[Blogger's Note: "Negro Please" is XXL's Ron Mexico Show and he'll do whatever the fuck he wants with it.]

Okay, that's not really what happened, but still. What the fuck, Jay?

Is there any sound explanation for The God MC wearing Jada Fire-sized ass beads around his neck? It's not Mardi Gras. Heeen't at no Saints or no Hornets game. Homeboy's at Cowboys vs. Packers and is the only nigra in Green Bay, Wisconsin who isn't suited up to play.

I wasn't watching this game (though I was pleased with the end result), so I don't know why Jay was in attendance or on the sidelines holding a football. I do know that whoever this photographer is needs to be on XXL's payroll. He caught Jay looking especially Koopa Trooper. That facial expression indicates them beads were used recently.

You can smell it! You can smell it!

Beyonce is a real ride-or-die bitch for even entertaining the thought of putting those massive beads into that camel hump.

Seriously, though. Jay gets the big "Negro Please" for wearing that shit in public--on a football field, no less.

I know I'm going to find out later today that I'm the asshole and that those are cancer awareness beads or some shit. Watch this be some Make-A-Wish kid's dream to have Jay-Z wear his one prized possession to a game he could never attend. *sniffle*

I guess that's the [only] difference between Jay and myself. I'd have to arrange something else with that little nigga.

"How about... I buy you a titty bounce with a happy ending before you peace?"

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Question of the Day: [Besides "Why is Jay wearing those?"] What would someone have to do to get beads like those from you at Mardi Gras?