Lil' Wang suckered the Hip-Hop media into becoming gossiping paprazzi. When that nigga told everyone he was pregnant all the Hip-Hop magazines lost their fucking minds like there was a Hip-Hop news story being floated.

No Hip-Hop isn't teaching kids how to read and think cognitively so that they might pass their SAT's and college entrance exams better. No Hip-Hop isn't demonstrating proper techniques for avoiding the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease. No Hip-Hop isn't explaining to communities that going to prison should not be a vocation. Hip-Hop is a sloppy whore.

The majority of us are lined up to get our crack at the asscrack of rap. Ayo! The rest of us are content to watch and beat off as our mans-n-them tap that ass. Oh, and Lil' Wang had a baby. Who the fuck cares?!? Leave the baby of Baby's baby alone. Did any of you think for a second that maybe the baby has some kind of disease or leprosy and maybe Lil' Wang just wants to allow it to grow up privately in a foster home somewhere? Just like the child that Sarah Palin stole from her daughter.

I like how Wang tells everyone that he will be a father, and in a few days he is gifted a child. Michael Jackson, eat your heart out. M.J. has to run around with that beast of a nanny. We don't even know who Wang impregnated, and we don't even fucking care if it was Superhead, Nivea or Clearasil. Okay, don't front, you know somewhere in America some Black chick is named Clearasil. I can see Wang dangling his baby from the window of a moving tour bus during one of his lean induced benders. But at the end of the day I still don't care.

What I do care about is the Carter III being re-released with more fresher rhymes. The word in the studio is that Wang has contracted some of the illest wordsmiths to assist him in making the Carter III re-issue the album that the first one should have been. Now that is the kind of news that rap fans need to know.