Hell yeah Lil' Wang has a ghostwriter. Even Jay-Z used a ghostwriter, er, co-collaborater at some point. This is art after all and all artists need someone to get them hype, or keep them in line, or carry their weed. In the space that Lil' Wang has not been fucking with Gillie he has been prolific, but far from profound. Now that Wang has this dude Jay Rock writing for him I think you will hear some rhymes that finally make some sense.

Who is Jay Rock? This dude is from Cali and I want to say that he is down some kind of way with the Game. They both represent Piru like they mean it and they both come from Compton, or some shit in L.A. Listen, I don't have all the info on this kid Jay Rock yet because he wasn't featured on XXL's Top 10 to be downloaded in 2009 cover story. In a few weeks you will all know about this dude Jay Rock though after Lil' Wang re-releases the 'Carter 3' with new verses penned by his new writer.

I imagine that Lil' Wang has finally smartened up by getting someone to help him get a pen game. The best rappers have a serious pen game. Actually, the only rappers worth listening to respect the pad and the pen. Humankind evolved to another level when they finally started to write shit down. Before that time it was just a bunch of primates yelling and banging on tree trunks. Once man learned to write he could tell stories to people like the iliad and the Odyssey and Gilgamesh and Harry fucking Potter. You asshats are here reading a fucking blog thanks to your ancestors that believed that writing and reading were important to civilization.

I'm not interested in all of these gimmicky rappers who don't believe in writing down their lyrics. I don't want them to write shit down so that I can read it and correct their grammar or spelling. I want them to write shit down so THEY can read it and correct some of the stupid shit they say. That would make me happy. I'm happy now for Wang because he is serious about presenting better music to all the meatballs, er, listeners that bought his latest album. At least he is showing respect and consideration for his audience.