I never in my long-legged life thought I would hear Jadakiss on commercial radio as much in one hour as I heard Lil' Wang, but this past weekend when I was driving around in a BMW, thanks to ZipCar that was the case. Jadakiss was on a track with Ne-Yo. Then I heard 'Kiss on a song with some chick. Later in the hour I could swear I heard fam on a joint with Robin Thicke. Universal Records is going in hard for Jadakiss like no other, save Lil' Wang.

This now makes me ask several questions. First, what took the industry so long? Jadakiss is not an unknown quantity. He and Joe Buddens might be rap music's most under-utilized talents. Ever since 'Kiss was freed from the grips of Diddly there should have been a bidding war to push his music out. I'm surpised now that I do hear from Jada it is a feature on several R & B songs. Al Queda Jada is only supposed to be on joints like 'Hi Haters' and the assorted hardbody tracks reserved for dudes like Sean Price or Saigon.

Is Jadakiss going to rebuild the Roc? This question seems like a given since the Roc was dismantled several months ago. In the grand scheme of things Jadakiss is a more thorough addition then say, a Peedi Crack. But Crack still gets busy though. It's like trading Manny Ramirez for Jason Bay. Jadakiss is a Hall of Famer, but Peedi is a reliable player who hits for average and produces RBI's. I swould still rather have the Hall of Fame player on my team though because those cats know how to win.

Speaking of hearing Roc Boys as features on R & B tracks did I just hear some R & B joint with Freeway on it? I wonder if '808's & Heartbreaks' will have a track that has Beanie Sigel singing to KanYe in autotune. That shit would be crazy. That is where rap music is about to go anyway. The only people rapping will be on MySpace. At least Jadakiss is getting some mainstream exposure now although I don't know how these fans translate to Jada's previous body of work. I suppose if Universal got him a few more R & B guest verses we could see Jadakiss go from the hooded sweatshirts to the linen button-ups, er, button downs.

When you have the machine behind you and you have talent you can't fail. When you have the machine behind you and you are retarded you still can't fail. I will let 2.5 million people be proof positive of that.