If you like getting fucked the fuck up, and who amongst us doesn't? You need to take your ass out of the house on a Tuesday night in NYC. Fridays and Saturdays are for the chumps. Tuesdays are the real Saturday night.

Last night was this mega-party popped off by Smirnoff. Yes, Smirnoff vodka. I know what your thinking... Isn't Smirnoff that shit in a plastic bottle that you see bums keeping in their back pockets? No, that would be Georgi. Smirnoff was pretty indistinguishable from the lower lower tier of vodkas because they had a shitty advertising presence.

So what does Smirnoff do to increase their profile? They throw a free concert with NaS, N.E.R.D., Buckshot Shorty, Spank Rock, Dizzee Rascal, Grandmaster Flash, and WTF!?! Gravy? Smirnoff went all the way out by renting this spot which was a classic architecture bank building. There was free food and as you can imagine hell'a free Smirnoff drinks.

I love the fact that just 10 blocks away from this bank building Wall Street is melting down like a cone of Carvel left for dead on the summer sidewalk and we are partying like there is no tomorrow. I love rap music for its ability sometimes to be oblivious to social deconstruction. Rock music can do that shit too. Hell, pop music oes that all the time. I took this as my cue to go in double-fisted all night.

When I tell you that I might have smashed more than ten drinks then I honestly might have banged off twenty. I got inside the venue early by enterprising with one of my folks. My homeys a/k/a the 'Go In Crew' were still online outside. No, they were not on the internets, they were standing on line. By the time they got in sonn was twist rock. I don't remember too much from the rest of the party and I ended up getting kicked out after I was caught in my attempt to abscond the venue with a bottle of Smirnoff.

F.Y.I. Smirnoff is distilled three times. Belvedere is distilled four times. Absolut is made in a dirty bathtub in Sweden. I liked the taste of Smirnoff in the mixers but my litmus test for vodka is two parts spirits and one part tonic water. I just got my digit from the X spot so I think I will look up Smirnoff tonight in my favorite liquor store. If the price point is significantly cheaper than the Belvy I will copp a bottle. Otherwise why sacrifice your taste?

Too bad I didn't get to to leave with that joint tucked in my sweatshirt.

On another note...


What if someone told you that you couldn't come into the music industry unless you imitated someone else? Wouldn't that make you want to kill yourself?