BLOG: It’s Dark and Hell is Overrated

Man, I’m sure to get crucified for this one, but fuck it, I’ve been meaning to get this off of my chest for a minute. When it comes to Hip-hop classics we have albums that just aren’t up for debate; Snoop’s Doggystyle, Nas’ Illmatic, Dre’s The Chronic, and Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik amongst a few others. Other supposed classics are debatable and when me and my peoples (any fellow XXL staffers) have this debate DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell is Hot comes up often, but I beg to differ. On the contrary in my opinion, X’s first album is perhaps Hip-Hop’s most overrated disc.

Ok I get it, in the face of Bad Boy’s jiggy dominance; X was the perfect counter measure with his overt thugisms and dog like barks. But does Earl’s impeccable timing alone constitute a classic? The album while dope, wasn’t a top to bottom masterpiece. Here are 5 reasons why. — Rob the Music Ed

1. “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem”: General consensus says that this joint is illy, I say the track’s shitty keys detract from X’s energetic rants. Plus, can a song which contains the lyrics, “I’m about to show niggas how easily we blow niggas” really be considered a classic? Ayooooooooooo!

2. “Damien”: Oddly enough, most hardcore X fans cite this as one of his better joints. On the track Earl strikes an accord with the Devil in exchange for riches and stardom… FUCK THAT I know “Murder Was the Case” when I hear it. Seems like X was eatin’ out another Dogg’s bowl on this one. FAIL!

3. “Stop Being Greedy”: Back in the day Big did this song called “Gimme the Loot” maybe ya’ll heard of it. We know X did because he bit the whole concept. I gotta admit, the Dog’s version was one of the album’s better joints (and might even be better than Big’s song) even if it was a full-time jack move.

4.”For My Dogs”: On this posse cut X shows loves to his pound puppies, puttin’ his mans ‘n ‘em on. But I give props to anyone who can name all the weed carriers on this track not named Drag-On. Here’s a hint, Cam’Ron used to hang out with one of them “On Mother’s day because [his] mother’s dead.” According to Cam he also “fucked Big L’s album up.” Winner gets a bootleg copy of Belly.

5. “I Can Feel”: From what I understand X had little to do with the production of this album, he just laid his verses and bounced from the studio to go chase moving cars or some shit. Sucks for him. The Dog gets points for the Phil Collins sample, but Nardo’s soulless hook is unforgivable. If the Ruff Ryder’s camp planned to butcher something they should’ve sampled “Sussudio” instead.

“Niggaz Done Started Something”: The LOX, Murder Mase and DMX; what?!? This song was fuckin’ crazy! Too bad it was almost 2 years old when the album dropped. I had like 5 mixtapes with it, plus I tapped it off of Stretch and Bob.

Bonus, Bonus
“How’s It Goin’ Down”: My favorite X joint has always been “How’s It Goin’ Down.” What can I say I’m a sucker for Rap&B, plus I could relate to the song because I was goin’ through a similar situation at the time. However it always bothered me that the album version didn’t have Faith Evans on it, I hate when they do that shit!

PS. “X is coming” was a pretty dope joint, but there was one lyric that ALWAYS bothered me. Earl says, “If you got a daughter older than 15, I’ma rape her;” then again at least he didn’t say 14—that would’ve just been wrong. What the fuck?!?

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  • RL

    Yea I also never looked at it more than just a good album. X had joints, but top to bottom it wasn’t a flawless album and when you speak of the word “Classic” (which is thrown with ease these days) you’re talking about a complete body of work and music that changed the way albums are made.

    X’s debut though good, wasn’t a classic

    • matt

      i cant believe this is even a discussion that people can say this album is not a classic. DMX is a legend and this album went like 5 times platinum. there’s no point of arguing though because half you people think lil waynes got a classic album when he sucks and has other people write his music. DMX has nothing to prove his spot in the rap game.

    • GE

      I might be french but I know BS when I see it. I know this was straight off the chest, but man, u basically said that “I can feel” is crap. It’s a damn good track, the cover is better than the original at some point. Now was the album a classic, hum… well yes and no. It played a big part in Def Jam’s renaissance, but would it have been the same if the 2 giants had still been alive, probably not (then again in that case we would have skipped the whole ja rule era which would not have been a bad thing). The thing is XXL made a whole story over this album a few issues ago and ends up saying it’s BS…that don’t make no sense.
      I do give props for handing out its true opinion though, but the album, to me is still banging. Oh and I would like to give 2 thumbs down to DMX for the 30 minute show he gave in Paris 5 years ago (he got there late, barked 20min, said a prayer and then left…ouch!)

    • LEO

      you must be out ur fukin mind!!! If I ever met you I think I would fight you…just cause a song is a older than the album it aint a classic anymore? I can feel it is one of the realest joints on the album!!! How the fuck is it one of the reasons why it ain’t a classic? Nobody ever did something like damien or stop being greedy!!! the energy was waaaaaaaaaaay crazier on stop being greedy than gimme the loot…This article sounds like a bunch of hate to me…I know his albums after this one aint been great…but get the fuck out of here with that shit…Shits Classic

  • Brian “B.Dot” Miller

    sorry Rob, but you’re way off Base. (pun intended) *hands u cold glass of bleach*

  • Pierzy

    Even when it came out, I was one of the few people that wasn’t feeling this album. His lyrics were not very good and growling and barking just doesn’t do it for me. If you call this album a “classic” what is “Illmatic” or “Cuban Linx” or “The Chronic”??

    • LEO


  • Pierzy

    “Winner gets a bootleg copy of Belly.”

    And, if I can be an editor, “I had like 5 mixtapes with it, plus I tapped it off of Stretch and Bob.” Shouldn’t “tapped” be “taped”??

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Sorry about the typo Pierzy- my bad.

      and no it wasn’t Cardan. LOL
      But good guess.

      • Pierzy

        I was just trying to go through that K.C. Royals-type line-up that made up Harlem World…

  • John Smith

    “you’re talking about a complete body of work and music that changed the way albums are made.”

    So are you saying Stillmatic is not a classic. How did Stillmatic change the way albums were made?

    I believe it’s dark and hell is hot is a classic and his 2nd album was solid. People on XXL just don’t like soul in their music.

  • Curtis75Black

    You have alot of points. I also thought about all of those when the cd dropped. It’s funny but when it comes to that cd it is what it is. When DMX got his National Exposure on LL’s 4,3,2,1, he more than held his own, so when homie dropped this, peeps was just waiting to hear hot shit and that what we got. There really isn’t a wack track on this cd and you can still listen to it today without bias. Alot of cd’s toward the milli could go either way. most wasn’t listened to thoroughly, just skimmed through because of who the artist was. For his 1st time out and getting a crazy response with his opus, I consider classic. look at Canibus who also was on 4,3,2,1,.

  • iListen

    I agree. I never consider it a classic. X had raw energy yet his rhymes are pretty basic with little word play. I think the same can be said about 50cent album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’…completely overrated. Timing of an album builds hype and give people a perception of a classic. This is true about X’s first LP and 50Cent’s first LP. Good albums but never classics.

  • Ron Mexico

    rob, you’re cutting my heart out with a spoon.

    • Rob The Music Ed

      “I think the same can be said about 50cent album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’…completely overrated.”
      @ iListen: No I don’t think the same cane be said for GRODT. That’s a classic album.

      @ Ron: is it a plastic spoon or just a plain ‘ol metal one? If it’s plastic my bad. lol

      • Rex Banner

        How was get rich or die trying a classic? I only like maybe 5 or 6 songs on it and its nowhere near the level only built for cuban linx or any other classic. Im a HUGE G-unit fan and I’m quick to say get rich was overrated like crazy. Banks’ Hunger for more and Rotten Apple were better, yayos predicate felon was better, straight outta cashville was better and the massacre was definitely better as well.

        • chitchat

          I’d have to agree with whoever said GRODT doesn’t make classic status. And Rob if you’re citing unoriginal subject matter as the reason that most of X’s tracks aren’t classic enlighten me as to which 50 tracks are original

          I always thought of “Dark” as classic but it’s an interesting point you made about us having a knee-jerk reaction to (against) the glitter jiggy era.

          But X brought a very different cadence, subject material, language to the fore. It wasn’t just a matter of “he barks so he’s hot” (that dog preoccupation was lame as hell).

      • G5

        I think GRODT was overrated too. I was listening to it yesterday and I was like, “Man, this really ain’t ALL THAT”. Its a great album but not classic. I think alot of albums are label classic because of the artist’s popularity at the moment. I mean, right now people are saying “Tha Carter III” and “Paper Trail” are classic and those albums are borderline GARBAGE. The only artists I can think of that have truly made classic ground breaking albums are 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Outkast, Ice Cube, and maybe Wu-Tang. You can play their albums today and the music is still relevant

  • WTF??

    “boom boom, open the door,atf!” yo listen to that atf joint wit the best speakers or headphones u can find and you’ll hear what made this disc a classic…x is comin is airtight wit the verses delivery n hook..and ruff ryders anthem blew cuz it was fkin hot..newsflash, classic cds’ is allowed to have a couple of misses!!!
    ps who the fuk still listens to illmatic?

    • OG Matt Herbz

      I do, nigga.

      Now let me take a trip down memory lane. A lot of memories roll with Illmatic as the soundtrack. I’ve got the original in a safe place, and I only bump the copies. Now, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot was the 1st CD I ever received that was burnt from a computer. Memorable shit–I didn’t believe it would actually work. It was a gold CD and the resident computer whiz hooked me up with a copy. This was back around ’99 or so. I bumped it for a few months and while I can’t recall all of the tracks on the CD, it did have its appeal. There were a few songs on there that I can remember skipping back and playing again. It was a decent album, but I don’t know about classic. I’ll have to give it another listen. Will anyone burn me a copy, here, 10 years later?

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • Worley

        I definitely bump Illmatic to this day. Like OG, I keep the original tucked away.

        I never really felt X. “Slippin’” was his best joint. As a matter of fact, when X dropped two albums in one year and sold over 10 million I knew the rap game was in trouble. All that barking and growling didn’t add up to sh*t.

    • LEO



    I think that ’98 was too stuffed with classic albums (Capital Pun, Hard Knock Life, Miseducation, Aquemini) and X is considered guilty by association. I always preferred “Flesh Oh My Flesh…” as the most complete X album, and even that isn’t a bonafide classic.

  • amar

    i have a hard time determining if something classic or not. I certainly wouldn’t put it on southerplayalistic, illmatic and doggystyle’s levels…but it is one of the better albums in the history of rap i’d say…

    i disagree about damien though, he’s not pleading with the devil, he’s being urged by his guardian…demon…to kill and gives in doesn’t he? and “X is coming” is my favorite track, it’s representative of the album’s overall darkness. That one lyric u pointed out is def. gross as shit, but further proves my point.

  • Gooch

    if anything, I’d say pretty much everything that dropped in 1998 is overrated and bestowed with the word “classic” too often. Capital Punishment, Hard Knock Life, It’s Dark and Hell is Hot… they all had a lot of shitty records on them.

    1997 was the last great year. It was that summer of Diddy and No Way Out that changed the rap game forever.

    • Rob The Music Ed

      yessir… I don’t think that “Hard Knock Life” was classic either. “Capital Punishment” was THAT SHIT- but was by no means flawless.

    • Pierzy

      Let’s not forget that Wu-Tang was running everything with “Wu-Tang Forever” in the summer of ’97 until “No Way Out” dropped.

  • capcobra

    “look thru my eyes”…”crime story”…”let me fly”…”the prayer”….you bugging if this ain’t a classic…to me classics are based on the time they were released…and when this came out everybody was on some pretty boy get money shit…x brought the gritty street shit back…he had the…and everything else a classic should have…not to mention he had the hood on smash with the dogs and the ruff ryder motorcycle image…he did his numbers and gave niguz a show when it was time to hit the stage..don’t front on dmx…every dog has his day and definitely had his.




  • Kirk

    Ok he said some foul shit and some gay shit. What rap album doesn’t if you take lines out of context. I get the joke, but this album is still classic every song is still listenable. X found his niche right here he kept it rollin for a minute too. Anyway can you still put this album in and feel like 1999? of course. That’s because it’s a classic. nuff said. Peace.

  • Bigg Unit

    Stan Spit!!!!!

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Yessir it was Stan Spit.
      Your copy of Belly is in the mail- remember its a BOOTLEG copy so that means my girl is talking all the way through the movie!

  • William Lee

    The answer to your question was Stan Spit. you have my email I expect my copy of Belly soon..ha ha

  • O

    This joint came out around the same time as Capital Punishment which was a true classic. But that album was overlooked cause this dude’s barking gimmick had the hood open. I like this album too, but it wasn’t anywhere near what Capital Punishment was. R.I.P. Big Pun. R.I.P. DMX’s career.

  • dolo

    Can we just say hes most overrated rapper evar ?

    • Pierzy

      I’ve been on that script since dude came out

    • King B

      Now ya ass is just reaching too fucking far for you to grab….X was never overrated and to answer your question kasino, loose and big stan was on that song so instead of a copy of belly just send me some money

  • Doobie42

    I would say that every nigga over 35 thinks this album should not be a classic and everyone who were young during the time thinks it was a classic. Dmx isn’t about lyrics or revolutionary ideas. He’s about flow and aggression which i think made his music was pretty revolutionary for its time.



    How the fuck is 50 GRODT a classic and It`s dark and hell is Hot Overated.
    In fact GRODT is the most overated album in hiphop.just because it sold 12 million copies does not make it Classic.
    too many weak joints like 21 question,high all time,blood hound and not forgetting that it was feel with mediocre lyrics.
    Overrated albums:
    2pac-All Eyes On Me
    50 -GRODT
    Snoop dogg–Doggy style
    Dr Dre-Chronic 2001
    Big pun-Capital Punishment
    Eminem-The Marshall Mathers

    Udisputed classic albums or masterpiece:
    Nas-It was written
    AZ-Doe or Die
    The Dogg Pound-Dogg Food
    Goodie Mob-soul Food

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Ladies and gentleman there will be a positioning opening up as XXL’s new Music Editor because iQuit.

      Doggystyle is overrated?!? And Dogg Food is an undisputed classic?!?

      • JAY STONE

        Yeah i said doggystyle is overrated.
        The Production on Doggystyle was ahead of it`s time and that is what save the album.
        Snoop Dogg sucks.all he raps is dizzzle this wizzle that or whatever the fuck you called it.
        If your one of the types who appreciates simple lyrics and hooks,then that1s for you.
        The Dogg food on the other one have great awesome production by Daz and incredible lyricism from Kurupt, who in my opinion is one of the greatest rappers ever.

    • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

      Yo u bugging!!!! Doggystyle is an undisputed classic! One of the top 10 albums of all time.
      No skips! How many albums can u play straight thru. I agree on 2001 tho. Hittman was weak to me! It Was Written is not a classic!

  • HipHopJunkie

    Its Dark and Hell Is Hot, is definetly a classic album. It was the best of all his albums, and i mean who doesn’t know about DMX. He is one of the most HARDCORE rappers of our time, kept it 100 in every verse. He may have a screw or two loose, but whats gangsta rapper doesn’t. Its an album that you can leave in your CD changer.

  • Moi

    i stopped reading this as soon as you said he bit biggie’s Gimme the Loot as criteria. Biggie is the man, no doubt, BUT MAYBE YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF KOOL G. RAP WHO BIGGIE BIT THE FUCK OUT OF? ready to die and gimme the loot is Live and Let Die lite . . . Great Train Robbery–G Rap was robbing the trains when? or Go For your Guns? It IS Things Done Changed. “gimme the rings and the #1 mom pendant” is shit compared to or without G RAP.

    southerplayalistic isn’t even the best or most classic outkast album by the way. ATLiens and Aquemeni wayyyy surpass it. and DMX? he himself IS a classic and with way more weight than a bunch of your lame 00s punchline rappers who you might think are lyricists. and Dogg Food is a classic.

  • clovito

    I guess it depends on how you define classic. that word gets thrown around a lot. I don’t think a classic necessarily has to be “flawless” cause not everyone is gonna like every song. a classic can also be a great game changer and thats what dmx’s album was. thats what “Get rich” was and that wasnt perfect. there’s only so many artists who can do that in hip-hop…yes, maybe if “it’s dark” dropped in 2005 instead of 98, it wouldnt be considered as great but it didn’t. dmx is in that mix of artists who actually changed what was popular in an entire genre. if thats not a classic i dont know what is

  • T.R.E.Y.

    SPCM isn’t up for debate? everything they’ve put out from Aquemini on is better. SPCM is about half of a good album.

  • 305to718

    Yo whos the weed carrier that fucked up L’s album cuz this shit is driving me crazy!!!!

  • UARK

    Aquemini was dropped in 1998 and it is by far a classic.

  • west philly’s finest

    Niggaz over complicate shit when DMX dropped he started a movement that alone should make it a classic.

    His first CD ain’t Ready to Die or Illmatic lyrically but he wasn’t a super lyrical rapper anyway.

    He changed the whole game up back then you forget it was the Bling Bling era Mase and Diddy was running shit back then. Then he killed a whole bunch of cameos then put out Get At Me Dog and made it about the streets again.

  • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

    I also don’t think I was a classic. Then again it did kinda change the climate of music at the time so it’s up for debate. People throw that term “classic” around too loosely. Illmatic is a classic. Straight Outta Compton is a classic. I don’t know about It’s Dark….

  • twes

    You tripn brah u lets out alot of bangers the intro, ruff ryders anthem is def a classic check the numbers, fuckin wit d, let me fly, look thru my eyes, get at me dog, ATF!, CRIME STORY, THE CONVO

  • paychexx

    it the kid from the movie belly
    stan pit? i believe was his name

  • leadmoha

    yo dmx shit was classic material , check d word classic in the black man dictionary and you will find out it was a classic material for the hood. and not for college boys like you mr editor

  • Jerm

    u have to understand when you say its “classic”, you cant speak for everyone. So to u, its a classic to others its not. *IMO* his first 3 albums are his best, and his debut is a classic…

    Its like debating best rapper alive, everyone has there own favorite or preference on whos the greatest *TO THEM* (key words…to them not you, since its different for them and you)

    its all opinions…But his debut album was a classic to me, and his next 2 after were still amazing. IMO, not yours.

  • Angry Radio DJ

    Great album but wouldnt appraise it as a classic. In conversations w peeps bout that album I hated the fact that the avg kat rt away gives credit to Swizz and his genious. Swizz Beatz IS GARBAGE and only produced 1 track on that album. Much credit to DAME GREASE and PK, they are responsible for the sinister ill production…not a CLASSIC though!!

  • RL

    Rob-I agree with your opinion that this is not a classic album although at the time of release, it certainly was very good to hear. Maybe even excellent.

    Ok, your are about to have a crucifix buddy. I never considered Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt a bonafide classic. Why? Because the concept and theme of the album was completely unoriginal and it stopped short of that line that defines a classic, IMO. The mafioso theme was overly used at the time by other artists who could rival Jay lyrically. It was classic when Raakwon used the theme for Cuban Linx but it was sheer regurgitation when Nas and Jay released their albums in ’96. Other than that, Jay was a phenominal lyricist on the album. For me, the only classic aspect of RD was the production. Ouch, there goes the spear in my side.

  • Izza

    It is a classic. And you are the worst blooger on XXL.

    Step your game up.

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Well I’ma be here all week so get used to me! HA!

  • http://xxl ryan

    It is a classic. just before dis album drop people were goin weak on their albums not puttin no heart into it. After dis album people actually started 2 respect the effort artist put into their project. Also 2pac was never lyrically good but u felt his music. Same exact thing DMX did. Everything aint lyrics people, its the effort the artist put into the project.

  • LEO

    Reading all these responses shows why albums like The Carter 3 sell a milli in a week…If you can seriously sit there listen to DMX’s first album and think that it was “OK” then something is wrong with you and your view on Rap music. One of the few albums that not one song is a skipper…not one…not even Hows it going down…Nas has Illmatic, Jay got Reasonable Doubt, DMX got Its Dark and Hell is Hot, Pun got Capital punishment…Let him have one at least….shit!!! I havent been this upset in a while…I wish I could fight all ya…lol

  • texas rhymes with lexus

    are you fuckin crazy. x dropped his first two albums in one year and thy both went platinum. his first two albums are classics hands down.
    you a hoe ass nigga if you think otherwise.

    hold up!!!!!!!smoke something b****

  • Fuck Bol

    Bol yous a bitch ass fag ass hoe ass nigga It makes sense ya wierd wouldn’t like some shit like this yeah go listen to R&B dyke

  • Vicious Seiger

    It’s a classic in terms of an album that is still great even by today’s standards. Everybody wants say it wasn’t perfect but who has accomplished that feat. Everybody hasn’t had some filler on their albums or songs that aren’t compelling enough to distribute alone… X is no different and neither is Nas, Jay, Outkast, BIG, Pac, Pun and most people recording today. I consider it a classic because the overall product was superior to what many of his peers were producing. The great thing about this discussion is that everybody has opinion and is entitled to believe what they want. I’m sure someone out there is saying Skee-Lo had a classic album or M.O.P. had a classic or Redhead Kingpin had one or 50 had one or whoever else they can think of made an affair to remember. I’ll even voice one of mine – Masta Ace Inc’s “Sittin’ On Chrome”… sure it had some filler but I still love to play that album. Classics are made everyday… it’s just we all don’t see it that way.

  • DV8

    It was a great album that went totally against what was considered hot at the time. It brung grime to the fore front. Great Album not classic but definetly great. You can call it a landmark.

  • Abdul J

    fuck that shit. your top 5 reasons are the questionably the top 5 tracks. FAIL.

  • jackpot

    I gotta go with Rob on this. The album is dope, but a classic it’s not.


    yeah it’s like you said at that time it was considered classic because the hits off that joint went directly against all that diddy bop shit. “YOU BEEN RAPPING LONG ENOUGH NOW STOP BEING GREEDY” really good near classic album.

    x always expressed how he felt for his peoples no homo’s needed. off his second album that dogs for life is x’s best song like that minus the skit attached to the song. we played that at my friends funeral back in 2000.
    the most nasty x line gotta be “I GOT BLOOD ON MY DICK AND I HAVE NO REMORSE I GOT BLOOD ON MY DICK CAUSE A I FUCKED A CORPSE” it was something like that.

  • INcilin

    Is X’s album overrated? Yes it probably is. But not for the tracks you named. The tracks that I always hesitate on are Get At Me Dog/Fuckin With D and Crime Story/ATF since they always reminded of each other to the point I wish either one or the other of each would just appear on the album.

    Also, there’s no way “Stop Being Greedy” is better than “Gimmie The Loot” which is still one of my fave Biggie songs. And yes, “For My Dogs” is pretty wack, and that rape your daughter line always bothered me. And how can “Niggas Done Started Something” be considered wack just because you heard it before? I understand how it could have been a problem back then, but now that’s its a decade later. So either the song is hot or it’s not. Simple as that.

  • miles archer

    Yo, that stan spit shit had me laughing my ass off.

    Couple things…

    SouthernPlayalistic? Classic? Really????????
    Nah, I can’t cosign that. I’m going Aquemini all day.

    I think I actually like It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot better now than I did then. I was heavy into Canibus and Pun and Cam’ron at the time and X was a little too simple for me. I mean, I still copped it the day it came out but it took me a few months to really love it.

    There might only be one or two songs I skip on the whole album. ATF is maybe one of the greatest stories, in my oppinion, anybody has ever done.
    Add to that that Mase ABSOLUTELY BODIED EVERYBODY on niggas done started something. That album is def a classic to me.

    Now you really want me to start some shit??????

    I think Hard Knock Life is SO SUPERIOR to the Blueprint album. Production on Blueprint is off the hook for the most part, but Jay was still trying to prove himself among a much more talented pool of mc’s. After that album his flow changed up to some shit that to me wasn’t as intresting. He was still killin his cameos but vol.2 was his last great album.

    I’ma catch alotta hate for that.

  • Calibur

    Are u fuckin crazy!!!! This was by far a classic album. X killed the game wit his gritty stories and deep spit alone. Not to mention it killed the jiggy era. And why is LOX “We are the Streets” Neevr considered a classic.

  • Yoda


  • X7

    Yo you wanna talk overrated, here’s three words for ya… The Carter Series. Fuck it everything Wayne does is overrated, as well as Em (wack as fuck),Jay-Z(the king of biting), All of G-unit (lame fucks), and even your precious Biggie Smalls (never fucked wit dude). DMX is doesn’t belong in any convo about overrated MC’s. Still to this date I haven’t heard anyone spit as ferocious as X. It’s Dark and Hell is Hot is a certifiable classic. Eat a dick you fuckin’ stans.

  • Angelo

    This is one of the best albums to drop. It’s DMX’s 2nd best album Flesh of My Flesh… is his 1st. It’s definitely classic. It took me a while to give X a chance (Slippin’ did it for me). If he could start makig music like this again, his sales will fly. I have more respect for it today because it’s been 10+ years and I still can listen to it without skipping that many tracks.

  • kendon

    Dog u fuckin around!! U hiphop niggas hating on X cuz he ain Nas of Jigga and he is a cut from a different cloth from them clowns. But please speak truth. Because a track was on mixtape before does not take away the quality of the music. But the true test is play shit 10 years later and see if it still can’t move crowds. Hater!!!

  • Michael

    WHo in the hell thinks It’s Dark & Hell is hot in the first place. DMX was good in his time but he made nothing timeless.

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Detroit P

    Plus, can a song which contains the lyrics, “I’m about to show niggas how easily we blow niggas” really be considered a classic? Ayooooooooooo!
    Dre on Tha Chronic: Gap tooth in ya mouth so my dick gots to fit

    Ice Cube saida bunch of gay shit on Death certificate including “No Vaseline”

    B.i.G. in the span of 2 albums has plenty homo lines “you look so good, I’d suck on yo daddy’s dick”

    50 said some gay shit about Ja when they was beefin

    I think homo lines are apart of Gangsta rap somebody should do some research on that

  • 2nose

    a response in the order they appear
    1)fuck you and your stereotypical, identity crisis, hip hop cant be ‘gay’ opinion…a vaguely homo line (though in this case its more a matter of you not being able to properly interpret a very obvious and basic line)does not justify the crusifiction of an entire track. for that, you can suck MY dick.

    2)wasnt the deal with god in ‘murder was the case’? x is with the devil. and the concept is different, too…x realizes that its not worth selling your soul for the power, fame, etc., albeit too late.snoop stays greedy, wanting more.and the fact that the song continues in his later work should seperate it from snoop, too.

    3)if we’re going to start basing shit on other songs, is ‘ante up’ by MOP no longer a classic? same theme…

    4)who gives a fuck about the status’ of the rappers on the track. isnt the quality of the song based on the lyrical content, rather than how ‘big’ the rappers are? fuck outta here with that bullshit.

    5)i cant base this one on anything more than personal opinion, but i thought the vibe of the chorus was just right my nigga. just right.

    bonus) best song on the album, best x verse, beside 4,3,2,1 of his career. classic. who cares how long its been out..can you imagine the album ending any other way? didnt think so.

    bonus bonus)again, who cares? focus on the music, not whos on the track itself.

    ps)haha…ya that line was something dirty, ill give you that one yo..still, the man (and the track) is grimy as fuck, so he gets a bit of room on that one.

    free chris partlow!



  • balaramesh

    we all collectively need to re-define classic. does it mean something creative and artistic that you can play from beginining to the end many years later OR it was HOT at that time and sold crazy records? pretty soon, people are going to say plies album is classic because they seen and his “bust it baby” song 400 times within the past year.

    i thought the x album was dope back in the day but i would not put in the same catalog as say illmatic, cuban linx, the chronic, reasonable doubt ect. i could only listen to a few songs hardcore from the album. not to say that i determine what is classic.

    however, x, was HUGE at the time when he came out. his energy was remarkable. would i put this album waaaaaaaay over the current “classics” like carter3 and paper trail that are being used in my opinion too loosley.

    FYI, for the person above that referenced Mase, should know by now that Styles P “collaborated” with him on a lot of his songs.

  • pimp in g


  • greatest

    listen point blank dmx album was something that was bumping during that time everyone loved it and it is a classic way better than bullshit today ron whatever the fuck they call u the people loved it u just wanna start a argument i understand i know rap is boring but don’t say something fucking stupid that u know u dont’ believe


    This album has 2 be a classic, because for one X had a distinct voice and flow. And the dark beats on this album matched him perfectly. He had the perfect get amp songs, and the perfect R & B songs on this album. What I consider classic is something you can throw in, and let it play all the way thru when u rip tha plastic off. Then play it through at least 3 more times without skipping a track. What about the Convoy, that song was off da chain as well. Nobody was doin what DMX was doing when he dropped this.

  • King Kong!!!!

    X changed the game at the time. That in and of itselft makes the album classic. I was about 16 and I was about to throw up watching all that Glitter and Shit….

  • King Kong

    The Dogg changed the game at that time. That alone qualifies this as a classic. All that glitter almost blinded me during that time in “Hip-Hop”…..

  • The D-I-Z

    Yo, did this cat call out Stan Spit??? Hahahaha. I aint heard dude’s name since the azz whippin. Y’all need to do a where are they now on Stan Spit….


    Its Dark and Hell is Hot>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lil Wayne’s Career

  • jovan mitchell

    please fuck outta here what kind of question is that of course classic and I dare one muthafucka on here to disagree with come on this is x we are talking about he is legend and I cant wait for the next album to come out and he is a cool ass nigga I have met him before.please leave the drugs alone though

  • Doo

    I can’t Believe This POST…You Love Rap&B & X first Album was not a Classic. I want to know what is a classic was Eminem or 50′s firsts classics…I bet you Think Guerilla Blacks first was a classic though

  • j keez

    man fuck dis writer. he a fuckin fool. this album was classic. THE ONLY REASON NOBODY COPIED HIS STYLE ON THIER ALBUMS IS BECAUSE THEY CANT!!! who else can give you some ill dark shit and end the album with “the prayer” and “the convo.” and niggas aint barkin on tracks b/c X will bite them bitches back!!!

  • j keezz

    dats why ur bitchass is just a blogger and not no critic bitch. and one more thing.


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