SCRATCH: Is 50 Cent The Purveyor Of Master Jay’s Legacy?

Today is the 6th anniversary of Jam Master Jay’s murder. The Queens native was shot and killed in his recording studio back in 2002, the case still remains unsolved.

So I happened upon this news on Monday about a JMJ documentary called Two Turntables And A Microphone, which 50 Cent will be releasing alongside his album/movie Before I Self Destruct. One of the producers on the project is JMJ’s cousin, Stephon “Phonz” Watford. In the article, 50 Cent says Phonz was working on the documentary for 5 years.

What really strikes me about this whole project is not the actual film itself, which from what I’m reading and hearing, just rehashes things we already know about JMJ’s murder (for the record, I haven’t seen it). It’s the way this project is being released, backed by a movie and album by none other than the uber gangster rapper himself, 50 Cent. This is the guy who made getting shot fashionable, the “cool” thing for rappers to do. So to see a film about Fif’s mentor, about his murder, and then you put in Fif’s album and it’s all “aggressive content” (*snicker*), you’ve gotta really be scratching your head at that. It’s almost blatant, throwing this violence right back at the listener after they watch a film about a senseless act of violence.

I also wonder how long Phonz was shopping this project around, looking for someone to help put it out. Could it be that 50 Cent is now putting JMJ on the same way JMJ did for him back in the late 90s? In essence, by releasing this film with his album, Fif’s giving JMJ a platform, a way for the people who buy his music to find out about his mentor. And that’s dope, because I think most 50′s fans aren’t really into the whole backstory like that.

But why is Two Turntables And A Microphone doomed to the hip-hop buddy treatment? JMJ can’t get any love on his own, he needs 50 to cosign him? I mean, Reverend Run is on TV. Can’t his own former group member help get the film a look? Nobody watches MTV2 on a Friday night, stick it there. Or Russell Simmons, why didn’t he get involved?

Of course, this is all speculation, maybe some of these folks tried to get involved or are involved. But I doubt it. And this will all be a moot point if the film totally sucks. But just saying, the connection between 50 and JMJ runs deep. It’s more than business. Jam Master Jay’s final offering to the world before his passing really was Curtis Jackson. And now Fif is repaying that debt, finally.

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  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man fuck this nigga co-sign with the article the nigga contradicting himself he stupuid or sum shit

  • Crash

    The film probably sucks but props to 50 for paying respects to JMJ.

  • Chris Mac

    Alkoholik how you goin to say he stupid when u cant even spell “stupid” or “some” its hard for someone older even his son to break into this industry even if it is a movie about one of the absoulute legends in this industry. Fif is bein a big man by helpin son out. It probaly the only decent thing i’ve seen him do. Show respect and hate on asher roth.

    • G2

      And the winner of XXL’s spelling bee is….

  • rob The Music Ed

    from what i gather, Fif really cares about jay’s legacy.
    Its a shame that Run doesn’t show much love these days- a damn shame!

    As far as Curtis repaying his debt? I dunno, JMJ got paid when 50 went from his label to Trackmasters.

  • that nigga

    Thats fucked up. Run and DMC should really be the ones with all four of their hands In and on this project. Well, Im not a 50 fan but hats off to him even IF HE NEEDS THIS TO SELL MORE RECORDS. He coulda put this out without adding it to his already DVD/CD. Now It a DVD/CD/DVD. Damn, wonder how much he’s gonna charge for that? I ‘ll prob buy It just for the JMJ DVD.

  • A

    Why don’t he just fun the documetary? Why doe’s it have to be coupled with the album dropping? I mean how do you show your respect and line your pockets in the same effort?
    “Everyone let’s have a moment in the memory of JMJ!”, “Oh don’t forget to buy that new 50 DVD/CD”

    50′s a sucker for that! Herb ass wangsta!

  • LEO

    Im confused…are you with it or you not with it? I don’t think any artist would be better suited to do it…JMJ was 50′s mentor…the only other that would prolly get away with doing this is Rev Run, but he aint doing it…so its a good look…

  • fredMS

    “It’s almost blatant, throwing this violence right back at the listener after they watch a film about a senseless act of violence.”

    … you won’t know that till you hear the songs. Why be so quick to assume that’s what 50 gonna do?

  • Gooch

    Yeah i’m sure 50′s gonna have a whole bunch of “we are the world” type songs on Before I Self Destruct. Because he’s all about peace and unity, right?

  • Ahk

    50 is damned if he do and damned if he don’t.
    The man is doing more than just giving propz to his mentor, he’s basically telling people not to forget about JMJ and the thanks 50 gets is “finally”. Damn. A nigga cant do shit right if it was left up to ya’ll.

  • Afi K. James

    Although I Hate this lame ass shit loser, I Hope JMJ’s murder can be solved soon.

  • Cali Girl

    Okay…all of you are obviously missing the point, which again; is why so many of our brother’s and sister’s don’t get to the top. I have seen the movie and the movie was never created with the intention of solving the murder, the movie was created to give insight to those millions of fans who have NO idea what happend on the night of 10.30.02. as well as to share with the wolrd just how influential JMJ was, and the impact he had in the world. I have had the great pleasure of meeting the man who created the film and I have to say, I do not know too many people who would sacrifice their own lives and committ themselves to seeing a project of this stature all the way through. Oviously none of you speaking above have ever sat in the room of high powered executives and brokered a deal to get funding and distribution for something that you believe in, because if you had, you would not have posed the questions above. If you read the article correctly, it clearly states it took this man 5 years to put this project out and I say hats off to him, for being able to use his own personal relationships when needed before asking for a handout. At the end of the day, Jam Master Jay’s legacy will live on because one person had a vision and an unconditional love for a person who showed him the WORLD- What 50 has done is a beautiful thing; attaching himself to a project to give it the extra special pixie dust it needs…there is nothing wrong with that. There are so many artist out there today who are getting it; not because they really have talent, but because there is a machine or a powerhouse name behind the artist or product which makes it move. I know it’s nice too think that things should be a certain way, but that’s personal not BUSINESS. Bottom line this man is from the east coast and he came out to LA and put it down for his family and now, he is a film producer starting his own legacy, what legacy have any of you created; or are you still just blogging about other’s? Oh, by the way…BadBoy produces Run’s House and just so you know, I know personally that alot of major player’s support this film, which you will see; when you see it and you should really be familiar with figures pertaining to the movie industry when questioning how long he shopped, but you should also know this film premiered at the Hollywood Black Film Festival in June, and the day after the Los Angeles Times wrote an article and Phonz was also recognized for excellence in wanting to stop violence from Mayor Villaragosa of Los Angeles. Hope u buy it!

  • The Infamous Mr. P

    you kno what i think? i think this shit somehow involves 50…i mean come’on the dude had a deal with J, switched labels right before he did anything and then boom! he’s dead…plus 50 was still doin dirt when he was involved with dude. i say their relationship went sour somehow and 50 didnt want to pay his dues when he made it and he took him out, either that or J had somethin on him that he didnt want gettin out. or 50′s dirt on the street affected his relationship with J or maybe they were in on it together, and maybe his enemies thought since they were unsuccesful at takin him out…they figured take out the dude responsible for his success or closest to him. who knows but obviously somethin fishy was goin on. RIP JMJ