I'm styling on you," video. I'm not saying I'd cop this, or even so much as download it, if it was an actual song. I'm just saying. It would take a certain amount of dedication to even memorize all of that shit.

VIDEO: Dirty Rik Adresses Da' Beef [YouTube]

Because the Internets supposedly called for it, Dirty Rik issues a response to his own video going off on Gillie, explaining the origin of their beef with one another.

As I suspected, Dirty Rik is upset that his career isn't going anywhere, and he blames Gillie da Kid. He claims he never received any money from rapping with Gillie's group, Major Figgaz (of which I'm sure there was plenty), and that, to add insult to injury, his picture wasn't even on the front of the group's album with everyone else. They put him on the back, as if to suggest that he wasn't quite good enough to be on the front.

Also, he seems to be particularly upset with the fact that, before he went away to jail for three years for a shooting (he makes it a point to note that he did a three-year bid, and that it was for a shooting), Gillie accused Dirty Rik of breaking into his house, stealing a gold chain, then returning it by leaving the gold chain on the door step, ringing the door bell, then running away. Roffle.

Finally, a response from Gillie da Kid. Gillie's pissed that Dirty Rik's been "dry snitching" on him. In that first video, Dirty Rik talks about how he's fortunate to have missed three bullets that were meant for his dome. I wouldn't have suspected that Gillie was behind that, if he didn't just accuse Dirty Rik of dry snitching. But if you notice, these guys seem altogether unconcerned with incriminating themselves.

Or, for what it's worth, it could be that Gillie is genuinely concerned that someone might take Dirty Rik out, and he doesn't want anyone to think it's him. Because as it turns out, this guy Dirty Rik may or may not be a child molester. Gillie has one of his weed carriers pull up a document in some database where it shows that Dirty Rik has been accused of a number of crimes along those lines.

Gillie also makes it a point to note that, while Dirty Rik claims to have spent three years in the joint for a shooting, this database doesn't show where Dirty Rik has been charged or convicted of anything having to do with a shooting. Weak! Other items on Dirty Rik's rap sheet which Gillie and his crew gleefully point out include domestic violence (aww dang!), and some shit called victim witness services. Which they of course take to mean snitching.

My favorite of the bunch. Gillie actually goes and gets the mother of the girl Rik's accused of molesting, who also happens to be Rik's baby's mother. To clarify, and as Rik points out in a later video, the girl Rik was accused of molesting is his daughter's half-sister, who's white. Rik's own daughter with this woman is only half-white. (Rik himself really hammers this point home, for whatever reason.) No one's accusing him of molesting his own daughter.

It wasn't clear to me in that last video, where Gillie pulls up Rik's documents, but this woman claims Rik really did plead guilty to child molestation, and asks why would a man plead guilty to child molestation charges, if he isn't a child molester? It's hilarious to watch Gillie feign sincerity when he chastises Dirty Rik for doing whatever he allegedly did with this poor child, when all he had to do was keep an eye on her while her mother was off at work or whatever.

Also in this clip, we get the inside scoop on what went down with that chain incident, and how Dirty Rik has been known to make a little money on the side by letting an old white guy go down on him, Malcolm X-style.

For the sake of brevity, I'm not gonna discuss the clip where some guy identifies a line in one of Dirty Rik's freestyles where it sounds like he was saying that he wouldn't let a little girl watch TV until she went down on him, and then she hurt her mouth in the process. But it's there, if you want to check that out.

In this last clip, Dirty Rik attempts to vindicate himself from any charges of child molestation by showing where it says in some other database that he definitely isn't a child molester. To hear Rik tell it, his baby's mother made that shit up, because she was pissed that he was banging a lot of broads and having other babies with different women while they were together.

To his credit, it is clear on the screen where it says that he isn't a violent sexual predator, and it really does look like this broad might have charged him with touching her kid, and he got off. If it really is true what he says, that she just made that shit up to fuck with him, then that's some fucked up shit. But who knows? We can't really tell from the one document he shows us if that's the only time he was charged, or why he got off in this case.

Finally, since I'm sure he'd like me to point this out, he does go and show where he's been charged with a number of crimes having to do with guns. I know I was worried.