BLOG: When Rappers Attack?

It’s no secret, rappers be on some shit. Back in 1998, when Wyclef stuck the toast in the face of Blaze Magazine EIC Jesse Washington the entire hip-hop community collectively SMH’d. The incident allegedly occurred over a poor Canibus album review (fuck the bullshit, that first album SUCKED!) and was quite despicable. Plus ‘Clef wasn’t really gangsta anyway so overall the shit came off as weird.

With the bloggin’ phenomenon taking off as of late, it really surprises me that there hasn’t been any instances of rappers attacking bloggers. Not that I condone that shit, but I’m just sayin’. There was the time that Lupe Fiasco threatened to “jump off in [Bol's] ass,” after hip-hop’s most infamous blogger accused the Chi-Town MC of slingin’ dem thangs and snitchin’ on his imprisoned partner (or some shit like that). Still, despite the threats you got the feeling that cooler heads would prevail; a) because Lupe seems to be a sensible dude and b) because Bol blogs from an undisclosed location (read: his mama’s basement in St. Louis). So unless Mr. Food & Liquor was in the Lou doing a collabo with Nelly, I can’t see any other reason to go to STL. And since no one is looking for Nelly verses these days, is there any real reason to go to the Lou? Still last week got tense when a rapper who’s so nice they had to name him twice (rhymes with Slick Rick) promised to strip a certain XXL blogger (rhymes with Don Texaco) naked and do him bodily harm. Once again it seemed cooler heads prevailed, but I highly doubt Hip-hop has that much sense, and I’m predicting future violence unless some shit changes.

Now I’m not much of a blogger, but damned if I don’t generate traffic (I did go 7 times platinum on a post this past 4th of July weekend); still most of my XXL duties are regulated to print. But I understand the game, a blogger is only as good as the traffic he/she generates and the quickest way to generate traffic is through controversy. But is it always safe? To me it seems clear that when bloggin’ the hood rules definitely apply. If you say some blasphemous shit, then the verbally attacked party is liable to approach you on it. Maybe he’ll just want to talk it out, or maybe he’ll wanna strip you naked and do you bodily harm. Point being, if you can’t back your shit up then keep ya trap shut. And this ain’t directed at any one blogger in particular, but we’ve gotten this far without incident, so let’s try to keep it that way before we end up on some East Coast/West Coast shit with the media claiming “We never knew it would go that far.” Til then I’ll continue to rate rap albums for XXL and take my chances with Wyclef.

But the question remains, should bloggers be held accountable for their words or should rappers just understand that it’s all entertainment?
Have at it haters!—Rob the Music Ed

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    • Pierzy

      I knew it all along…

  • Mika

    it’d be nice to see rappers rly going aftr bloggers like to se what way a blogger would find it funny

  • Worley

    “it really surprises me that there hasn’t been any instances of rappers attacking bloggers.”

    We’ll see what happens when Trick Trick meets Ron Mexico. As for the last question, I think a certain level of violence is good. You talk sh*t you get slapped/snuffed/capped, whatever. Blog as if you were standing right in front of the person. Otherwise, you get a lot of slick talk from people that can’t back it up.

    • Trick Trick

      talk shit have to deal wit da concecwence sexy mexy best hope i dont pull dem panties down go up in da dook shoot.

  • capcobra

    rappers need to pay attention to the comments instead of the blogs…cause the niguz writing the comments is who you trying to sell records to.

  • MikeD

    “It’s only entertainment!”

    If a blogger goes at your career, let it be.

    If a blogger goes at your family or personal life outside of the music biz then it’s all fair game.

    Even though the internet affords a certain amount of protection for the bloggers, it also provides a network of information that could just as easily help a rapper find a blogger (i.e. that kid you picked on in high school posts your address up).

  • RL

    It goes both ways.

    On one side the artists know whatever they do in public is going to get thrown on the net in the matter of seconds, that’s just the nature of the beast these days.

    But like Rob said, some bloggers just want heavy traffic and if talkin out their ass is what they’re going to need to get traffic they want, then they’ll do it.

    The artists have to learn a little word called “Integrity” at the end of the day. Only in Hip Hop will someone be threatened to be stripped down naked (Whoa @ that lol) and beat down over something that’s publicized. Is it maybe because the information is true or that some Hip Hop artists are just really naive to the actions the blogger could take if he were to get beat down?

    If rappers are getting this sensitive over information they “claim” isn’t true, then chances are like in most cases that it’s true.


    Nah Lupe Fiasco threatened Bol after he writes something to the effect back when Lupe fiasco first album leaks on the internet that it was a publicity stunt.

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Yo Jay, you’re right. My bad, see why blogs are fucked up! lol

      Either way the point being was that it was non-sense.


    I feel like whatever if i hear or read about some dude speaking bad on me cuz of my music fine “its their thought right or wrong its what there feeling at the time – Jay Z” But if its some other non music or music related shit like how niggas be talkin about Wayne and writting shit about me being Homo or any other type shit then its on sight period cuz i about that foolishness. That is all!!

  • chitchat

    I think artists need to get a clue a respect the role of the press. These shock blogs are no different than newspaper editorials. When’s the last time you saw Mayor Bloomberg bustin shots outside the NY Post? If they’re too sensitive to handle criticism they need to get out of the public eye!

    And the fact that a journalist (of all people) wrote a blog suggesting that people need “keep [their] trap shut” unless they can “back it up” is just embarassing for XXL. Y’all niggas need to get real!

    P.S. If Trick Trick is willing to catch a case over a blog that only a handful of people on earth even knows exists, he deserves to catch a damn case.

  • tf


  • Aron

    Blogger shouldbe held acountable just because you hide behind a psudionm or a blog account doesnt mean people shouldnt be allowed to call you on something. Simply put just because a person is famous doesnt mean they stop being a person the golden rule applyseven in blogging

  • tony grand$

    The rules are no diff in cyberspace than they r on the street. If u have to back it up, either be able to do so, or know when to stop talkin. There’s not much “sense of humor” in hip hop, much like the street. That’s truly unfortunate, esp for the bloggers who desire to get that traffic, as well as entertain the reader. Who the fuck wants to read the same mundane bullshit on 4/5 diff sites. But, not evryone is susceptable to the chuckle, esp if the joke is aimed @ them. I don’t agree with censoring ones words, but @ the same time my mouth has gotten me into some shit over my lifetime. Did I want it, hellznaw, did I have to deal with it, yep yep. Did I learn a lesson, yet to be determined. Ppl take shit personally, and I think a good rule of thumb to anyone is “just assume they’ll take it the worst possible way” before u say/type it aloud. Its a sorta self-editing that may cut back on the amount of backlash. Then again, yell “fuck the world”, & go balls to the wall (no homo) & let a mufucka have it, just know where either ya hammer, or the emergency exits are located.

    • Hawaiian

      oh man, the internet is serious business nowadays!



    I’ve been asking this for the longest time now. WHAT DOES “SMH” MEAN?!?!?

    • tony grand$

      Shakin my head

      • BIGNAT

        thank you i wanted to ask that myself

      • NAWLEDGE

        Thanks man. Thats been drivin me crazy for a minute now.

    • DV8

      Slap My Hoe

  • geico lizard

    This is a rap issue because other bloggers dont get threatened. Sandra Rose lies and insults Beyonce and president elect Obama everyday and they havent sent any threats her way so i think some rappers should let the small stuff slide. No anderson cooper or wanda sykes on me reading sandra rose.


    (rhymes with Don Texaco) mwhahahahahah

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    I think ya need to listen to BK Cyph’s “Sensitivity.” That shit is real talk, b. Cats are mad emo. It is not that serious. Making threats to anyone especially bloggers is pussy.


    It’s just so ill that XXL actually took all references to the Ron Mexico/Trick Trick fiasco–except this one–down from the site. I can’t even imagine how the game comes to a point like this.

    What nobody is talking about is how Trick Trick and the rest of these rap goons are essentially self-snitching. Why would you threaten someone that would use you for publicity, especially in the digital surveillance era, where anything can and will be used against you?

    Goon rappers are ultimately fighting a losing battle if they’re seriously trying to silence Hip-Hop journalists anyway, because the pen, contrary to what you heard, is mightier than the sword and the mic. Without us, these dudes would believe anything they read in Rolling Stone or saw on MTV. Word.

  • avenger xl

    What you are wittnessing is the further TMzing of what was a urban culture and is now a world wide phenom. Pop music fans who love pop hop and all the gossiping bitches of the world can’t live without idol chatter about some insignificant part of an equally insignificant rappers life. Rappers showbiz life is comparable to a fruit flys real life. Since rap hasn’t established a lot of lasting stars yet for various reasons, I can’t fathom why anyone would give a damn about anything that happens to any of these fly by night douche bags. They are like a one night stand good for what they good for and then they need to leave before dawn shows what they really look like.
    Also Blogs are all personal opinion pieces for the most part with little fact. So if you say something about a D bag and they want to get even especially since you are ruining there chances of being taken seriously (yeah right). You may have to deal with them because my guess is that the majority of them are ghetto or at least irrational so how do you think they are going to handle criticism.

  • maximus 32

    I think bloggers who talk shit hiding behind their computers should be held accountable for their actions. If you wouldn’t say the shit in a dude’s face, you shouldn’t say it at all. Attacking a person’s art is one thing…anything beyond that is inviting a ass whuppin. I would beat the fuck out of Bol if I was one of these rappers.

  • Shawty J

    I’d think that Trick Trick would have something better to do than worry about what some dude said about him on the internet, especially considering that these were jokes that had him so pissed off. But then again, maybe he doesn’t, and if he doesn’t that’s just sad.

    When you’re in the entertainment business you opewn yourself up to public scrutiny, that’s how it is. With the exception of maybe Bol, I don’t recall anyone saying anything worth getting that pissed over.

  • khal

    how come, when it comes to the government asking about violence in hip-hop, its just entertainment, but if a blogger speaks on some dumb shit a rapper does, that blogger needs to get stripped bucky nakey and done bodily harm to? its so fucking hypocritical. dumb rappers need teaching.

  • Curtis75Black

    Alot of these bloggers are in direct line with Hip Hop, especially when you are blogging for a Hip Hop Magazine, or Hip Hop website, you know the music. You are no different from that “other” emcee who wants to has his opinion printed, difference is, you can do it without a problem, no interview needed !! Just type what you want to say about so and so, but it’s all entertainment, right ? Bullshit !! Alot of these bloggers need to get their ass kicked becuase they believe what they put down and alot of it is straight funky. It’s almost a battle in some cases if the rapper or genre took notice and wanted to strike back. It’s all entertainment until you talk about the wrong one. There is a line and most cross it constently.

  • 123

    People need to not take shit seriously, period.

    If a blogger talks shit – who cares? They’re doing their fuckin’ job. I’m sure the homos don’t like Trick going off on them so he should shut the fuck up about Ron going in on him.

    It’s the internet, get over it.