So only a few days after we announced XXL's Freshmen 10 mixtape, which has yet to be titled by the way, some guy named Jesse over at Getrightmusic, decided to leak a tape entitled, The 10 Freshmen (Hip-Hop’s Class Of 09 Attacks).

The only thing is, the mixtape is bogus, a fake, a phony, a pussy, a Stan. Ok, that didn't make any sense. Anywho, the tape isn't even finished. To date, we've only leaked one track, Asher Roth's "The Reading," for streaming only. Ironically, that site can't even get its music right. We did make the acapella available for download as part of a producer contest.  Shoot! The homie Eskay had the z-share on nahright and that site still didn't put it on the mixtape.

Instead, the tape features previously released songs from the Freshmen 10, ripped versions of our Seminar Series and homemade mashups. Our tape (the real one) features a bunch of never heard before exclusives from all 10 freshmen. I mean, if Jesse really wants to get down, he can always submit a beat to for that Asher Roth "The Reading" remix. You could end up on the compilation, dude. We appreciate the promotion, but for anybody checking for the actual mixtape, stay tuned. It's coming soon. -Jackpot

PS: Our art department never would have let us use that low budget photoshop cover.