Over at HipHopGame, there's a new Terrace Martin interview. In it, he says

"I really want to work with an East Coast artist. I want to do 10 songs with someone who's really popping. I really want to work with Max B real bad... if Max B met me and we were in a room together, for 10 days I would come out to New York and we could knock out an album and two mixtapes. Tell him I already got the music and it'll just be me and him."

As much as I wanna clown Terrace for wanting to work with a 38 year old rapper who's career has about as much upside as the US economy, I can't help but feel like it'd be a great move. Let's keep it real, Max actually has some talent. He writes great hooks, he's got a decent voice, his delivery is pretty catchy, and he's a pretty enigmatic fella, what with all his funny catchphrases and whatnot. Plus in the real world, ya'know, not like on the internets– where the hipster rappers dwell– people actually know the guy. A regular person might actually stop him in the street. Charles Hamilton? Some people think he plays for the Pistons.

And Terrace, what can you say about this guy? He's a brilliant musician with hip-hop sensibilities. Having been blessed to spend some time with him in the studio, hear some of his unreleased work, as well as what's out there, the dude is a remarkable talent. He plays damn near every instrument, and his musical knowledge is expansive as hell.

I think what someone like Max B suffers from is the fact that his material lacks real musical sensibilities. It's just beats and rhymes. And while that may be cool for the mixtape sect, there's not enough depth, not enough story, not enough real music to satisfy someone who wants to keep that CD in their disc changer for more than a week.

What do you think, good combo or not?