Interview with a TPAR

If you’ve been following this space for any amount of time now, you’re probably familiar with TPAR, aka These Posts Are Racist, the guy who pops up in the comments section to feign outrage any time I say anything even vaguely racially insensitive.

TPAR’s been pestering me about doing a post on him here for ages now, but he’s kind of a flake. A while back, I conducted an interview with him, then, the next day or whatever, when I was about to post it, he was like, “Dude, don’t post that interview.”

Then he disappeared for a while. I figured Homeland Security might have finally caught up with him, but he claims he was just busy.

The other day, he hit me up again, talking about how he’d just been at Obama’s big rally in Grant Park, and how we should discuss this year’s historic election and what have you. Hence, today’s post.

Bol: Since we only really know you from acting all outraged and self-righteous in the comments section, could you give us an idea of who you are and what it is that you do?

TPAR: I don’t think I’m self-righteous at all; I simply give my opinions/thoughts and analyze your posts.  About me: I was born and raised in Chicago. I grew up in a bad neighborhood, very poor in a large family. My parents are good people who never used drugs or alcohol but neither finished elementary school – they are both in their mid-70′s. My father was a factory worker who was injured on the job and became disabled before I was born. Due to his illiteracy he was tricked into signing away his rights and was left with 11 mouths to feed. As such, he never had a real job and I was forced to work odd jobs to help support the family at a very early age.

I’m 29 years old and worked hard to attend two top schools. I went to the University of Chicago for undergrad and graduated from one of the top 3 law schools in the country. I’m now a corporate lawyer doing Mergers and Acquisitions.

In my free time I work out, rap and volunteer a lot – I tutor, give free legal services to disadvantaged people and educate people on various issues affecting their communities.

Bol: You were at the post-election rally last night, and you volunteered for the Obama campaign. How did that come about? And what was it like? Did you see Oprah, or Jesse Jackson?

TPAR: Many of my friends from law school are politically active and a few have been working for the Obama campaign for quite some time. I actually, am not an Obama supporter. I voted for Ralph Nader. I was asked however, to help out with voters’ rights, i.e. if people’s voting rights are violated, the Obama campaign had a team of lawyers (of which I was a part of) to answer questions and make sure people don’t get screwed. I felt like it was a good cause and participated. As part of the legal team I was given tickets to the rally and was very close to Obama when he spoke. I met Obama a year ago when some big shots at my firm donated a ton of money to his campaign. We got to sit at a table and have dinner with him. He is ridiculously intelligent and an expert politician. I asked him several direct questions and he successfully avoided answering any of them, but somehow made me like him…until I thought about it later and realized he didn’t answer any of my questions.

I did not see Oprah or Jesse Jackson. I did see Mr. Jackson a few weeks ago at a restaurant. I actually really like Jesse. I met him as a kid when a factory that employed people in my neighborhood laid off most of the working families. He was the only political figure to come talk to us – and it left an impact on me. I was about 10 at the time and he looked at me and said “young brother, you have to go to school so you never end up like this…”

The Obama rally was pretty amazing. It was the most diverse crowd I have ever been around. There were blacks, Latinos, whites, old, young, Muslims wearing headscarves, Africans, etc. all comfortable around each other and celebrating. The aura of hope and positive outlook was in the air, but I knew this would all fade. Internationally, we also have a unique moment. It reminds me of the post-9/11 support the US had around the world, before Bush and Co. messed it all up. Obama will mess it up too. The same forces that control policy, both domestic and foreign are the same, and thus nothing will CHANGE. Look at Obama’s recent pick for Chief of Staff: Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel! Wow, change we can believe in?

Bol: You always give me shit about hating on Muslims, but I consider myself anti-religion in general. Barack Obama, meanwhile, is clearly an anti-Muslim bigot. He spent all year campaigning in churches and synagogues, but he won’t be photographed on the same street as a mosque. How do you handle that kind of cognitive dissonance?

TPAR: This is a great point Byron. I do not think Obama himself is an “anti-Muslim bigot”, but I do think his desire to get elected caused him to play ball with bigots. Shout out to Collin Powell for saying what is morally consistent: it doesn’t matter if you’re a Muslim…that’s something the Obama campaign did not do, and that is one of the reasons I did not vote for him. His campaign participated in anti-Muslim bigotry and did not stand up/speak up for what is right. He threw Muslim and Arab Americans under the bus.

Bol: Would you agree that hip-hop’s support of Barack Obama this year has been a joke, in that people have gotten wrapped up in emotion, and have put the Jesus figure ahead of the actual issues?

TPAR: Yes, it is absurd. Hip Hop is about giving a voice to the voiceless/speaking for the poor and oppressed – Obama is a politician who is controlled by the same forces that control all politicians…these rappers are not critical thinkers nor are the millions of die hard Obama supporters.

Far more then McCain, Obama received unprecedented amounts of corporate contributions. Obama belongs to big business. Look at his state Senate record, his U.S. Senate record and his presidential campaign record. As Nader pointed out in his “letter to Obama”: Obama favored nuclear power, coal plants, offshore oil drilling, corporate subsidies including the 1872 Mining Act and avoiding any comprehensive program to crack down on the corporate crime wave and the bloated, wasteful military budget – he’s more of the same. Internationally, he was an outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights, now he’s AIPAC’s best friend – and agrees with Israel’s racist and apartheid policies.

Bol: You’re from Chicago, and I notice you’ve commented before on my posts about the soft, white underbelly of Chicago hip-hop. Why do you think Jennifer Hudson’s family was killed? It probably had something to do with the gang problem there, right?

TPAR: I have no idea what happened with Hudson’s family, it’s a tragedy and my thoughts and prayers remain with Jennifer during this difficult time. I do know that gangs and the mafia do not operate like this, even when they extort people. The neighborhood I grew up in was controlled by the G.D.’s and the Italian Mafia was responsible for much of the drugs that came through. My older brother was a lieutenant in the GD’s when they were organized.  The GD’s, LK’s, Black P. Stones, etc. have extorted people, but they would never kill an innocent child or mother (intentionally) in such a fashion. I have not followed the Hudson story closely so I cannot give an opinion on what happened, but I do know that gangs and the mafia in Chicago have never operated like this, so I can say with a high degree of certainty that it was not gang or mafia related. That said, many of the street gangs (e.g. the GD’s, LK’s, etc.) are no longer organized and lack any type of central authority or leadership – the days of Larry Hover are over…so things have changed, but it would still be a shock to me if people affiliated with these organizations participated in such an act of violence…it would be unprecedented.

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  • amar

    hahahah bol this is some creative shit, props (assuming my assumption that tpar is really ur alter ego and ur basically getting payed to interview yourself).

  • DV8

    You should have asked TPAR his thoughts on Nader’s comment about Obama after he won.
    Nader rhymes with Hater, lol. (IDK it just popped in my head)

  • Real Hip Hop

    This is aweseome! TPAR is great, where has he been BOL? The best is when BOL and TPAR would go at it back and forth in the comment sections…He used to tear Billy Sunday up though.


    The same forces that control policy, both domestic and foreign are the same, and thus nothing will CHANGE

  • Jova

    Good interview, but now Im interested in that 1st interview u did w/ TBAG and wondering why he didnt want u to post it???

  • TheCo!!inB

    no offense to you TPAR but you sound mentally inept as far as politics are concerned…..and I can’t figure why you would vote for Ralph Nader…..If he’s the change you believe in i’d do my best not to seek you regarding legal counsel.
    Politics are and have always been a corporate game, that’s nothing new, and as a 29 year old man with an education, for you to even entertain the idea that a candidate…..the first black candidate with a real chance (no VH1) would field any of your “direct” questions is mind boggling….the mother fucker who makes Bushe’s baked beans won’t release the recipe behind a shitty can of legumes and you think Barack is about to tell you what’s really hot in the streets? c’mon fam! if I were Ron Mexico i’d give you a Sand Negro Please.
    and I say this with all due respect to your other accomplishments in life.

    • Valdez

      actually, he sounds very knowledgable as far as politics are concerned and i happen to agree with most of what he said concerning Obama’s policies. i thought that TPAR was very well spoken and articulate as well.

      Obama definitely did NOT stand up for muslim rights and he also discussed NOTHING of addressing all this corporate crime.

      this was a great read Bol.

  • Incilin

    Meh. Kinda sensible, kinda idealist. Its good to know about where TPAR is coming from and who he is, but that about it.

  • that nigga

    I figured Homeland Security might have finally caught up with him, but he claims he was just busy.

    For some odd reason I dont believe a word that TPAR types. Sorry, I can weed through phony shit and this reaks. Bol, there are more interesting people In these comment sections than this fraud.

  • geico lizard

    what other posters are on your short list for interviews Bol? i dont know if im on the list but a few of the people i read her and on BC would make great interviews even if it would only be appreciated by your core fanbase/readers.
    Tennessee Titans#1

    • 619

      Titans are overrated. There’s no way they’re fuckin’ with the Giants or Steelers. I would rate them #3 in the league behind those two teams. They barely made Wild Card last year and got knocked out of the playoffs in the first week. They got the same exact team this year, the only thing that changed was putting a more experienced quaterback in to start and the Jags and Colts getting older with more injuries.

      • Valdez

        Steelers??? LMAO!!!!!!!!

        Steelers ain’t gon do shit.


  • giantstepp

    Bol, I DEMAND AN INTERVIEW ASAP!!! THE PEOPLE DEMANDS IT! Ive been posting here and keeping you straight for a while now bruh. I want my interview!

    I gotta admit that was good shit Bol.

  • Bol’s Boi

    Worst Post Ever. Ever. Forever Ever.
    Byron when you are not being censored or phoning it in, you are one of the best satrical writers of this generation, but please do not interview anyone this boring, mediocre again. My God TPAR, you are about as interesting and informed as a Cash Money/ Grand Hustle joint meeting on renewable energy sources.

    I understand sometimes you have to phone it in, but just talk about Max B, or Sarah Palin, or something, but never again. Did you really think that an interview with a person whose sole purpose in life is to counter what you post on a messageboard would be even remotely entertaining to anyone besides the two involved. Please.

  • Worley

    Bol I always knew you were TPAR. Thanks for confirming.

    • BIGNAT

      yeah i kinda got the same feeling

      • 619

        Bol’s alter ego. Ralph Nader? HAHAHAHAHA! What a waste of a vote. Republicans have been paying this guy off for the last couple elections to take votes away from Democrats. How do you think Bush originally got in office and beat Al Gore? Ralph Nader. Now I see why Bol hates Obama.
        WEST WE DID!!!!!

  • Dude

    Why do ppl think TPAR = Bol?

  • Kane Corleone

    The whole family story is what kinda made me say *eh*…like it might be fake, if not my bad and godd lucc on trying to get this $$$ TPAR.

  • fredMS

    why do you assume that voting for Obama because of what he represents is not as valid as voting based on policy?

    One has a bigger impact in our worlds than the other. You talk so much shit but truthfully you stay in the basement. Do you think that people don’t know about Obama’s flaws or his flaws in policy? People aren’t praising him but are celebrating what his presidency represents. You may think its silly to value an ideal so highly but that’s all we really have.

  • Og Bobby J

    if that shit is even close to real…I will give Tbag a pass for a little bit. I;m glad to see I am not the only one who could see through the bullshit Obama smokescreen campaign…and didnt jump on the CHnage bandwagon.

    No country has ever been taxed into prosperity…..on 1/20/09…we take our shot at that.

    Fuck BOL…I’m the most hated commentor on here…Candy Kane still thinks about me like my high school jumpoffs….

    let me get an interview….you niggas dont want it

    • KoolMick

      What the fuck you talking about? You always sound like a gay retard sucking cock for crack. Sit your dumb ass in a corner and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Peace, beeeyotch!

      • og bobby j

        Sweetass KoolAid nigga. You sound like an irish rapper/cigarette nigga lipper.

        Go blow a load on your mans back…quiff

        • KoolMick

          Ha, ha!!! That made as much sense as your bitch trying to have a convo with me while she’s swallowing my kids, cracker. Keep up the e-thugging, gangsta. Peace, beeyotch!

  • KoolMick

    Y’all sound like y’all ’bout to blow each others back out while y’all listen to Ralph Nader’s bullshit ass speeches mixed with Dipset instrumentals. Both of y’all are full of shit!!! Peace, beeeyotch!

  • anutha_level

    umm………..who gives a shit???

  • thoreauly77

    that was good stuff, mostly:

    a couple moments there i thought i sensed that bol may be TPAR, but nah, not really. one interesting comment was that barack will not promote/bring real CHANGE. however, from what i have heard out here in california, he will be bringing in an expert researcher/creator of educational policy from stanford university to eradicate “no child left behind” (biggest crock of shit set of educational policies EVER) and revise policy according to actual student needs, not political aims; in fact, political aims are typically met when people’s needs are also. obama may want to keep that in mind when he takes a peek out of big business’ pockets.

    anyhow, i am interested in reading teh other interview now if it truly does exist. kudos to TPAR.

  • Real Deal

    Great interiview! TPAR always be droppin knowledge…the rest of yall need to stop hatin on him. TPAR…keep hittin us with your thoughts…Hip Hop needs a brotha like you…real talk.


    It seems a lot of people have a pessimistic outlook on Obama’s impending presidency, instead of stopping and taking a minute to realize that maybe his victory is an actual sign of positive change for not only Black America but for the entire country. I’m saying this, and I’m prolly one of the most pessimistic fuckers on Earth… Of course, he is a politician, and of course Rich Whites still run this nation, but this election showed me that democracy might actually be worth a shit…

    Now, off to get wasted…..

    • Dub Sac

      Really? It’s seemed to me like most people have an overly optimistic view of Obama’s presidency. Don’t get me wrong – I was excited and relieved that he got elected. But he’s not going to be able to fix every problem we’ve got – and the way I hear some people talking, they act like everything is going to be gravy if Obama gets elected. It’s a HUGE symbolic victory and I would have been crushed had McCain been elected. But I get worried when I hear people being too idealistic (not saying you’re coming off like that) because these people are going to be jaded and disillusioned when Obama DOESN’T solve all of their problems. Just my take…

      • amar

        ppl weren’t the biggest fans of clinton when clinton was in office. Then he finished his shit up, was replaced by a monkey and now clinton’s damn near a hero.

        Same deal but on a larger scale with Obama. I’m sure he’ll be hated for some things and liked for others like most politicians.

        Now, off to get wasted…

        • Valdez

          Clinton did wonders for the US economy when he was in office AND THAT’S ABOUT IT.

          Clinton was just as wicked and evil as any of the others contrary to what so many think.

          Clinton was bringing so much cocaine into the this country thru what is now known (not by many) as the MENA Connection. (go research it)

          Remember, when Clinton was governor of Arkansas is when Little Rock was the murder capital due to all the gang violence, which was a DIRECT RESULT of the MENA Connection. Do your research kids.

          Clinton is a very evil man contrary t popular belief.

  • crimson

    Oh, I see. Obama isn’t pure enough for TPAR the corporate lawyer. Dickhead.

  • grant ny


    obama is not going to change the world just becuase hes black.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    I agree wit most of what TPAR had 2 say. Thanx fo sharin.

  • newsflash

    Newsflash – Obama is what we needed to BEGIN to move in the right direction for America. Now push his Admin to be progressive (Obama is a very liberal guy). Don’t start hating – stay politically active and keep moving the US towards equity and peace.


    ight…whay Bol interviewed this nigga again?

  • SteveO

    Yo the next interview should be with G-UNOT KILLA. I would love to hear about who his most recent extortion victims are, and how he got into such a lucrative business.

  • Real Deal Holyfield

    TPAR always be droppin’ knowledge! This was a great read BOL, i always thought you two should have a back and forth, look forward to more!


    That was kind of weird.

    • Rapper for real

      What do you mean?

  • Matt Herbz

    A 29 year old lawyer with free-time? Hmm…something sounds fishy.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • styles11

    Man I aint even gonna address the haters on tis blog. Glad to see that some people still have some sense. Seriously people lets be honest everyone who said Obama was a sign of hope is a racist in my view. The democrats had one hell of a campaign strategy. If it wasnt obvious to you Il explain. It was simple come up with something different. Hence 2 things that people always viewed as a sign of change by the American population which is
    hilary clinton – the emancipation of women
    barack obama – the abolishment of racism

    and like they expected everyone fell for it. Im lovin all this, history in the making for sure. People are about to see that politicians are a different race all together.

    Ohhh Bol do a interview wit oj bobby j and great drop


    Why don’t you theorists who are already angry at Obama–who has yet to be sworn in–just start a militia and take over the fucking government if you’ve got so much attitude?

    Anybody listening to and agreeing with TPAR, who seems to be confused enough to have attended the Grant Park rally (probably wearing an Obama thong) but can come to XXL under an alias name and say that he’s owned by big business and didn’t vote for him, is a fucking leaderless loser and nutless keyboard whore. And TPAR: whether you’re really Byron or not, you should be ashamed of yourself for selling out for internet fame. I mean, what the hell is your point here, and who do you assume to be influencing, debating or educating?

    I’m almost afraid to think that you’re not Bol. That would be some sad, self-loathing shit. Why the fuck do you waste your precious time commenting on blogs when you get paid by the hour to be on the right side of the law? And why do you bitch and moan about Bol’s anti-everything rhetoric but agree to be interviewed by him? Where do you stand, that is, if you even exist?

    Damn, some of you wouldn’t know the rancid smell of your own shit if I didn’t rub your nose in it.


    I thought y`all squash your beef.


    We made peace, but I just can’t take hypocrisy. I’m saying; why diss someone if you’re willing to be used by them for publicity?

    It seems to me that TPAR really loves Bol and is just too ashamed to admit it because we all might take it the wrong way. And his story becomes more and more unbelievable every time it gets told. Just doesn’t add up.

    If you want publicity, just say it. If you think Bol is a good writer, just admit it verbally or in type, because it sure seems like you keep coming back to comment and respect his interviewing skill, even though his posts are supposedly racist…

    Stannery. Plain old stannery. But we’re still cool. Why would we beef? He’s a ghost, for God’s sake.


    TPAR FTW!!!!!


    How the fuck can Obama abolish racism? That’s an absurd idea… My view is that maybe we’re making progress in that regard if we were finally able to elect a non-White president when just over 40 years ago our people could vote for shit. It has to be viewed as a step in a good direction. I never said the dude was Jesus…

    • styles11

      learn to read before commenting otherwise you might just end up looking like lil wayne with baby’s dick in his mouth. I said as that its a sign. the same thing i said you paraphrased by saying
      “My view is that maybe we’re making progress in that regard”
      And no its actually like any marxist would say, times are changing and so are the people who control the means of production. They dont care about race anymore as long as they can still make a tidy profit and remain elite which explains why a black man became president.
      And stop making it look like voting benefits you in a great way. it benefits the politicians who made all those changes so that they could get a couple more people to vote for them and attain power.
      unfortunately voting is about quantity which means any dummy can vote, its still no different to having obama holding bananas and mcain holding peanuts then offering them to monkeys in order to gain a vote from them.

  • EReal

    Its funny to me that people have to be so cynical. Everyone is just trying to leave themselves an out, so they can say I told you so, ect. I find it HILARIOUS that people still go on and on about this “pro-isreal” agenda that Obama has, when his thoughts on opening talks with Iran OUTRAGED Isreal.
    How do you know what this man can and can’t accomplish? How do you know how he feels about situations he’s never spoken about? You Don’t.
    When you are in a campaign, you have to do what you have to do to get elected, then you can take your agenda into the office and try to accomplish things.
    We the American people did what we thought was right, and IMO anyone with faith will agree that we have to ride it out and give our president a chance to do his job. You’ll have the rest of your life to bitch and moan and complain and tell everyone you’re right. Until you’ve been proven right, you just look like an ass.
    Oh and that whole backstory sounds like complete horse shit.