The View Takes Hip-Hop Over

Well, not really, but Kim Osorio over at Global Grind recently premiered her own version of the Barbara Walters-helmed ABC talk show.

I’m usually not too fond of remakes and spin-offs, but this one works for some reason. I actually like that there seems to be range between the four women. You may remember Jenn The Penn from BET’s Ultimate Hustler, that Apprentice-like reality series Damon Dash had a few years back. I’m not sure what she does now, but her name seems to be circulating a lot.

You already know KO’s resume. First EIC of The Source, stint at and now Vice President of content at GG. Angela Yee is responsible for 50% of Worldstarthiphop’s good footage in the last few months. She’s killing it these days. I see her eventually shooting to the top as a radio personality. Last but not least, Tionna Smalls. She’s the lesser known of the bunch, but by far the more outspoken.

The quartet discussed hip-hop couples like Jayonce (Jay and Beyonce) and Chrianna (Chris Brown and Rihanna) in the first episode. See it for yourself below.

I like the show. I think it has potential. What do you guys think?

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  • DJ Daddy Mack

    This is funny bcuz shes coming to my school on Thursday and I have a spin off as well called Real Talk with Da Dope Boyz but its aimed “guy talk” and educational stuff. I do hope to see more from Kim’s show.

  • DV8

    Industry jumpoffs are getting TV shows now? SMH the last thing we need is some chickenheads expressing they opinions.

    • Bang

      Word lets get Monie Luv and dyke Latifah in here instead

    • “The Party Killa”


  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Queens Boy


  • Hot

    This show is going to be the bomb and yes the girl with the blue have the big ta-tas…Great show ladies…

  • Jimmy The Gent

    We need more shows with people talking about other people like we need 4 more years of Bush. Shit is oversaturated as fuck. Too much dialogue. For reals, they gots to chill.

  • Trent

    2 minutes, that’s it?!?!?

    Step y’all game up — give us at least 10 minutes.

  • TopRoc

    this is just a fake rip off of Kimora’s show and the view. The view works cuz you have experienced comideines who know how to entertain viewers. These girls look like ghetto caliber sex and the city wannabees with a license to yap like they’re in the bathroom at golden lady! And wsup with the screwface girl with the balloons for a chest! she look like she’s about to explode if she breathe too hard. Cmon are we really supposed to take them seriously?

  • Jen The Pen

    I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the Morning Coffee Webisodes, for the writer of this entry who’s not too familiar with what I do these days, I co-host Shade 45′s Gunit Radio with Dj Whoo as well as being the Gossip Girl to The Hot Boyz Chicago based radio show on Power 92.3 . xoxo jen the pen

  • Detroit P

    Wow…..the Fat one in the Blue is a mad hater…Just cus nobody wants her, she hatin on Beyonce and Rihanna’s relationships…I thought she was Jada Fire at first..for a second


    i actually think dat its a good idea 2 make a more “urban” version of the view. whether a male or female panel i think yungsters will support and watch.

  • jmill1224

    Come on now, we need this shit like Weezy needs another weed carrier on the stand. That’s the problem with hiphop, niggas is doin everything except makin fuckin music.I dont want your liquor, your gay ass clothes, no more autotune, fuck your rims, your car, your hoes. GIMME A FUCKIN CLASSIC ALBUM!

    Oh yeah, shawty in the blue do got some big ass Hooters!

  • marc

    Yea those are some hot topics