There's a bunch of pics of Kanye West in the studio over at Concrete Loop. I saw them last week but it really just hit me when I was looking at them again how much of a mess the studio is. Check em out.

Amidst all the wires and laptops and junk, there's genius. There's creativity. There's art.

And it's always funny to me how you see footage of acts in the studio and the spot looks so clean and pristine. I'm not saying everyone's studio is a mess, but when you're bunkering down and spending countless hours in one place, it definitely gets out of hand.

The worst is wires. Sometimes there are so many wires going in so many different places, you start getting caught up in them, like a web. And you want to label them so you can quickly patch things, but that's such a pain in the ass. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Then again, some people need things organized in order for them to max out their creative juices. They just get all flustered in the chaos.

I know it seems kind of trivial, but what kind of environment do you like for making tracks?

I remember interviewing The Heatmakerz years ago and Rsonist was saying some producers needed flowers and certain temperatures in the spot to make tracks. He didn't like that very much lol.

How about yourself?

Totally unrelated: What's good with Dr. Dre opening a BBQ restaurant? Spotted over at Paul Rosenberg's blog, utterly hilarious.