BLOG: Baddest Chick In The Game Nominations…

Got the baddest chick in the game wearing my chain” Jay-Z, “Public Service Announcement”, Black Album (2003)

First off, I’d like to congratulate one Robert Kelly for winning Negro Please’s 1st Annual SDN (Smart Dumb Nigga) Tournament.

Dude faced tough opponents every round and edged out hip-hop blogul Puff Diddy in the finals. That’s no small feat. Anyway, we’re far from done, kids. XXL users love them some Eye Candy, so that’s exactly what we plan on giving them. Up next, the Baddest Chick In The Game tournament. Our sister publication, King Magazine, recently dubbed Halle Berry the B.O.A.T (Baddest Of All Time) while Hov has long boasted about dating “the baddest chick in the game,” Beyonce. Does that mean Halle is badder than Beyonce? I’m sure plenty beg to differ. And plenty of dimes deserve a shot at the title.

So, we’re kicking off the tournament by accepting nominations. There will be 64 contestants  ala March Madness divided in four sub-brackets, Cougars, MILFS, Wifeys and Jump Offs. Here are the guidelines.

-All contestants must be at least 21-years of age.

-All contestants must be alive. Example, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez and Aaliyah, God bless their souls, may not be submitted into the tournament.

-Seeding for all sub-brackets will be determined by XXL staffers and bloggers with consideration from user suggestions.

*The strongest characteristic always wins.

*Jump Off is only a working title. Perhaps we can brainstorm on a more flattering one.

Now, for the bracketology…

The COUGAR bracket: Cougars must be at least 35 years old with no kids. Example: Janet Jackson (allegedly), Free (formerly of 106 & Park), Mariah Carey and Vivica A. Fox’s crazy ass, are all legitimate cougars. A cougar can also be a wifey and a jump off, but cannot be a milf. *Should an overly active cougar be nominated, she’ll fall into the jump off category.

Mel B. (Certified MILF)…

The MILF (Mom I’d Like To F*ck) bracket: All mothers regardless of age fall into the MILF sub-bracket by default. As always, there’s an exception to the rule. *Should a mom been f*cked one too many times, she then falls into the JUMP Off category. Example: Karrine “Superhead” Steffans” is known as a jump first, mother fourth. Mel B., on the other hand, is a certified MILF.

The WIFEY bracket: Marriage material chicks under 35 with no kids. Example: Lauren London, Alicia Keys and Beyonce are wifey types.

The JUMP OFF bracket: Simply put, you don’t wanna wife em. You just want to beat so you can tell your friends about it. Example: Kim Kardashian is a jump off.

Now, please nominate your bad chick along with a suggested seed and bracket. Let the nominations begin and may the baddest chick win…Also feel free to email your nominations at

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  • shawn

    ashanti jump off bracket seed #1

  • avon

    1.meagan good
    3.christina milian
    3.zoe saldana bryant
    5.reagan gomez
    6.jessica alba
    7.serena williams
    8.melyssa ford
    9.jill marie jones
    10.jackie-o (thats a bad ass broad fareal)

  • WarsawThaGod

    First. Beyonce still got it. Major kudos to Lola Luv too.

  • Worley

    Wifey Bracket: Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Sanaa Lathan, Serena Williams. Some of them may fall into the jump off bracket, but I don’t have the latest info.

    Jumpoff: Miss Jones, Mary J. Blige (pre-marriage), Buffy the Body, Tocarra. Vanessa Williams: she would be an MILF, but she got mad kids by different dudes.

    Is there a bracket for straight up married chicks that are not cougars and do not have kids? Mary J. Blige (retired jumpoff), Malinda Williams, Angela Bassett (yum yum).

    • Ron Mexico

      sanaa might be over 35, and thus cougar.

      but some cougars can be wifeys. this ain’t fair.

  • 619

    Wifey Bracket:
    Keri Hilson
    Nicole Scherzinger

    Jump-off Bracket:
    Chanta Patton from Kardinal’s Dangerous video
    Lacey Duvalle

    MILF Bracket:
    Esther Baxter

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign Lacey.

      What about Jada Fire?


    mya, vanessa simmons, rozalyn sanchez, joe buddens’ hoe!

  • Pierzy

    I’ll just throw out a bunch – Beyonce, Halle, Shakira, Mel B., Melyssa Ford, Meagan Goode, Janet, Foxy Brown, Ashanti, Rihanna, Lauren London, Mariah, Robin Givens, Alicia Keys, Trina…

  • Omar

    Can we just skip to the Alicia Keys vs. Beyonce final?

    • U kno me, The Spanish Kid wit the Goatee

      yessir!!!! lol

    • “The Party Killa”


      • Grown N Sexy

        a Lauren London – Meagan Good final would be much better

        but that would be one hell of a final four

  • Kirk

    Just make sure you put Angel Lola Luv on here in any bracket she kills I say Jump off. Shout out to Joe Budden for introducing that term to the world.

  • Doobie42

    Some yall might forget.

    Jean Grae
    Shawnna (Formerly DTP)


    ANGEL LOLA LUV!!!! baaadest!

  • em2lover

    paula patton….wifey

  • El Tico Loco


    stacey dash, Pam Grier (old skool ho)


    COUGARS: KENYA MOORE(SLEEPER PICK), Jill scott, trina, free, oprah (y not), niecey nash

  • jackpot

    Good thing I posted this. You guys already name dropped a few chicks I forgot about. I nominate the following.

    -Nia Long (Milf)
    -Rosario Dawson (wifey)
    -Kim Kardashian (jump off)
    -Reagan Gomez-Preston (milf)
    -Lauren London (wifey)
    -Christina Millian (wifey)
    -Dania Ramirez (wifey)

    I’ll be back with more.

  • Michael Spinks

    My vote is

    1.Vida Guerreo
    2.Vida Guerreo
    3.Vida Guerreo
    4.Halle Berry
    5.Melyssa Ford

  • jackpot

    Here are some more

    -Kerri Washington (wifey)
    -Claudette Ortiz (milf)
    -Superhead (jump off)
    -Kelita Smith (cougar)
    -Lisa Raye (cougar or jump off?)
    -Sharon Leal (cougar)
    -Tamala Jones (cougar)
    -Tyra Banks (cougar)
    -KEri Hilson (wifey)
    -Joy Bryant (wifey)
    -Jessica Lucas (wifey)
    -Ciara (wifey)
    -Eve (jump off)
    -Jessica White (jump off)
    -Rocsi (jump off)

  • G2

    Wifey-Meagan Goode
    Cougar- Angela Bassett
    Jump off- Angel (2007′s eye candy of the year)
    Milf- Mel B for sho’

  • Sir Francis

    Sara Palin?

    • Ron Mexico

      very interesting

  • TheCo!!inB

    supreeme wifey = Traci Elis Ross (sweet jesus if she doesn’t make the list xxl staff are ass clowns)
    Kelly Rowland (badder than Bey, say sumthin!)
    Keri Washington (her mouth = Win)

    supreeme cougar = Jazmine Guy (she looks like her woman parts smell like spiced rum cake and vanilla)
    (what black woman doesn’t have kids?)
    shemar moore’s wife is a piece too
    damn, this could be hard

  • superman

    i nominated trish stratus for wifey material, because she is that fucking hot.

  • MDAce15

    Oh how quickly we forget. I got a few of the baddest that nobody said yet…

    In no particular order

    My homegirl Free (from 106th).

    Tatiyana Ali (Ashley from Fresh Prince)

    Reagan Gomez-Preston(T.I. video and from the parent hood)

    Maia Campbell (In The House)

    Keisha Knight Pulliam (Rudy from the cosby show)

    I think almost all of these are wifey material

  • Trae

    1 Megan Good
    2 Megan Good
    3 Megan Good
    4 Mega Good

    Have I mentioned Megan Good? I would lick homegirls booty hole clean!

  • J. Good

    Can’t nobody mess wit Tiffany W.

  • MDAce15

    Two of mine were actually mentioned but I thought up a few more…

    Gabrielle Union
    Letoya Luckett
    Olivia (formerly of G-Unit)

    And a couple of bad white girls

    Jessica Biel
    Danika Patrick

  • J.G.

    Vida Guerra (jumpoff)
    Megan Fox (wifey)
    Kendra Wilkinson (jumpoff)
    Megan Good (wifey)
    Melyssa Ford (i think shes a cougar)
    Sarah Palin (MILF)
    Kim Kardashian (jumpoff)
    Ashanti (wifey)
    Hoopz (wifey)
    Megan Hauserman from rock of love(Jumpoff)
    Katt Dennings (wifey)
    Buffy The Body (jumpoff)
    Stacy Kiebler (wifey)
    Beyonce (wifey)
    Alicia Keyes (wifey)
    Trina (jumpoff)
    Jessica Biel (wifey)
    Torrie Wilson (wifey/jumpoff)

    theres my group of beautiful ladies, not in any order

  • Geranimo

    Sarah Palin

    • MacMan

      Yea homie…Cassie for real…Wifey material……
      Megan Fox Wifey
      Eva Longoria
      Buffie the body Jump off
      brooke valentine jump off
      gloria velez jump off
      Jessica Alba milf
      kelly rowland wifey
      Letoya luckett wifey
      Lindsay Lohan jump off
      J Lo cougar

  • J. NERD

    My Nonimees are Zoe Kravitz, Megan Good, Eva Angelina, Havana Ginger, Angel Lola Luv, Keri Hilson, Nicole From PCD, Ebony & Ivory(A.K.A. Aubrey & D. Woods), Keri Washington, Miss Info, Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Jessica Biel, Solange, Scarlett Johanson,

  • Peru (Chicago)

    ALICIA MUTHA FUCKIN KEYS!!!! Nuff said…Absolutely no contest!!! Shorty so fine the cracka ass crackas that make them Bond films got her doing a theme song, Beyonce aint touchin that!!!

  • Peru (Chicago)

    Oh I forgot, Paula Patton (Robin Thicke’s Wife)and Nicole Scherzinger. But seriously we should just go Final four: Alicia, Beyonce, Paula, and Oprah(for obvious reasons).

  • John

    Meagan Good (wifey)
    Lauren London (wifey)

    …if these two dont make it to the finals then ima stop fuckkin wit yall, better not be no bullshit where they meet in the first round…

    Mariah Carey(Cougar)
    Alicia Keys (wifey)
    Hoopz (jump off)
    Beyonce (wifey)
    Kim Kardashian (jump off)
    Stacy Dash (milf)

    to say i have this conversation daily with my boys, im drawing a blank

    should be a fun ass tourny!

  • YUNG





  • Ron Mexico

    maia campbell! throwback!

    zoe kravetz ain’t legal, is she?

    no r. kelly.

    • Omar

      You mean, is she 19?

  • deskreet

    nominate k.d. aubert for a wifey

  • TxTitan

    WIFEY- #1 BEYONCE….Hands Down
    #2 Alicia Keys #3 KD Aubert

    MILF- #1 STACEY DASH #2 Halley Berry (only because Dash has been a mother longer)

    COUGAR- #1 Janet Jackson #2 Kenya Moore #3 Vanessa Williams

    Jumpoff- #1 TRINA #2 Hoopz #3 Serena Williams

  • grp03

    MEGAN FOX!!!!!

  • dat520

    K.D. Aubert and fancy from the jamie foxx show damn she was fine.

  • Uncle B

    Tiffany-Alexis Wright
    Keri Hilson
    Sallie Richardson
    Amber Easton
    Cam With Carmen
    Mia Michelle
    Jessica Ruffo
    Nicole Ricca
    Aiyasha Diaz
    Halle Berry
    Biannca Holland