Thanks to Jackpot I was able to enjoy my favorite day of the year with a front row seat. Vh-1's Hip-Hop Honors awards is like Christmas for a nigga like me. Old ass Hip-Hop heads who still do dances like the wop, the Fila, the Cabbage Patch, the Pee Wee Herman and the Cameo slide get one day a year to revel in the fact that we aren't dead yet (R.I.P. Pimp C).

This year's honorees and performers were some of my favorite groups from forever. De La Soul, Public Enemy, Ghostface, the Diplomats, Cypress fucking Hills. The list goes on and on. Tune in to Vh-1 Monday night at 10pm and imagine what it was like to be in the building for what was essentially the largest karaoke party evar. In another twenty years when some of you clowns are thirty five you will get all misty eyed too at the D4L reunion concert.

You remember the furor last year over Lupe Fiasco flubbing Phife's verse? A few missteps happened at this performance too. You have to give Big Boi a pass for hiccuping during the Naughty By Nature tribute. Treach was possibly one of the most vocally dextrous spitters from any era. It certainly didn't diminish his tribute to the group. Rappers are taxed so much more vocally than R & B singers because they use so many more words in their songs. Good rappers that is.

Hip-Hop Honors is about great rappers though. Even those that create using an economy of verbiage. Too Short isn't long winded or polysyllabic. His favorite word is "beeeeeeyotch!" just like T-Pain uses "shawty". Too Short changed rap music and proved that a hustler ethic was better at connecting with an audience than fucking with a major distributer. No one has ever duplicated Too Short's movement either.

Of course I availed myself of all the free food and hooch my two hands could hold. That is prA'li why I don't get invited to any of the after parties. Promoters don't want the beast to scare away all the beautiful people. Just as well I suppose since I'm at my day job while y'all are reading this drop. You need to have all your faculties present when working the cashier position at 7-11. At least for one night I got to be fifteen again without all the hormonal angst.

As much fun as the show was, and the show was effing incredible I enjoyed myself the most just standing around in parking garage meeting and greeting some of my heroes from the past twenty years. Sometimes it's just great to be a fan of Hip-Hop music. Tune in to the 2008 Hip-Hop Honors awards show on Vh-1 this Monday night and see what I mean.

2008 Vh-1 Hip-Hop Honors Aftershow Parking Garage Party ep.1

2008 Vh-1 Hip-Hop Honors Aftershow Parking Garage Party ep.2

2008 Vh-1 Hip-Hop Honors Aftershow Parking Garage Party ep.3