I am laughing my ass off at the fake consumer backlash that T.I. is trying to generate because Gucci and Louis Vuitton both don't want to be part of his comeback attempt. Have the rest of you seen the story where the high end luxury brands nixed their cameos in his latest music video?

I could see that shit happening to Sean Price and Rock from Heltah Skeltah since those dudes are hard fucking body, but this dude T.I. gets arrested for buying military issued guns and gets to sit in his living room wearing a bathrobe and house shoes while making YouTubes and recording rap music. That is pretty fucking luxurious if you ask me. Ruck and Rock would have been breaking rocks upstate.

But at the end of the day all that dandy shit that T.I. has been putting on has been for naught. I've seen the lil' homey in magazines wearing spectator shoes and pocket squares as if he raided 3000's wardrobe while the big homey was off in LaLa land. I'm not saying that T.I. doesn't know how to dandy himself up because he is from the South where most of the butlers for the wealthy are born. Its just that luxury brands have realized that all this rap shit isn't really helping their bottom line since the majority of people listening to rap can't even afford to buy rap CD's.

You rap negroes are gonna have to stick to selling silly pink vodka stuffed into perfume bottles.

Maybe KanYe West or Pharrell will still be valued enough to wear LV scarves on their faces like banditos because the folks at LVMH know that Pharrell wouldn't hurt a fly. That's why at a recent performance in NYC when a not so much N.E.R.D. fan called Pharrell a fucking douchebag all the lil' homey wanted to do was blow kisses and ask the audience to tell dude that they loved him. Not that I would have expected Pharrell to jump in the audience and thump with sonn either. These rap dudes get clear polish put on their fingernails and that shit gets scratched in scraps.

The point is that even a company like LVMH, which by the way stands for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, has had enough of the nigger bullshit. Yes, niggers buy a grip of that Moet and that Hennessy, but when is the last time one of you rap fan fuckbags blew your wad on some Privilege? Or how about that Dom P nigger?!? If you ballers can't stay in the game because it is a recession then sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Do the fucking research. LVMH owns that Belvedere too and I copped my bottle this weekend. Fuck the bullshit, I don't care if the president or the CEO or the king of motherfucking LVMH said that "all Black people can do for me is buy my shit and shine my shoes", I would still buy that Belvedere. I just wouldn't consider myself Black no more. I'd become Spanish or some shit. Fuck that. Yeah bitches, these Euro fucktards are realizing that they don't need no more nigger bucks since niggas will gladly buy the bootleg from Canal Street and wear it with just as much pride.

Now that rap music is no longer corporate America's bottom bitch maybe we can get back to that real underground shit. The lesson from Sunday school today boys and girls is to stay in your lane, and 'Stick 2 the Script'. Copp that new Statik Selektah today.