Fuck that, I'm playing blogger A&R here.

I know this Solange song, "T.O.N.Y.," is old already. But it's Solange for god's sake, and people definitely haven't checked for her album, Hadley St. Dreams, like that (even though they probably should). She just released the video, and honestly, I'm thinking this record is so much hotter than anything I have heard from big sister Sasha Fierce in a minute. While Bey is busy plugging Dereon jeans in her singles, her little sister is making soulful music that just feels good.

I wanna post the video, but honestly I have some trouble on my end getting video on this blog, for whatever reason.

Check out the video by clicking HERE.

Or just listen to the song.

Solange- "T.O.N.Y."

Now we all know how Ghostface loves that feel good music. And even though this song is a metaphor for The Other Night _____, it still sounds like she's talking right to Mr. Dennis Coles. The minute the track kicks in, I expect to hear Tony Starks on it.

So hop to it man. We know Tony's working on an R&B album. Better hit Cee-Lo (who produced this track) and get some music like this on there. Plus it'll work in Solange's favor, all the people who love Ghostface will check for her and realize that her album is actually good. Better late than never, it deserves a second look.

What do you think, am I bugging or is this a no-brainer?