BLOG: Does Louis Vuitton Hate Black People?

We’ve seen this before, where there was some sort of disagreement between a luxury brand and a rapper, and of course it came to be viewed as a race issue.

Back when Jay-Z had his beef with Cristal, it wasn’t so much a matter of them saying they didn’t want Jay-Z drinking Cristal, or mentioning it in his songs. A guy from the Economist (which I know a lot of hip-hop heads subscribe to) asked the guy from the company that owns Cristal about the fact that it’s mentioned so often in rap songs and videos, and the guy was like, “Well, we can’t really control who buys our product.”

Next thing you know, there’s Jay-Z doing paid product placement for Ace of Spades, or whatever that shit is (roffle at the champagne black people are supposed to drink being called Ace of Spades), in the videos from his last couple of albums. It’s almost as if Jay-Z planned for the guy from Cristal to say something that could be viewed as racist, so he could convince everyone to switch to some other brand, in which he’s got a financial stake. But that wouldn’t make sense, now would it? He probably just got lucky.

As a wise man once said, some guys have all the luck, and some guys do nothing but complain. Clearly, Jay-Z is the former, and I’m the latter.

You’d think T.I. might take Gucci and Louis Vuitton barring him from mentioning their brands in the video for his song “Swing Ya Rag” as a similar opportunity, to strike a deal with a rival maker of gaudy leather goods, or at least to dis them for causing him to waste time and money making a video he can’t even release, but I guess he figured he’s got enough problems.

In the item in this week’s Mixtape Monday on the T.I. video, it sounds like they were saying he could have pursued this matter in court, if he wouldn’t have spent all of his money having his lawyers set up that special deal where he got off with only a year in jail, despite the fact that he’s an umpteen time felon. So instead, he decided to just say fuck it, and shot a video for that Numa Numa song he did with Rihanna.

Which was probably for the best anyway, since I’d imagine girls will like that Rihanna song better than “Swing Ya Rag,” and you’d have to think T.I.’s audience pretty much consists entirely of girls at this point. Think about it: That song “Whatever You Like” is currently the best-selling single in the country. How many guys do you really think bought that shit? Maybe a few guys were suckered into buying it for their girlfriends, but that’s about it. More guys probably bought the new Ne-Yo album.


The question remains: Are black people gonna have to stop wearing Louis Vuitton? Or was this an isolated incident of a company not wanting their brand to be associated with a guy who didn’t have the sense to not build an arsenal in his bedroom closet? If I worked for Louis Vuitton, rather than for a rap magazine website and a low-end retail outlet, I’d advise my tall Israeli benefactors to issue a statement informing black people that their hard-earned dollars are still welcome, on the outside chance that Diddy or somebody tries to get into the premium leather business.

That was where the people from Cristal tripped, in the incident with Jay-Z. If the guy would have just come out the next day and been like, “When we said that we can’t stop people from buying our products, what we meant to say is that we have no idea why so many black people drink Cristal. But we’re certainly glad that they do!” Though the jury’s still out on whether Jay-Z switching to Ace of Spades put so much as a dent in Cristal’s sales.

Already, I see my former colleague Sickamore has gone and recontextualized the incident, by taking the excerpt from Mixtape Monday and running it beneath the title, “Louie [sic] To T.I.: U Can Buy Our Stuff But Don’t Promote It… Nigger.” But you never know with that guy Sickamore. Remember back when he had that ongoing beef with that “Oreo” sportswriter? That got kinda weird, didn’t it?

What do you fruits think? Could it be that black people have been throwing away their money on Louis Vuitton for years, and come to find out Louis Vuitton can’t stand black people? Or does this not have anything to do with race? If it does, should black people only buy luxury bullshit that’s supposedly owned by black people? Or should we give a shit? I’m not gonna lie, the fact that they pwned T.I. kinda adds to the appeal for me. I might have to save up and cop a wallet.

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  • amar

    nah…eminem isn’t black and they still wouldn’t want eminem wearing LV.

    What they don’t like is rap’s association with the ghetto, or poor people. If a rapper wasn’t from a poor upbringing and didn’t rap about getting rich via illegal means in poor neighbourhoods, they wouldn’t mind. And it makes for them-this is why pharrel and kanye are posterboys for LV! Can you imagine DJ Kahled doing LV commercials, acting all classy and shit? Rick Ross in a bathrobe, walking around smelling roses and talkin bout how LV cologne fuels his inner man (cause his outer man is a teh gay)? *shudders* for the best

  • jay

    i dont think its because of race i think its simply marketing.. u see LV in the video of swing ya rag which is a gang related song obviously its not for suburban people and in that case they know alot of suburban ppl buy that kinda shit because they can afford it and know that lowerclass cant and if they figure LV is down with gangsta rap or what ahve u it will lessen the value.. its all apart of marketing and how the majorityy of the public who buys that shit view them.. its not that its t.i like the guy above said even if em had that song they still wouldnt want that shit on there its not race its marketing

  • Matt Herbz

    Man please…first you got all these fools doing up the interiors of their Caprices with LV leather, then you got bitches like Kanye walking around toting purses. They’ve turned LV into a gay black man with a Caprice’s brand! I still only buy that shit for my women. You niggaz need to stop begging me for that shit.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • giantstepp

    I highly doubt that when they make there products they have black folk in mind. Now, money is green and they’ll gladly accept it, but as far as us marketing the brand, I’d bet they prefer US to stay in the back ground.

  • Jules

    I think that LV is the shit. I gotta Louis wallet myself and I’m not gay or a metro or whatever these sweet cake mugs claim to be. But I do rock the hottest European gear whether it Armani, Louis, Gucci, even Ralph Lauren and Lacoste is hot, cmon the list goes…. I’m from the Chi and if you go shopping on Michigan Ave you obviously got money to spend. With that said Herbz you don’t have a good taste when it comes to clothes,(thats my opinion and it DOES stand for alot) Go to Macy’s expand a lil bit. Not only do I have time to rock gear like LRG and Nike but im the type a guy who can switch up his style over night, thats just how I built my wardrobe. The ladies like that type of shit, you got your Armani suits and Gucci loafs for the classy chick you tryna impress and you got your LRG and Air Max 90′s for the hood chick you’ve got, because you know she likes that sort of shit. Its all about extensity over intensity, you can’t just have one you gotta have’em all. U DIG?

    • OG Matt Herbz

      U Dig deez nutz, my nigga? Your opinion about my tastes DOES matter, but ONLY when you’re referring to the taste of my dick in your mouth. It doesn’t help your case that I refer to my nutz as my Jules (sic) either, homo. I could buy your whole wardrobe with one swipe of the plastic, nigga, I ain’t gotta wait until my next check. And what the fuck you know about a hood chick? I ain’t never dumbed down my appearance with no FUBU and busted ass Air Max’s just to cop some dome–a real hood chick will drop it like its hot right on my lap even when I’m slummin in my Armani suit. Everything you know about fashion you read in Cosmopolitan you fag. Take my name out ya mouth and I won’t have to fuck you in it. Who else want it with Herbz?

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • tea

    black folk have been throughing there money away for years on too many name brands that do not help the black community!

    • flo rida Evans

      I see one thing black folks HAVEN’T been ‘throughing’ their money away on is a ‘thorough’ education.Zing!

  • tea

    I meant to say

    Black folk have been throwing their money away for years on too many name brands that do not help the black community
    lol ….B,E.Z

    • flo rida Evans

      I sit,corrected.Zing.

  • Capostatus

    Well Black people are got to be among the most stupid of all races. Niggers get a little bit of money and wanna start associating themselves with exclusive labels like L.V, Gucci and Cristal. Now why would any of these label want to be associated with Rap and Blacks. They have a steady clientele of wealthy white individuals who have real money. Why on earth would they want some nigger mentioning their brand on some rap video.

    Why don’t these rappers promote black labels instead of tryna fit in with wealthy white men who do not even respect or listen to hip hop. Its not the fault of the companies. They own their companies and have every right to protect their brand from being tarnished by a bunch of niggers. Wealthy white men respect real musicians. Michael Jackson, Bono, Madonna and the like. I have just gotta say again black people are amongst the dumbest, shallow and most slow races ever to live on this earth. What a race of monkeys.

    • pikon

      Come on man, tell us how you really feel.

    • Lancelot

      THAN WELCOME TO THE ZOO M***** fU****.

      If U don’t like what we wear, than buy all of us some new shi* –

      Sounds like someone got DuMpT 4 a black dude.

      Yes, this is the best response i can give an idot.

      PeAcE! (*terrorist bump*)

    • G2

      All stated by a dickhead calling himself capostatus because of Jim Jones, on a website that promotes a culture created by “monkeys”.

  • che

    let’s have a vote. I’m doing this just to prove how worthless byron ‘perez hilton stan’ crawford’s blog is.

    Would you either:

    A) never hear a kanye west song again in your life?

    B) or never read byron crawford’s blog again?

    Don’t feel bad for Byron. Just remember everything he said about kanye west’s mother. RIP.

  • El Tico Loco

    Actually we (blacks and latinos) spend way too much money to look rich instead of striving to become rich. How many raises have we gotten and still claim to be broke, but you traded the hooptie for a late model? And then wonder why ends ain’t meeting.

    • giantstepp

      Co-muthfuckin-Sign Homie! For most, its about the APPEARANCE of having money. I am so glad that I no longer give a fuck about cars and clothes. It took me some time to get there, but I’ve arrived and I can now see what really holds value. Fuck cars and clothes. You wanna impress me, so me something that appreciates in value with time.

  • Z

    ayyy this is how i look at it…free they bitchin about?? they’re still gettin paid!




  • fredMS

    “Would you either:

    A) never hear a kanye west song again in your life?

    B) or never read byron crawford’s blog again?”

    … I pick A. I would rather never hear a kanye song again if i had to choose between the two. And i’m not even gay or anything. i really don’t understand ppl hating on bloggers for writing soemthing negative about your favorite artist. like how does that impact you at all? why is it so important that your artist be seen in a positive light? thats just riding the dick to me.

  • jonjon23

    Blacks have been exploited and brainwashed so long that we are programmed to believe that material items we really can’t afford, somehow increases our level of respectability. You see these lame as rappers talking about the same ass lame ass stuff in their songs—how much money they have, how high they get, and the dozens of women they pull. Meanwhile, they have a bunch of “stuff” with almost no real money. The executives of these brands that rappers love to give free promotion too, don’t even respect our race. They prove it when they talk down on the very rappers that promote their products in rap songs.

  • SouthCakC23

    If TIP didn’t send them a marketing bill….they need to STFU! If I paid my hard earned money for something and want to brag about having it….you can kiss my ass, I’m gonna swing my rag!

    Granted….I don’t have a rag hangin from my back pocket….I find a tie that matches my ‘fit and put that in my back pocket instead of a “rag”; Let’s the ladies know that ya boi does have suits in the closet and he can “dress to impress” when such an event requires.

  • geico lizard

    most of the LV and gucci you see black people with is fake so this wont lead to a boycott of real or knockoffs. you see blacks still eat at dennys so it doesnt take long to get over being offended for some blacks. i have to agree with you Bol the only straight men who bough that TI single are guys who were talked into by their women because the guy doesnt have money to trick on her like the song says so he at least buys her the cd so she can dream about a guy who can trick on her ugly ass. i dont know who sickamore is but i will look him up to see what you are talking about Bol.

  • geico lizard

    i found the article post with sickamore and i always saw jemelle hill as pro black because she has taken the unpopular side on that network alot in favor of black athletes who espn likes to only report negative news about. actually sickamore and jemelle both made good points. i was listening to sarah palin and TI and they remind me of each other not because they both spend too much on clothes but because they make their accents heavier when they are doing certain things because im from the south and i cant understand wtf TI is saying in some songs and then in his movies i dont have that problem. on snl palins accent wasnt as much like the fargo movie impersonation she normally does on camera.

  • capcobra

    yes louie vutton hates black people…and so does everyone else….including black people.

  • Jmill1224

    I dont see it as racist. I’m not no rich executive of a company and I talk down about these coony ass rappers. Half the shit, is fuckin fake anyways,point blank. I think its a brand issue. If you had a high end company, would you want someone putting some knock off shit of your product in their hooptie and smoking dope and shooting a video, with a ridonkulous ride on 28′s and guns and shit. No, you would wanna keep that shit as positive as possible. If LV came out with a low end line for black people or people with less incomes, Are they still racist?

  • Nikki

    It has nothing to do with race. Louis is a high end brand and wishes to be promoted as such in the manner that they are accustommed to promoting their product. Now Louis is not a Couture brand but the company generally leans towards that side of fashion. If Rhianna has Louis in her video there would be no problem but you must realize that rappers have a certain image and unless the visuals to their songs are in keeping with a particular brands direction that company definitely has the right to put sanctions in place.

    Think about when you were in school, weren’t there things that could not be done because you were a representative of the school? In my high school we could not enter pagaents as they were not in keeping with what the school stand for and that was an actual rule in the rule book contract you are given to sign when you start attending the institution

  • The_Truth

    ***Materialism/ Alcoholism are destroying us. . .think about what you spent on both in the last two-weeks, and how much you’ve saved or invested. Real talk, think about that and ask, WHY?

  • Riley

    Matt Herbz ,

    Nigga, you gay!

  • that nigga

    Ok, I dont like white people dancin’ and singin to rap songs the “N” word, but truth Is they do and theres nothing we can do about It. I’ve been at parties and heard first hand, white people singing the word “nigger” with pride like they were actually a “nigga”.
    (notice the spell changes)
    So with that being said, Im gonna rock my Gucci sneakers and slip-ons and Louis V sneakers all the fuck I want too. But thats as far as I go, just the footwear. That scarf and bag shit Is fuckin gay as hell.