Lil’ Wang Is Back On Top [ll]…

Hell yeah Lil’ Wang has a ghostwriter. Even Jay-Z used a ghostwriter, er, co-collaborater at some point. This is art after all and all artists need someone to get them hype, or keep them in line, or carry their weed. In the space that Lil’ Wang has not been fucking with Gillie he has been prolific, but far from profound. Now that Wang has this dude Jay Rock writing for him I think you will hear some rhymes that finally make some sense.

Who is Jay Rock? This dude is from Cali and I want to say that he is down some kind of way with the Game. They both represent Piru like they mean it and they both come from Compton, or some shit in L.A. Listen, I don’t have all the info on this kid Jay Rock yet because he wasn’t featured on XXL’s Top 10 to be downloaded in 2009 cover story. In a few weeks you will all know about this dude Jay Rock though after Lil’ Wang re-releases the ‘Carter 3′ with new verses penned by his new writer.

I imagine that Lil’ Wang has finally smartened up by getting someone to help him get a pen game. The best rappers have a serious pen game. Actually, the only rappers worth listening to respect the pad and the pen. Humankind evolved to another level when they finally started to write shit down. Before that time it was just a bunch of primates yelling and banging on tree trunks. Once man learned to write he could tell stories to people like the iliad and the Odyssey and Gilgamesh and Harry fucking Potter. You asshats are here reading a fucking blog thanks to your ancestors that believed that writing and reading were important to civilization.

I’m not interested in all of these gimmicky rappers who don’t believe in writing down their lyrics. I don’t want them to write shit down so that I can read it and correct their grammar or spelling. I want them to write shit down so THEY can read it and correct some of the stupid shit they say. That would make me happy. I’m happy now for Wang because he is serious about presenting better music to all the meatballs, er, listeners that bought his latest album. At least he is showing respect and consideration for his audience.

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  • nellz

    lmao..ur a fucking terrible blogger. You really think Jay Rock is writing for wayne?…i remember seeing the youtube video of them making this song. WAIT..u maybe onto something. Maybe wayne jus memorized the verse that Jay wrote right? Dammit Billy ..ur a genius…i never thought of that!!

    I do agree that niggas need to write…and probably do, i think wayne does write…he jus uses that as a crutch for sucking so much (take that as you want)…lol, i am a wayne fan…and i bought that mediocre album

  • k.a.m.f.

    Gillie aint write shit. YOU CANT write whack shit for birdman…and flames for wayne…it just doesnt add up. Wayne was ill b4 tha carter…yall niggas just wasn’t listening.

    Gillie did though, give that nigga style, and a better flow. Lol them niggas used 2 wear girbaud jeans and reebok classics

    • squadwildin

      Before the Carter, wayne still wasn’t writin his own shit….Gillie wrote 500 Degreez too ass hole. And BG and Juve or Turk probly wrote for The Block Is Hot and Lights Out.

  • Pierzy

    “I ain’t gonna come back at you/I’m comin’ at ‘cha ghostwriter”


    Jay Rock >lil wayne.
    Seriously lil wang needs to write down his lyrics and stop trying to copy jay z.
    That fool

  • Yoda

    I won’t front, this verse has flow to it that is reminiscent of his Dedication days before he started using the sing songy flow and autotune. Coincidence? Fuck if I know…

  • Mika

    u dont know who the eff Jay Rock is ???? GTFOH Bol !!! do ur ball game well …then come rant…btw that “Lift me up” ish was hot. DL it now BOL

  • Baby Bobby

    If I’m not mistakened, Jay paid hommage to Weezy during the youtube video for his work ethic. I dont have time to research his exact words, but he was definately in awe about how Wayne came to the studio kicked his verse and left. No signs of ghostwriting at all.

    Say Billy, whats your angle bro? Shock-blogs should be beneath you. You dont have to like Waynes shit, but to make up far-fetched lies about Wayne is childish. You come off like a scorned ex-girlfriend.

  • Worley

    F*ck Lil’ Wang. He’s an asshat.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Tell ‘em why you mad Mika

  • the r

    it’s obvious that lil wayne has a team of ghostwriter, nobody goes from the block is hot to best rapper alive without help…all of the guys in his “crew” or “label” are there for ghostwriting

  • amar

    nice little penmanship history lesson…i agree that this whole off the dome bs is ridiculous. You’d think it’d evolve from notepads to computer or cell phone applications and not back to…nothing. TI’s latest album is my favorite since trap music and surprise…it’s cause he finally started writing.

  • Are001

    All these wack ass “I don’t write nothing down” cRappers need to get off of Jay Z’s scrotum. He talked that shit years ago, find an original gimmick to dose the masses into listen to your bullshit rhymes about the SAME shit Jeezy rapped about 3 albums ago… Listen to Heltah Skeltah’s D.I.R.T. album for an example of creative ways to say the same shit and STILL sound dope. Peace, beeyotch!

  • DV8

    Boo & Gotti
    Gillie the Kid
    Sqad Up

    and im sure im missing 1 or 2 other names that im confident have been a ghostwriter for Wayne.

    You dont go from “wobbly-wobbly drop it like its hot” to the “best rapper alive”

    Check the records. I challenge you listen to Wayne before 500 degreez and then listen to Wayne after 500 degreez. You cant tell me he did that all on his own. As a matter of fact i think 500 degreez may be the only album he actually did on his own.

  • styles11

    you tellin me you dont know jay rock. man were the fuck have you been hiding. lift me up wasnt the only dope song this nigga had. he got plenty and his flows never went under the bridge.

    By the way why is wayne releasing another carter 3? if you ask me somethings fishy besides the numbers, theres something that stinks and im not talking about his improved lyrics. someone should go check out baby’s crib (waynes crib aint big enough) or some storage company for the cd’s

  • styles11

    dont call me a hater but seriously has lil waynes flow changed again?
    i just listened to some bullshit music he made a couple months back and everything about his lyrics just changed. try listening to a mille or some dumb song a match it up with this.

    i want lil waynes ghost writer imagine all the money i could make if that dude was on my team. wed be doing some of that g-unot killer extortion.

  • grant ny

    jay rock lyricallys dope but his flow n song choice is wack. lil wayne does have ghost writers, he must have, his lyrics completely changed, in a bad way in my oponion. and cash money were fake crips before they were fake bloods, look it up. and billy “or some shit in L.A”, compton you ignorant fuck.

  • Trouble

    I happen to think that “Tha block is hot” was a GREAT album, “Lights out” was mediocre, and “500 Degreez” was almost a classic. If he wants to remember his bars in his head when he making a verse, I think thats good, Biggie and Jay-Z mastered their craft and thats how they made music.

    As far as ghostwriting, I think that shit is a cardinal sin. NO TRU EMCEE USES A GHOSTWRITER PERIOD….

    • squadwildin

      500 Degreez a classic? KILL YOURSELF


    lil wayne make some cool songs but on the real when he was doing that squad up shit he was killin it i like that shit better than the dedication shit and tha cater 3 was good cause i never thought i could ever listen to a lil wayne album but i think he was at his best when he was doin the squad up shit hell xxl even do a story in one of the magazines matter fact where are those squad niggas anyway

  • Rae Tha Great

    Is it me or does Jay Rock sound like Really Doe from G.O.O.D. Music? PEACE

  • FlapJack

    Where is the old hook? I remember when this came out like a year ago, weezys verse didn’t seem all that great, bacause he was allways crazy with it back then. now..not so much.. Ghostwriter? don’t think so.. wang ghostwrites for baby and fat joe..probably more..maybe Kanye? on that track on his last album and lollipop remix..sounds like weezy to me

  • FlapJack

    Someone needs to get Jay Rock on wikipedia.. you aint shit if you aint even on wikipedia

  • squadwildin

    the other version was better….it had more soul to it. I guess they couldn’t get the clearance on that sample. This one alright tho and Jay rock is real.

    But i dont know bout ghostwritin for Wayne…

    I mean i know wayne probly has a ghost writer but i doubt its Jay Rock. Drake maybe….