Killing ‘Em Softly…

slaughter house

I’ve been waiting for some rappers to form Voltron and smash the rap game. Look who we have here in the group Slaughterhouse – Royce da 5’9, Crooked I, Joe Buddens and Joell Ortiz. Who would dare try to fuck with these cats pen game? This shit is crazy to me too especially since they come from all over the country. Barack Obama couldn’t bring the country together as much as these dudes will. You got every region represented that loves to spit lyrics. Soulja Boy is holding down the South now, but he couldn’t hold a candle to these rappers. How crazy is that? Soulja Boy is approaching stadium status for spitting da-dunn da-dunt music.

Slaughterhouse is what us old head rap fans want to fucks with. Some head nodding beats and rhymes that make you hit rewind. All these emcees are individually considered microphone beasts so I hope that their collaboration unleashes a leviathan on the rap scene. Joe Buddens is over due, Royce is long over due, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz are so serious. I’m excited for what Slaughterhouse looks like on paper. This is a championship team like when the Raiders had Lyle Alzado, Lester Hayes, Rod Martin and Matt Millen. Okay, that was some old head shit right there. Shouts to Young Lip Gloss and all the old head haters everywhere.

Q-Tip’s latest album ‘The Renaissance’ has received the Combat Jack certified classic co-sign. That is pretty much all any rapper wants. What I want is a preview copy of the gotdamn album. Who is this dude’s publicist? I missed the release party fucking around with some Obama ‘Vote to Live’ bullshit. I would have rather hung out with Nia Long and Q-Tip instead of some lesbians telling me to vote as if this was some shit they just discovered. As Bol would say, “Pshawww!”

I’m still waiting on that 808′s and Heartbreak. I’m using that as the soundtrack for splitting up with my old lady. It’s time for me to get back into the single life. Focus on creating my art. The only thing is that I need a soundtrack to break up with a chick. For years I have used Sade albums, but now I will finally have a Hip-Hop album to help me get through this rough patch. Time to restock my pr0n collection.

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  • Pierzy


    Great call. As a huge Joell fan, I can’t wait for Slaughterhouse. Those 4 dudes are all crazy – each could claim to be the hardest spitter in the game right now. It’s the Voltron that the Four Horsemen could’ve been, had they teamed up a decade earlier.

  • amar

    “I would have rather hung out with Nia Long and Q-Tip instead of some lesbians…”

    yeah right…

  • G2

    I really hope these cats make it happen with an album, or at least a tight mixtape. That song Onslaught is killing it right now.

  • DV8

    cant wait to hear a album/mixtape from slaughterhouse. talk about lyrics to go

  • Mony Burnz

    Something likes this makes me think maybe, just maybe hip hop is alive…cause I miss Hip Hop…

  • Incilin

    As much as I love those guys, and the idea of this group, both tracks they did together so far as good but not that crazy. It’s still a good look for the future tho.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Now, that sounds like some shit I’d drop a ten-spot on…the Q-Tip shit, too. When are them shits coming to be released, mang?!

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • ron mexico

    i dunno about a lyrical supergroup really doing more than just providing blog fodder, unfortunately.

    i think i remember sharing in your enthusiasm about the horsemen years ago. like them, i don’t know if this collective can be more than mixtape allstar material. [no "and 1"]

    canibus, kurupt, killa priest and ras kass? with some dude named ramses monk or some shit as an alternate.

    i’ll def be listening for this mighty lyrical conglomerate. i just hope they can make some songs worth a damn.

  • capcobra

    i’m glad these dudes clicked up because as soloists they all nice…my only gripe is niguz need subject matters to rap about…don’t punchline me to death or try to outrap each other on every song…cause it’s gon turn into the who’s the hottest contest instead of coming off as a group effort…plus slaughterhouse sound like the cd title instead of the group…didn’t masta ace and westside connection lose with that name already?….niguz better have hooks instead of bars if they plan on selling cd’s…other than that drop a mixtape and make these rappers pick they pens up…good luck on the project tho’

  • Dwayne

    Most definitely looking forward to hearing this “underground” heat unified.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Y’all are all so jaded it makes me wonder how many of y’all are frustrated rappers.

    I llok forward to ALL of the things that good emcees do when it comes to this group.

    1) Lyrics
    2) Punchlines and sick wordplay
    3) The art of storytelling
    4) Passion for rapping, and not just niggas treating shit like its a hobby or a pastime.

    • capcobra

      as soloists they got 1.2.3.and4 downpacked…but as a group all i heard is 1 and 2 so far…i’m hoping they can pull off the 3 and 4…that all….i’m not hating on ‘em…but as an emcee/fan i know it’s not gon work unless they do 3 and 4…nobody buys this kind of hip hop no more bxs…that’s why i fell back…and yeah i’m frustrated cuz it ain’t 500,000 people out here that’ll buy it…no matter how many niguz on here say they gon cop…it ain’t enough of ‘em to push these brothers to gold…so once again good luck on rapping to that don’t buy cd’s…even you want a free copy bxs…..the game fucked up man!!

      • kne81

        you pretty much took the words outta my mouth…but it would still be tight IF it does happens..

    • KF UK

      X check out this dude called PL from Detroit.

      ticks all them boxes…

  • Ali

    that 1st track was crazy….they should include Nino Bless but oh well…he’s pretty good too….I know there’s a new track but I didn’t listen to it yet….just heard it…real hip hoppers know the difference

  • Mika

    “I’m using that as the soundtrack for splitting up with my old lady. It’s time for me to get back into the single life. Focus on creating my art……… I will finally have a Hip-Hop album to help me get through this rough patch. Time to restock my pr0n collection.”

    Im looking forward to it for the exact same reason, somehw all these breakup-move on songs only make us feel we stupid to throw it away …..i mean it could be …..but whtever…..pr0n here come :D