Sha Money's One Stop Shop producer conference took place back in March, but for whatever reason, a proper documentary-style piece is just now making its way around the internet. It looks like it was an incredible event. The beats that are playing towards the end of the clip, in the beat battles, are crazy. I wish I was there. In '09, I need that ticket Sha!

My favorite line, from DJ Premier's manager Phat Gary,

"An A&R gonna tell how your producer ain't as hot as he used to be, ain't as hot as the hottest dude that's out right now, and give you all the reasons why he shouldn't be cutting you a check, not knowing that he's just a gatekeeper for a major corporation. Understand that the A&R is just like us. Because when he gets fired, he gotta come out and start grindin."

I'd need 20 hands to count on my fingers how many dickhead A&R guys I've seen lose their jobs over the years, only to have them act totally different when Sony Records is not longer on their business card.

But yeah, peep more of Sha Money's thoughts over at his Sha Money Motivation blog.

And for the producers who were there, some months have passed since the conference took place. Maybe you can chime in in the comments section and let us know if anything panned out for you since then, if any of your networking paid off. Have you gotten any placements? Was going to the conference worth the money?