When you talk about singing rappers as much as I have then I need to acknowledge that singing and harmonizing are part of the foundation of rap music. Rappers have always wanted to be singers its just that none of them have the vocal ability. None except Nate Dogg.

Nate Dogg might not be in the MTV rotation ever, but when you put his catalog of Hip-Hop hits alongside any other sanger's pop music hits Nate pwns the competition hands down. 'The Next Episode' is such a gangster song that I think they have an ASCAP agreement where a chick gets raped everytime the song gets played. What is better than a chick getting raped? Except maybe to the chick? Maybe.

Warren G's 'Regulate' is another joint that Nate Dogg blazes with an untouchable verse. How many fools do you think get clapped at while the shooter sings the Nate Dogg verse? That is hardbody Hip-Hop. I'm not saying that falling in love with a stripper and buying said stripper drinks aren't popular verses, but at the end of the day we all have to agree that buying shit for bitches is symptomatic of trick behavior. And doing shit for bitches just to get at some snatch is problematic (happy born day fam).

Nate Dogg represents that type of groove where you kick a broad out of your car if she even acts like she ain't giving up the stanky dugout. Leave her ass right on the side of the highway. That shit is hilarious. Let that bitch call her boyfriend to come pick her up. Ha.

How many of you fucks with that 2.1.3. album? Please get familiar with that shit. Straight up gangster rhymes and smooth ass G-Funk beats. Nate Dogg spits his best Sammy Davis Jr. street crooner shit and Snoop Dogg is actually listenable. I don't know why so many niggas still sleep on this album. I don't. I play this shit all the time. You should too.

Gotta Find A Way


Groupie Luv