BLOG: Kanye West’s Rap-Free Bachelor Pad

We’re on a strict diet of Coldplay and dick sandwiches ’round hurr.

“I don’t even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in. I have to be in a way more grimy environment to turn any rap music on.” -Kanye West, interview with DJ Semtex

Word, nigga? So the rap music that made you “everything you are” ain’t good enough to be played in your apartment? I love it!

I haven’t seen self-hatred like this since Michael Jackson threw his face in Mama Katherine’s flour bowl before she could fry up the chicken.

Katharine: Michael! What the hell are you doing with that lipstick?!

Jermaine: *slaps forehead*

Michael: Daddy said I’m gonna be a star. I-I’m doing my makeup so I can look like Donny Osmond from The Andy Williams Show.

Tito: *shaking head* Daddy gone fuck you the fuck up.

KJ: Tito, I told you about that language. I don’t know where you get that abusive nature from.

JJ: Mama, why Mike always gotta be such a little sissy? *bends wrist mockingly*

MJ: Jermaine, stop teasing! *whimpering* *sobbing* Tito, get me some tissue.

TJ: Fuck that. I’mma tell daddy you cryin’ again like a little bitch.

KJ: *snapping* Toriano!!!–

I remember rooting for Kanye when his jaw busted up in that crash. Everyone wanted Jay and Dame to let the producer rap. When he got that sloppy verse on “The Champions” we celebrated with him. “Through The Wire” melted all of our hearts. That slobbery mushmouth shit was charming enough to get everyone on his side. Somewhere along the line this nigga developed delusions of grandeur that made him believe he is not only a great rapper, but one so great that he has transcended the medium.

Now the rappety rap shit is beneath dude. Or, at least it’s beneath the alpaca rug with the “Fall Out Boy Clean Only” tag.

I swear, as soon as you touch the plastic dick your life is never the same.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with broadening musical horizons. I’m all for that. Generally I’m disturbed by the niggas who think rap is the be-all end-all of contemporary black music. We can do any and everything. In fact, we created most of it. There’s nothing wrong with infusing it into your gangsta-gangsta or lyrically-lyrical regimen.

However, to disrespect the music of the culture that put him on top of the pygmy world is an affront to everyone that has ever supported Kanye West to this point. It’s also an affront to anyone who enjoys rap. The class association he’s making is a harmful one. I haven’t been so offended since the black kids ruined the dance on Beverly Hills 90210.

I’m just sayin. Shit like that can fuck with a 10 year-old’s sense of self worth like a motherfucker.

Nice to know that my rap loving ass will need to wipe my iPod earbuds off on the doormat when I cross the threshold of Kanye West’s Hipster Hocoder palace. Nigga can take his tight-ass pants and his whining the fuck on.

I officially wanna pull an Axl Foley and stuff a peanut butter and banana sandwich in his voicebox tube.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Think you’re the most masculine feller in the world?

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  • JDizzel3000

    LOL at this nigga catchin feelings….

    • DBlock

      It’s not about feelings. It’s about realizing how self-righteous and obnoxious Kanye sounds. Especially considering how angry he used to get when he felt no one would give him a fair shot WITHIN hip-hop. A couple multi-plats later and now the genre’s beneath him? That’s what he sounds like.

      Honestly, he probably meant this as a joke (I’ve interviewed him a bunch of times; stuff like this sounds different when you actually hear him say it). I didn’t take him seriously. That said, post-SlaveMasterGate, and considering how easily Kanye is offended when his quotes are supposedly taken out of context, he should know better. I dont expect the Kanyapologists to (808′s already proved this occasional douchebag can do no wrong in their eyes), but I expect him to.

      • JDizzel3000

        This is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard in my life …so niggas are seriously taking this as kanye selling out from hiphop?? lol are you niggas serious?? even though he helped produce multiple tracks on two of the biggest selling hiphop records in the country this year?? even though he has one of the biggest hiphop records out with TIP right now?? even though he’s gettin ready to produced Hovs HIPHOP album?? lol i mean i can’t believe that niggas are this HO-motional get a fuckin life…this does show you that niggas in hip hop are extra insecure tho… i mean do you really think this nigga never plays any hiphop in his apt?? seriously?? and even if he didn’t who the fuck cares?? everything elese that he does in regards to his music has repped hiphop ..i guess some people just love to find anything to bitch about..

    • joe p

      kanye’s stock is dropping … fast .. egt back to the rapping idiots

  • amar

    lol come on, i could’ve predicted this type of shit would start hapenning since that episode of punk’d where kanye was like “yo get the tape man, i gotta go to paree…i got a flight to paree”. PAREE?! u know a dude is gonna end up fucked the fuck up when he starts pronouncing things the french way…

  • venom


    Fuck Kanye his raps suck and his beats were the only thing he was good at, now they are starting to suck too.


      Perfectly said Venom!!! Ill co-sign that shit! Plus Dug Infinite and No ID were still better producers to come out the Chi!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    What’s the last grimy environment he’s been in? The set of State Property 2?

    • BIGNAT


      • chad bro chill

        “kanye west gay rappers thats where lines are drawn”
        -vinny paz

        if xxl knew what was good theyd recognize him and kanye is pretty talented but how can you support a dude this self absorbed and immature go cry about some award you didnt get britney spears

  • tony grand$

    “Peanutbutter and banana sandwich in his voice box tube.”

    Nigga, ur too much…..

    I let Kan-Man (fuck that, dude is a con man, trickd us into thinkin he was sane, pssssht!) slide with the whole neo-bohemian, “im-not-bathing-til-South Africa-is-free”, Issac hayes thing, although that was a pretty harsh blow. Wait, didn’t that asshole used to brag about his clothes? Is he modeling for The Salvation Army now? I’ve come to the conclusion that most stellar douche bags like to look like a thrift store junkies. “Its cool, I like his swag” I told myself. Then he starts throwin tantrums like he got robbed for his pacifier. “Its okay, he’s just frustrated by the restraints the MAN is puttin on his creative freedom!” I told ppl. Now, fuck it, somebody email Lauryn Hill’s psychotic ass & lets hook these crazy ass niggas up. But, put that bitch on the Ortho Evra patch, & give Ye’s weiro ass a vasectomy, stat! Last thing we need is a litter of retarded hippies leading tomorrows already misguided youth. &, ty just seem so right for each other….

    This mufucka reminds me of how my great grandma was before she passed. Half the shit she said made less sense then trained fleas @ a circus, the other half of shit she said was directed @ a chair. Not “crazy” per se, but, wow. Wtf are u talking about? And who are these imaginary ppl that r listening. Kanye might have pulled off the jackass move of the century. Managed to offend evry goddamned body in a matter of weeks. Ill give him credit tho, he DID wait until his mom was dead before he showed his ass to the globe. A traditional black mom, like I’ve read she was, would had that lil nigga by one arm whoopin that ass with a hot wheels track!
    I feel sorry for him, really. He went from hated on, to misunderstood, now my nigga is the guy on the bus that, no matter how hot or tired u may be, u refuse to go anywhere near that strange ass man. Sad part is that there’s a bunch of unsuspecting ‘tweeners out there that have no idea they’re being brainwashed & duped by the next Jim Jones. My niggas & niggettes, do not drink any Kool Aid @ a Yeezy concert. Something tells me that he’s planning on meeting an alien space craft in the very near future…..

  • THE R

    fuck college i’m blogging….
    ron is my hero….
    (no dick rider)

  • amfv

    what the fuck is wrong with kanye west? i can see it now motherfuckers in his house listin to fucking cold play (or some other bitch shit like that) crying into a fucking pillow. Fuck you kanye, rap made your ass and it can break your ass just they same.

  • render

    Kanye’s gonna see real soon how much his rich, non-grimy-ass white friends love him when his star starts to fade

    shit, barely-literate, factory workin-ass niggas like me can’t take this dude seriously sometimes…how’s he think his Yves St.Laurent crew sees him?

    A bougie nigga is still a nigga to them old-money folks

    • Lowedwn

      “Kanye’s gonna see real soon how much his rich, non-grimy-ass white friends love him when his star starts to fade”

      *cough, cough…OJ”

  • Matt Herbz

    Well as much as I’d like to push Kanye’s gay ass back into the closet and burn the house down around him, I kinda have to agree with him on this one. When I’m at the White House (my personal residence), there are a few rooms that I dare not allow rap music to be played in. One of those rooms is my bedroom. When I’m breaking my dick off in a ho, I’m twurking it to something classical; something climactic. It just reverberates better off of the marble floors which consequently, hurts the crispness of the bass in rap music. However, in my cigar room where I break blunts’ backs and stuff em with Indo-dressing, the walls are lined with leather, the carpet thick pile and plush, and the speakers bigger around than my fucking waist, mang. ONLY rap gets bumped in there. But don’t call me unprepared. I got a line-in jack that will pump whatever’s bumping in the iPod at any given moment. I’ll put 10,000 watts of Gravediggaz right into the shower stall if a ho starts tripping. Peace, and I’m out.

    –Matt Herbz–

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      LMAO! You are too much

  • El Tico Loco

    Don’t worry he’ll be begging to come back (Kanye) like Everlast but at least he reinvented himself as a folk rock type artist and a few people knew he was the same guy from House of pain because of the drastic look change so it worked for him, and no one was mad because he never dissed his first meal, and this is a white dude he coulda took the Kid Rock and Pink route (sure that’s what he was tryna do). Regardless that’s some sellout shittin on your supporters type of shit.

  • Lowedwn

    Kanye is definitely starting his campaign early for ’09 SDNs. I mean I’m all with running some Coldplay and Herbie Hancock from time to time in the crib, shit Sundays are strictly reggae days, but you can’t be saying some ignant ass shit like this and get a pass. Shit my crib is way too grimey for the likes of Chris Martin, Robin Thicke and Jason Mraz, but ain’t it all about G.O.O.D music in the end?

    What, Brian Austin Green gotta make another garbage CD for Yeezy to feel the the need to let hip-hop in his life again?

  • Apollo Moses

    Thank you for pulling that hoe skirt and exposing his ashy ace. It’s really amazing to see how fame can gas a person up. Who even coined the term “diva” it’s like an excuse to act delusional. He went from begging to be a rapper to asking for an ole fashion Timbo stomping with that smug attitude like the black american environment is made up of low class rap lovers and he has ascended to white music heaven. Uncle Ruckus would say his banana peeling hands still can’t play the synthesizer like Phil Collins.
    “What’s the last grimy environment he’s been in? The set of State Property 2?”-proud sponsor of El Tico Loco statement.
    “Damn I’m thirsty”

    “They got room for you at the booty house, you ever been to the booty house. Big boys have you grab you ankles…”Alonzo Harris shaking down Ye Tudda

  • 1hunid

    Funny thing is Coldplay could give a fuck about Kanye or any other rapper out there for that matter. *smh* I hate when mf’s think their better than thou when they get their come up’ance. Niggas get “brand new” when they know they grew up on mayonnaise sammiches listen to Marvin Gaye. Typical sell out shit. Dumb fucks

    • tony grand$

      Hell yeah 1hunid, dude forgot about cut up hot dogs in his ramon noodles, & Flavor Aid (“bcuz Kool Aid cost too much, boy, that’s why!”). I get the whole transcending thing, fine then, but this dufus is startin to remind me of “White Gold”, that arrogant ass, milk commercial, rockstar jerk.

      We, all of us on here, @ one time or another was rootin for this egghead cocksucker to beat the odds, and zoom into hip hop stratosphere. Now, shit, fuck that scumbag. Nigga treatin us like music degenerates or something. That’s all right, niggas do a whole lotta shit, but we don’t forget.

      Watch his metro ass start datin Lindsey Lohan & protestin for animal rights next.

      • 619

        Flavor-Aid. HAHAHAHA! Wow, that shit took me back in time. 10 cents a packet, man, I got disgusted with that shit after a while though, before your at the store wishing mom would buy some Tang or some shit. Remember Tang. HAHAHAHA! Even worse than being broke eating is being in jail eating. Jail makes noodles with crushed up chips in them look like gold. I remember homies in my module talkin’ like “I make a mean ol’ spread”. HAHAHAHA!

        • tony grand$

          “A spread”……..lmao
          My homie Diggity (first dude I knew to go to the pen) came home a couple yrs back (u know the biz, gone again now of course) talkin bout some soups, askin for some chips, I’m like nigga, let’s order a pizza, get some Burger King sumn….”. U know how that shit go, lol. “Naw nigga, ima make u a spread, fah real doe.”
          All it was missin was some mufuckin Flavor Aid. That yellow one. Shit, I aint even kno the flavors, just the colors!
          Tang, lmao. Tang sandwiches nigga, better than syrup & mayonaisse samdwiches.
          Niggas laffed @ Al Bundy when he ate one, shit, that was a treat for niggas…..

        • 619

          There’s some mafuckers that are institutionalized in the mind. A lot of ways they operate on the outside are similar to things they learn on the inside. I’m glad I never spent enough time there to be like that. Remember that song ‘Krazy’ that Pac and Bad Azz did where Pac sang “you ain’t gotta be in jail to be doin’ time”, that’s some real shit. Getting locked up has become such a regular occurance in their life that even though their out now, they’re just killing time until they go back. I got young homies like that, and the sad thing is in the Cali system they started becoming that way since C.Y.A., Camp Barrett, Campo, and Juvie Hall. One of my boys got out of Donovan State Pen, we were playing ball the same day he got out, he already killed the game and started lumpin’ up some fool. He was runnin’ fools over the whole game, on some over aggresive angry type shit. The system doesn’t really prepare people for a transfer of lifestyle, when they return to society they have the same mentality they did inside.

  • G2

    “Do you mind if I come down there, and sing to you?” “Delirious” is that deal!

    Kanye really pissed me off with that nonsense. I cosign pretty much what Tony Grand$ said. Yeezy was really on some L Ron Hubbard ish on BET last night.

  • giantstepp

    Youre right on Ron Mex! I saw this dude on 106 and park yesterday and had to turn it ASAP! Dude is feeling himself way too much. His arrogance is sickening. I feel like you Ron, we all rooted for dude and its like he has bit the hand that fed him. He doesnt even freakn rap anymore. Hes on some other BS!

  • DV8

    im was ridin with dude for a minute, even while he did his little autotune album figuring hell come back harder on the next album, but now dude is really working my nerves. He says some of the stupidest shit in the world especially lately. I think ill ignore him and his music until he delivers “Good Ass Job”.

    • El Tico Loco

      “Good Ass Job” is the next Detox, Nacirema Dream, OB4CL2, and so on I’m not counting on it coming out EVER!

      • El Tico Loco

        Plus he’s about to totally play himself for people to care if he does.

  • Worley

    “Or, at least it’s beneath the alpaca rug.”

    “That’s alpaca. $25,000 alpaca. You blot that sh*t. You don’t rub it. Here, put the club soda on there. Simple Simon ass motherf*ckas.”

    Friends, Kanye done lost his mind. But what do you expect? He mess with a sorority chick. Some of them love snobbish n*ggas like that.


    “I haven’t been so offended since the black kids ruined the dance on Beverly Hills 90210.” i usually like your random comments but what the fuck you was watching 90210?

    well on to kanye the stream of crazy ass comments and crazy ass movements with the music. creative is one thing but to do it then act like you doing something magical nigga please. i rather hear computer love on loop for 2 hours. i know some of you niggas loved graduation i personally wanted a refund. this new album will not be bought now good ass job that might be the album for me. i still think kanye sniffing that white girl. the nerve of this nigga no this niglet saying rap can’t get no play in his spot. man i thought he had 3 albums that were considered rap music so he can’t play his own shit in his own place?

    • Ron Mexico

      you know there’s no way he won’t play himself in his own apartment. tho he probably won’t call it rap. it’s just “ye.”

      as far as 90210 goes… i saw the commerical and was ashamed.

      • El Tico Loco

        Do you award these SDN’s with Negro Please Bucks? Kanye could redeem his NP bucks on like yeast infection medicine for tight pant users. That might calm him down some.

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Shawty J

    I don’t want to think Ye’s ego has gotten to the point where he thinks he’s too good for rap. But the signs are quite obvious, departing from rap for an entire album and banning rap from his apartment because apartment is too nice, what?

    His apartment is too nice for him to listen to rap music…see now I gotta add him to my list of rapper’s who’s interviews I gotta stop reading, along with Lil Wayne and 50 Cent.

  • Monitor

    It sounds like he was just joking to me. I really don’t think Kanye is beyond rap, comeon people.

  • vega Diamond

    this is the point when a person forgets where they came from….lol clown… I hope this is a gimmic

  • geico lizard

    Kanye is not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe ron,lol. Kanye is letting you know he is like that slumlord who lives in beverly hills but owns most of the shitholes in the “urban” areas. People should be too insulted to buy his album but his real fans will scoop it up anyway.

    In about 5 years when his albums dont sell anymore and he has balled out of control with the money then he will sell that place and move to a neighborhood where he will hear rap music blasted by his neighbors 24/7,lmfao.

  • Smel

    Sounds like a joke that mistakenly revealed how he really feels about himself.

    He reminds me of garbage men. They get dirty, put their hands in shit, make GOOD MONEY (fa damn sure), but they ain’t draggin that trash in their house, no way….

    They just clean up the trash to make a dollar. It’s not comin home with them.

  • Curtis75Black

    I think it’s time for Ice Cube to remake his classic “Be true to the game” !! Maybe LL should dedicate his classic “Cheesy Rat Blues” to Kanye also. If ya’ll don’t know those lyrics – peep them and think about Kanye.

  • yoprince

    man yall niggas r wildin. seriously, when you go to a nice restaurant do you want to hear rap?? I don’t. Nothing against rap, but it’s just not formatted for every environment. the structure of it, the aggressiveness of it just isnt meant for everywhere. and if kanye believes his apartment is like that, which it quite possibly is, then fuck it, let the man listen to some jazz or something..

  • Moi

    has no one ever noticed kanye was arrogant or obnoxious before? he’s just able to back it up; he’s one of the smartest musicians putting out music in any genre.

    and seriously, mainstream hip-hop (read: everything covered by XXL) is some one-dimensional shit. if any of you ever had a woman over your house, you might understand that bitch, ho, kill, nigga, murder, drug dealer, gun, hustle, bloods, champagne isn’t for every situation. it is best played in the suburbs. hmmm. perhaps kanye has screwed this up. the nicer the environment, the wilder the ghetto fantasies. anyhow, this gay faggot is a sell-out!

  • Geranimo

    Ron Mexico, u always crying about something, grow some nuts nigga

    • Ron Mexico

      your myspace is fucked up.

      • Geranimo

        it’s not

  • Manny78d

    Cant say I would burn one with dude. Ye is wayyy to extra for me. As a rapper ( notice how I said RAPPER and not robo emo auto-tuner )when he is on point he is one of the greatest but he is on some other shit right now.

  • PeRs_1

    This just like one of them Movies where some rags to riches idiot leaves behind their best friend cause they THINK they better become than them. Ya boy Hip Hop aint invited to the party for the upper class huh Ye?

    Funny shit is those movies always end the same, Idiot comes cryin back to their original crew cause their whole shit went down hill in the end…

  • yaOK

    you mother fuckers are all just so damn retarded and ignorant. Open you eyes to some new shit, so the fuck what he doesn’t listen rap in his own house, does it really matter? he makes amazing music and is more creative then any of these sorry ass fucks that think they know how to make music. Fuckin internet bitches… thats all you are, thats all you do. FAGS

  • amfv

    his fucking music is bitch made and so is he. He might be creative but that dont make his shit good. you could make all your music play backwards and that would be creative but it would still sound like shit. And ya know i wouldnt care what he listens to ANYWHERE, if the motherfucker didnt announce it like he was coming out of the fuck closet or somethin.

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