My bad for not checking in with y'all for a minute. I was on one of those alcohol herb benders that I do after I cash my check from the X spot. There have been a ridiculous amount of obamas in the city as we head into the College Music Journal week. CMJ is akin to spring break for journalists. Lots of people embarrassingly drunk, a few chicks showing their breasts and for the lucky writers a possible hookup with a fellow writer. Me personally, I'm still holding out for Tara Henley.

On my last drop I was surprised that only one of you realized that Jay-Z and BeYonce is a romance put on for Holly'hood. How can anyone have a bitch and NOT have a problem. Especially a chick like BeYonce. Look up problem in the wiktionary and her face pops up. If you ever effed with a broad before you would know that the most problems ho's are the bitches with their own paper. Just try telling a chick what to do when it's her payday. You might not see that ho until the weekend ends. Plus BeYonce has more wigs than Diana Ross, and Mrs. Ross was a boss (no Rick Ross).

I am fucksing with this dude 88 Keys right now. Actually, I'm fucksing with this track titled 'Nice Guys Finish Last'. I was at a listening session for his album 'The Death Of Adam' and that track was the fucking knock. I'm posting my copy here even though its brutalized with a few i.d. tags. Shouts to Decon Media Development and their movement. That's my folks right there. Follow that link to get into the Decon CMJ showcase featuring Evidence, Aceyalone, 88-Keys, Izza Kizza and DJ Babu.

Shouts to my nigga Statik Selektah whose album 'Stick 2 The Script' officially drops on Tuesday. If you already got a copy then you know how fire it is so go to BestBuy and copp that real shit so these niggas can get some fucking money. That track with Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo and Talib Kweli will bang until next summer. How the fuck do you asscaps expect these rappers to get their ASCAP if you gonna steal everything? Me and Statik got a little beef on the low[ll] since homey shitted on my nigga Manny Ramirez. People from Boston are passionate about shit like rap and baseball but for the most part they are retarded.

What the hell do you think Manny is playing the game for? He is playing to win ballgames and get paid for doing that. He wants that Alex Rodriguez money and he deserves it. How many championships has A-Rod won? None. How many aging pop superstars have put their kabbala finger in Manny Ramirez' poopchute? None. For that reason alone Manny should get his paper right. Niggas are ridiculous to want to deny a motherfucker for getting a check to do his job. It's not like that nigga Manny is doing malt liquor ads or some other shit that ain't positive. His job is to win baseball games by knocking the skin off the baseball. He does it so well that Boston becomes a 'chip city again. Let's see how many World Series the Red Sox win without Manny.

I'm gonna come back to the X-spot tomorrow and talk some more shit before this CMJ shit jumps off because I already know how drunk I will be by next Friday. I'll just be happy of I can remember my password.