Who The Fuck Cares About Baby’s Baby’s Baby?!?

Lil’ Wang suckered the Hip-Hop media into becoming gossiping paprazzi. When that nigga told everyone he was pregnant all the Hip-Hop magazines lost their fucking minds like there was a Hip-Hop news story being floated.

No Hip-Hop isn’t teaching kids how to read and think cognitively so that they might pass their SAT’s and college entrance exams better. No Hip-Hop isn’t demonstrating proper techniques for avoiding the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease. No Hip-Hop isn’t explaining to communities that going to prison should not be a vocation. Hip-Hop is a sloppy whore.

The majority of us are lined up to get our crack at the asscrack of rap. Ayo! The rest of us are content to watch and beat off as our mans-n-them tap that ass. Oh, and Lil’ Wang had a baby. Who the fuck cares?!? Leave the baby of Baby’s baby alone. Did any of you think for a second that maybe the baby has some kind of disease or leprosy and maybe Lil’ Wang just wants to allow it to grow up privately in a foster home somewhere? Just like the child that Sarah Palin stole from her daughter.

I like how Wang tells everyone that he will be a father, and in a few days he is gifted a child. Michael Jackson, eat your heart out. M.J. has to run around with that beast of a nanny. We don’t even know who Wang impregnated, and we don’t even fucking care if it was Superhead, Nivea or Clearasil. Okay, don’t front, you know somewhere in America some Black chick is named Clearasil. I can see Wang dangling his baby from the window of a moving tour bus during one of his lean induced benders. But at the end of the day I still don’t care.

What I do care about is the Carter III being re-released with more fresher rhymes. The word in the studio is that Wang has contracted some of the illest wordsmiths to assist him in making the Carter III re-issue the album that the first one should have been. Now that is the kind of news that rap fans need to know.

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  • Pierzy

    I’m so sick of Wayne. Good for him, let him get his money and lean, but I don’t give a shit.

  • Matt Herbz

    Damn, hopefully he banged a chick that will help contribute light skin and good hair to that baby. Lil’ Wayne look like a shitty pipe clog, gotdamn!

    Now, let’s see him actually support and raise the kid instead of just sending a check every month like about every other damn rapper.

    Hip Hop got no family values, mang…y’all sick.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • these posts are racist

      Matt Herbz,

      I can’t believe you used the phrase “good hair” you ignorant racist bastard. Again, say that to a real black person. Or better yet, use your infamous “N” word in front of a real black person.

      Actually nevermind, you’re just an internet coward.

      • Matt Herbz

        What, you do not approve of euphemism? You must have “bad hair.” Peace, baby.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

        • these posts are racist

          What is “bad hair”? Please, define it.

          Also, you never respond to my questions: have you ever used the “N” word in front of real black people?

        • OG Matt Herbz

          Yes I have, and honestly, with a swag like mine, it sounds more natural than if it came out of their own mouths. Now, do you get this rowdy with all white people or just the ones you like?
          I see through you. You read a few books, took a few classes, had a professor that kept you after school in his office talking about the rallies he was at. All that, and the only place you can find to spit your righteous shit is on XXLmag.com? Nigga, please! Shit, you probably call yourself TPAR X in the mirror and shit, but trust me, you ain’t fading me. Matt Herbz is here. Don’t give me no “black priviledge” bullshit about being able to use the “N-word,” either, I do as I please. I ain’t no racist, and you ain’t half as smart as you want to appear on this site…and?

          –OG Matt Herbz–

        • these posts are racist

          Interesting ran. I never said I was “smart” – and the rest of your gibberish is random, at best.

          Thank you for answering one of my questions – but you failed to define “bad hair”. Care to do so?

        • these posts are racist

          I mean “rant”. But you’re lying by the way, you have never used the “N” word in front of real black people, ever.

        • OG Matt Herbz

          You got pissy about it, and you called me a racist, so you know good and well what “bad hair” means. Now, if you are somehow going to make me to be a racist because I say “nigga” and “bad hair” then you define those words for me and explain how it makes me a racist. What is a “nigga?” Don’t tell me the history of the word, how it WAS used. What is the definition of the word as it exists today? Then, tell me why I can’t say it because my skin is white.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

        • these posts are racist

          I didn’t call you a racist because of the way you use the “N” word. I called you a “fraud” for that – as in you would never use it in front of real black people. For the record, i’m against the word being used by any race. Morever, I never said you or anyone else “couldn’t” use it. I just find it fraudulent that you use a word strictly on the internet. It’s…obnoxious and immature.

          I called you a racist because you used the term “bad hair” to imply that the type of hair black people have is “bad” and the type of hair that white people have is “good.” Am i wrong? Is that not what you mean when you use the phrase “bad hair”?

        • OG Matt Herbz

          There you go, I knew you could answer your own questions. Thanks for the clarification, but so you know, I am a fictional persona. Matt Herbz solely exists on the internet. Though my name is in reference to a real person, I’m solely the product of my creator for the purposes of entertainment. I thought it’d be funny to see the reactions to someone calling himself a “White Nigga” on the internet back in the beginning of 2007, when I started the “White Nigga Movement.” That was on sohh.com, so maybe you missed it. It was a riot. It’s not my intention to be racist, but it is my intention to mimic ignorance wherever it may appear so that anyone who really acts like that might realize how ridiculous it is. Not all my arguments are perfect, but can you really take anything you read on the internet seriously? I personally have no stake in the good hair/bad hair argument, but I didn’t hear that from a white person, originally. Now, you do you, and I’m a do me…

          –OG Matt Herbz–

        • EReal

          Look at TPAR,

          Still telling people what they can and cannot do based on the color of their skin.. *SMH*

          Isnt that the very definition of racism?

          Whos the racist now, TPAR, or should I call you TIAR?

          Tpar Is A Racist.

  • wat-wat-watt

    really nobody should care of Wayne got a baby or not if he’s not a friend or family member, i don”t see where u Billy Sunday get off on dissing Wayne’s new seed…u probably have some logical reason for doing so…it still does not make it right…

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I ain’t dissing the seed. I just don’t care about the seed.

  • Baby Bobby

    Waynes baby story is wack, yet you blog about it.

  • Baby Bobby

    Who cares about Baby’s baby’s baby? YOU DO! lol

  • borobreed

    damn xxl, is wayne paying ya’ll? ya’ll probably think he’s the best rapper alive and that t pain is amazing too. smh.

  • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

    hopefully the kid doesn’t inherit wayne’s mutated mountain goat teeth.



    hopefully the kid doesn’t inherit wayne’s mutated mountain goat teeth.


  • DV8

    poor Baby…waynes baby not baby’s…wait this is confusing.

  • Ayre

    Im dissing that baby anybody ever see “Trilogy of terror”

  • Manny78d

    billy sunday. STEP YOUR BLOG GAME WAYYY UP ! Your story has no relevance, and its trashy. Freedom of speech I guess. Its just not a good look for XXL.

  • capcobra

    the baby mother is a good look tho’…you seen her?

    • DV8

      yeah some asian chick. she look cool I’d hit it.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    OG Matt Herbz,
    You do know that white was the original niggers?

    True story.

  • EReal

    That child has a definite predispositon to drugs and alcohol.

  • these posts are racist

    Matt Herbz,

    So what does your last response to me actually say? Let’s discuss: 1.) I was right, you admit you are fraud and that you don’t use the “N” word in real, but rather only on the internet.

    2.) You admit you are only having fun and not having a serious discussion. I can appreciate humor, thanks for explaining your intentions.

    3.) You come up short with the following: “I personally have no stake in the good hair/bad hair argument, but I didn’t hear that from a white person, originally.”

    What are you saying? You made the “bad hair” comment. If that was part of your comedy routine, fine – say so. But don’t try to defend the comment as anything other than a racist comment, which it is – if you disagree, please explain. And the fact that you didn’t “originally” hear it from a white person doesn’t mean it is less racist. If a black person said all blacks are inferior to whites does it make the statement less racist? You see, that last statement of yours, was it part of “OG Matt’s” comedy or a real belief that you are stating?

    EREAL – You obviously can’t read good or you wouldn’t have made that statement to me. Re-read my comments and come back with something I can respond to, playboy.

    • EReal

      You are saying its not ok for Matt Herbz to say “nigga” because he’s white. You can say all you want that you didnt say he “couldn’t” use it, because I’ve made this statement about you before. But the minute you called him a racist bastard, you immediately took away his right to use it by giving his use of it a consequence. Its like people who think weed is legal in cali. Its not, it has a consequence. Even though it is a lot less of a consequence than other states, it’s still illegal. Meaning you can’t do it.
      So, when you give using the word a consequence of making that person a racist, you’ve taken away their right to say it.


      I don’t use the word myself, and I also think Matt Herbz is a ginormous lame, but I gotta call a spade a spade homie.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    fuck this grown-ass-man-kissin-fag the nigga impregnented achick so what?

  • http://www.MySpace.com/GrimeyHipHop Stan

    Children… If we’ve learned anything 2day, Its this…. Winning fights online is like winning the Special Olympics… Yeah you may have won… But you’re still retarded….

    Boston homie…
    We aint got Next, We got Now


  • Killahkels

    First of all unless you using to describe a dumb iterate f**k and you say Nigga than you are one. Niggas always call each other nigga. However any white person using it is a racist and those who argue that they a “down” enough to say it are wannabees. If you white be white quit swagger jacking us afro americans. But far as the wayne subject this article is distasteful. Don’t disrespect people’s kids just because you a limp d**K bastard that can’t produce kids and don’t know who produced you. Hip hop digusts me how Stans diss people’s personal life and family based on whether or not they like their music. Grow up dude you older that me and being this childish. god bless wayne’s son and i hope wayne make the right choices in raising this child.

  • Macdatruest

    damn who care about wayne baby, yet fiddy winning custody rights is something people care about. Yall suck fiddy weak ass dick cuz he from the east, yall be playin that man lame ass life up like niggas in the south aspire to be bufed up beef clowns. But wayne? he catch plenty slack. XXL is the Fox News of rap. O Zone got XXL on Super Smash yall got an Eastcoast orientated agenda with everything yall do. Yall is Fox News for G-Unit. Billy X. GoOutOfMyWayToHateEvenOnSunday. Plus if thats you on the picture you ugly as a bitch fool, go pray.

  • dj nice wit it

    Billy…………you look like you smoke rocks mayne. Dam smokers!