...but her Lambo's blue.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos, Lindsay Lohan referred to Barack Obama as our "first colored President."

Damn, Miss Lindsay? We's "colored" again? That thurr's a throwback like a hmmmmotherfucker. I best mind my choice of drinking fountain and diner. Too bad. I really had my heart set on turning one of them "whites only pies" into a "nigger pie."

Needless to say, I'm pretty offended. I'd probably be more offended if this bird didn't spend the past few years of her life on a coke and cock binge that ended with her face in Bobby Brown, jr.'s lap.

Yes, doing a line off Landon Brown's meat in a nightclub bathroom stall is what your drug counselor would refer to as "Rock Bottom."

I thought she was supposed to have been in rehab. LiLoLita look like she just came back from the stroll about $75 short. Ain't enough L'Oreal in Beyonce's bathroom to cover up getting beaten about the face with a dick and an ugly stick.

You'd think an alleged Obama supporter would have a politically-correct term handy in the event enough white people showed up drunk to the polls--I mean, in the event he actually won. Even Lohan's flub were just a non-Freudian slip, I'm inclined to wonder what she normally uses to indicate blacks and halfsies.

She probably just calls them, "What the fuck is taking my breakfast so long? Did you cure the molasses yourself?"

As far as the "c"-word goes--on the scope of horrible verbal brands, I think I'd rather hear "Negro."


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P.S.: Don't get shit twisted. Just because a black man has been elected President doesn't mean l'racisme isn't alive and well. Our work is pretty fuckin far from done, coloreds.