The plot thickens!

When I did a post here the other day about how Nas may or may not have once received a very special birthday present from Ashley Dupre, the hoo-er that brought down Eliot Spitzer, the one thing that made me think he might not have was that he was out that night with his girlfriend at the time, Kelis.

But then I was informed, by a few of you fruits in the comments section, that this wouldn't have been an issue, since Kelis herself has been known to eat the box. Which I hadn't been aware of, but it does seem to make sense if you think about it.

She always did seem kinda awesome!

Normally, I'm at a loss for why a guy like Nas, who has the means to pull an assortment of incredible trim, would even bother getting married.

But if Kelis was actually bringing home other women for Nas to bang, then yeah, that does kinda sound like a no brainer. Not only does she have her own rather considerable check, but she actually gets you stank from other broads.

I can hardly imagine a more ideal spouse.

The only thing is, you have to wonder how much you can trust a woman like that. I mean, if she's willing to engage in all sorts of kinky sex shit like that when you're around, who knows what kind of kinky shit she might get into when you're not around.

It's a well known fact that all women possess a certain urge to make love to another woman. And who can blame them? It's just that most women have the self control to refrain from going there, except for when they're drunk, and they can pretend they're doing it to get attention from guys.

It probably should have occurred to Nas that, if Kelis has been chewing on carpet to the point where random-ass people on the Internets know about it, she might not necessarily be wife material. But then I think we all know that Nas can be rather oblivious at times.

It's the reason why he's got a baby by Carmen Bryan and Jay-Z doesn't.

Hence, I wasn't all that surprised to read that there might be a tape out depicting Kelis in bizarre sex acts with a guy who isn't Nas, and that someone might be trying to sell the tape to Nas for $150,000.

Actually, I didn't read that it was Kelis in the tape. I just read over on Media Take Out that it was an R&B singer who's married to a platinum selling rapper.

In fact, I didn't really think anything of it at the time. But then I went over to Sandra Rose, and I saw a post with a similar headline, and a big-ass picture of Kelis, and I was like, damn. Not the little homey. Again.

Which begs the question: What would you do, if you were Nas, and you were in this situation?

Of course, my natural tendency would be to cut my losses. I'd pay someone to come over and set her shit out on the curb, and I'd be done with her. And then, if anyone asked me about it, I'd be like, "What can I say? You can't trust these hoes."

But then you'd still look like a sucker. The other option would be to just give the guy 150 thou and hope no one notices. There'd still be speculation that you got extorted, but no one would no for certain, as long as everyone kept their mouths shut.

So far, it looks like Nas might actually be opting for the latter. Of course, I don't know whether or not he's actually paid someone. But he did bring her out on stage with him last night, where he gave her a kiss and explained to the audience how he's her biggest fan.

As far as I know, that's not usually a part of his show. Could it be that he's got something he's trying to cover up? What do you fruits think?