BLOG: Barack Obama Still Gots No Love For Hip-Hop?

Congratulations on the victory, Mr. Obama. Welcome to Ronnie’s World.

“‘There really only needs to be one star in Grant Park, and that’s Barack,’ an Obama insider told Zwecker. ‘There will be plenty of time for a new President Obama to be surrounded by famous fans, all hopeful about a new administration.’” –Barack Obama’s People (Ha), Chicago Sun-Times via

As has been the case throughout Barack Obama’s campaign, the rapster collective was persona-non-grata as Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Sean “Diddy” Combs headlined a lengthy list of blacklisted entertainers for last night’s Source Awards—I mean, World Negro Victory Party.

Through an impenetrable fortress of standard Chinese restaurant-issue bulletproof glass, President-Elect Obama thanked his supporters and detractors alike for voting him “That Nigga 2008.” On hand for the historic moment were Queen Winfrey I and Rev. Jesse Jackson, who cried like he’d finally gotten hold of Mr. Obama’s coveted nuts.

I think we all got a little bit of the teabag last night, Jesse–some more than others.

[Blogger’s Note: Grown-ass mens don’t play that “no homo” shit.]

So, let me get this shit straight. Barack the Vote wanted to be the only star present, yet CNN was able to provide 7-minute coverage of Oprah Winfrey and “Hymietown” Jackson crying on white folks’ shoulders?

I understood Obama’s need to distance himself from controversial figures–such as actual black people–during his campaign. Association with the likes of Puffy, Jeezy and Soulja Boy could have been enough to turn even Chuck D to the McCain/Palin ticket. I don’t understand why they can’t be present once the convincing’s been done, though. Jesse Jackson got an invite to the jawn, and the last public statement of his I can recall had to do with crushing Barack’s baby mama makers between his teeth.

At least that’s what I think he said. He was mumbling.

As soon as I saw Jesse’s ass there, I scanned the landscape for Marion Barry and Kwame Kilpatrick thinking, “Shit. It must be that type of party.” Later, I get wind of some Bill Zwecker piece noting that Jigga, Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Susan Sarandon, Nuke Laloosh and Ben Affleck were sent memos to stay their famous, whiny bleeding-heart-liberal asses the fuck home.

Presidential negro, please. I see how it is. Puffy and Jigga can do everything in their power to assure you the ever-important new vote [read: young nigga/former jail nigga vote] that turned an expected victory into Knicks at Celtics–they just can’t take a flick with you when it’s done.

All a hood nigga really want is a flick. We just wanna be in the damn video when it come out.

When I played ball, our boosters didn’t always get to attend the games, but they damn sure were present to see us raise that banner at school—preferably wearing that fresh Men’s Wearhouse gear they blessed our mamas with.

I see how it is. Rapsters can campaign for a YN, but they can’t sit at the celebration table. I’ll remember that next time I throw my endorsement behind a candidate in the future. I don’t know about Diddy and Puffy, but I’ll be the nigga making a scene at the door like Keyshia Cole’s moms.

Call me Ronnie F. Baby. Fuck it.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Wondering where Daddy Yankee is right now?

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  • growdafuckup!

    “I’ll remember that next time I throw my endorsement behind a candidate in the future.” yeah sure your right, id be surprised if you even voted buddy

    • megagavelli

      let me say just one thing that should put this whole thing into perspective:


      i’ll say it one more time:

      so what exactly has Jay-z done thats so important or positive with is life that he is supposed to have status at the most historic event in the history black people and america as a whole???

      oh right, he’s given us such gems as:

      “I came in ya Bentley backseat
      Skeeted in Jeep
      Left condoms in tha baby seat
      Here nigga”

      “Aint no nigga like the one I got
      no one can fuck you betta”

      oh yes, and of course…he just made a new song so profoundly entitled: “jockin’ jay-z”…riiiiightt…

      GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!

      ron mexico: this post was disgraceful; i am done with you forever.

      • A

        I 2nd that…

        • Sean Smith

          Re:Jesse Jackson had every right to be there and he had every right to cry. This is a man who was in the heart of the struggle for Civil Rights. This was a man who was right by Dr. King’s side after he got shot. Despite his recent fuckups, he’s done more for black people in this Country than any ignant ass rapper this website hypes up.

          2nd that. Also,his mentor. Dr King had foretold this would happen. Jesse,although it wasn’t him ,had lived to see this. He had every right to be there

      • UMI

        WOW! That’s dramatic!LOL…
        You sound like a hurt female right about now re: “I am done with you forever”!LMAO.

        Get @ ya boy here Mexx, you hurt his feelins…LOL

    • kamaren97

      i encourage all to never read or support XXL or this website past this point. foolishness… this guy suffers from watching too many rap videos!

  • Smel

    How can you be mad if Black & white celebs alike were asked to stay home?

    I mean I have my complaints about The President-Elect’s campaign too (plenty of em), but I don’t know about this one. Oprah was the first upper echelon Black person to support Obama, back when most CBC members (Bob Johnson) backed Hillary, telling B.O. to wait his turn and put in his dues. How could he not invite her (and her money)?

    And Jesse doesn’t count as a celebrity because he’s actually a politician, unlike Diddy and Jigga.



    “On hand for the historic moment were Queen Winfrey I and Rev. Jesse Jackson, who cried like he’d finally gotten hold of Mr. Obama’s coveted nuts.”

    *spits all over keyboard*

    • BIGNAT

      you put what i was thinking with your first sentence. if all the celebs was asked to stay home why be mad ronnie. also he could have told oprah to stay home but thats oprah. the only place on earth she can’t just waltz her ass into is maybe the vatican. other than that oprah is in there she might start doing her show at the white house hahahahaha

    • c. gabi

      Umm, correction. When did Bob Johnson become a member of the CBC??? Not never in the history of nigga-dom.

      That is all.

      • Smel

        oops…I meant “(and Bob Johnson)”


  • Apollo Moses

    Nah Ronnie F. Baby they should’ve kept there attention loving ace in the club and watched on the Vizio! If they registered those new voters for anything it should’ve been for social responsiblity and supporting an administration bent on unity and ending this divisive Rethuglican stance trying to lay sole claim on being American. Shid Queen Oprah dropped $50 mil on that track so you know she in the video. I don’t know who do f*ck invited Jesse Big Perm Jackson…I guess maybe because he’s some sort of pioneer running for prezi.
    Sure he get’s a Negro Please for his silly negro repelent that’s been put to use during the year…but really f&ck a P-Silly Combs and all these other trend humping rappers. Let the man shine dolo, that crowd at Grant Park was a true representation of America and the progressive step the nation is making.
    Keep flowin.

  • El Tico Loco

    Papparazi ain’t checkin for Oprah or Jesse, his campaign manager obviously feel that Diddy, Jay or whoever he decided not to invite might outshine him and he was tryna shine as bright as possible. The uninvited guests should take that as another stroke to their ego.

  • El Tico Loco

    Papparazi ain’t checkin for Oprah or Jesse, his campaign manager obviously feel that Diddy, Jay or whoever he decided not to invite might outshine him and he was tryna shine as bright as possible. The uninvited guests should take that as another stroke to their ego..

  • El Tico Loco

    Papparazi ain’t checkin for Oprah or Jesse, his campaign manager obviously feel that Diddy, Jay or whoever he decided not to invite might outshine him and he was tryna shine as bright as possible. The uninvited guests should take that as another stroke to their ego

    • Pierzy

      Could you do us all a favor and post this for a fourth time?

  • El Tico

    this thing shoulda posted on the first try dammit

  • Pierzy

    Mex, I love you to death but does this really surprise you? Did anybody truly think that he’d have Flav and Spliff Star on each side of the stage as the ultimate hype men?

    Like dude above me, even us whites were uninvited so it’s across the board.

  • iLL

    I dont know about Puff/Diddy/Dummy whatever his alias is nowadays, especially with the Ciroc Obama coonishness he pulled on his DummyBlog. I wouldnt invite his ass to the party either. Fuck that!

  • Warren

    On the real, “So what?”

    Also, “And?”


    whatever fag!!

  • aNTI

    Yes it was clearly understood why celebrities (not just Rappers) were asked to stay away!

    It is obvious as to why Oprah was there (She had a huge impact on his campaign from the onset), and Jesse well, he’s a politician and organizer not a celebrity.

    P.S. as much as your Blog points out the stupidity of Rappers, WOULD YOU REALLY WANT ANY THERE???????

  • lonestar state

    Why the fuck does it matter,ppl worried about the wrong thing, who gives a fuck, i mean obama actually won, so what fucking diddy’s “keep me in the lime light” ass coudln’t go , or jigga ,it’s a historical momment in time, not the muthafuckin source awards, get the fuck outta here, you see them rich white folks didn’t get in either, i couldn’t believe it when i saw the post, ya’ll nigga runnin outta shit to blog about,fuck, i’m pretty sure wayne just caught another dope charge or soulja boy just kissed bill o’reily’s ass or some shit,get fuckin real ron!

  • DA

    Despite all his recent fuck ups, you have to remember one thing. Jesse Jackson was there during the Civil Rights struggle. He was there when Dr. King got shot. He’s done more to advance the rights of black people in this country than any rapper that this website hypes up. He had every right to be there and he had every right to cry.

    I could care less that no rappers were there. This marks a new era. Black kids don’t have to look toward hip hop or basketball as their only means for success in America. I love hip hop, but best believe I’d rather kids look up to Barack than Lil Wayne.

    • Michelle S.

      Thank you very much.

      Why are you worried about rappers showing up to something like that? I’m glad they didn’t. How can you complain? We finally got somebody that’s about something and stands for something in the chair. I bet if McCain would’ve won (thank God he didn’t), you’d complain even more. Shut up, suck it up and get over it.

      I voted for the first time yesterday =] and I’m proud of it.

      01.20.09 the end of an ERROR

    • FORTY


      I cosign that shit! That man has been through and has seen a lot before anybody up here was probably even thought. He’s been through and seen shit that we only can read about!!!

  • Manny78d

    give him some time mex, he still has not got his ass groove in the oval office chair yet.

    I feel like he will show respect where its due. In time.

  • DA

    Jesse Jackson had every right to be there and he had every right to cry. This is a man who was in the heart of the struggle for Civil Rights. This was a man who was right by Dr. King’s side after he got shot. Despite his recent fuckups, he’s done more for black people in this Country than any ignant ass rapper this website hypes up.

    Who gives a fuck that Diddy and Jay wasn’t there? this is a new era, get with the times. Black kids don’t have to look up to rappers and athletes any more. Those aren’t their only options for success.

    I love hip hop, but I’d rather a kid look up to Barack then Weezy. Ya dig?

    • FORTY


      I cosign that shit! That man has been through and has seen a lot before anybody up here was probably even thought. He’s been through and seen shit that we only can read about!!!

  • Yusef Shaheed

    Can we just live in this glorious moment a little while without negative ish. Crabs in a Barrel mentality in full affect. Just Shut Da F*cK Up!!!!!!

    Write a positive blog, write about how countries around the world are just as happy as we are to have a brother become president in AmeriKKKa.


  • http://xxl.xom Cal

    In all honesty rappers are to barack what embarassing yet supportive relatives are to an influential black person.

  • amar

    lol and was not only there, but was interviewed by anderson cooper for HIS borack the vote efforts…

    definitely something personal and selective going on here…i’d say they don’t want the gangster rappers around, but diddy??? i’m thoroughly confused…

  • KoolMick

    What up, Ron? I’m usually on board when you call people out, but I gotta jump ship on this one. This was too big of an event for Diddy-Bop and Jigga to profile and pose like they was apart of something this monumental. Especially Diddy Ciroc, ’cause I saw that “Ciroc Obama” clip and that was just coonery at it’s most ignorant. Aiiight, chill.

  • Nigga Please

    What do Diddy and Jay-Z have to do with being new president, what about Ben Affleck and Susan Sarandon, why the fuck did they need to be all in the camera,
    Ron Mexico you need to look in the mirror, get the hate out ya heart and tell ya self
    NIGGA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • jojo

    Oprah deserved her camera time. Regardless of what people may tell you, Oprah Winfrey had a profound effect on many people’s views of this election and of Barack Obama in particular. There were three prominent black people who were getting camera time: Oprah, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and, to a lesser degree, Spike Lee, all of whom have provided the black community many inspirational achievements. Would it be preferred that press time be given to Jay-Z or Diddy Blog?? Take that, take that, take that…

    I believe the Obama reps were completely justified in their actions. As mentioned in the cited article, other Hollywood luminaries such as Susan Sarandon were told to keep a distance. This was rightly done to convey a message to the people in attendance at Grant Park: this is your celebration and the privelage of special seating will not be implicitly granted to celebrities. That is bullshit and we should all be happy that the coverage focused on the reactions of normal, everyday people rather than contrived artists.

    But I still love Jay-Z.

  • geico lizard

    i dont believe they told them to stay away because oprah was there around strangers risking her life and the snipers didnt take out messy jesse jackson so they didnt care about controversy being present. jesse was crying out of jealousy and hate. jesse is hater of the year right in front of sarah palin. palin/jackson 2012 bitches

  • Mark

    These editorials, or what ever you call it are so fucking stupid on this site, your just looking for stuff to hate on, and its gay. I saw it with the “jocking jay z” song, and with the 106 and park, Terrance and roxie b.s.

    Your no different than these Internet thugs that go into forums and talk shit for no reason.

    Give direct facts, and all the other bull can be left out.

  • The 1

    Give the man sometime. He’ll pay respects, cuz no matter how many times white people wanna holla “he’s not black he’s bi-racial because his mom is white,” he gets on TV and and says he’s BLACK! so even if Hip Hop Celebs weren’t invited the Black community as a whole should be very proud of this accomplishment and support the brother.

  • RafB

    Man I can’t believe I read this shit

  • WTF

    Seriously, you just set us back 15 years after we were about to start catching up. Wow, this is the most ignorant, nigerish, stupid post I have ever read on this site.

    Obama is the president of the USA, not Def Jam dumbkcuf.

    • Smel

      “Wow, this is the most ignorant, nigerish, stupid post I have ever read on this site.”


      Um I don’t know about all that “WTF.” You’re stretchin it lol

  • Moi

    he is THE STAR. diddy and jay-z are important to this night because of why?

    they’re more important than the people who have actual jobs who gave money or time or their vote? or than the man who went against the entire politcal machine as a 48 year old, sincere, black, first term senator to win the presidency and inspire tens of millions of people? or more important than jesse fucking jackson who was on the fucking balcony with martin luther king?

    fuck that. jay-z who “skeeted on the baby seat?” diddy “first comes the cash, then comes the ass?” how come barack is not sippin sizzerp with wayne right now? SELL OUT.

  • fredMS

    yeah you straight trippin.

  • Young History in the Making

    that jesse jackson crying charade was totally bogus….it wasnt sincere AT ALL..

    • anutha_level

      what the fuck ever mane…i just don’t think you REALIZE the significance. do your history….that nicca jesse was THERE on the balcony wit dr. king when he got his face blown off. his crying is sincerely justified…u ignant scab.

  • BxRa

    Ron Mexico is on some straight bullshit by putting any negativity/non-humorous ass jokes in the air concerning this HISTORIC and DIGNIFIED point in America’s timeline. He could’ve forgone the whole “Negro Please” theme and spoke about how glorious this time is for the world as whole. This shit is serious and his semi-literate ass should have his keyboard smashed across his face, he stay getting out of pocket…

  • west philly’s finest

    Jesse’s a fucking fraud this nigga was talking shit about Obama when he thought he was gonna lose now that he won he crying like a bitch that’s crazy. And what’s fucked about it is that the seat Obama leaving going to his son anyway so he had no reason to come at him like that. But that nigga just mad he could never come close to what Obama accomplished.

  • Maurice Garland

    i swear niggas take this “hip hop” shit too serious sometimes. Hip Hop is not black youth culture, hispanic youth culture, none of that shit….niggas need to stop tripping everytime someone uninvites a rapper to an event…especially if they aint about to say shit relevant anyway. I can see if its something like Ice Cube not being allowed on Oprah, or Killer Mike or Chuck D not being allowed somewhere…but if its just some popular mah fugga who has the luxury of influence via their money or record sales…..fuck’em

  • 619

    The haters already started coming outta the woodwork. Obama’s making history, got black and white folks alike celebrating in the streets, crying tears of joy, and yet here comes Ron Mex swigging a fifth of the haterade. You sound like a McCain supporter or some shit, trying to throw a monkey wrench in the celebration. You think Obama’s supposed to start looking out for rappers just because he’s black? No president ever looked out for rappers, so what makes you think things all of a sudden changed overnight? You should be happy he even listens to hip-hop, shit thats more than you could ask for outta any president. You missed out on the significance of last night just because some rappers didn’t get an invite. Grow the fuck up, it’s a new day. Enjoy the fact that you get to see this shit happen.
    WEST WE CAN!!!!!

  • Yoda

    You’re reaching…

  • capcobra

    the people has spoken.

  • Trey

    You do know Oprah and Jesse are from Chicago, right?

  • anutha_level

    u took an L on this one mang…just be proud about the moment. i’m sure diddy/jay and all the rest ain’t bitchin bout it…

  • K

    I thought this was about “US” not “YOU”. You sound like you really wanted to vote for J.M. Everybody knows that others are not so accepting of Blacks…look at the images the world sees about our culture..a smart man would know that CHANGE takes time. He has to gain the confidence of ALL if he is going to bring CHANGE. But that doesn’t mean he is selling out. Most of us know what a huge responsibility he has before him and that he will have to face the scrutiny of many. It’s just like Blacks to be the hard, judgemental, backstabbing, crabs in a barrel. Would it make you feel better if B.O. gave you and your neighborhood a special shot out. Would that stop you from crying like a baby? It hasn’t even been a day yet and you are hating on him already. Check yourself. Why are you so negative and angry? Have you not obtained all that you dreamed..or are you upset with him because he wasn’t afraid to pursue his dreams…or deep down inside you don’t know why, as hard as your try, you can’t seem to get but so far. What is it with you? Stop being so critical and support him..humble yourself and stop looking for recognition. Not trying to tear you down..just trying to get you to stop tearing others down!


    Last night didn’t count as the real celebration. The real party is going to be the inauguration on January 20. That’s when we’re going to see all the Hip-Hop stars like me, Puff and Jigga come out to shine.

    Please, I beg you, believe that your homie will be in attendance on the White House lawn when it all goes down. Get like me.

  • Shawty J

    I can understand Obama’s decision to keep away celebs. I would’ve done the same thing, personally. Besides he must’ve seen Diddy’s Blog on Youtube, which is reason enough to not invite him there or anywhere else.

    On another note:
    “On hand for the historic moment were Queen Winfrey I and Rev. Jesse Jackson, who cried like he’d finally gotten hold of Mr. Obama’s coveted nuts.”


  • Arcey

    Mr. Mexico, you should take the time to explain the motive for this post cuz niggas is throwin’ stones!!! even Bol, the most nigga-tive one on this Harris Publ. site took a day off. And like some comments said, Pres. Obama might acknowledge the youths who supported him and the PPL that got them youngin’s to believe in him.

    @ moi: these entertainers do have real jobs, did give money and their time, maybe more than you, and I, but I don’t know you so I won’t speculate…

    Ron you’re not a sell out but this type of talk shit wasn’t your best decisions today

    besides that it’s all good, dude!

  • lilken

    mex or ronny whatever you want to call yourself, fuck with you talking about you doing all of this complaining yo ass must have wanted mccain to win in the first place, you have to realize what just happened on election night, for the first time in history we have a black man who has been elected to office and the kids finally have someone to look up to and become a better person in life, even the 18 and older people as well and you want to complain fuck that take yo ass home somewhere

  • internet thug slapper

    yes, this is historic. of course we as black people and all minorities should look forward to a brighter future. our kids can look up to a great man and see proof that they can fulfill their dreams outside of entertainment. however, no politician or dignitary has ever been exempt from satire or parody. obama will be no different. good post mex, I know what you are doin’. you are starting early, takin’ an alternate stance on the hoopla surrounding a man who has basically been untouchable when it comes to criticism. I believe he will be great and do his best. but when he does make a mistake are we going to say he messed up or are we going to excuse it?

    • S.O.S

      internet thug slapper…I think the point most of us are trying to make is that he DIDN’T mess up. And this was far from satire or parody. It was a completely asinine post just for the sake of being a contrarian…which is corny.

      Obama’s been backing off Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johanson and a bunch of others tryna get down for the longest in an effort not to turn this into a three-ring circus. He’s getting back to the democratization of politics by insisting that the elite DO NOT have as prominent a role as they did in 2000 and ’04 (we lost in those years by the way). I’ve been a fan for two years but Mex you’re way off base here.

  • grant ny

    “I love hip hop, but best believe I’d rather kids look up to Barack than Lil Wayne”

    best post on a blog ever.

    n ron, you been doing sum good posts lately but this 1 is just stupid.

  • KF UK

    Yo Mex, you taking some heat on this one!

    I see the point, Obama wasnt bothered when Jayz (maybe Diddy) and Afleck and them were doin the let vote for Obama, and now he wants to be the star. YOU JUST BECAME PRESIDENT OF THE FUCKING USA IT DONT GET NO BIGGER. Jayz isnt gonna overshadow that, so take the chip off the Shoulder. You never know you might get the other 40% who didnt vote to watch you “moment” if there was Jayz or Ben “i can totally act” Affleck.

    it just seems harsh that people are being told you can or you cant come and celebrate with the man youve helped out. I mean WTF a land of freedom, but you cant turn up and congratulate the man yourself? That dont sound to free to me…

    Keep doin ya thing Mex!

  • Omar

    Nas is my favorite rapper, but I would not have his incoherent ass at my coronation. Fuck that!

  • Laff

    Shit, y’all niggas need to chill the fuck out. For the first time in the history of the USA and the world we have a Black President. Let me repeat, WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT! Have any of us in the entire history of our people ever been able to utter such words? I mean I would have loved to have seen Jay, Mary J., Aflleck or whoever else but seriously? We gonna cry about some stars not being able to attend. THIS SHIT IS BIGGER THAN HIP-HOP!! A country cannot be run solely on the base of movement like Hip-Hop or any eles similar. If everyone could just get off their own high horse and realize that not just Black History but American History has been made and the entire world just realize that once again why we’re the best country in the world because we can! So please trying to convince me that just because your favorite rapper and/or star couldnt attend the victory means that Obama has no love for Hip-Hop. The nigga just got elected The President of the United States, he has to deal with real problems like rebuilding our economy, rebuilding our broken relations with former allies and current allies and shit showing the doubting crackers that us niggas aren’t what they thought of us for the last 400 or so years. We’re fucking human beings with the potential to do anything especially now!

    My President is Black. And Damn it feels good to say that and its been a LONG ASS TIME COMING!

  • DV8

    it was a great moment in history. keeping the celebs away was a good thing. Oprah dont count because nobody really checks for her like that except middle aged women. Like one of the journalist said on TV One “We let him do what he had to do in order to win”. Its all good, I highly doubt Jay-Z or the Hollywood crowd took offense. Diddy probably threw a fit because he thinks its all about him. Its a Ultimate Victory. You’re reaching for nothing.

  • reggggg

    look just because Pres. Obama is black, people can’t expect him to be puppeted by hip hop, overturn felony convictions, or give people reparations. Some people I live around think that. I’m there’s more out there. The change is holding our heads up and believing there’s more for us than rappin, ballin’,using or sellin drugs, killin dyin or being locked up. younger people can actually really see that they too can be what they want. not whats left for them to do.

  • c. gabi

    Let the man have his moment, my God. The first Black man to be President of the United States of American and you’re pitching a fit because Diddy and Jay-Z ain’t on VIP. WHAT IN THE HELL?!

    We ALL played a role in electing this man President. Along with casting our votes, many of us contributed money to the campaign, canvassed, phonebanked, put signs in our front yard, etc. I know my Black ass did. Am I mad that I didn’t get a “special invite” to the celebration? Hell no! The man got elected President, what the fuck else do you want?!

    Give niggas an inch, you try to take the whole fuckin mile!

    Rejoice in this moment, gotdammit!

    • c. gabi


  • clarissa fann

    Usually im with ya all the way but this time … naw man im riding with everyone else on this one. As an american and public figure its their civic duty to encourage people to vote (who they personally vote for and whether they encourage others to do so is on them) it was his night and he should be the only star jessie’s son is a illinois politition and Big O run’s the city like diddy so telling her to stay away is a joke but all in all thew focus was where it needed to be because we didn’t need shawn p.d. combs (with his step and fetch azz) shukin and jive all on the stage throwing ciroc on random families, skrippers, and yamps alike yellin “take that ,take that !!”


    I cannot believe XXL keeps allowing these dudes to constantly talk like assholes and render opinions on shit that doesnt have anything to do with hot music or shit that actually has to do with hip hop. This nigga is dumb dolla and tasteless get the fuck outta here dissin the best thing to happen to our people in the last 30 years and running. Ron Mexican take your ass back to Africa you clown. SORRY FOR CUSSING !!!!!

  • oskamadison

    As I sat there with my wife on Tues. night, watching a piece of history I never dreamed I’d see unfold before my eyes, the LAST thing I was thinking was “damn, where’s Hov? Sure would be nice to have Puffy here to whisper Take That, Take That to the cameras.” I see what Ron is sayin’. A lot of rappers put in a lot of work getting people to register and urging people to vote. But so did EVERYBODY. If all the celebrities who endorsed Barack were allowed to come, it would have been a circus. I’m sure Puff (I refuse to call him Diddy), Hov and whoever else weren’t offended.

  • zloc

    this nigga wont change nuthin if u want change giv this country back to the indians, som of u americans r backwards not the hip hop community. america is the most hypocritical nation ever, u talk about democracy HAMAS WERE DEMOCRATICLY ELECTED BY THE PPL OF PALESTINE YET WHY DOSENT THE AMERICAN GOVERMENT HOLD EVEN 1 SET OF TALKS WIV THEM. YET AMERICA WILL BOW DOWN 2 ISRAEL



  • ZLOC

    and by the way it looks obama will be suckin israel’s dick

  • blakesymphony


  • Denise Newton

    Congrats to america FINALLY making a change! I am touched how so many music artist/celebrities have been encouraging everyone of us to get out and vote. P Diddy, Mary J Blidge, Ludacris, Jay Z, Beyonce, Oprah, Russell Simmons, Whoopi Goldberg, and so many more!!! I am so happy!

  • A

    This is some narrow minded BS. Ron, you deserve the SDN AWARD right now to write this well written dumb ad. Barrack already said that he listens to Jay-Z in his ipod. That’s an endorsement in it self way b4 Jay did anything for Obama. This man has a lot going on. His every step has to be cautious. I own about 3 Jay-Z cd’s and that nigga aint invite me to his parties yet but I’m sure he appreciates the support. As a matter of fact your ad may have some merit if you got a statement from Jay. If you did you’d probably get some grown man feedback. See what Nas was talkin about when he says hip-hop is dead is that you little hip-hop imposters looking for an audience to broadcast your little immature conversation has signalled the end of days for the intellectual progress of hip-hop.

  • Knowledgable

    Seriously Ron Mexico, this post is shit. What the hell you think a presidential election is, the MTV awards?

    Of course he doesn’t want celebrities (both white and black) there because it’s not about them. It’s about leading this country, the most powerful in the world.

    If this is what you think about when see the election of the first black president, you have some serious issues. I’m just as shocked at XXL mag for employing someone who writes such shitty blog posts with little relevance to hip-hop.



    This screed is a clear exhibit of small thinking. To quote Dead Prez, this event ‘is bigger than hip hop.’

    Maybe you should see if FOX News will let you blog for them. You sound like a sell-out and a Republican.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Got Dam Nigga,these motherfucking commenters went in on u oh shit lol,I c your point Obama cant front he do owe Niggas like Busta T.I. Jay Puffy Big boi Mary j. Jeezy Nas and diddy a lil debt but he’s been playing chess this whole campaign best believe that yn know what he doing MOFUCKERS WILL GET THEY DUE C YALL NIGGAS AT THE INAUGURATION PEACE…

  • ncprecise

    ron i love your posts, but i can’t rock with you on this one… there’s a time and place for everything, jay and them knows that… questions? comments? requests?

  • Ron Mexico

    i hear all the backlash. i get where it comes from. i just didn’t expect only 2 people to get where i’m comin from with this.

    i never said hip-hop deserves a front-row invitation to the party or a seat on the cabinet.

    alls i’m sayin is that it’s an affront to the music and the culture to tell those people to stay away from a public celebration they helped make possible.

    i thought hip-hop lovers on a hip-hop site might see something a little funny about hip-hop not being welcome. it’s not just about the music. for better or worse, this is who we are.

    and for everyone who thinks it’s inappropriate to call barack obama to task (1. because he’s the president 2. because he’s half-black) i say that’s the same dangerous philosophy you were likely enraged with when bush was in office.

    “don’t question him. he’s our president. that’s unamerican.” -republicans, the past 8 years

    it’s not only your right, but your duty to say something when you think your president may be out of bounds.

    and… we givin jesse a pass too? i don’t care whose blood he had on his lapel. jesse more shiesty and is a bigger character liability than any of them entertainers (white or black) told to stay away from a public rally.

    shit. i’d better go steal me a plasma screen this weekend while sheisty niggas is gettin passes left and right.

    thanks for reading. though, i think some of you only read the comments preceding your own.

    • kidadank

      At first when I read that diddy and jay-z were asked not to attend, I thought it was kinda fucked up. But it was said Sarandon and Robbins and Affleck were asked not to asked not to attend as well. So I think it was just a matter of keeping the focus on President-Elect Obama and the history making moment. Shit, Oprah and Brad Pitt and the rest of the celebs had to stand in the crowds like everyone else. And the cameras only showed her and Jesse Jackson. I really don’t think it was this big snub at hip-hop as this post would suggest.
      What’s more, I wouldn’t be surprised if Diddy and Jay-Z didn’t feel the least bit slighted at all by the request. I think they know that what happened the night of November 4th was much bigger than them. I think they understand that there is a time and a place for everything and are probably just enjoying the moment as much as everybody else. They haven’t come out and said anything about it and I’m thinking if Diddy felt slighted, he probably would’ve had it posted on youtube by now.

    • Nola Darling

      Don’t worry- we ain’t giving the boy a pass just yet. We gots to question him- he is NOT infallible. He’s a man. Hell, if we had questioned “Mr. Da Mayor”, or Kwame “Killed-Patrick” as we know him in the D, shit may never have gotten as bad as it is now…

  • JMG

    FUCK OBAMA W/ A RUSTY BROOM,HE’S JUST A PLOY. I HATE HIM AND EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR. PIECE OF SHIT OREO,HE’S GONNA TRY TO CHANGE LAWS AND TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY, THEY CAN PRY MINE FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!!!! FUCK YOU OBAMA U CHICKEN HAWK I HATE YOU AND EVERYTHING U STAND FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clarissa Fann

    I’ve been waiting on you to respond and now that i think about it you kind of have a point but i still think he was right, we’ll just agree to disagree

  • Nigga runnin’

    My friend, I think people have to vote for a president who can change the shit we into, so you dont have to look at skincolor, black, white, brown, doesnt matter right??
    so if there aintno difference, why do people call it an historical election
    “the first afro-american president of the united states” this aint special
    I voted for obama because: 1. I liked his style and his promises 2. I wanted a democratic government for a change
    I didnt vote for him cause he was black
    so if barack does make a change, like stop the war in Iraq and afganistan and this economic situation and be able to stop criminal organisations to grow, then, and only then we can say it was an historical election

  • Thank You

    I agree with eveything you posted. Obama probobly listens to shit like Phil Collins and Elton John, while he casually drives his volvo to his beautifully maintaned gated community home he lives in. Jesse Jackson cried like a little bitch because he wishes it was him. And as for the cry baby celebs who were turned away. BOO FUCKIN HOO!!!! Go crawl under a rock and die. This means you old ass Jay-Z, and Diddy the fucking reality show clown. Nobody would miss any you losers.

  • Southern Belle

    After McCain sponsored ads called Barack a superstar and the next Paris Hilton, why would you expect him to flock to celebrities? Obama probably feels so above spoiled celebs, he’s a hard working genius and I wouldn’t want to be in a picture with people who stand for nothing and except pro-black and expect people to think I was for the well-being of all people. XXL do you need me to email my resume, you guys might need to do some housecleaning. But you know what I knew the haters wouldn’t take long to find something wrong with a blessing to our country..

  • visceral

    ron mexico is a fucking idiot. i hit this page by mistake and found an incredibly moronic and ignorant thing to say about obama. what is the point of dumbasses like this blogger anyway?, they don’t provide any actual insight, they just bitch about theyr own stupid opinions.

  • OutlandishAntics

    JMG has just made me realize why all people should NOT have the right to vote…..
    That was one of the worst attempts to degrade the policies of a president I have ever seen. Grow up. What you want to “bust your guns”???
    And may I ask what laws is he going to change??
    If you think gun control is not a problem in this nation you must also be one of those people that say “I will never leave the hood”, foolish guy. My people it’s time to do better….

  • HipHopFive15

    Fuck a hater and a long comment. I thought this shit was funny.

  • Fatai

    They are going to be at the inauguration so stop complaining!!!

  • keke

    The information that person gave was incorrect. They were not even in authority to speak on that matter. Basically, Barack Obama did not want the celebration at Grant Park to be about celebrities, he wanted it to be about the people. If you notice, in past election coverage, you will see a bunch of celebrities on stage. Then all of the attention is focused on the the who’s who of Hollywood.

    Obama did not want a bunch of celebrities onstage. All of the celebrities (Oprah, Jesse Jackson, Brad Pitt, Will i. Am) were in the audience, with the rest of the voters and the press decided to cover their reactions.

  • Shawnie

    *Sigh* how ignorant can you be? Jay, Diddy, and whoever else you named are going to be Washington when he’s sworn in.

    How can you write an article without confirming any information? ALL celebs were asked to stay home that night. It was already crazy, imagine if Jay were in the crowd.

    I’m sorry, but your article is stupid.

  • TNT

    The media, especially CNN and Fox News, potrayed the election in a more downward way. Or should I say, the outcome of the election. Even after Obama won, it’s like ain’t shit really change as far as the news. I mean Ive heard people saying some other networks actually put too much emphasis on him being the first Black prezzy. Okay okay I see the point there to keep it professional because it is just another election… Nah fuck that! This shit is major. Obama 2012!!