If it's true that the biggest homophobes are secretly gay, does that mean the Native Tongues are secretly gay? Or is that theory BS, and the Native Tongues are just the straightest rap group evar?

Hardened '90s rap stan that I am, of course my hope is that it's the latter. Regardless, I'm gonna have to declare a state of no homo Juelz Santana on this post.

If you're at all familiar with the work of the Native Tongues, it seems ridonkulous to think that they could be the most homophobic rap group evar. Back in the day, the Native Tongues were considered one of the more progressive crews in all of hip-hop.

A Tribe Called Quest had that song about how you shouldn't rape women - a message I could definitely get behind. And they performed at that Tibetan Freedom Concert with the Beastie Boys. And the Jungle Brothers were deep into house music, which was played in clubs where a lot of teh ghey guys hang out.

Like Sarah Palin, I'm at a loss for any further specific examples of how the Native Tongues were all that progressive, and I'm not about to spend the time doing the research. But I think we can agree that, at the very least, they provided an alternative to some of the more ignorant gangster shit of their era.

However, recently, evidence has surfaced to suggest that the Native Tongues could very well be the most homophobic rap group evar.

First of all, a few weeks ago, it was revealed that A Tribe Called Quest once recorded the most homophobic rap song evar.

No, really.

Called "Georgie Porgie," it was the original version of that song "Show Business." But the label wouldn't release it, because it was all about bashing teh ghey guys. It begins with the line, "In the beginning there was Adam and Eve, but some make it look like it was Adam and Steve." And then it just goes on from there.

And then, the other day, the late, great Noz hipped me to this hilarious video on YouTube where Pharrell, Consoquence, and DJ Premier mock Busta Rhymes for going off about how that one guy from the Jungle Brothers is now a fudge. I guess Pharrell was suggesting Busta quote some Jungle Brothers lyrics in one of his records, and Bussa Bus just went off.

Earlier this year, or maybe last year, it was revealed over on AllHipHop that Afrika Baby Bam from the Jungle Brothers is a fruit and also some sort of a witch. But could it be that he wasn't the only one of the Native Tongues pretending to be straight?

I was informed, earlier this year, via Twitter, that Busta Rhymes is on the DL, but I wasn't sure what to make of it. You know how sometimes teh ghey guys like to suggest that ostensibly straight guys bat for the other team.

For example, I remember one time a teh ghey guy, upset with something I'd written for this site, emailed me to inform me that Method Man is, in fact, on the DL. I guess he figured, hardened Wu stan that I am, that would ruin my day. And it kinda did, though I've yet to confirm that it's true.

Just now, I consulted the Google, and damn it if I didn't turn up a few results about how Busta is on the DL.

Supposedly, Busta used to be with Deelishis, one of the hoes from Flavor of Love, and I guess she had her suspicions. (Busta must have asked for her to stick something in his ass.) So she asked Terrance Dean, author of Hiding in Hip Hop, whether Busta was on the DL, and he replied that it was pretty well known in the down low hip-hop community that Busta swings both ways.

Only thing is, I don't think either of them said for a fact that it was Busta Rhymes. They just described someone that sounds like it might be him. Hmm...

Finally, you know how close Q-Tip is with Busta Rhymes. Just the other day, the two of them performed together in New York to promote Q-Tip's forthcoming solo release The Renaissance. And the two of them have been collaborating on songs going back to the days of "Scenario."

In fact, on another song on The Low End Theory, Q-Tip actually mentions having had a dream about Busta Rhymes. In retrospect, could this have been the dead giveaway? What do you fruits think?