You Can Find Your Wife At A Rap Concert…

I may just need to start going to concerts more often.

I always get invites, but I decline more than I accept. Plus I have horrible instincts when it comes to picking the right shows. It always ends up being some event of Dave Chappelle’s Block Party proportions. I missed that Hot 97 show where Kanye, Mos Def, Kweli, Common and a bunch of other Native Tongue kids jumped onstage a little over a year ago. I never expected the Scream Tour to be worth much, so I hit up the publicist last minute and told her to give my tickets to somebody else. It turns out that’s the night 50, Kanye, Jay-Z and Diddy joined T.I. onstage.

The suprises are great, but you know what’s even better? The chicks. Granted, I don’t go to shows to see chicks, but it’s always nice to see a little eye candy. It never fails, though. Certain artists will attract certain chicks. Don’t go to a D-Block show hoping to see any joints. It’ll most likely be a full-proof sword fight. The big arena concerts always bring the ladies out. But the Native Tongue kids always bring the best out. I’m talking about Tribe, De La, Common, Mos, Kweli and them. It’s usually a mix of coffee shop chicks and sexy grown women.

I went to Q-Tip’s VH1 Soulstage taping last week and there was all types of joints in there. I kept telling my boy Jay at Cornerstone, “If she sings along, it might be wifey.” I caught a couple of shorties reciting “Vivrant Thing,” but that was to be expected. But then classics like “Check The Rhyme,” “Electric Relaxation” and “Award Tour” came on and these girls started rhyming every word. They knew the songs better than me. I mean, I have every Tribe album, but I’m horrible with lyrics, so I’m no reference. Still, these chicks were filling in for Phife. I fell in “love” a few times that night. Man, I remember going to SOB’s one time and this dime piece knew it all. Dude! She knew Redman’s “Tonight’s Da Night.” But I’ll never forget the night I saw this chick recite Prodigy’s verse from “Shook Ones.” I damn near lost it. These chicks make me wanna drop a couple of Harris checks on a ring, man.  I know shows shouldn’t be about the ladies, but I may just have to start going more often because of them. –Jackpot

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    I don’t know about finding wifey material, but a concert can be a great place to find an evening of entertainment. Back in the day, when Wu-Tang were in their prime, I was at a show and yeah, there were some dimes there, as expected, but most were (as Ghost says) handcuffed by their mans. Well, I spotted this tight little shawty about 5′ even, thick little hips, phat little ass and some titties that were busting out the top of some homemade Wu-Wife Beater… Well, she knew all the choruses to the Wu songs, but couldn’t really sing along…that was until a O.D.B. joint from Return To The 36 Chambers came on, she knew every word of that shit. Every time an O.D.B. song came on, she sang right along, verse, chorus, and everything! I knew right then what I had to do…I unlaced my Timbos, stuffed my wide-legs into em and pulled the tongue out, I ripped a little hole in my hoodie, and I rolled a blunt laced with crack. I strolled up to shawty on some “Give a dog a bone” shit and honey was with it! We went out to the Tahoe I was rolling in at the time and freaked right there in the 3rd-row seat bumping “Enter The Wu-Tang.” Incredible experience yo…what a night…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • jackpot

    LMAO! I guess you can find your jump at rap shows too.

  • Jesus Talks

    As you know I met the wife at a Roots concert…nuff said

  • Worley

    My man I feel you. When you meet a chick at a rap concert you know there won’t be any beef over playing Illmatic front to back. No we ain’t listening to no Beyonce. We can throw on that Jodeci featuring Rae and Ghost though.

  • DV8

    that would be dope then I can play my shit all day long and not hear nann naggin about it.

  • capcobra

    female fans at hip hop shows are groupies…don’t wife ‘em.

    • Omar

      Cole, you stupid!

  • El Tico Loco

    I used to mess with a shortie here in Atl from the Bean that could recite Impossible word for word (including RZA’s verse) and had an ill playlist that included MOP, Nas, Gangstarr, and ol school slow jams, not only would she make sure we kept a bag of good to stay blazed, didn’t trip on me playin videogames, kept the beaner fed and well served. She’s the one that got away.

  • amar

    the nas show i went to the other month had more sausage2sausage shit going on than the safeway meat aisle.

    the kanye tour had a lotta hot chicks…but a lotta them were underaged and had the syphillis

    • BIGNAT


  • NEX-5

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