Welcome back to ESDN First Hate. We used to call the program Cold Chinese Food, but thought better of it.

[Translation: I couldn't bring myself to keep slamming Jemelle Hill after she threw up scrimp & broccoli all over my desk. At least Dana Jacobson can hold her wontons.]

SDN Tournament - The Foolish Four

#8 Diddy vs. #10 Karrine "Superhead" Steffans

Diddy's dark horse status is clearly being outshone by the Cinderella... umm... BAPS story that is Superhead's ascension to SDN prominence. While I don't see her knocking Puff off, I also didn't see her taking down Ya Woy Ply either. *tears up pre-tourney bracket* Reports of Bow Wow possibly being her baby daddy may be contributing to her late surge. Analysts expect a staight-to-Maury release... I mean... due date, as the dad could be one of about 13 rappers, ex-rappers, child stars and publishers.

#4 DMX vs. #14 R. Kelly

In what's expected to be the tightest call of the tournament, Dark Man and Kells should bite and piss and scratch and bark their way through to the finals. Both contestants come off of clear victories over opponents who could have won it all themselves. Division B has been the Western Conference of this thang. Let's see if one of these guys can withstand Diddy's Celtics or Superhead's Cavs.

Yes, homegirl is LeBron.

Voting will run through Slavery... I mean, Columbus Day.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Lost Plies on your home bracket too? SMSH. (Shake My Super Head) ron@ronmexicocity.com

There's only one October.