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  • Baby Bobby

    Hilarious! I appreciate the laugh, thanks Jay. Put this up there with Tina Feys SNL shit.

  • Baby Bobby

    *mysterious voice* “Did you know Barack Obama was a member of the black community??”. Bananas!


    thats the ad they are running in palin’s home state and some parts of miss. & louisiana

  • these posts are racist

    That’s funny.

    Jay-Smooth, I do think however, that there is a more pressing smear campaign that deserves more attention by thinking people, such as yourself.

    The other day, a woman, speaking to McCAin said “I don’t trust Obama…because he’s an Arab.” Whereupon McCain just said “Obama is a decent man…etc”

    The implication is that Arabs are not decent hardworking people. Is it not extremely disturbing that calling someone a “Muslim” or “Arab” is an insult and nobody calls McCain out for his racist response?

    • Bol

      McCain just meant that he isn’t a terrorist or anything.

      Because the Arabs most Americans are familiar with are the guys who flew those planes into the World Trade Center and killed all of those people.

      If the issue here is people’s perception of Arabs, shouldn’t your beef be with them?

    • Moi

      i can’t believe that i’m in the awkward position of defending mccain who i don’t support and can’t standl but i think you way misinterpreted that response. mccain dismissed her immediately and stood up for obama. he did.

      “the implication” is that you sound like someone in a sociology class in the early 90s.

      • Moi

        that being TPAR and mot BOL.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    What should be more disturbing ‘these posts are racist’ are the arabs that are still gonna vote republican.Most of the insults hurled at Obama about him going to muslim schools or being arabic,none have said that those accusations were because of him being a possible terrorist even though one could connect the dots.. but still peoples main argument are of them being scared of muslims as if a president who is not of a christian faith would be less than a president.

  • treebog


    • Tailynn

      A piece of edriuiton unlike any other!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Matt Herbz does not endorse John McCain. In fact, “Fuck that nigga.”

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    PS: I don’t trust Arab niggaz, either, but as long as you stay the fuck away from commercial airliners and just ring up the damn register at the pump, we cool… HOLLA.

    • fredMS

      shut up

  • these posts are racist


    I’ve tried replying twice with a substantive response, but it does not show up.

  • capcobra

    i was going for hilary but then obama won me over..he’s a smooth ass talker with 2 young daughters…kinda remind me of myself but then one night when i wasn’t sober…started thinking like what if homie introduced us to that new world i looked at mccain..all his posters said his name…then i looked at obama’s and his shit simply say change…..hmmmmm!

  • J.G.

    good video blog post and i think that is how they feel sometimes

  • jojo

    I’m glad you posted this vid, really great work bud…By the way, have you noticed how John McCain is trying to be a consumate professional by allowing Palin to do the dirty work a la William Ayers? I think the strategy is to allow the dumbass to state dumbass remarks, that way the few people that are not swayed by false rhetoric will simply pass it off as a simple message from a feable mind

    Also, just in case you haven’t seen this vid, heres a similar vid from Real Time last Friday night…enjoy

  • As expected..

    Oh please!! LMAO This is obviously a fake commercial, just listen to the end of it, it’s clearly just a bad joke. But I read a comment where somebody said that it’s running in Alaska or something. That can’t be true, this commercial is WWWWAAAAYYYYY to fucked up to be real. If it was real then some clan member should just pop up and say “Wake up white people!!”. Hmmm….

    • Dub Sac

      This is obviously a fake commercial

      Thanks for clearin’ that up, buddy.

  • ceo.w

    One thing we should know is that ur enemy dosn’t want 2 see u progress.

  • marc

    Yea that Arab accusation is freakin ludacris (i forgot how to really spell the word right;blame rappers)

    I know he is not but why do they act like being Arab or Muslim is a bad thing. Really its ignorance mixed with fear mixed with 8th grade education