Anything You Want To Tell Us Busta?

busta the leatherman

So here’s how my brain works… I basically don’t believe anyone unless I have known them for a significant amount of time, and then I know what to believe when it comes out their mouth. People are liars. It is part of the human condition. The other part of the human condition is for us to believe in liars. We lionize the people that boast. Christianity had to become a religion only after Jesus was merc’ked. Why? Because he would have slapped the shit out of you for not believing in GOD. That attitude inspired others to place him above GOD.

What’s my point? Most of you kids have grown up listening to nothing but rap music all of your lives. You have let rapper lyrics inform you on everything from how to dress, what to say from your mouth, how to act in public and where to spend your money. Rappers have essentially curated your lifestyle. I find it amusing that some of you are surprised that T.I. would have cooperated with the authorities when he was arrested for possessing illegal firearms. That nigger is an actor you dumb bitches. He is not some poorly educated street dude who was destined to be in a penitentiary. T.I. comes from a background of private schools and hardworking parents who set him up to achieve.

The fact that he was able to assume the acting role of a hardened street thug is a compliment to his acting ability. The same as Jay-Z or NaS or anyone else who can delicately hold a microphone to their lips but acts like they spend their off hours putting fools in headlocks. Everyone except TrickTrick that is. The rest of these dudes, and I mean all of them, are actors. Fifty Cent and Ja Rule are both from the same acting class in Hollis Queens. Killer Mike, Andre3000 and Big Gipp can all represent Shakespeare as well as Donald Goines material. Ice Cube said ‘Burn Hollywood’ and he is as big a movie star as almost anyone who ever held a mic. Excluding Will Smith, of course.

So now T.I. sits in a courthouse and he describes the night his close friend was killed and some of you act like he is breaking a code of honor. You must be fucking kidding yourselves. Do you think any of you could have been arrested with the firearms that he had and still been under house arrest? All of us that aren’t actors and movie stars would have been buried under a prison. Instead T.I. was allowed to sit around his home and continue to make YouTubes and record music and fuck bitches (I think, but don’t quote me on that last one). This man wasn’t going to cooling his heels in any jail like the rest of us regular dudes. This is the same treatment that other actors receive. One of the requirements of acting is that you are at least a dry snitch.

I want Busta Rhymes to come clean and take the stand for his deceased homey. No one fucks with Busta for his street credibilty. We fuck with Busta because he gets busy on tracks that make us want to shake our ass. He spits fire over music that has that bounce appeal. Not because he is some hardbody thug nigga telling us about the cold, cold streets. I wouldn’t want to hear that spit from Busta anyhoo. He has made a career from being high energy. I’m not trying to put this man in a box, but that is the only thing he has done that has worked for him. Now that we all know that rappers are simply actors perpetrating facades of machismo or whatever it is time for them to start snitching. They don’t have to tell the stories of ribaldry and amorality that they have participated in but they certainly need to speak on the situations that have caused the deaths of friends and fans.

It’s time to put the deaths of Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Big L, Israel Rodriguez, Jam Master Jay, Mac Dre, Johnny Cash, Stack Bundles and whoever else was acting while gangster rapping to closure. These people didn’t deserve to die because of the form of entertainment they chose espouses death and destruction. Okay, maybe Notorious did.

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    That`s the realest shit i`ve heard in a long fucking time.
    children are you listern


    That`s the realest shit i`ve heard in a long fucking time.

  • Pierzy


    You’re totally on point. I lost a best friend at the age of 21 and anyone that’s gone through that can tell you that you’re never the same after that.

  • Kane Corleone

    How is he on point…I’m lost here.What does Busta and TI having anything to do with each other? If Tip wasnt an MC things would have been handled differently behind his friends death.He’s in the “spotlight” he cant just go around takin revenge due to his boy gettin popped for some shit he started in the 1st place(O.H.TEN I SEE U).Any ordinary street cat would have went to war for his potna,any ordinary street cat wouldnt have gotten pinched buyin straps from a nicca they dont know from adam. From my understandin bout Busta his dude got popped in front of him,prolly from some niccas that he knows ,not from his crew but people he fucks with…he’s thinkin from a regular niccas perspective snitchin or drysnitchin is not allowed.Either way its fucked up u cant bring those dudes back whats to gain

    • amar

      he’s on point in that this whole non-snitching code is bullshit which provides the means for more killing to take place. If criminals feared that had they killed someone, the cops would find out, crime would be reduced ten-fold and instead of being criminals, people can make something of their lives.

      i heard p. diddy used to play mr. ed though

  • Apollo Moses

    Chuuch! Classic post shedding light on the truth and asking for it at the same time.

  • miles archer

    Wasn’t his name Israel Ramirez??????

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Miles Archer,
    Yeah, that nigga!

  • dronkmunk

    Want to commit the perfect murder? Kill a rapper. No one will tell on you!

  • anutha_level

    good drop….bout f’n time

  • BxRa

    What did you mean “Ok, maybe Notorious did”? Before I get overhyped could you clarify…

  • Crocker

    You get teh fluck outtta here. I refuse to believe that rapper’s are entertainers and not the gangsters they claim to be. What are you gonna tell me next, huh? Capo Jim Jones attended a private Catholic school?…..

    • MFKNRMX!

      i went to private school. Dont get it twisted, it’s some real ass niggas in private school. But maybet that’s just Cleveland. I went to had class with many a dope dealer and gangbanger.

      • mfknrmx!

        sry for the typos. It’s early as fuck!!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Israel Ramirez………….yeah this stop snitchin shit should only apply to brothas gettin paper i.e. drug money or fuckin bitches

  • Worley

    50 ain’t from Hollis.

    Also, I’m amused when people talk about fake gangsta this fake gangsta that. Do you have any evidence that these cats have not done what they say they have? If not, I shouldn’t believe in their “fake” gangsterism anymore than I should believe in their “real” gangsterism.

    This type of “fake gangsta” commentary emanates from chumps that don’t want to believe there are cats out here living lives that most people are afraid to live. It makes them feel better about being chumps.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    You know, if Busta wanted to play gangsta, not snitching to the cops would be a good idea. And then to follow up, he could have youtubed a video of hmi holding up a picture of the killer and be like “Yo, the nigga that killed Israel is right here, and you know what, he’s dead, too, right now.” That would have been some gangsta shit. The mafia don’t snitch either, but best believe they will avenge your death if you take one for the team. Fuck Busta. He was a dusted-out hype man before he cut the dreads off; we never expected dude to be a gangsta or even play one on t.v. Dude should have cooperated or like I said, took revenge and made it public.

    And Billy, I’ll let you slide for a lot of shit, cause you my nigga, but I need to know what the fuck you talking about with B.I.G. Out of all the rappers turned R.I.P. suffixees, Biggie’s the only one I wish was still around to kick murda verses. 2Pac was an actor turned gangsta and he got murked by a crip over a beatdown. Biggie got murked by some pussy-ass 2Pac/Suge Knight associate wearing a fucking badge.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • tony grand$

    I went to a private school, u either gotta have some rich ass, scary ass parents, or u fucked up so bad on the outside that u need to be monitored like a toddler. Them wieny ass niggas in there was no dig rowdy tho. But that’s bside the point;

    Sunday, u hit the nail on the effin head, dude. These “kids” now a days (21 & younger) had no real role models growing up (generalization), & u can see in their everyday behaviors that there’s a tremendous void in their lives, filled by fraudulent nonsense, leaving behind major collateral damage. Violence in high schools has increased dramatically over the last decade, teen pregnancy is on the rise, & the majority of youngters look like they got kicked out of “kidz in the hall”, or they fell out of a “G-Unit” video. No identities @ all. Blindly followin a bunch of famous niggas who get $ to talk tuff & preach negativity, but can afford the security to protect them when shit gets hectic. Or @ least die trying to. Then, the easily influenced youth succumb to the fantasies these actors create, leaving them susceptable to all types of avoidable pitfalls & potholes. Thank God for my Dad.

    That’s some bullshit ass shit. I’m not gonna start pointin fingers & playin the blame game on why this is, but I will say that the black community seems to be in desperate need of positive role models & leaders. Ppl stronger & louder than TI or Fif, Tupac & even Busta Rhymes for that matter. It starts @ home……….

    I believe the whole “snitch” issue is @ the very least, hella cloudy. In LA, ur either a nigga who lives the life, or a nigga who flies straight. The rules are two seperate entities, and the players on both respective sides don’t frown on each other. I don’t bang a lot of TI (no homo), but from what I heard & what ppl say, he apparently subscribes to the street justice mentality. If that’s the case, his actions would mos def be considered “fence jumping”, but who am I to say. I’m a family nigga, so my morals & code of ethics may be entirely diff than my uncle’s, & my cousin’s. They say, “don’t talk the talk, if u can’t walk the walk”. So where does that leave Clifford? The whole “snitch or not” phenomenon spun ridiculously outta control, no rules to it & no obvious logical boundary. Assuming what I hear bout dude is true, he highly advised against it. So, is Busta Buss adhering to some law of the street, is he simply scared, or does he take his music way too seriously? What’s a cat to do? Its a very precarious issue. Some niggas gotta lotta thinkin to do, but that’s just my opinion.

    • MFKNRMX!

      I couldnt agree more.

      Shit is outta hand with today’s youth. We in the black community do not mentor anymore. And we really wonder why these little fucks dont have any common sense. Here in LA, shit couldnt be any more apperant. You can see how years of gangbanging and crack in the 80′s has left a void. I can honsetly say that I have never seen some many confused, disrespectful little girls in my life. But how can we remedy this? Where do we start?

      On the music side, somewhere along the way we forgot that this is entertainment. Like poetic license does not exist anymore? honestly, if rappers are telling “hood stories”,would you rather have a great story teller with no street cred tell these stories? Or a functional illiterate with stripes rep for the culture? That nigga Ice Cube whet 2school for archatechture( u know how to spell it),but damn near invented Gangster Rap( sout out to Ice T and Schooly D). So does his ungangster background really make him ill-suited to tell hood stories? I think not, but hey I’m a late 80′s nigga so im kinda biased.

      But on the real why are we even letting these lying ass raise our kids? Why are we even putting this much stock in what these niggas say? Shit, you watch a movie, enjoy it and turn it off, right? why dont we do the same with music? do we put more into it becuz unlike movies there are no visuals so it leaves more to the imagination? we all know Rick Ross is full shit!what nigga could really sell that much dope and then take the name of another dope dealer and then make music telling lies about how much coke he sold? and this dude is a roll model? us black folks need to get right, quickly!

      CB4 is some real life shit! If you havent seen it go rent it!

      rick ross, plies, and countless other = MC Gusto.

      • BIGNAT

        both you guys are right and these little bastards don’t even ask for change anymore they be asking for dollars.

        • tony grand$

          Hellzeah BIGNAT, & they ass be agressive then a mufucka! Lil nigga was like “Ay big homie, let me get a buck.” I pointed @ my son & said “I gave my last one to him, he earned it.” That fool actually walkd away with a effin attitude. Wow.

  • niggaplease

    “Okay, maybe Notorious did”

    Whoa, what?

  • capcobra

    niguz tripping talking bout stop the stop snitching shit….this shit goes all the way back to your moms and pops telling you “nobody likes a tattle tale”…”loose lips sink ships”..”this is just between me and you” type shit…remember the times when you told on your big brother/sister/cousin etc..and got your ass kicked…or you tried to tell and your people be like “shut talk too much…you don’t gotta tell everything”…if you can’t relate to that then you was born to snitch…lol…but on some real shit..this is bigger than a hip hop trend or some shit…these police officers don’t tell each other…politicians don’t…so let’s not act like this is a code that hip hop started…if you think it is then you bugging and listening to the media way too much…as far as busta goes..he’s never gon tell…it was nothing but rappers/producers/ceo’s and shooters present..if he tell then he mind as well commit suicide on several different levels…and i personally think t.i. would’ve put a bounty on them niguz if he ain’t get jammed up with them people{feds}…only reason that nigga took the stand and made crimestopper commercials is because them folks got him fucked up….so stop with the stop the stop snitching…you better off giving niguz reasons to stop the violence….#1 would be barack obama.


    wait but didn’t busta say they wanted him to talk about what happened but he was inside when it happened so what is he going tell them. if someone i know gets shot in front of my job unless i am outside what the fuck can i tell you.

    dronkmunk says:

    Want to commit the perfect murder? Kill a rapper. No one will tell on you!

    yeah and no one will care sad that shit is so sad. remember that little white cop did that book about the hiphop police thats so much bullshit. it’s fucked up that rap music got there own special police. where the rock police where country music police


    Word to Kitty Genovese on this one. Shout to Kane and them too.

    I just think it’s sad that we have suffered such a breakdown in our bond with law enforcement (if we ever had one) that we won’t even use them to punish criminals and accept murder and egotistical violence to continue on, unstopped, unchecked and seemingly unnoticed, all because a rapper said so.

    But I also laughed my ass off when T.I. made that “Crimestoppers” joint.

    “… but this is about another kind of Tip…” LOL.

  • DV8

    Busta scared to come forward. Thats the only reason I think he hasnt done so. He knows who did it and who that person is affiliated with and that person probably told him to keep his trap shut or else.

  • latino heat

    yeah, u gotta explain that line about Notorious. did t.i. really go to private school? and jim jones? and 50 and ja went to acting school?

  • Moi

    a girlfriend of mine knew busta’s bodyguard’s baby mother and child. this whole thing becomes a lot less entertaining when the REALITY of the situation is just that: real. a man murdered over nothing, a forever grieving wife and child. fuck that.

    as a side note, how many witnesses to JMJ’s murder? . . . . and it’s the system’s fault? fuck that too.

  • Ben

    I’m surprised you knew Johnny Cash or mAC dRE.

  • Enlightened

    This is a cool post, but your so-called point about Jesus is idiotic. Who told you that Christians put Jesus over God? What’s wrong with you?

  • Shim Dolla

    Let’s get sum shit straight about snitching ex: me and you rob a liquor store you get caught they offer you lesser charge offer you a reduced sentence to give me up and you did it that’s snitching. If someone is trying to kill you and kills your best friend in the process, you don’t actually see what happens you just heard gunfire while you duck down when you raise up you see your friend with a bullet in his head you tells the cops this, they supenoed you to come to court, you decide not to go they gone to hit you with an obtruction of justice which carries 5 years, this is the reality of the situation, would you go down for a nigga that tried to kill you and killed your friend in the process, if so you a dumb muthafucka, you are the same people that are outraged about Suge Knight about not giving up Pac’s killer, let me ask all of internet gangsta a question what if it was ya best friend or brother who got killed by 5 cops would you get on the stand then? because according the street code it’s still snitching

  • technique

    yo i musy be hi…this is sum stupid shit i juss read. this nigga biggin up snitchin. i mean if u aint from that walk of life, then yea when u see somethin wrong report it. but if u claimto befrom that walk of life & u get caught up, man keep yafuckin mouth closed. im frm south jamaica (for the record fifty frm south jamaica not hollis) and that shit aint cool man. no snitchin. if u claim to or are livin a certain lifestyle keep ya fuckin mouth closed. t.i. got caught tryna buy a army & u mean 2 tell me he couldnt set shit up 2 have niggas off dude who shot his boy?? this shits rediculous man. cop killa queens till death snitches get sitches