The Freshmen Dropouts…

I’m finally healed from my drug and alcohol filled bender called the CMJ Music Festival. I saw a show with Mr.Vegas opening up for Game Rebellion. Dancehall and punk rap metal on the same bill. That’s almost as diverse as going to a show featuring Asher Roth and Heltah Skeltah. If you do have a chance to see Asher Roth open for Ruck and Rock I suggest you make that move. In another year’s time I don’t think we will even remember who Asher Roth was.

I feel that way about more than half of the dudes on XXL’s ‘Freshmen’ cover. The lesson I learned from Joell Ortiz is that it takes ten years of grinding for you to become an overnight success in the music business. I don’t know if all these artists pictured care to put in ten years of blood, sweat and tears. Even with the internets giving people an instant profile across the country I see only a few slots opening up for rap dudes. My advice to some of these ‘Freshmen’ rappers would be to start singing.

Think about this, Jadakiss, one of the sickest rappers from the last ten years is finally getting a commercial push for his music. Now all of a sudden people are hearing sonn’s name and his music in the broadcast radio format. Right behind ‘Kiss you have Fabo and Juelz Santana who are due up to have their window of opportunity opened. When in the fuck is Universal gonna have time to talk about a Curren$y? In the meantime Curren$y needs to think about getting his ass on a television show or a fucking infomercial.

I fucks with Blu, Wale and Kid Cudi and I don’t wish no bad shit on their movements, and Asher Roth is an earnest motherfucker who does try to spit his best futuristic lyrics but that is all the freshmen that will get sophomore shots in the game. I wanna tell some of those rappers to just get into production or maybe even marketing. But who am I to tell people how to pursue their dreams? I’m just a nigga that is unmotivated and unmoved by so much of the rap shit that I hear today. That shit makes me frustrated sometimes.

It’s fucked the fuck up to say that seven of the ten artists on the new XXL cover will be dropouts but then again that pretty much represents the 68% of Black boys who drop out of NYC high schools annually. Don’t get mad. UPS is hiring.

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  • Incilin

    You know what’s way sadder than the Freshman 08 cover? The Freshman 07 cover. What the fuck happened to Papoose? Saigon? Young Dro? (Not that I liked Young Dro, but still)

    I had so much love for Pap, Sai, Joell, and to a lesser extent Crooked I, but dudes never really made it. Pap been lost all the momentum he had after he did Touch It and I don’t see him regaining it. I aint heard a hot track from him ina long ass time. Same for Saigon (Altho his mixtape “Return of the Yardfather’ is crazy). Both of them and Joell ended up leaving they label and still aint even sign to Koch or anything. And the sad thing is, those dudes are crazy nice! Saigon got a XXL magazine cover, a part on Entourage, Jay-Z on his album, and Just Blaze producing all his shit, ON HIS OWN, and his label still aint support him. What the fuck?

    Only people who became a success from the bunch was Lupe and Piles. And when I say success, I mean they got their album released.

    “Think about this, Jadakiss, one of the sickest rappers from the last ten years is finally getting a commercial push for his music. Now all of a sudden people are hearing sonn’s name and his music in the broadcast radio format. Right behind ‘Kiss you have Fabo and Juelz Santana who are due up to have their window of opportunity opened.”

    ^^^I can recall hearing “Breathe” and “Why” on the radio (back when I kinda listened to the radio) a whole lot.

    I would take Pap, Sai, and Joell over those three guys any day (Triple treat lyrical cage match?). I mean, Jada put out two albums. And either one was really that good. Same for Fab. I don’t even really consider Juelz like that, although I do think he’s way better now than he was when he had shit like “Dipset AntheM”

    And to be fair, all those guys have gone platinum before. Wasn’t that their window of opportunity?

    I wonder if everyone would be as pissed about this cover if Asher Roth wasn’t on it, and someone like Donnie Goines or Jay Electronia was there instead. It seems like everyone writing about the cover is really pissed over Asher Roth, or they just love dropping his name (And the winner is….Asher Roth!) And I’m starting to think its because he’s white. It’s got to be.

  • FlapJack

    I think B.O.B is a force to be reckoned with, and wale is definetly going places..other then that, these dudes are extra average. like most of em, but they aint gonna sell shit.
    And how have Kiss, Fab and Juelz not had their window of oppertunity opened? They RICH

  • Simba

    Don’t hate Asher Roth cuz his pigmentation

    • FlapJack

      ginger kids are scary as shit.. plus he tries too hard..

      • BIGNAT


        • brooke loves wizzle

          hahahahhahah a kid that has red hair and freckles

  • Vincent

    The only reason Pap, Sai, and Joell never got their albums released is beacuse they are from New York. You have to be from the south to get your album realsed, thats why plies made it.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I agree with your comment. I think Saigiddy is a bigger fail than Pap because Saigiddy is way more talented.

    A lot of my peoples are going crazy for Charles Hamilton. I heard some shit a minute ago and I was like… meh. I have been advised by Nation to give C.H. a re-listen so I will. When I get around to it.

    I told y’all before that generating the momentum to release a studio album is the toughest shit ever.

    BTW, Statik Selektah need to put together a showcase from his album. That shit is clearly one of 08′s best releases.

    • Og bobby J

      “BTW, Statik Selektah need to put together a showcase from his album. That shit is clearly one of 08’s best releases.”

      Co muthafuckin sign….that shit is probably the best album of the year….

      if you dont have it….get it.

  • KF UK

    I’m just a nigga that is unmotivated and unmoved by so much of the rap shit that I hear today. That shit makes me frustrated sometimes.

    co sign that.

    Im tired of hearing throwaway rap lyrics. I wana hear that Jadakiss, i wana hear that Redman, i wana hear that classic Wu.

    I dont wana hear papoose tell everyone how awsome he is, i dot wana hear about no skater rap, i dont wana hear about ambercromie n finch motherfuckers. I wana hear HIP HOP not POP music.

    Billy, wat u think, cuz my whole opinion is that REAL hip hop, that REAL shit, it back underground, whenever anyone asks me if hip hop is dead i normally say “the hip hop you listen to yeah, it is” but the underground scene is massive. You only have to look at Detroit for that, P.L Marvwon, Gordy, Fatt Father Famous and Flame, Proof (RIP), Chief, Big Bus, Obie….Thriving underground scene.

    Its just the real heads got bored of that hipster shit and that snappin shit a looooong time ago…but the stupid kids, the high schoolers and the white folk who wanted to look cool, went for that Solja Boy, went for that Lil Wayne, still go for that shitty cent.

    But now the hiphop isnt “cool” anymore, they have jumped off the bandwagon and listnin to rock, dance and 4×4 music. and thats where were at today, with Blog rap being the most sucsessful cuz theres no advertising out there for real rap, so anyone with a half decent tune gets all over the internets.

    Best advise for you X, just never recover from the drug and drink binge, thats how im dealing with it….

    Detox anyone? (see what i did there!)

  • capcobra

    to be successful in this game you gotta create a character…you just can’t rap about rap…that’s dead…nobody wanna hear you brag about your metaphors and 16′s…jay is the hustler..jeezy the dope boy..snoop the crip pimp..jimmy the ny blood…weezy the best rapper…kanye the producer/rapper college guy..em is the trailer park white boy..luda the party guy..murda mook the best battle rapper…50 the bad guy..rick ross the boss…t.i.the king…game the west coast blood..biggie the king of ny..pac the thug..mase the pretty boy…slick rick the storyteller…dougie fresh the entertainer…plies the on and so forth…these top 10 niguz don’t got character…the only one that stand a chance is asher and that’s cause he white…them other niguz just rapping…you gotta carve out a spot for your character and let that character reach a specific audience…unless you wanna be almost gold/5g’z a show date.

    • KF UK

      Bro you just quoted a Big Proof song,

      “Jiggas the baller, pacs the thug, biggies the king, shadys an act of drugs, nas is the truth the lox is the block, d12 is slept on miss me or not”

      Now that dude could fucking Rhyme and as your comment proves is waaaaaaaaay ahead of the times…


      • yoprince

        LMAO.. are u being serious??

  • OG Matt Herbz

    “Don’t get mad. UPS is hiring.”

    Haaa…that’s that flava in their ear, son!
    Just cause rappers make it look easy don’t mean that it is… It’s gonna get even harder for real talent to come through your radio, too…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • fredMS

    people ain’t against asher roth cuz he white, they against what he represents.
    he represents college frat boy, he said it himself. hip hop is all about abandoning society’s validation, and college is society’s biggest validation. I go to “college” and i know niggas from the hood that dropped out in the 9th grade that are a lot smarter than a lot of these whities. We were talking about native americans and they were all like oh i never knew native americans got screwed like that. and its like how you gonna be like native americans what? the one absolute truth in life is that native americans got fucked over in every way. regardless, there’s resentment against what he represents in our society. The white boy who can afford to go to college but is all about how much weed he smokes to posture some kind of cool towards the blacks, but you know he ain’t know no blacks other than his jamaican babysitter. He’s making his own brand of hip hop completely separate from the people that hip hop means the most to. Its basically rap without the niggas which is every white rap fan’s dream.

    also his rhymes ain’t all that either. a lot of dudes is on his knob because they been waiting for white mc’s to take over. so they can have their dream. hip hop without the niggas. shit they did it with rock.

  • yoprince

    seriously it’s no hate against white rappers (i mean a little bit, but not a lot) but your bro eminem aka slim shady set a high bar for this white rapper shit. so if you’re gonna sound even remotely similar, you gotta go hard, and asher just is light years behind Em.

  • Lowedwn

    man Curren$y is nice, a New Orleans nigga wit Uptown swagger. I’m really hoping he gets an honest shot.

  • marcus

    This shit is funny. ASHER ROTH is the nicest rapper on the cover and yall mad because he is white. He went to state school so I dont want to hear all this he is rich shit. he is nice. period. All these other rappers are pretending to be something they not and you are mad at him for not lying. Wale is from the burbs but claims to be “growing up with the guerillas in DC”…bullshit. Ace Hood wears chains and says he is for the people. I cant afford a fuckin chain. I fux with Blu. But Asher’s mixtape was the first mixtape I listened to and loved every track in a long time. The kid is on Em’s level because he doesnt have to make up shit to be nice. All you Haterz need to stop and realize ASHER ROTH IS THE FUTURE.


    give up old man.
    you sucks!!!

  • balaramesh

    all the dudes are solid. of the ten, i like wale the best. asher roth, has the gift and the curse. he is white and he sounds a bit too similiar to em.

    the deal is no one that is not dropping commercial singles will not get to put their album out unless it’s on koch. unless you a good following like nas or something. the labels only dropping commercial rappers that can place a few songs on the radio.

  • Moi

    These rappers need better names

    Joell Ortiz
    Crooked I
    Joe Budden
    Asher Roth
    Mickey Factz
    Ace Hood

    a great name doesn’t have to be complicated–Slick Rick comes to mind–it only needs to make it sound like you don’t work for Fed Ex and rap in your spare time (“Yeah, my cousin’s doing production.”)

  • Fly Ass Tj

    Idk what yall on but Curren$y is definitely at the top of class.

  • Prophit

    I feel wale blu and cudi

    but i have to give it to charles hamilton for producing.

    and you cant neglect cory gunz yo.he spits fire.

  • Wordsworth

    Given that you’re paid to write for a magazine and all (or even just on their blog), you should probably work a little bit on your syntax and grammar. I get that this is a hip-hop blog and this is the urban culture, but up the ante a little, do some work so I don’t have to read a sentence six times to understand what you mean. Show that you are a blogger thats here to stay–not one of those guys who we are going to forget about in two years.

    • dreadhead

      loooool. you tell him. hes a hater anyway.

      and curren$y is the man so i dont kno what this fool talkin bout.

  • Big Dog

    its amazing to me how people want to be a fucking critic now , i mean this is new times people got to do whatever they do to get there money , i mean im on my basketball shit right now i want money to


    your blog is retarded. what does %68 of black dudes dropping out of high school have to do with anything? im white and i had to drop out. get your fuckin GED. i am fed up with the ignorance on this site. you fucks are horrible.