The Renaissance Is Like A Revival…

Q-Tip’s new album is totally influenced by the fact that he has been working as a party deejay for the last several years. This album is for you to get motivated to do something g.o.o.d. in your life. The last album that I used to get myself dressed to in the morning was ‘Graduation’. I wish I had one of those futuristic homes that piped the music into every room. Then I could take a shit, smoke a clip, shower, eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, brush my teeth, get dressed and put on some fresh new sneakers all to the soundtrack of the Q-Tip album.

Actually, my apartment isn’t that big where I can’t hear the music playing no matter what room I am in. Everything on ‘The Renaissance’ celebrates life and the endless possibility that every day represents. In a way, Q-Tip is speaking on more wealth than any rapper evar. He is talking that shit where you have the freedom to just do you. That is real wealth right there. Buying a diamond watch or a Maybach is for stuntin’ but imagine if you could just wake up in Prague or Manila and just be free to smell the bloomeristics of something young and tender.

In the new millenium this is the possibility of Hip-Hop. Q-Tip has returned to the game to put himself back into the global movement that rap represents. De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest are the reasons that there is a non-white president-elect for these United States. You think white folks would have gotten behind a Public Enemy X-Clan candidate? Hellz the fuck no! We needed rappers with a global perspective like KanYe West and Q-Tip to push Barack Obama into office. In a generation, Black people will no longer exist as we know it. We will become Hyper-Black or Ultra-Black. We will be mixed with so many ethnicities that race will no longer matter to us.

I’m sure that race will still matter to white folks since that is what they use to maintain their social hegemony, but no one else will care and the women will be beautiful. Half Chinese, half South American, half Black beauties everywhere. Even though white chicks are starting to come out with the fat asses it won’t matter because their faces will be totally un-exotic and as usual, they won’t tan well. Q-Tip’s new album isn’t a renaissance, it’s a look into the future. 808′s and Heartbreaks will be the straight up looking glass.

I’m peeping the tracklist from ‘The Renaissance’ in the hopes of telling you the best tracks but honestly they are all money. If I had to fucks with just one I think ‘I Believe’ would be my favorite. ‘I Believe’ sums up the feelings that I have for this country right now plus it has the homey D’Angelo on it. This is such a good album for the time it was released. I hope Barack Obama is a good president. I hope he gets our money situation straightened out. I hope white people don’t go crazy and lose their shit for fear that their racial hegemony might get broken up. I know a lot of them were counting on that shit for retirement.

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  • Pierzy

    I’m looking forward to listening to “The Renaissance” and I love an electoral landslide…

  • kne81

    Yep Yep McCain got clobbered..and I do sure and fo the same as you do Billy that Obama can be a good president; but you know there gonna be some crazy ass racist that gonna try to get at him…I’ma try to pick up the new Q-Tip,but I’m kinda strap on cash right now..

  • DV8

    they should have let you do the promos for Q-Tips album. You just sold me a copy.

    • texasleen

      no joke…im gonna get it and send a note to Q. telling him to send you at least $5 for selling me on this album…i dont think any man can fuck up more then Bush<<<<CHANGE!

      • akaTheRealist

        Co-sign…he should at least be reimbursed. Great, innovative post..

  • John Galt

    I generally don’t mix my politics and music (kidding) but regardless of that, if you like it that much, I’m going to have to check this disc out. 808′s and Heartbreak — we’ll see. I’m a Kanye guy, but I need to hear more of it.

  • Worley

    I am sure women, White and the tight pants crew will be happy with this new release. I am waiting for that new Ghostface.

  • amar

    you’re talking outta your ass bxs. Half asian half black, but white chicks are gonna care about race? Here’s a little tidbit: asians are probalby the most racist towards black people outta all the races. You’d much sooner find an asian chick dating a white dude, than an asian chick dating a black guy. I’m not even kidding-look into that shit. The only type of white people i’d say rival asians in that shit would be jews. It’s all tradition. Just like how black people stay together, asians stick together even more so, and jews even more so.

    If anything, the brand of white chicks in the U.S. who are the liberal generation (ie not mccain supporters) are the MOST likely to get with a black dude. A Kim Kardashian type chick.

    • amar

      i should mention though that while more asians are racist than white people…those white people who are racist are more expressive about their opinion in public (ie that dumb bald plumber motherfucker who thinks he can actually start up his own business without fucking it up)

  • Moi

    i will buy this album because of you now. please don’t be wrong. is q-tip writing this?

    just for the record too, dozens of white people i know voted for obama. and millions who i don’t know did as well. i know there’s a vein of humor here, but come on man–the people as a whole have spoken.

    other start your day album that no one listened to: 9th wonder and buck shot, the formula. “ready for a brand new day.” no doubt.

  • amar

    but i do feel u on the waking up to kanye thing. That was one inspirational-ass album. Good Morning wakes you up and Can’t Tell me Nothing gets you through the day!

    So people should stop giving him shit about following it up with a darker, breakup album!


    Q-tip realy surprise me.
    Too much garbage album now a days that i download it to see what the hype about it is.
    Shit i`mma cop ASASP

  • Billy X. Sunday

    One thing I don’t do is hype up wack shit. This is just a dope sounding album. You need that boom bap and you need that laid back. Q-Tip album is that laid back.

    Amar, you don’t know shit. I have effed more Asian broads than white chicks. And of all the white chicks I have effed they have ALL been jews.

    The most racist people I have encountered are those that need racism to maintain their social status. Like without it they would be even poorer. Those are the biggest racists.

    • texasleen

      Get em! you gave hime a lil “tidbit”

    • kne81

      LMAO…I hear ya I don’t know about where Amar is from but up here in Prov the asian chick is quick to jump to the black guy..and I’m an asian dude, but I ain’t hatin though. There are babies up here that half asian half whatever.Sound like I need to check that Q-Tip joint foreal I need some laid back hip hop to listen to.

  • ri067953

    Yo, Amar is a fool. Kim Kardashian isn’t even white. She is Armenian or something. White girls don’t have curves and eyebrows like she does.

    • amar

      i was counting european ppl (ie armenian) as white. I myself am white but not born in north america. I came here when i was 8 at an early age.

      and i think i was referring to asian people who aren’t as americanized/accepting, so your point is valid as well.

      • texasleen

        so its true then you really dont know shit…

        • amar

          oh yeah for sure…however where i’m from, a lot of asians are born in asia. And those asians, with traditional values, are pretty hesisant to fuck with black people…and white people. At the same time, they don’t go burning crosses and fucked up shit like that.

          In terms of where u guys are from, it’s obviously different and i don’t know shit about shit. I can admit when I’m wrong and can see when i’ve been owned by bxs.


    obama might be able to do it be he is going need more than 4 years to clean up W’s mess.
    get him in there for another 4.
    Q-tip’s album if i could sum in up in one word uplifting. Believe is good i also like john is dead or johnny is dead. also we fight/love with rapheal saadiq and dance on glass listen up on that track

  • dan99

    Imma have to check it out, read many great reviews from this LP.


    Definitely checking for some new Q. I had to resort to Beats, Rhymes and Life this week. That #2 track, “Get a Hold” is my shit. Classic weirdo JayDee beat.

    Q-Tip couldn’t fall off if he greased his feet and started moonwalking along the edge of the Empire State Building. It’s just not possible.

    Jesus… it feels so good to have real wireless again!