BLOG: Diddy Acquires Enyce, Working On Polyester Blend Remix

“So I got Zac Posen. That’s on the high-end. I got Sean John, who’s very multicultural lifestyle brand, and then I have now, boom, Enyce… I’m the king of the remix, so if you wanna know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna remix the brand and make a hit like I make my records.” -Diddy, Diddy Blog Special Bulletin via WSHH

What Puffy meant to say:

“..and then I have now, boom, Enyce so niggas who just came home from 10-year bids can still feel good about their wardrobe.”

I already know how he’s gonna use his marketing power to “remix the brand.” Get your monday night TiVo ready for Making The Brand on MTV. Enyce is about to get sent to Junior’s for a single slice of strawberry cheesecake.

Unfortunately, Puffy’s artists are already the Enyce of the music world. I don’t think plastering Day 26 and the remaining unfucked portions of Danity Kane with cumbersome 1995 jiggywear is going to make good on this puchase.

I can guarantee this “shrewd business decision” won’t make Business Week or The Wall Street Journal as anything short of a new television series is destined to fail. I mean, Puffy had to remind us what the shit was called because we ain’t seen Enyce since Montell Jordan’s “Somethin’ 4 Da Honeyz video.

Enyce shit was so lame, they didn’t even bother to blur their logo in the 90s.

“Ah, fuck it. It’s just Enyce. Save the manpower for those Tommy Hilfiger logos.”

I’m just wondering what the fuck happened in those preliminary talks. Did Karl Kani ask for too much?

[Blogger's Note: I sure could go for a t-shirt whose massive brass plaque emblem outweighs the garment.]

Warren Puffet has inspired me to do more than just write these funky-ass blogs. I’m going to reinvest my XXL checks into the community. I’m buying all the bootleg 90s shit. After I corner the Tommy Gear market, I’ll be in prime position to strike a deal with the African tube sock vendors. I might be able to get them shawties back on the corner harassing people to get their hair braided.

They say they want to bring the 90s back. That’s okay with me. That’s where they refined me at.

I’ll reserve my official “Negro, Please” ruling on this matter for the next decade or so. I wouldn’t be surprised if Puffy really is smarter than I think. This old man play may just be one step ahead of the hipsters. Enyce is just kinda old right now. In 10 years it’ll be Members Only old. Might be a goldmine.

*scratches head*

Quick! Somebody loan me $40 so I can buy majority stake in Cross Colours.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Don’t have fried chicken and champagne for breakfast at your place?

P.S.: I thought Jay-Z was the Black Warren Buffet. I was listening to some sincere shit the other day. I really believed him. Oh, well.

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  • giantstepp

    I cant speak for the rest of the country, but that shit was never hot or in here in DC. Maybe I was out of touch but I highly doubt it. I was surrprised when I heard Diddy was going to fuck with Enyce. If nothing else, he goes fairly high end on his shit. I never saw Enyce as that. They were always just ok.

  • jmill1224

    Wasnt that shit for sale only in KMart or the lil fake ass Arab/African boutiques with the shit from 5 years ago at todays prices?


    I ain’t gonna lie I had two Enyce polos. A long time ago.

  • Pierzy

    Mexxx, I just can’t wait for Puff to buy Cross Colours and try to bring that shit back! Can’t you just see 30-somethings Kris Kross wearing Cross Colours backwards on a billboard above Times Square?

  • jmill1224

    the ones with the big ass prison license plate on the front?

    • ron mexico

      that’s karl kani

  • Kirk

    EnYCe(EnWhyCee) used to crack low key it’s not as big now but they got some cool shit still. out here they called it enyce(iniche’).

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn, Diddy should have bought Cross Colours. That’d be a brand more easily recognizable. Throw a boutique in the mall, sell shirts in colors other than red, yellow, and green, and just bank off the grown ups that used to wear that shit as a kid. This right here is why Diddy is a Smart Dumb Nigga runner-up.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    Props to Kirk for the pronunciation.

    • Pierzy

      I think that’s what I said…

      • Matt Herbz

        Well the Herbz just made your shit official. Congratulations.

    • BIGNAT


  • texasleen

    here in texas they sell that at arab stores too i didnt even know they still made that shit i thought shit just hadnt sold all these years…i can hear his slogan now…its for da playa on a budget or the motherfucka thats blind

  • amar

    wow from syrac or w/e to eynce…both of these sound classy-ish, but in actuality are ghettooooooo as shat.

    mexico u should start an SDN clothing line…ppl already buy shirts with grafitti’d rapper faces on them…i’d pay if it had a “NEGRO PLEASE” on there. Hell, you can even follow Pharell’s strategy with BBC and charge like 600 bucks per shirt and all you gotta do then is sell like 2 to break even!

    • Ron Mexico

      hahaha. that’s a great idea.

      negro please shirts… i’ll go easy on em. $450 per shirt.

  • DV8

    “..and then I have now, boom, Enyce so niggas who just came home from 10-year bids can still feel good about their wardrobe.”

    That was funny. Good read. I wonder whats next? maybe he’ll buy all the old JW storefronts and make the BBD look cool again (no i dont really want that).

    • texasleen

      2 Pants for $30…you had to love it

  • Lowedwn

    Oh God this shit is bringing me back to some of the horrible fashion decisions that were the mid-90′s. I was more of MECCA nigga myself, damn maybe I shouldn’t have put myself on blast like that, ahhh well. Thast’s funny too, cuz Enyce was the Cross Colors to Mecca’s Karl Kani. But hey, even British Knights got likje a 2 month retro run so who knows. At the very least Diddy can now take over the JCPenny market so lil niggaz got something to wear besides SouthPole that butt ugly excuse for clothing from Avirex. Damn are we soon to expect the Butta Leather revival?

    • Ron Mexico

      damn, lowe. how did i forget about MECCA & fuckin SOUTH POLE?! you almost got them all too.

      we also would have accepted:

      maurice malone, helly hansen

      oh… did i ever have an avirex… i gave that shit to the goodwill. no butta revival for me.

      i also proudly rocked half the south pole collection in high school. ugh.

  • Arcey

    all the comments reminds me of Q-Tip’s verse from Mobb Deep’s Drink Away The Pain, y’all know that verse where he didn’t stick to the topic of the song (still sounded good, somehow – IMO)

    I used to like Helly Hensen jackets + those Ecko ads (in The Source) in the summer of 1996


    How can ya’ll niggas forget about the MOST popular clothing brand of the 90′s?

    FUBU PEOPLE!!! Dont ya’ll remember the FUBU?! Remeber when the had Platinum FUBU with the jacket sets and Fat Albert on em??

    That was like middles school shit! LOL

  • kane corleone

    Nigga im still rockin enyce got somee old school jeans I wear to work fucc em

  • geico lizard

    nawledge is right fubu should get honorable mention it was a beast for a few years. it was “for us by us” and then they were afraid of a pro black backlash from whites not buying it and they started saying “for you boo” which sound gay since mostly guys bought that shit. im pretty sure they still owe money they were supposed to pay LL cool j for making their stuff popular. fubu also put out an album with that phatty girl single so im sure they are all broke as fuck by now.

  • Kane Corleone

    real talk that Cross Colors was made so west coast shorties wouldnt get they ass beat/popped for wearing colors outside of they hoods comfort zone.shout out to USED,DAMAGE,AND MACHINE…fucc ya’ll lil niggas

  • Vicious Seiger

    Up next for Puffy… Bushi, Naughty Wear, Wu-Wear and any other line of clothing that was hot for that one summer it came out.

  • Kaos

    pssht ain nuffin wrong with enyce yo.

  • enyce

    Damn. i love those enyce brands. i hope to see more of enyce, welcome back!


  • enyce

    Oh! that’s great. I’m glad to hear that diddy had already a two brands to carry.. the enyce and sean john.that’s cool. keep it up!