I may just need to start going to concerts more often.

I always get invites, but I decline more than I accept. Plus I have horrible instincts when it comes to picking the right shows. It always ends up being some event of Dave Chappelle's Block Party proportions. I missed that Hot 97 show where Kanye, Mos Def, Kweli, Common and a bunch of other Native Tongue kids jumped onstage a little over a year ago. I never expected the Scream Tour to be worth much, so I hit up the publicist last minute and told her to give my tickets to somebody else. It turns out that's the night 50, Kanye, Jay-Z and Diddy joined T.I. onstage.

The suprises are great, but you know what's even better? The chicks. Granted, I don't go to shows to see chicks, but it's always nice to see a little eye candy. It never fails, though. Certain artists will attract certain chicks. Don't go to a D-Block show hoping to see any joints. It'll most likely be a full-proof sword fight. The big arena concerts always bring the ladies out. But the Native Tongue kids always bring the best out. I'm talking about Tribe, De La, Common, Mos, Kweli and them. It's usually a mix of coffee shop chicks and sexy grown women.

I went to Q-Tip's VH1 Soulstage taping last week and there was all types of joints in there. I kept telling my boy Jay at Cornerstone, "If she sings along, it might be wifey." I caught a couple of shorties reciting "Vivrant Thing," but that was to be expected. But then classics like "Check The Rhyme," "Electric Relaxation" and "Award Tour" came on and these girls started rhyming every word. They knew the songs better than me. I mean, I have every Tribe album, but I'm horrible with lyrics, so I'm no reference. Still, these chicks were filling in for Phife. I fell in "love" a few times that night. Man, I remember going to SOB's one time and this dime piece knew it all. Dude! She knew Redman's "Tonight's Da Night." But I'll never forget the night I saw this chick recite Prodigy's verse from "Shook Ones." I damn near lost it. These chicks make me wanna drop a couple of Harris checks on a ring, man.  I know shows shouldn't be about the ladies, but I may just have to start going more often because of them. --Jackpot