BLOG: Jay-Z, Nas & T.I. Can’t Match Jim Jones Swagger

I thought that headline might get your attention.

Our favorite dirt angel is back. No, not with another record… Just talking shit, as per usual.

“All these n*gg*s have been around and they still not doing nothing. They trying to catch up to me right now, literally. I’m the point of interest right now. Who’s been more relevant than me the past three years as far as New York is concerned?  As far as style, fashion, speakin’ my mind, political awareness and stuntin’ on n*gg*s. Ladies love me. Police know my name on a first and last basis. They respect me for a [being a] G. They ain’t trying to lock me up for weed, so I’m having a ball. I probably smoke like a half an ounce a day. N*gg*s know how instrumental I am to New York. There’s no one gonna be able to do what I’ve done as far as the work I’ve put in, the things I’ve accomplished, and the things I’ve escaped unscathed for another 20 years. I don’t have to have nothing out and I still shut sh*t down. Me and Juelz [Santana] go on any stage in the world and shut the whole thing down.” -Jim Jones, Rhapsody Play Blog interview

Who the fuck smokes a half ounce per day? That’s not no damn boss. That thurr a fuckin pothead with a bad case of the rambles. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you weed is bad, children. It can have you watching Ninja Warrior all day instead of handling your responsibilities, but Lord knows I enjoy my little cheebas from time to time. Ain’t no thang. However, if you smoke a half-ounce per day, not only are you leaking money, but you’re one of those rare weed fiends who’ve smoked themselves touchdown.

I didn’t believe weed fiends existed until this one girl straight up offered to sick my duck in exchange for coming upstairs with me and tokin on a fuckin dime sack of haze.

Weed Fiend: I’ll roll it, Ronnie. And after we get high I’mma need you to shit on me.

Ron Mexico: Excuse me? You mean like… wear it out and not call you or something?

WF: Nah, I mean like… You know. Take a shit on my stomach.

RM: *screws face* Ewwww!

So after I shits on the bitch… Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh, yeah. Dirt Angels and how they smoke too much. Right.

Even at my stoniest back in college I could never bring myself to blow half a zip in a day. Knowing the Jones daily smoke ration explains Dipset/Robin Byrd Gang music and philosophy much better than trying to hold conversation the man.

Speaking of “talking to the man,” police knowing your name on a first and last basis is not some shit to be proud of. If you’re Frank Lucas, it means they almost got you. If you’re some mid-level player or lower, it means you’re a walking snitchfest. If niggas think you’re snitchin, they ain’t trynna listen.

When a police officer is nice enough to spare the rod and greet me verbally I may reluctantly do the same. I don’t tell him my name, address, who my peoples are, where the fuck was they at, what the fuck was they doin… etc.

Sounds like both a precursor and conduit to the snitching behavior Jones.E condemns earlier in the interview.

“They said one of the bouncers ended up getting slapped. I don’t know what happened there. They ended up putting a warrant out for my arrest after that. I got locked up. [The security guard] had an order of protection but the judge lifted it. I had to do fucking community service ‘cause a n*gg* snitching. It ain’t nothing but some b*llsh*t assault charges. Suing is a form of snitching when it comes to them type of situations.”

Did this moron just say “suing is a form of snitching?” Ain’t nobody need to snitch on Pigpen ass. One, maybe the bouncer involved was on a first and last name basis with some polices.  Two, if Jimmy slaps someone all they gotta do is go to the courthouse the next business day. Jones could slap a nigga on Friday night, Monday morning the plaintiff could walk into the courthouse and the judge would know what time it is.

“Ugh. You smell like you’d been around Jim Jones this weekend. Court is adjourned! *GAVEL SLAMS*

For the record, lawsuits are bidness transactions. Kinda like those he discussed in this interview when referring to Juelz Santana:

So, Cam selling Juelz contract for $2 million is false?
He made some money off the transaction. But this ain’t slavery. Ain’t nobody sell nobody. That’s the difference.

Later in the same interview:

Former Byrdgang member Max B has been posting videos taking shots at you and saying an alteraction took place between you two. What are you thoughts on these?
There’s one thing about YouTube, people get up there and say what they want, but there’s never, ever any proof. If there was anything I’ve ever done, believe me, somebody validated would tell you about it.  And besides, I own him. From the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. So, you tell me when his album’s gonna come out? He sold his publishing to me for like 100 stacks for whatever the bail was when he was cryin’ to me to get out of jail. That’s my sneaker money. I own him. He signed to me. Not no Asylum. He won’t be coming out with an album anytime soon.

So, any deal he does, he has to go through you?
Yeah, I’m the Don Dada. You gotta come speak to Daddy. I’m Steinbrenner in the situation. Who’s your daddy?  Dada.  Padre.  Me. Let’s get to that.

I thought this rap shit wasn’t slavery? Massa Jones is talkin real big for a non-slave owning white man from the great state of Pississippi. Nigga said he owns Max B from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. That sounds to me like maybe you could sell his contract down the river to buy some more oxen or something. Maybe one of them inside-the-house bathtubs I keep hearing about at the town market.

“Nas was never on my level ever. Ever.”

STOP! Hold it right the fuck there.

Jim Jones should not be allowed to compare himself to Nas’ shaving scum. I don’t even gotta drop the Big Joker, Little Joker and deuce of diamonds that are Illmatic, It Was Written and Stillmatic. For agrument’s sake, let’s say Nastradamus is Nas’ worst album. [Blogger's Note: I really don't mind it that much.] Jim Jones ain’t never gonna have a Nastradamus in him ever. Ever. Then again, there’s a reason why only the damn Rhapsody blog and his YouTube-ready camera phone want to capture his pearls of wisdom.

Addressing Jim’s outlandish claim in the lead quote, he and Juelz can go on any stage in the world and get forcibly scrubbed down and relieved of their costume jewelry. Otherwise, there are no guarantees for a Dipset/Byrd Gang/Skull Gang/I Can’t Find My Chain show.

This all comes from the same delusional nigga who thought he was intentionally ignored for the original “Swagger Like Us.” Nigga, don’t nobody with respect for themselves want Jim Jones on they record. You gotta be bout ready to suck dick for coke to have your label pay Jimmy Jones for a verse when you could get… I don’t know, Tity Boy or some shit for cheaper.

To his defense, I do hear niggas say “You lookin like Jim Jones” from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s never a compliment. Neither are these detractory comments about Rocawear:

“[Jay-Z] was able to dictate sh*t. But that was because Dame [Dash] was around him and gave him a little bit of ‘cool’ factor. Sh*t, what can he dictate now? He’s dressing like me. I seen him with some skull scarves and some Louis Vuitton scarves and all types of sh*t. That ain’t Rocawear. If that’s what you own, you should be vested in what you own. You should be wearing that sh*t all day because it should be some fly sh*t that you wanna have on. It should be like Ralph Lauren where you know I got some fly sh*t. But no n*gg*, you see him dressing like me and turn Rocawear into skulls and shit. [Laughs.]“

Why is Dame Dash present and why is Jimmy doing the One-Eyed Willy finger grip around his meat?

Only a bum nigga like Jim would wear his own clothing ALL THE DAMN TIME! He already wears the same clothes ALL THE DAMN TIME. Do you know how much of an ass Nelly looks like with a big ass VOKAL on his chest? Don’t you know the average back-of-the-XXL reader is laughing at the artists wearing billboards of clothing labels that even their most stalkerish fans wouldn’t spend their FEMA checks on?

Ugh. I could see the label now. “Dirt Bag for Mens.” That shit comes sweat-stained and sour-smelling right off the rack. Homeless on the corner have swagger like Jones… Swagger like Jones… Swagger like Jones.

Negro, Ple– *begins sneezing motions* AKOO! Sorry. It’s so cold in the D. How the fuck we supposed to not sneeze?

T.I. need to take his AKON clothing back to the African Market with the tube socks and winter hats shit.

Questions? Comments? Requests? What happened to your Goonie face? Why you not doin’ the Goonie face?

Don’t forget to vote for Diddy or R. Kelly in the SDN Tournament Final! Voting ends tonight at midnight! We’ll crown our champion in the morning!


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  • og bobby j

    “Homeless on the corner have swagger like Jones… Swagger like Jones… Swagger like Jones.”

    Pure comedy….hats off

    Jones is a burger…plain and simple.

    Can someone…anyone…let this dude know that he isnt even top 100 in this brita filtered game.

    Lets see….certified gangstas……We fly high…..BRICKS like starks in houston.

    fuck outta here jimmy. How you gonna talk shit when you were Cams flunkie…and Cam aint spit fire since Big L was written his shit.



    • joe p

      jim jones sucks … and of story … no beats, same flow,talks bout the same shit …. weak total idot

  • amar

    is it just me, or does jim jones rapping always sound like he’s whining? Interviews are another matter though-this dude is like the new lil wayne! do i smell a ddn tournament brewing?!

    but this first last name basis thing confuses me. Doesn’t a cop either not know your name or know your first AND last name? I don’t imagine a cop would have any use just knowing a guy as “Jones”. WTF? Am I missing something?

  • giantstepp

    Good drop Mex!

    Ayo, Jimmy is seriously DELOUSIONAL! Them rap cats surround themselves with yes men and groupie hoes and start believing there own hype. He has done nothing in the game besides “Ballin”! The epitome of a 1 hit wonder. Nas and Jay can, and do, WRITE HIP HOP LAWS, that get passed like in congress dude! Very few in the game past or present could do that! Jim Jones will never, ever be able to do that. Get over yourself Jimmy, you are and will always be a minor player in hip hop. Your talking reckless and ignorant is the only thing that gets you and air time. Im sick of this cat…

    • Pierzy

      Delusional is a great way to describe it. Jay-Z & NaS are not only hip-hop legends, but overall music legends. Jim Jones isn’t even the best MC in his own group!

      What up Mex!!

  • Bobo D

    I saw the article a few days and immediatly handed Jim Jones a XXL© in Negro Please.

    Does anyone have that Jim Jones look?
    Cause if you do I would like to let you know you look like a hip-hop hobo.

    Jim Jones on Nas’ level? Shit only in Jimmy’s wet dreams would he be on Nas’ level…No homo.

    Jim Jones has shurely earned himself DDN of the year, I mean who has Dame Dash by there side to correct them on what’s a fruit and what’s a vegatable?
    But again he is the “Fruit Man”…double No Homo.

    Ron, did you really ODB Dog Shit on some weed fiend dame. LMFAO!

  • The_Truth

    **Jim. . .stop talking shit and compete!

    If you were what you THINK you are, they’d be talking about you. . .not the other way around. Every cat you name are ON THE CHARTS, so you have no choice but sideline talk.

    Not a good look Jimmy.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    1. Nice drop with the Biggie dialogue–I’ve been wanting to incorporate that into a post for a while. You could have cleaned it up a bit, but it was chuckles.

    2. I really don’t mind Nastradamus that much, either. It’s Street’s Disciple I can’t stand. White dude that I am, I still haven’t fux’d with The N****r mixtape or album, though. I’m still waiting for it to age up/mellow out a while before I taste it, nahmean?!

    3. You right, You ain’t no fuckin BOSS if you’re smoking 1/2 a Oskie every day. I mean, I smoke with the best of ‘em; I put my shit in the pipe and smoke it, gotdammit, but I’ve never seen anyone go through maybe a 20 sack in a whole day. I’ve toked shit that had me high for 6 hours straight and then I fucked a bitch and passed out…I was not walking my ass through Harlem talking shit about Jay or Nas. Jim Jones is a joke. He stay grimy and he look like he always got a damn cold or some shit. Don’t let that nigga sneeze on you.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Moi

      that is correct. you were NOT walking through harlem.

  • EReal

    How can you have ONE hit record and you’re better than Nas?

    Jim Jones is weedtarded. Prolly puttin cherm on his Ls.

    • EReal

      I swear, every time Jim Jones opens his yuckmouth, he’s got Nas or Jay’s dick allll up in it.

      “I was the first one rockin scarfs and skulls, man”
      Who gives a fuck, that shit is straight WACK.

  • TEA


  • Jmill1224

    “Our favorite dirt angel is back”= Classic opening
    this whole damn post gonna get me fired, this shit is funny as hell. If u get the chance pull up Cam’s what means the world to u video, and jimmy still look like pig pen!

    Helluva post Ron, we need to start a help buy Jimmy some soap and wash cloth fund!

  • Justice4All

    That dude sounds like 50–those are the hate mail statements you make when your shipped has sailed on past…

    Jimmy Choo stay the WTFD losing.

  • El Tico Loco

    i hope he knows them scarves are as bad as having a murse. smh i got a headache now.

  • valdez

    yo, this was a great blog, man. shit had me crying the whole time!!

  • El Tico Loco

    i hope he knows them scarves are as bad as having a murse. smh i got a head ache now.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    VOTE OR DIE, SONS. DIDDY!!!!!!!!!!


    • Ron Mexico

      my man. that is a serious look! much respect and thanks!

      diddy should probably be thanking you more.

      • DJ Daddy Mack

        lol its nothing. he should have made a damn video blog about it. i try but diddy lost. :-( i cannot believe it. but yea i enjoy ur work, ron. keep it up.

  • DV8

    Funny Shit and best of all….very true. This nigga Jenny Jones need to put the weed down. Who the fuck smokes 1/2 a pound of greenery a day? You can only get so high until you pass out for six hours and wake up with enough munchies to eat through you groceries for the week in less then a hour, and pass out again. SMH at this nigga, he one of those dudes thats on his own dick so hard he doesnt realize that hes garbage. This 1 or 2 hit wonder think he can see Nas on the music tip, WTF is wrong with this dude?

  • Arcey

    co-sign giantstepp: “…Them rap cats surround themselves with yes men and groupie hoes and start believing there own hype…”

    “Nas was never on my level ever. Ever.”
    that’s true he’s on a higher level!

    Mex, you gotta organize a DDN tournament as well!!!

  • JMill1224

    Jimmy at his weed carrier best check it out.

  • EReal

    For some reason I thought of Jim Jones riding around on one of those broom horses and yelling “DOOFY DOOFY DOOFY” while swinging his scarfie atop his head.


    • Ron Mexico

      ugh. phillies.

  • trouble

    am i the only person that see what hes saying. peep the vibe magazine this month with Jay on the cover, he is swagger jackin jim jones!!! those Louis Vuitton scarves, dipset been doin that for over a year now. people need to wake up, yeah nas and jay can flow but jim got all them cats beat when it comes to swag.

    and why is everybody flexin about a half a onion a day. if yall had the money yall would smoke like that too !!! LOL

    • EReal

      ^ This guy bought 3 copied of the carter 3, cause he has swag like that.

      LOL @ YOU!


    • marc

      When did “swag” become more important than talent.

      He has no lyrical skill

      Dipset was cool in middle school
      now they are just embarassing themselves

    • amar

      buddy, who gives a shit who wore which scarf first? Dipset prolly stole that trend from gay hipster skater kids, who stole it from someone else. Scarves have been worn for years, who gives a shit about their origin?

      and on that same note, is it wrong to copy someone’s style? Isn’t that what fashion is in the first place? If I wanted to be original, I’d buy me one of them full body condoms and march around town talkin bout my scrotum’s swag.

      Real originality is for crazies.

  • JMill1224

    Check out What Means the World to You, and the Let Me Know videos by Cam. Did this nigga ever look clean. He looks old back then! Every time this nigga open his mouth, its a fuckin Negro Please!

  • http://xxl GSIDE

    Time for somebody to get rob and punch in the face agin . You may have misquoted him on smoking a half ounce he meant to say me and my crew smoke a half ounce.

  • Mike Crown

    “What happened to your Goonie face? Why you not doin’ the Goonie face?”

    I think as soon as the stench hits you the goonie face turns into the poonie face. Great Post.

    I voted for Diddy, but I think he’s met his match.


    Damn! dis shit was funny as hell

  • capcobra

    it’s put up or shut up time for jones.

  • marc

    WOW did he say political awareness
    i guess i wasn’t aware
    except him talking bout the Nas Sly fox shit

    You know whats great though. he can relate to mad women in Beverly Hills the way he loves louis vuttion and accesorizing

    He shouldn’t even compare himself to Nas’ microwave. (cuz that shit is hotter than him)

    Police don’t respect or fear him. Can you imagine. “Thats Jim Jones he’s big time he’s got a 1 gold album and the streets on his side. Plus did you see that jheri curl in certified gangstas? eeeek.”

    HANNAH MONTANA ain’t got Swagger like Jimmy (right?)

  • anutha_level

    stinky lookin blasphemus pot-heads are not kewl man…

  • OG BoBBy J

    for the record…smokin a 1/2 o aint shit….I once smoked an O in 8 hours with 2 cats….not to mention the 3 O’s i ripped thru in 44 hours….it can be done

    not that i condone that ish….i couldnt breath right or spit for like a week after that binge….

    good times….

    • Dub Sac

      Sure, it can be done – but like you yourself say, it was a binge. And you probably didn’t do shit else during that time besides smoking that weed and maybe playing some video games.

      This guy’s talking like that’s his daily routine. An 1/8 a day I could believe, but either he’s lying his ass off about how much he smokes, or we know why he ain’t putting out music and just spends his days talking out of his ass.

  • Manny78d

    Man, truth be told…………. In my freshman year in college I used to smoke about an ounce every 3 or 4 days. I had a 0.8 gpa and had to make straight A’s in summer classes to be allowed to enroll in the fall ( on academic probation of course ). Yes the weed was a drain on my already limited funds but I went to school in Texas ( the closer to Mexico the cheaper the bud ) and I smoked reg bud so…. I guess what concerns me is that he most likely smokes haze or dro and alot of it, and he talks so fuckin much. He never really makes any sense. I think hes fuckin with that WHITE GIRL.



  • geico lizard

    you called him pig pen ron,lmao. nobody snitched on jimmy because when he smacked the guy it left a brown handprint of dirt so they got jimmy by matching the dirty fingerprints.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Nas vs. Jimmy in the 1st Annual Hip-Hop Spelling Bee. Yeeaahh, that shit would be interesting. This nigga Jimmy is a fuckin idiot!!

  • Shawty J

    Jim Jones has no relevance in Hip-Hop. Bruh, needs to stop deluding himself. He had one hot song and a remix, people just liked the song, I bet most people who liked the song don’t even know his name.

    Jim Jones needs to stop running off at the mouth. Comparing himself to more experience, better skilled rappers. We all know what he’s doing, he’s tryna get their attention so he can capitalize off it. And when you get to the point where you have to capitalize off other people it’s usually a sign that your aren’t very talented.

  • NM23

    Jim Jones. Go away.Quickly. For good please

  • ALI

    haha niiice….Jim Jones is my least favorite rapper of all time….yes there are worse rappers (not much lol) but this guy actually thinks he can rap!!! thats a negro please in itself right there….he just talks shit & raps about the same dumbass shit, he’s such a fuckin’ idiot

  • grant ny

    this more like it, not that sdn bullshit.

    musically true jim is wack, he comes out with some shit buttt his swagga is best in hip hop aint no doubt, jim dressed like that, now everyone doing it, even jay “never seen him dress well before z. hes infulenced hip hop cultre massively, but his musics wack unfortanatly, cant wait for killa 2 cum bak wooo ny ny

  • kne81

    LMAO!!!…good shit Ron I needed the laugh after the night shift; can’t really say which line got me laughin more.I definetly like how you sneaked in “AKOO” in there.As far as Jimmy goes I don’t think ppl should pay attention to him anymore everytime he speaks,he done shot himself in the feet soo many time, it startin to look and smell like rotten swiss cheese.

  • Monstadon

    All Jim Jones needs is the size 23 chuck taylors, the red nose, and he could go on ahead and join the fucking circus. What a fucking clown.


  • Stylistic

    Relevent? Yeah with the pop crowd! I’ll admit ballin was a hot song but the rest of his shit is garbage. Fuck, Krs-One is more still more relevent on the streets, and with Hip Hop fans then Jimmy is……

  • that nigga

    Was Jenny Jones In the SDN Tourny??
    He couldnt of been, I dont remember him and I woulda def voted for him and I dont remember doing so. Maybe It was the ounce of Piff I smoked in like an hour.(smfh)
    If not we fucked that all up. Just add him In now and give this nigga the Trophy. Or just make him the face of The SDN/DDN, or the Negro Please Section.



  • CTOWN614


  • PBreezy

    Jones talkin’ like he run New York.

    Nigga the whole world saw you and your wifey Juelz Santana get shut down when you tried to get into Chris Brown’s album release party.

    We all heard you yelling “Where Chris at? Where Chris at?”

    Nigga! He’s sippin’ champagne laughin because some old dirty ass 45 year old nigga is trying to get into his party.


    yo im sitting here with jones now he wanna say something:


    im sorry guys. im one of the worst rappers 2 ever touch a mic. someone told me that i was on soulja boy and birdman level. i cried myself 2 sleep that night. i aint no thug and never have been. you smell me? i miss cam and max b. i just say random shit to the media so i can get some attention. i cant be compared 2 jay-z in no way. i can name 400 rappers better than myself. but yo ima just go away 4 a while please bloggers dont forget about me. please. im going 2 re-release “we fly high” so people will like me again. bye guys thanks 4 listening.