al Qaeda might have a point (no TPAR)

Never mind that Dedication 3. I heard it sucks balls anyway. Even a dedicated Wayne stan like the late, great Noz couldn’t get behind it. The hottest tape out right now is the one where al Qaeda calls your boy Barack Obama a house negro.

It isn’t a mixtape per se, but rather a YouTube video that consists primarily a picture of some Arab fellow, with pictures of the President-Elect and Malcolm X to the left and right of him respectively. It’s interspersed with clips of Obama going to visit that sacred wall in Israel, where he shoved a tiny prayer in between the cracks only to later have it stolen by some enterprising journalist (if you don’t recall any Obama campaign events taking place in a mosque, that’s because Obama knew better than to treat Muslims as if they were actual citizens of this country), and a vintage clip of Malcolm X explaining the difference between a house negro.

Of course the media has mostly seized upon the latter. In the few news reports I’ve seen on this shit so far, I haven’t seen any serious analysis of the actual statements made in the video – just a bunch of blather about how offensive it is that al Qaeda would use the term house negro in reference to Barack Obama. The new al Qaeda tape only runs three and a half minutes in its entirety. But in a six and a half minute-long news segment on the tape, you hardly hear any of it. Even the clips of al Qaeda they’re showing on CNN aren’t from this tape. The fuck? I guess they don’t want you to recognize it, if you accidentally stumble upon it online.

You can’t help but be reminded of when Ralph Nader had the sheer balls to call Barack Obama an Uncle Tom the day after this year’s historic presidential election. Or rather, to question whether Obama would become the Uncle Sam we so desperately need him to be, or just another Uncle Tom. The substance of Nader’s comments was lost in the fact that he used somewhat offensive language, but you wonder if his comments would have been mentioned on TV if he didn’t. Could it be that Ralph Nader is smarter than we think? I heard he went to Harvard Law, though I’m not sure if he was editor of the Review. He might not have been enough of a “consensus builder.”

With Ralph Nader effictively dismissed as a racist, Obama then began looking into hiring damn near everyone from the Clinton White House to work in his own White House, including Hillary herself as his Secretary of State; and for his Chief of Staff, this guy Rahm Emmanuel, who’s said to be far to the right of even President Bush when it comes to matters re: Israel, the Iraq War and what have you. They even let Joe Lieberman keep his job as the Chairman of the committee on Homeland Security, even after he spent the entire year on stage with John McCain suggesting that Obama is a terrorist. Seriously, that’s just not the kind of shit a black man does.

How disappointing.

Oddly enough, this new al Qaeda tape doesn’t come off as so much of a threat as it does a simliar expression of disappointment. Regardless of the ridonkulous amount effort Obama puts into separating himself from the Muslim community, the fact remains that he comes from a Muslim background. His father was born a Muslim, and while the official story re: Obama, Sr. is that he died an atheist, I wonder if Obama doesn’t just say that so that people won’t think his father was a Muslim. Though I’m not gonna lie, it pleases me to know that it’s officially more acceptible to be an atheist in this country than it is to be a Muslim. Don’t get it twisted, religion – regardless of the flavor the bullshit – is the root problem in all of this.

What’s more, Obama spent a significant amount of his childhood in Indonesia, where he couldn’t have not heard the call to prayer twice a day, or however often they do that silly shit. What did Obama do when everyone else in his school (not a madrassa, he’d like to note!) turned to the east (or would it have been the west?) and got down on their knees – stand to the side and wait, afraid it might one day hinder his chances of becoming president? I don’t mean to suggest that Obama is a secret Muslim, like his pal Joe Lieberman has been trying to paint him all year now. I’m just saying. Muslims are Obama’s people just like black people here in the US are Obama’s people. Maybe even more so. And in that sense, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to call him a house negro, or something along those lines.

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  • Sonic

    Change you can believe in!!!!

  • Worley

    “They even let Joe Lieberman keep his job as the Chairman of the committee on Homeland Security, even after he spent the entire year on stage with John McCain suggesting that Obama is a terrorist. Seriously, that’s just not the kind of shit a black man does.”

    For real though.

    Nader brought up a good point. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • capcobra

    in america a black man cannot organize black people in a militant fashion or be looked at as thier messiah…if so..they will kill you or publically degrade you….that’s why obama can’t say he muslim…that’s why he can’t do everything a black man would do…that’s why he mentions his white side of the family so much…that’s why the media wanna play the house negro shit…they want him to show his hand and he not….just think of all our black heros from slavery til now..they played the race card so hard and it got ‘em killed.ridiculed.hurt or some other shit….mike.tiger woods.oprah.venus.serena.obama…they didn’t…why?….cause we know they black…they rocked them crackers to sleep and got thiers…now yes they may be house negroes/uncle toms or whatever…lol…but they laying the blueprints on being successful in america…you can’t run around on no pro black shit….just lead by example..the more that niguz catch on to that the better it’s gon be….plus who the fuck says we all gotta be united anyhow?…we all ain’t from the same tribe in africa!!!…just look at our facial features…get yours.provide for your family.protect your family and your property.and have faith in something bigger than yourself….great job bol.

    • BIGNAT

      great job capcobra

    • tony grand$

      Word up Cap, well said! Lol, u told that nigga bol to get a job.

      • tony grand$

        Oh w8, u said great job. Ok, I renig the ‘lol’. My bad.

  • Valdez

    I think that’s a legitimate question that remains to be seen (whether or not Obama is another uncle tom telling us what we THINK we wanna hear).

    The truth is, we don’t know who the fuck Obama is yet. That is the plain truth. I am in no way an Obama hater. I just want to actually SEE some positive change taking place, rather than just HEAR about this change that is SUPPOSED to take place eventually.

    I realize it is still early and Obama hasn’t technically even become the president yet so I am being patient. I am all about giving someone the benefit of the doubt and this situation is no exception.

    I just don’t like the fact that so many ppl, especially us blacks, are all but already crowning this man the saviour of the free world and he hasn’t done shit yet.

    I understand why everyone was so happy, rejoicing in the streets when he won the election. Especially considering how this nation was founded and all the absolute atrocities that have been performed against us since then.

    But what ppl must understand is that the “war” is only beginning now that Obama has been elected. Now we have to hold this man to all of the promises he’s made to us. I am 29 years old, and every election I have seen so far has pretty much been EXACTLY the same: Politicians saying all the right things to get elected, but then they continue in the same downward spiral of decision making that leads us closer and closer to the NWO.

    Realisticaly speaking, why should we believe it will be different this time?? But again, we have to give the man the benefit. In essence, all I am saying is that I am hoping for the best, but best believe I am preparing for the worse… As we ALL should do. Because I honestly doin’t believe for one second that just because we have a black president now, everything is gonna miraculously change for the better (although, it seems that’s what most foolishly believe).


    Obama aint gonna change shit.
    He dissapoint me by appointing that jew emmanuel as his chief of staff.
    jews run the white house.

    The al Qaeda no,2 was right.
    Israel is a racist state.
    Israel was and is a nation set up exclusively for Jews. By the Israeli
    “Law of Return,” a Jew is defined not by his religious beliefs, but by
    his Jewish ancestry, proven by the heritage of his parents.
    A Palestinian who was born within the boundaries of what is now
    Israel, and whose family lived there for thousands of years before being
    forced out by the Israeli army, cannot return to his homeland and
    become a citizen of Israel. In contrast, an atheist Jew born in New
    York City and who speaks no Hebrew, can immigrate to Israel and be
    granted instant citizenship. In addition, the Israeli government offers
    him help for housing, living expenses, education, besides numerous
    other benefits.
    Since 1948, Palestinians have faced ongoing terrorism from Israel.
    Hundreds of villages have been obliterated and literally wiped from
    the map. Tens of thousands of homes have been bombed, bull-dozed
    or dynamited during peacetime! Tens of thousands of men, women
    and children have been killed. Even greater numbers have been
    blinded, crippled, disfigured and maimed. Hundreds of thousands
    have been imprisoned and/or tortured.

    Of the more than 800,000 Arabs who lived in Israeli-held territory
    before 1948, only about 170,000 remained. The rest became refugees
    in the surrounding Arab countries.

    • Marco317

      This nigga ^^^^^^^^^^^ is a lame, Palestinians been facing ongoin terrorism?!?!?! you r da dumbest person alive…Them Palestinians walk into a city that dont belong to them and blow themselves killin innocent women and children and u sidin with them? Jerusalem and Israel belong to them Jews…them goddamn arabs got da whole middle, and they r mad cause Isarael is in da middle of dat muslim territories…Israel is a democracy, and Palestine is not even a real country…they juz mad cause da jews wont let them have Jerusalem…Matter of Fact, fuck Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan , Afganistan and anything that got to do with Muslims….

      • JAY STONE

        You need to stop watching too much television and read books,you ignorant

        • John Galt

          Maybe you need to start reading different books. Palestinian people have historically blown up nightclubs and buses filled with children, even after Israel has made concessions designed to stem the tide, and they’re the victims here? Give me a break. You want to tell me nobody’s totally right over there? I won’t agree, but at least it would make more sense than what you put up there.

        • yoprince

          big fuckin co-sign jay stone.

          some of yall believe everything you see and hear.. from a Jew-controlled media. Arabs were robbed of their homeland in a hasty and shady response to WWII. Jews believe they’re special i.e. better than everyone else, and this is why they have/had no shame about it, nor about controlling all of Africa’s diamonds, or running the largest smear campaign ever against Muslims and anyone of Arab descent via the American media.

          This is all facts.

        • John Galt

          Nah, what’s a fact is that you’re an antisemite, and a whiny one at that. “Oh, the Jews control the media, they cornered the diamond market, they think they’re better than everyone…” On top of that, I mean, you don’t see too many Jewish extremists, do you? Get a hold of yourself son, the sun’ll come up tomorrow.

        • amar

          i’m with u john galt, but ur wrong about one thing: everyone has extremists. Real Jewish extremists, or orthodox jews, will lterally start fighting with you if you come to their neighbourhood because they think non-jews are scum and do not belong.

        • John Galt

          Point taken.

        • Og Bobby J

          ther is a reason hitler put them niggas in ovens….im just sayin

        • EReal

          Hasty response to WWII? What 25 Years later is a hasty response?

          Fuck outta here. People are dumb.

  • Valdez

    Jay Stone is dropping the truth!! The sad thing is that most of us aren’t even aware of those FACTS he just dropped. smh!!

  • amar

    do u know WHY the jews live in israel, jay stone? Because after nazi germany fucked them all up in concentration camps, they had nowhere to go. So they put them in israel.

    This wasn’t right, but it’s also not right after 50 years of this settlement to just kick them all out to the curb and say “find another country”. If this is your logic, then the British should be all “fuck it, we actually want the U.S to ourselves again…so um…get the fuck out by monday”.

    Hate to fuck up your little copy and pasting frenzy there but far more such crimes have occured in the U.S. than to any arabs in israel

    • avenger xl

      OK let em get this straight the germans commit attrocity and to make up for it the world goes and subjects the Palestinians to crap and kick them out of there homes to make a home for them based on lets see wait for it…….The Bible
      And if there is a true statement in the Bible the Romans kicked the Jews out of israel to start with am I right. So the bottom line is there is a group of people who got robbed by the imperialists of the world because another group keeps getting robbed and abused by the imperialists of the world. Why didn’t the Jews just get to own half of germany or all of it for that matter. Germany should have paid the price for their transgressions not Palistine. That Palistinian were just a group of folks with no real representation and control and the idea of having a friendly state in the middle east made since to western power at the time. Thus the Palistinians got screwed because the jews got screwed. I think germany needs to be forced to make this shit work either take in the displaced Palistinians give them aid or something this modern dilema is largely their fault.

      • FlapJack

        Germanys fault? the general view of the situation is that it’s Americas fault..
        Nazi-Germany didn’t make Israel..why in the hell would they?

        I don’t get how you can just give away something that doesn’t belong to you in the first place. And I don’t understand how anyone would take it..and chase away the people who live there…

        this is one of the main reasons why people hate America

        people should really try to watch news from other countries..better yet schoolbooks

        • avenger xl

          Germany slaughtered the jews in the holocaust which set off the chain of events the war ended in 1945 and Isreal was created in 1948 by the western powers because

          A. They wanted to get an allie in this region. So they just went in and run some poor brown folks off their land.

          B. Their belief in the jewish peoples mythology via the Bible. Did I mention race also played a huge part in this because the Jewish people are largerly a caucasin group in a land of like the middle east which isn’t white.

          So the Jewish state was created unfairly based on mythology not history and imperialism but the reason I said the Germans should have been made to do more for the jews is as follows:

          A: They lost a war to the Allies after commiting attrocity against the Jews as retribuntion for this if the world wanted to punish Germany this would be one of the ways. They made Japan their bitch they couldn’t even have a standing army again. But the germans get to have an army and what did they do beside build monuments for retribution?
          B: The Americans are wrong for forcing the Palestians off their land based on mythology and what I deem as racism. They never would have done this to a white nation such as germany but it is ok to generious with property you don’t own as long as it belongs to folks you don’t consider equal.

        • EReal

          America created Isreal? lol.

          More like the Isrealis went in and TOOK that shit.

        • FlapJack

          you got it avenger.. just wanted to add:
          Guantanamo = Auswitch

          those common germans knew just about as little about it as americans (do?) did about guantanamo, and they both sent people there because of religion…

          + israel is pretty much the only country left that is racist by law…

  • Yayza

    “Don’t get it twisted, religion – regardless of the flavor the bullshit – is the root problem in all of this.”

    Bol, you are truly ignorant if you actually think religion is the problem. It couldn’t be the people who pervert religion for their own selfish goals, no, it has to be religion itself. That makes perfect sense.

    • Avenger XL

      Religion is the problem the Jews wanted to return there because of their faith more than their ancestory. But the root problem is imperialism.

  • DV8

    Hey anybody noticed this is another form of warfare.

    Al Queda guy thinking: Hmmm what can I do to ruffle some feathers in the U.S.? Oh I got it how bout I add more drama and ignorance to the minds of “white america”. Its not checkers it chess.


    I’m sure Bol will do far more for America from behind his nutt-stained computer screen than Obama ever will….



    Good blog yo…

    Most people never analyze the message within the bombastic statement

    Barrack is far from a House Negro…and is far more complex then then a darker skinned version of the status quo.


    He played the Jackie Robinson game to the fullest in trying and ultimately succeeding n getting elected.


    For all the banter of change we have endured over the last two years, we would probably get more substantive change from a Kucinich or Edwards presidency then a Barack one.

    I’m pulling for the future commander in chief and would be foolish not to recognize his vastly superiour to the the average political skill set.
    But he is not what sadly, millions think he is.


    Al Qaeda 2004 Pre Election tape >>>> 2008 Al Qaeda Uncle Tom Tape

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    U dont think its unreasonable to call him so cause u think he is a muslim himself or formally 1…hmmm guess that makes sense!

    I bow 2 no man but 1 thing I’m cofident of is that the president-elect is smarter than me.

    And he had 2 play some form of chess with people to get where he currently the movie FRESH.

    So I guess that explains his whole administrative decisions..the whole “keep your enemies close…” shtick

    And the whole al queda tape can only bode well for him,the rednecks like hannity and the rest of fox should feel comforted(or a certain kinship with…)knowing terrorists dont like Obama.

    1 more thing prolly not many muslims in the STL or wherever u live cause pimpin u talk real reckless.

  • droopey

    Hmm quite the debate going on in here. But I have to say the Jews have had it rough for centuries so let them have Jeruselam. I also have to agree with ‘capcobra’ hes speaking the truth!

    Lastly muslim or not it doesnt matter at all the are terrorists and all but we should really be worried about Russia, I just hope Obama befriends them quickly.

  • Ron Mexico

    so, wait… nader is down with the terrorers?

  • these posts are racist

    Ignorant Bastards,

    Israel controls the lives of almost 5 million Palestinians…they are subject to Israel control and law, but are denied equal rights (under the very law that controls their lives) because they are not Jewish. Period. Justify it…

    • EReal

      It appears the “No Tpar” was ineffective.

      • squadwildin

        Comment unneccessary. All you do is talk out yo ass

  • these posts are racist


    You stay on my tip hu?


    You’re comment re: the ovens is disgusting. Take your racist garbages somewhere else you ignorant bastard. You take things too far.

    Get some healh insurance for your seed then talk trash. No HMO.