BLOG: Plies Is The Future Of Hip-Hop?

If only a nigga knew how to italicize the titles.

If Plies is the future of Hip-Hop, we may as well fix H.E.R. a delicious bowl of Cyanide Mini-Wheats. I’m pretty sure that Ya Woy Ply has an SDN disorder of the terminal variety.

Define: “Deceleration.” Someone at Vibe signed off on going from a Barack Obama cover to… well…

Waiter: And what will you have to drink with your caviaaar, sir?

Diner: Oh, yeah. Ummm… Lemme get the grape Kool-Aid.

W: Absolutely, sir. Fantastic choice. It comes from a good year.

D: And could you bust open a Newport over top of that… let the guts sink to the bottom for me?

W: Oh, sorry. We’re all out of Newport. Will a KOOL suffice, sir?

D: Aight. I fucks with that. And bring us some more of these crab cakes. I fucks with these crab cakes!

You don’t wash down fine cuisine with mentholated grape Kool-Aid, people.

Last summer’s Definition of Literacy encounter with Plies should have given Vibe enough incentive to select a different figurehead for our voice… maybe Kanye or something.

Vibe: Plies is an interesting name for a rapper, how did you get that nickname?

Plies: “Plies” is a tool. You can use it to put the squeeze on things, like I’m doing to these niggas in the rap game. I got the squeeze on them real tight. They feeling the pressure. Or you can use it to pull things out. I pull out all the bullshit and keep the real, you feel me?

It also a word you can use in terms of things goin’ on in yo life, ya dig. You may hear something I say and say that it “plies to me.”

Vibe: I’ve heard of a tool called a “pliers” and the term “applies.”

Plies: You know what I’m trying to say my nigga, just buy my album, I’m from the South, my nigga. We don’t learn no grammar. My Album out August 7, 2007. Cop three copies each. It’s Christmas in July fo’ real, ya dig?

Interview responses like these provide pertinent perspective [I master "p" like "UHHHHHH!"] to Plies’ disdain for lyrical rappers.

“Not knocking any of the lyrical artists in the industry but what does that really mean? That means you’re articulate.  I think it means you’re clever but to me I think to be those things… I don’t want to call you a liar but you have to be unrealistic to a certain extent.  You can’t find a dude that’s great with words that its 100 percent truthful as well.” -Plies,


“I done lissent to them ole fast-talkin, book-learnt-ass niggas before. Ain’t nothin really help me in my comeup. If I can’t understand what you mean, then you lyin. That’s that. All these smarty-art niggas wit’ they metaphors and grammar and shit, that ain’t realistic. They plies. Them woy plyin to errbody.”

I guess XXL and Vibe have diametrically opposed visions for Hip-Hop’s future. One magazine runs a cover with 10 thoughtful MCs who, if nothing else, respect your intelligence as an audience. Vibe slaps the franchise tag on a nigga who not only muddles the difference between “pliers” and “applies,” but likely can’t spell either.

The saddest part is that I’m being told by the other officials to withhold my NP penalty flag today. Apparently, the scary shit is that this Plies nigga very well may be reflective of our future as all 10 XXL Freshmen combined may not be able to outsell America’s favorite goon this year.

That’s the realist shit right there.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Still don’t know who da realist be?

P.S.: “Realist” and “realest” are not synonyms, my niggas.

P.P.S.: The first of you to use either properly in a sentence will get love on next month’s Vibe cover.

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  • amar

    rofl u gotta hand it to him though mex, he must be the only rapper to use both “nigga” and “cracka’ ” in his lyrics, probably at least 1 of the two every 5 seconds. That’s some equal opportunity ignorance right there…i’m all for that shit.

    I sincerely hope pliers is not really the origin of his name. Sincerely. Man, this dude is like Birdman and Juvenile’s illegitimate herpes baby. Oh you didn’t watch larry king? Dudes can give birth now…sorta.

    • Joey Fingaz

      what i don’t get is why they hate on him so much for lack of content and shit like that when(be honest with yourselves) was the last time lil wayne said anything that mattered lollipop? a milli? thats got a real message not sayin plies is the future but he says he makes music for real niccas he doesnt try to be lyrical…i’m just sayin not dickridin no homo

      • squadwildin

        Co-sign…and plies is an educated man…He went to USF. why ya’ll keep tryin to make a dummy out of him. Just listen to his songs and the jewels of knowledge he drops….

        Now some cant relate…it aint for ya’ll. but dont knock him for speakin for the hood.

        and it is kinda true what he said about the words…

        Think about it…in society who do we have thats most articulate in speech, and if good at it, make a ton of money??

        LAWYERS. ARENT THEY THE BIGGEST LIARS YOU’LL EVER MEET? Its not bad to be conscious and use all that word play, but it is hard to keep it truthful when you can twist and bend words to your liking…

        Thats a gift thats usually used for evil; not all the time, but most of the time

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Actually XXL kinda declared him the future of rap when he appeared on our last Top 10 cover… And I’ll be damned him and Lupe were the most successful out of that bunch.

      Different strokes for different folks, I for one fuck with Plies. “100 Years,” “Chopper Zone,” “Ms. Pretty Pussy,” “Goons Lurkin’” and “I’m the Man” are all my shits!

      • amar

        i agree with u both-i like plies, i listen to plies. I just think because he’s not a full package, he can’t be the future. All the greats were able to do both club bangers, poppy stuff, street stuff, lyrical stuff and everything in between.

        i think he’s kinda got a disadvantage too being from the south, in being taken seriously by ppl. But “I’m on ma dick dawwwwwwwwwwwwg”??? i dunno wtf he’s talking about half the time lol

    • amar

      btw in case ur interested where his name is actually from

      it was bugging the shit outta me..

  • dameSTAUS

    Ron Mexico,

    If you like it, then you betta put a “GOON” on it whoa..

  • capcobra

    didn’t y’all have this nigga on the top 10 cover last year?…maybe they’ll say asher roth the future next year then….lmao.

    • Pierzy

      Please don’t give them any ideas!

      • DJ Daddy Mack



    “I done lissent to them ole fast-talkin, book-learnt-ass niggas before. Ain’t nothin really help me in my comeup. If I can’t understand what you mean, then you lyin. That’s that. All these smarty-art niggas wit’ they metaphors and grammar and shit, that ain’t realistic. They plies. Them woy plyin to errbody.”

  • DBlock

    I’m a realist. I think Plies is wack. But as it relates to the current generation of hip-hop fans, Plies just may be the future of hip-hop. Regardless of what that says about the game’s decline, or the tastes of these youngins/downloadin jackasses.

    *waits for cover shoot*


      ay dis dude fakin dont take him serious hes smart and prolly can rap articulate he just chose 2 rap this way for real everyone knows wack sells he prolly tha souths t.i or something since tip articulate hell outta here he has a gimmick and a image 2 keep why not sound so southern if the south sellIN MORE THAN ANY OTHER REGION all the real killas goons kingpins locked up since the Notorious B.I.G MEECH got knocked them niggas dont rap ya heard me


    “I done lissent to them ole fast-talkin, book-learnt-ass niggas before. Ain’t nothin really help me in my comeup. If I can’t understand what you mean, then you lyin. That’s that. All these smarty-art niggas wit’ they metaphors and grammar and shit, that ain’t realistic. They plies. Them woy plyin to errbody.”

  • B

    Let me be just be a realist, and say Plies is not the realest. The weirdest/scariest thing about him is that he loses his accent and talks like a normal person in his interviews… Plies may be fooling everyone all the way to the bank.

    • Ron Mexico

      winner! we gonna get you some dr. miracle products so your hurr and skin is ready for that cover.

      as for your other point, this was the basis of his SDN entry. i really don’t understand how he makes so much sense, is hella articulate when he wants to be… and then shuts it all down.

      i don’t wanna say he’s acting, but… whatever it is it’s truly fascinating.

      • amar

        plies looks nervous and serious in interviews. Think about it this way: do you sound the same at a job interview as u do with your friends? If not, what about if you had a southern accent, hang out with drug dealers and are doing an interview which will be viewed by thousands?

        Snoop used to sound different in interviews too during his earlier, shy days

        just my theory

  • DJ Knox

    Damn, capcobra got ya on that…plies was wanna the 10 to watch this time last year. Can’t hate Vibe for doing the same thing XXL did 12 months ago. LOL Now…where’s that nigga G-Unot Killa?


  • the r

    and the fucked thing is there is rumor that plies has a college degree in management…egads!

    another rumor going on that plies should be male nurse.

  • stevie b

    I dont care what anybody says Plies is dope and i really dont give a fuck about the origin of his name . I really think its real lame of you to take a statement of his and then translate it in to ignorance. The reason Plies will out sell every person on XXL’s cover is because there corny. Most of them are lame. You judge Plies but this Charles Hamilton nigga wares Sonic shirts and says he lives a sonic the hedgehog lifestyle thats a negro please by definition. Most of you cats writing and commenting on somebody like plies or jeezy just come off as pretentious and arrogant assholes.

    • Phil

      “Most of you cats writing and commenting on somebody like plies or jeezy just come off as pretentious and arrogant assholes.”

      Um, too late. YOU FIRST.

    • tony grand$

      I pride myself on being an arrogant, pretentious asshole. An uber-douche bag, if u will. Just ask my accountant, my therapist, and my wife!

  • El Tico Loco

    If this is the future then there’s no tomorrow. I’m not that worried because next year they’ll have a new nigga on the cover as the future.

    Ain’t that right XXL?

  • Down South

    I dumb down for my aduience to double my dollars….sound familiar?

    • El Tico Loco

      That means intelligent people are outnumbered. And your need for spellcheck shows you might be that target AUDIENCE.

      Jay said it right there I lowered the reading level of my lyrics to get rich off these dumb muthafuckers. He still rhymin over ya’ll heads.

  • Pierzy

    As a realist, I refuse to believe that Plies is the realest in the game.

    Either way, (Ap)Plies is garbage.

  • Trent

    Thank you Ron Mexico for this on-point editorial.

    What the f**k is wrong with Vibe?

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Next thing you know they are going to proclaim Brandy as the future of R&B.


  • Curtis75Black

    DBloc said it best !! And if ya’ll had homie on your Mag cover claiming him Top 10, who the fuck are you to critique the next Mag ? wasn’t itt ya’ll stating this year he’s the new generations LL, rapping for the ladies ? You know, when ya’ll promote an emcee a certain way, don’t be surprised when it sticks. He probably might outsell your current crop of rookies but that’s because when it comes to your reviews, ya’ll would diss them if they was the least bit original, not sounding like what’s on the radio eventhough you act like you hate it copycats !! notice how everyone is a “goon” nowadays, I could’ve sworn that came from the very man we’re talkimg about.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    “I’m not a (blank), I’m a realist.”

    Lines from a hip hop song. Sombody help me out, I can’t connect the words to the man, you know? First one to enlighten me will get love on the cover of next month’s WNM publication: “White Nigga Quarterly” or WNQ as it is more affectionately known in the HQ.

    Fuck Plies. Thank God his buzz died down because I was sick of tricks wanting me to dunk on ‘em to a Plies track. I was like, “Baby I got some Marvin, some Luther…shit I even got some Luis Miguel…” But, nah…shorty wanted me to swish the rim on the Plies tip. I did it once…never again.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Ha…narrowed it down to GangStarr by my own damn self. Looks like I’ll grace the cover of next month’s WNQ…again.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    “I’m not a philosopher, I’m a realist.”

    • fredMS

      i saw this on law and order and i immediately thought of you at 2:55

    • fredMS
      • Matt Herbz

        Damn, nigga…looks like you forgot the damn link. Yo, that nigga in the vid is nothing like me, son! Number 1, I don’t wear blue hats and airbrushed shirts, I wear white Champion hoodies and fuck a hat my hair looks so damn good…and Number 2, I fux with Ice T for reals…that nigga played himself trying to knock knuckles with T.

        That being said, that was a cool link to that youtoob site. Never been there before.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

  • akaTheRealist

    XXL had Plies on the “Leaders Of The New School” cover in November of last to Joell Ortiz, one of the best out, mind you. So in fact Vibe may be bitin..
    and I know the difference, Mex.

  • EReal

    Isnt dude from Hollywood,FL or some shit.

    Straight suburbs.

    • squadwildin

      He’s from Fort Myers, you homo….EREAL…your a fuckin idiot. and down here in Fort Lauderdale/Broward County, the hoods is mixed wit the suburbs. You can walk cross the street and be in a totally different neighborhood wit a totally different tax bracket.

      • EReal

        Whatever you fake ass suburb ass John Brown wanksta. I live in FL so eat a dickup and hiccup, DOUCHEBAG.

        Hoods mixed with suburbs, you know how much of a lame you sound like?

        • squadwildin

          You live in Florida. You probly live in the countriest part, Polk county or some shit. Clearly you never been to Lauderdale and you just talkin out ya ass. If you did, you would know wat i was talkin bout.

          take for instance, the city of hollywood, near the beach, hollywood is where the white folks live. travel a little bit down davie blvd and now you in the ghetto fuck face…EREAL you been gettin on my damn nerves ever since you started commentin on here

          Everything you say is uneducated and based on assumptions. I lived in Lauderdale all my life, so dont tell me shit about my city fuck nigga.

  • tony grand$

    Wow, mentholated Kool Aid. Yeah, I fux with them crab cakes too, but only imitation crab meat! Mex, that was too fuckin funny! I read that fuckin article in the barbershop this weekend. They called that dude a “prom king turned gun-toting pretty boy”. Huh? It also said he went to college but didn’t graduate. Shit, I’m surprised that bloke even went to high school, let alone walk across the stage. & I’ve heard it said by many a person (esp middle aged white ones) that black ppl have horrible taste in jewelry. Don’t kno if I agree or not, but yo, that nigga shine is very shiek and homosex! All that $ on some mardi gras beads. Egads! I’m not a hater, in fact I getta kick outta “Bust it baby”, but if he’s the future of hip hop, and Vibe mag really believes that, then I’m done. Consider this my hip hop resignation. He, my fellow hiphopians, is not the realest, & speaking as a realist, he’s barely even noteworthy of a “oh shit, that’s my song right thurr nigga”. Word to Gary Coleman.

    • Ron Mexico

      tony… what’s better than imitation crab cakes?

      not a motherfuckin thing. hahaha.

      i like a few ply jawns… “bust it baby” a little “worth goin fed fo’.” but the future of hip-hop? that’s kind of a lofty title, no?


      and also note that XXL and Don Texaco don’t necessarily share philosophy. in fact… i think that’s a big part of why i’m here. so don’t act like i put plies on the cover of an issue last year.

      i got here in june.

      • tony grand$

        My dear Mex, I firmly believe that Jibe put that title on the cover to actually make niggas look & say “whoa, r u fuckin’ kiddin me?!” Dude reminds me of Dave Chappelle’s Lil Jon skits. All ignant & exagerated, then starts speakin’ like some thespian scholar. Yeah, its an act, but when did dumbing down become so…….necessary. What kinda back-handed compliment is it when I niggas really thinkin, “let me be dumber than mosquito piss, these niggas gon lub dat shit, y’eard?!?!”. I bet his mommas proud, she prolly out buyin boxes of Newport 100′s, throwin em this a way and that a way like Weezy. Sheesh, I need a fuckin beer after that. And I still don’t like his jewelry. Looks like my grandmother throw up on him one easter sunday.

  • TonyStackz


    • tony grand$

      The “Tony”s have spoken, it is now law. Plies is ass crack!!! Now, you all run to the highest mountain & shout it to the heavens!!!!

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    Ron, Plies is a smart business man, b.

    Also, you failed to mention that XXL had him last year under the banner of “Leader of the New School.” I love XXL (shoot, I praise them a lot in my blog.), but they were basially saying that Plies along with 9 others were “the future of Hip Hop.”

    • Ron Mexico

      clearly if nothing else he’s a master business man. somehow i feel like i’m gettin played hard into believing he’s as dumb as he makes himself look.

      i was just talking to another reader about this, but his appeal is what’s selling. there’s nothing wrong with that. no way i’m not gonna joke on the ignorance and what have you, but that’s why i withheld the full flag-toss.

      this man very well could be exemplary of the direction this is all goin in.

  • Jake Cambron

    Plies is all right and as far as “gangster rappers” go he’s definately close to the top in the game right now. He’s come out with some pretty good street singles like “murkin season,” “100 years,” “pussy smell like water?,” and my personal favorite “kept it too real” but, to say he’s the future of hip-hop is a HUGE stretch. Plies is a decent rapper but, his voice makes him sound like an uneducated, ingnorant nigga, and his rhymes back that claim up too often. He’s good but nowhere near THAT good. Come on Vibe!!!

  • ErvGotti85

    I’m a Realist, I can see through the bullshit vail that Vibe Magazine put up around Plies, but he is not the Realest. I’ve been said Plies has some of the most coon looking jewelery ever. Look at me I put my album cover on my chain massa gon see Iam riccch.

  • ErvGotti85

    I’m a Realist, I can see through the bullshit vail that Vibe Magazine put up around Plies, but he is not the Realest. I’ve been said Plies has some of the most coon looking jewelery ever. Look at me I put my album cover on my chain massa gon see Iam riccch.

    ^^^ My Bad jewelry

  • shawn

    plies has the mind of a horny teenager every song he makes is about sex

  • iliveonce

    Plies is wack and he sound like an ignorant asshole….

    No more of that ignorant fake shit…..Plies huh!! he’s shit!!!

    Ya’ll need to stop supportin’ that wack shit….support real music!!

    Dead prez
    some of Eminem’s music
    TI’s new sone with rihanna is fire
    Jeezy has been represent lately


    Those dudes represent hiphop!! fuck Plies!!

  • Incilin

    Ahh, dude you do realize that XXL put Piles on their cover last year, right? And that he became the second most successful person on that cover?

    “One magazine runs a cover with 10 thoughtful MCs who, if nothing else, respect your intelligence as an audience.”

    ^^^Oh I see, Ace Hood and Cory Gunz respect my intelligence way more than Plies.

    • Ron Mexico

      touche on ace hood… i won’t give you mario wallet tho.

      should have thrown a “for the most part” in there.

  • King of Kings

    saying plies is the future is insulting to hip hop. huever agrees with him bein the future obviously doesnt no music. im disgusted hes even mentioned with the word future

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Plies = Lil Wayne

    The same shit!!!

  • mizeryluvkompany

    ***news flash*** if u didt no, now u no!!
    pliesm is straight fuckin trashg!!…his rap’s are garbage!…i wouldnt spend a dime on his sht…ever!!!

  • Shawty J

    I’m not big on Plies, haven’t heard much of his music, probably because I can’t listen to more than three minutes of the brother. Point being different strokes, for different folks half of the people here give him props, half think he’s the most ignorant nigga on the planet. Doesn’t sound like the future of Hip-Hop to me. Besides, Vibe is mainly R&B, so what do they know?

  • king_ill

    doesn’t this bring up the old hip hop vs rap thing plies obviously doesn’t have any lyrical prowess but is a shrewd businessman

  • DANJA29

    LMAO @ the people in defense of Plies sayin’ that this blog or other critics are “makin’ him out” to be ignorant and dumb. He’s doin’ a pretty good job of doin’ that for himself. He’s CLEARLY smarter than he comes across in his songs and shit like that… I don’t know if this nigga’s runnin’ an idiot savant move, or if he’s been pushed into goin’ that route, or what. But “future of rap”? I hope not. We don’t need him inspiring a whole generation of aspiring rappers to rhyme as retardedly as they can no matter how smart they are in real life.

    • tony grand$

      “Idiot savant”……..
      Wow, there’s other ppl besides me who actually use that term, lmao.
      I was beginning to believe I had just made that shit up outta nowhere. & on that note, when speakin on Plies, let’s just drop the ‘savant’, maybe replace it with……. awww who am I kidding, idiot’s good enuf.

  • Cal

    Ron you may say that Vibe and XXl have different definitions of what hip hop’s future looks like but remember, your mag wont hesitate to put soulja boy on the cover if need be!

  • avenger xl

    The sad thing is that rap is so stagnant right now that even the indy cat’s who are dope and the lyrical cats keep doing the same stunt over and over just like the main stream coonery plies characters. I am a fan of lyricism and I want to be entertained also in this day and age you either get a dissertation or a minstril show very few balanced “artists” and no innovation. So Plies is that latest media darling to get attention who cares this isn’t worth debate he doesn’t have enough skill to last past next year and I would place a bet on that.

  • T



    Damn, XXL what happened to my last comment?

    Anyways. I was sayin this nigga Pliers cant be serious with that “being good with words means you have to be unrealistic” bullshit.

    Was MLK unrealistic? What about Malcom X? Feddrick Douglas? Huey P Newton? 2Pac? Biggie? Nas? BARACK OBAMA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Fuck outta here Plies.

    On the real though, I was actually startin to feel that nigga(no homo of course), until he said that bullshit. And for the other dude who said that lawyers are the best with words, and best liars, WRONG!!!

    Philosophers are the best with words, and WOMEN are the best liars.

  • Dramaking

    all i can say to this is thanx ron mex for bustin this lame nigga out cuz he sux…and i like that wtf

  • DV8

    Well Plies seems like a real cool dude going off of his interviews, he makes cool tunes for the radio and some of his street cuts is cool too. But the future of rap? FUCK NO!!!!!
    Im guessing he must of fucked Danyell Smith or whatever the editors name is.

    That was one funny ass blog though…

  • Kerda

    Well…..I think it’s about time I gave this hip-hop shit up.

    I’m just tired of the fetishization of ignorance. I first fell in love with this music because of it’s wordplay. Even when I was listening to songs that espoused downright gruesome declarations of crime, misogyny, violence etc., I could at least defend the craftsmanship of the language.

    Now, it feels like hip-hop has devolved into just pure lowest common denominator entertainment. It’s blunt, stupid music for blunt, stupid people. I don’t know how rappers get away with being garbage by saying they’re “for the streets”, as though Scarface, or Tupac, or Big, or Wu-Tang, or Redman, or Nas were these effete hipsters wholly detached from the hood.

    I now completely understand how aging baby boomers who grew up listening to Dylan and The Who felt when their kids started blasting Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses.

  • wilhelm Lynch

    Niggers are so fffnnn stupid is laughable , if they weren’t trying to be so serious, that is, Still, when a nig is born he’s generally semi-retarded at best and retarded at least.