Say it ain’t so, Will Smith!

One of the few blind items I was able to recognize in that DL hip-hop book was Will Smith.

I think the part about him mentioned something like, “This guy is one of the biggest actors in the world, but before that, he was on a TV series, and before that, he was a rapper.”

Clearly, that had to be Will Smith, right? I mean, there’s only so many black guys you could say are among the biggest actors in the world. And once you control for guys who used to be rappers, that pretty much just leaves Will Smith and Ice Cube. And obviously it can’t be Ice Cube.

(I don’t care how many of those god-awful kids movies he does, I refuse to believe Ice Cube fucks other guys. Definitely not for free, he doesn’t.)

But I didn’t think too much of it at the time, I guess because you don’t really think of Will Smith as being a rapper the same way you think of other guys. Yeah, he was a rapper before he was an actor. But it’s been such a long time since he was relevant in the least bit. There’s probably kids these days who don’t even know Will Smith used to be a rapper. After all, it’s been over 10 years since Big Willie Style.

No, really. Do the math.

Plus, Will Smith never really put forth that image of being an alpha. I never would have guessed for a minute that he fucks guys, but it’s not like he was kicking rhymes detailing his conquests with the ladies. In retrospect, this might have been our first clue. Will Smith has been balling for a minute now. We probably should have heard more stories about him getting busy than we have.

Shit, once I start getting it in with these hoes, that’s all you’re gonna hear is tales of Bol’s cock. We might even have to set up a new blog on this site to contain all of them. Or, at least a separate category. It’s a good that’s mostly just a whole lot of wishful thinking, and that’s probably all it’s ever gonna be.

But I digress.

In case you fruits haven’t heard, there’s a rumor going around that Will Smith used to cop male hookers from one of these Hollywood madam types. She recently relocated from LA to New York, where she told this to a guy who’s supposedly an investigative journalist.

I tried to check the guy’s site, but I couldn’t connect. I don’t know if the site’s just down right now, due to the overwhelming amount of interest in Will Smith’s teh gheyness, or if Big Willie sicced the junkyard dog on him.

I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if it was the latter. Will Smith’s a $cientologist now, and you know those $cientologists don’t play when it comes to legal issues. Remember that time when Will Smith told that journalist that Hitler wasn’t a bad guy, he was just confused, and then he turned around and sued the guy for quoting him as saying some shit he actually said? I’m pretty sure he won that case.

It makes you wonder if this occurred to the madam, before she went public with this. You’d think the guy would have known better, since he’s an investigative journalist, and who hasn’t heard of the Church of $cientology’s strong arm tactics these days? Maybe he did, and he’s not sweating it, because he’s got some sort of paper trail.

He’d kinda have to, right? Otherwise, this rumor wouldn’t hold any more weight than any ol’ fudge on the street saying he used to fuck Will Smith. Meanwhile, I’m seeing this being blasted across all sorts of mainstream media outlets. Even if it isn’t true, I’d say there’s already been a considerable amount of damage done.

Will Smith better hope Elron and his crew can put the kibosh on this. Or else, he might want to see about getting his money back.

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  • Pierzy

    The dude told you 20 years ago: “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble!” He never had a song called, “Bangin’ Guys Ain’t My Thing” or something like that, although I’m sure Jazzy Jeff would’ve hooked up a sick beat

  • JMill1224

    Hancock!(hmmm), I Robot(metal dick!), Badboys and Badboys II,lol. the titles is gay lol.jk
    good post bol

    • Smel

      Men in Black lol

      Legend of (tea)Bagger Vance

  • Hey

    Everybody is gay in some way, shape, or form. This is something the alpha male black culture refuses to believe. Do the knowledge:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these black alpha male types are 4-6 on that scale.

  • ri067953

    Yo Bol, you overlooked one more important clue in this story. The fact that Willie pals around with Tom Cruise who is one of the biggest fruits in the movie industry. They gots the jungle fever!

  • Smel

    Yeah but scientology and homophobia seem to go hand in hand (I checked Wiki), so it would seem he can only fit one rumor or the other….

    …which seems more likely?

    Then again homophobia and DL’ness seem to go hand in hand so who knows.

  • IB

    The reason they become Scientologists in the first place is they’re getting blackmailed about being gay.

  • slickness

    i hope he punches u in the fkcing head

  • che

    read what you just wrote bol, and think, is this really what your life is? just gossiping like a woman, sitting around, doing nothing, having nothing, looking like an oaf. it’s actually pretty pathetic.

    do you really just want to be a perez hilton stan all your life?

  • Federal Ranga

    Damn. Will Smith is a scientologist now? Yup… it’s game over now.

  • geico lizard

    i dont believe this until they get some real proof. so he hangs with tom cruise because they are really dating right? women should spend more time trying to work on their relationships instead of trying to accuse every man of being gay or bisexual. if the women were happy with their lives they wouldnt be so nosey trying to make other people miserable.

  • webba

    YES WE CAN!!!! we must all go out and VOTE!!! because if Mcain wins im moving to another country for real.

    • og bobby j

      and what would be your country of choice?

  • DV8

    wasnt his first movie 6 degress of seperation in which he played a gay dude?

    I hope this isnt true. Thats all I have to say about this.


    yeah that was his first movie but he got alot of flack for it cause HE DIDNT WANNA KISS THE GUY

    oh yeah bol you forgot ll cool j had a t.v. series and did movies and is a rapper
    so was method man and redman,and flavor flav

  • these posts are racist

    Slander, gossip and Bigotry at its worst.

    I see you are on your game today.

    • Matt Herbz

      Slander, gossip, and Bigotry…

      …just the things to bring the pseudo-social scientists out of the closet to whistle and whine as they work.

      –Matt Herbz–

      p.s. Will Smith is more gay than a pink penny. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the fact that he played a gay man in “Six Degrees of Separation” — a movie highly recommended by TPAR?

  • jmill1224

    THAT EXPLAINS THE LIP THING! Meth and Red,nah. Flavor Flav, nah he damn near too ugly to get bitches.

  • Kirk

    been heard that will let’s Jada bring men home for dinner.

  • Og Bobby J

    I been heard willie was a cake boy…word is him and jada be gettin it in….or takin it in…fuckin peaches

  • amar

    oh no’z

    wasn’t will smith like the ultimate positive modern role model for poor black kids? Poor kid who likes basketball becomes rapper, actor, millionaire and lives wholesome life with family in mansions?

    After hearing this, all the poor black kids are gonna think that you gotta give a head to get ahead. Of course, white people have known this for years.

    • Matt Herbz

      Carrine Stephans ain’t white, nigga! Get yo facts straight!

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    I thought that terrance dean was talking about LL. I mean, dude was a rapper (and still is), had a tv show (in the house), and did mad movies. Tell me LL doesn’t fit the profile. I look at the nigga sideways sometimes…

  • Richi

    You guyz are forgetting LL Cool J he fit the description… but I alreada this rumor is fake …


    “After all, it’s been over 10 years since Big Willie Style” bol that fool dropped another album with that tham switch song. that peice of crap actually went gold i was wondering who the hell bought it. also i don’t think will is gay if you think about he is just trying to keep his image clean to get those megabucks. plus he married jada and for a skinny chick she is fine as hell who saw JASON’S LYRIC yeah i know you niggas seen it.

  • “The Party Killa”


  • giantstepp

    Until proof can be provided, I aint buying it. It’s too many folks claiming this one or that one is gay without a shread of evidence. Sure, some rapper is on the DL. It’s the law of averages, but I just dont but the numbers being put out there.

  • allnice

    There’s nothing new about Big Willie Style being somewhat ghey. He married his pretty average looking wife, Jada Pinkett because they are both swingers. They do whateva…..

    You know something is up when the most powerful actor isn’t banging a bunch of white or asian breezies. He could bang any broad in Hollywood but he chose to get married to some minor looking black chick.

    All these Hollywood types are pretty weird though. I read the Last Don by Mario Puzo. If his depiction of Hollywood is true, maybe Big Willie style banged some really fly pussy on the low despite being somewhat gay. I mean, this is the same dude who made Wild Wild West just so he can bone Salma Hayek. That’s some shit I would do!

  • marc

    do any of you geniuses believe this
    just some more dumb shit

  • these posts are racist

    Matt Herbz,

    Have you ever used the “N” word around a real black person?

  • these posts are racist

    Matt Herbz is the real life inspiration behind Danny Hoch’s main charcter in White Boyz. I highly recommend that movie.

    • amar

      is ‘white boyz’ that one where justin timberlake is all gangster?

    • amar

      wait, is white boyz this movie about wiggers from the rich redneck hood trynna be rappers? I think i caught a few mins of that on cable once. If that’s what it is, that movie is some hilarious-ass shit.

    • Moi

      white boyz is a great movie. you are flattering matt herbz too much.

  • fredMS

    trying to defend will smith as not gay is a direct parallel to saying obama isn’t a muslim. Its not that if he is gay then everything is fucked the fuck up. the only kinda messed up part would be that he tried to hide it. But other than that it doesnt affect me either way if will smith is gay, so there’s no point in being all “oh he aint gay! he should punch you in the head bol!”

    * also this dude is def talking about cool j. that nigga is straight gay.

  • Trouble

    Man this shit is whack, Will Smith isnt gay. Now that hes the biggest actor in the world, they gotta throw dirt on his name. And he isnt a Scientologist, he just embraces some of the techniques.

  • EReal

    You mad suspect duke for going out of your way to say all you’d do is talk about bitches if your fatass could get any.


  • Moi

    also, dudes who think about dudes with dudes are thinking about dudes with dudes. bol, you are either gay or this is a huge joke where you show how gay and homophobic everyone else is to your own amusement. please clarify!

  • Christy Newsome

    Super great article. Truely..

  • Elnora Carlisle

    Wow I am literally the only comment to your amazing post?!

  • Belkis Bernardin