Jadakiss Is Universal…

I never in my long-legged life thought I would hear Jadakiss on commercial radio as much in one hour as I heard Lil’ Wang, but this past weekend when I was driving around in a BMW, thanks to ZipCar that was the case. Jadakiss was on a track with Ne-Yo. Then I heard ‘Kiss on a song with some chick. Later in the hour I could swear I heard fam on a joint with Robin Thicke. Universal Records is going in hard for Jadakiss like no other, save Lil’ Wang.

This now makes me ask several questions. First, what took the industry so long? Jadakiss is not an unknown quantity. He and Joe Buddens might be rap music’s most under-utilized talents. Ever since ‘Kiss was freed from the grips of Diddly there should have been a bidding war to push his music out. I’m surpised now that I do hear from Jada it is a feature on several R & B songs. Al Queda Jada is only supposed to be on joints like ‘Hi Haters’ and the assorted hardbody tracks reserved for dudes like Sean Price or Saigon.

Is Jadakiss going to rebuild the Roc? This question seems like a given since the Roc was dismantled several months ago. In the grand scheme of things Jadakiss is a more thorough addition then say, a Peedi Crack. But Crack still gets busy though. It’s like trading Manny Ramirez for Jason Bay. Jadakiss is a Hall of Famer, but Peedi is a reliable player who hits for average and produces RBI’s. I swould still rather have the Hall of Fame player on my team though because those cats know how to win.

Speaking of hearing Roc Boys as features on R & B tracks did I just hear some R & B joint with Freeway on it? I wonder if ’808′s & Heartbreaks’ will have a track that has Beanie Sigel singing to KanYe in autotune. That shit would be crazy. That is where rap music is about to go anyway. The only people rapping will be on MySpace. At least Jadakiss is getting some mainstream exposure now although I don’t know how these fans translate to Jada’s previous body of work. I suppose if Universal got him a few more R & B guest verses we could see Jadakiss go from the hooded sweatshirts to the linen button-ups, er, button downs.

When you have the machine behind you and you have talent you can’t fail. When you have the machine behind you and you are retarded you still can’t fail. I will let 2.5 million people be proof positive of that.

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  • giantstepp

    Jada is mad underated! I can’t understand why why aint blow (no homo) the top off the game yet.

    • http://www.twitter.com/malim83 malim83

      yea, jada is mad underated (to Non-real hiphop heads)but jada has made R&B joints to go along with his street sh!t. That’s why he’s one of the greatest of all time. I don’t if this guy only listen to radio sh!t or what?? It seems as though this guy is strictly main stream but HE better do his research!!

  • http://xxlmag.com jmill1224

    Maybe the labels, starting to wake up. They say “hiphop” is for the youth, but they fucked that up when they gave the reign to lil Wang, give it back to the grown ups. and send Wang a box set of Sesame Street, and Mr. Roger’s. Rep that good shit, good post Billy.

    • LEO


  • LEO

    Jadakiss is not an unknown quantity. He and Joe Buddens might be rap music’s most under-utilized talents

    cosign…I dont understand this shit…never will…Jada has always had hot guest verses but never gets the push from the people at the desks, to make it happen real big…Im waiting for his next Joint…that Ne-Yo joints a good look too…Joe Budden needs to get in some beef with somebody…Lil Wang perhaps?

  • og bobby j

    Jada is only an unknown among the pop rap fan base. Real cats know jada is top 5…give him the right push and the right beats…and he is finally gonna blow….

    he is killin the game right now…
    we run this w/ jay
    losse ya life w/ snoop and pusha
    for the city w/ mop
    reppin time
    cocaine music

    5 hardest tracks out right now

    fyi…heard he may be on 50′s next album…apparently 50 realized he was fallin off and was finally gonna branch out and do some shit with people other then floyd and ya-yizzy.

    • http://www.twitter.com/malim83 malim83

      TRUE, real hiphop heads love Jada!! but that’s the issue. In todays hiphop, there are alot of corny as fans that think all this crap they are listening to is real rap.
      And jada has been kill’in R&B joints for years, this guy better do his research and stop with all the radio pop bull sh!t!!

  • http://xxlmag.com jmill1224

    Joe Budden vs. Lil Wang? Damn, thats like going to a dogfight with a poodle! Joe will eat his ass up. But u know some forrest gump ass Wang fan, gonna say he the best. I still dont get it, how do you go from “Wobbily, Wobbily, drop it like its hot. To every fuckin word in “Milli” and he’s the best? Aint no more fuckin standards.

  • DV8

    When you have the machine behind you and you have talent you can’t fail. When you have the machine behind you and you are retarded you still can’t fail. I will let 2.5 million people be proof positive of that.

    I agree with ^^^^^

    Im glad a actual rapper is getting the push for actually rapping for once. Jada = nicer then every other rapper on the radio.

  • El Tico Loco

    Anybody who is not scared and has enough co signs to prevent being blackballed can get LiL wang, Ja Ruled and ethered with no vaseline, and he knows that but as long as his fans are blinded by the smoke and mirrors he’s safe.

  • yoprince

    “The only people rapping will be on Myspace.”


  • capcobra

    fuck jadakiss…15 yrs in the game and he still ain’t shit….how many chances do a nigga need to be a boss?…fuck him….lol.

    • GorillaJoe

      That’s the problem right there, everybody trying to be a boss, or the king, or the GOAT.

      Music Industry rule #5,995


      Play Your Position

      • capcobra

        if you ain’t trying to be the best…then what the fuck is you doing?…looking to work for somebody else and keep getting a check?….you must be somebody’s son-son….lol….you let them hit you with the rule and the guideline number…#5,995..pyp…you know the rules..follow ‘em!!

  • http://xxlmag.com jmill1224

    thats the damn problem with this damn industry, too many mailroom niggas screaming “BOSS”

  • capcobra

    nah…the problem is too many ny niguz from 15-20 yrs ago still rapping…if them niguz get the hell out the way..maybe ny can get back right….buckshot.busta.jada.diddy.hov.nas.ll….the list goes on and on…they got no business competing with cory gunz.santana.jae mills.maino…etc..you don’t see nobody else trying to push they old artists from the early 90′s…plus the industry and longevity is based on being a boss…get on then put somebody else on and so on and so forth….the problem is fake bosses running around fronting and wanna keep a young hungry nigga in the mailroom….look at kiss and hood…how could d block help this kid if they still trying establish themselves by rapping…and then kiss sign to hov?….it’s over now…he won’t ever sit at the table wit 50.hov.and diddy…he’ll always be under the bosses….maybe not in the mailroom but definitely not in the skyscraper.

  • http://xxlmag.com jmill1224

    i agree and dont agree. why we the only genre that disposes of our entertainers? madonna, elton john, rolling stones, metallica, etc. they still getting that money, and there’s enough room for everyone to put out good product and eat. alot of the new cats is nice but aint no one tryin no new shit, its the same damn blue print. everytime the culture it was somebody that came with something fresh. i been looking for millz for what seems like forever. i think the next big cat is gonna be Ortiz or Gunz

  • http://xxlmag.com jmill1224

    typo–Everytime the culture changed, it was because someone did something fresh.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Bosses?!? Y’all niggas watch too many movies. Anyone who raps into a microphone is a worker bee. Completely expendable.

    The bosses don’t never touch the mic. They get their shout outs in the album liner notes but since most of y’all haven’t bought any music in 5-10 years you wouldn’t have any idea who is running this rap shit.

    *Hint: Its NOT Lyor Cohen either, because he has a boss he has to report to.

    The main reason these old heads stay around is because no one younger than them has any skills. Niggas have replaced skills with swag. That’s fag shit holmeslice.

    • capcobra

      wow..i said jada ain’t a boss and everybody getting worked up…my fault….lol….niguz know what i mean tho’…as far as that swag replacing skills shit…blame hov for saying nas was wack…blame ll for crushing canibus…blame niguz like grand puba and wu tang for mixing knowledge and fashion sense together…blame biggie and jay for the baller shit…blame foxy and kim…blame niguz for saying big and pac the best ever….blame hot 97 for playing southern rap…blame whoever..but don’t blame the youth..thru out history black people wanna blame the younger generation for our current problems…stop that.

    • DV8

      I concur

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Ugh, this shit is so fuckin annoying. Look, I’m a Jada fan as much as the next dude, but I think Eskay said it best when he was like “For B-list rapper, with A-list lyrics, Jada sure puts out C-list albums.” Jada is only hot over those street anthems and so forth. Yes, “Why” was prolly his best track and it was crazy, but dude really hasn’t been able to deliver a solid body of work. We all know he has it in him, but we’ve been waiting for nearly a decade to hit it out the ballpark. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to be very very skeptical on this one.

    Don’t forget, Jada did that joint with Mariah Carey on his last album and shit was straight wack. And he did joints with J.Lo (where they made a total mockery of KRS’s “South Bronx” beat) Or maybe you did forget. My point exactly.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I will blame the youth and that will make the youth become harder, faster, stronger on some $6M dollar man shit.

    I will def blame Jay-Z and others who have been ho’s to hip-hop’s legacy. But at the end of the day these are people that didn’t know any better and were jut happy to be getting put on to the industry.

  • El Tico Loco

    Heads that grew on rakim, g rap, and kane and so on, if you listen to their old joints now their skills are still superior to the young cats now and can still touch mics with them. So if you sum it up the expectations when it comes to skills were high on this generation of rappers because that’s what evolution’s about. how would like it if the ballplayers after Kobe and Lebron started doin set shots and dribbling with one hand then all the girls and sportscasters were sayin how these new cats are so nice with rock, and Kobe and Lebron who jump out the building are no longer relevant even tho their stats are superior? that’s how it feels when it comes to the young generation!! the best analogy i can think of

  • avon

    ok its bout time they pushin kiss like they posed to now the industry need to work joe budden saigon keep working maino and get at papoose

  • http://internationalzonecoaster.blogspot.com Max-Jerome

    Honestly, this write up is a “2.5″.

    Like him or not, Jadakiss is one of the reasons I don’t care for HipHop. Instead you riding Jada, you should of done more “homework” on his “ahem” longevity.

    Before I continue, lets be clear, “Jada” is a good emcee no question about it.

    However, as a consumer of this music you should be concerned with his business ethics. He was smart enough to find a loophole.

    Peep the Crew Jumping Phenom.

    1. Before signing with “Bad Boy” they were a group who was Hardcore but Diddy convinced them to wear shiny suits. They agreed for a check. Years later, Cried about how King Combs was raping them, and threatened to throw a refrigerator. Had two “free the lox” campaigns. Then was seen on stage at Summer Jam with Diddy(???).

    2. Once again, joined another crew thats correct, “Ruff Ryders”. Got the check and bounced. They Agreed For A Check. Not happy with the label they stated but shouts to E.V.E.

    3. Jada has jumped once again, and joined “Roca-a-Fella”. Got that check and was quoted as saying, “Raping” these labels.

    Still Not Convinced…about his longevity??

    4. Just recently, He (you ready for this) reached out to 50 Cent (thats right) to kill the beef and hopefully do a Lox and G-Unit compilation???? Wait, didn’t they denounce J-Hood for getting on stage with 50, and claimed that they hope “the big niggas don’t get him”. Isn’t he doing the same exact thing? His explanation, “He made a grown man move”. Rewind: Didn’t Green Lantern lose his job for this man???

    5. Why so many R & B Tracks??? Answer, He has the ability to get an independent check for 16 bars.

    Again, this is not Hate, this is common sense. The Streets are definitely watching.

  • get money

    joe budden had that machine behind him and he had that talent and he failed. so you can’t say that is one of those things that you can’t call. nelly has no talent and he sold records so you can’t tell.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    First off, Buddens never had the machine behin d him as far as promotion and constant radio placement.

    Secondly, the dude writing the Jadakiss timeline doesn’t know shit. There’s too many holes in your thinking for me to plug them all but you don’t know enough to throw darts at ‘Kiss grind.

  • El Tico Loco

    jadakiss reached out to 50 (key phrase) to squash the beef. Jae Hood shitted on dblock to join 50 and got played in process that’s the difference.

  • Rizz

    “but dude really hasn’t been able to deliver a solid body of work”

    Homie Jada been killing the game b4 B.I.G died,you cant call his “body of work” a few solo albums, he BEEN killing mixtapes for years to keep his name hot, he just had to make studio albums to try to appeal to the masses. Ya’ll even been listening?

  • http://xxlmag.com jmill1224

    Kiss is a hell of a rapper. But i think he suffers from “nas syndrome”. them niggas can place about 50% of their lyrics on bangers. then the rest is rhymes over some fucked first time fruity loop shit. and now with mixtapes. niggas putting shit out thats better than their albums.

  • http://xxlmag.com jmill1224

    that shit a double edged sword.