Are Dr. Dre, Eminem and Aftermath Records The Best Practice Squad In Hip-Hop?

So the long awaited Guns N Roses LP, Chinese Democracy, hits stores November 23rd. So I guess that leaves Dr. Dre’s Detox now as the longest running urban myth in music. Will it ever come out? Word is that it’s dropping in December, but with nary a single to be heard just yet, I doubt it. To heck with Dr. Pepper, Interscope may have to do a deal with St. Ides just for old times sake to get the buzz going on this one.

You know why this project is never dropping? Because Dr. Dre makes practice music. You ask, “What is practice music?”

Well, as former Shady Records recording artist Stat Quo recently put it, it goes something like this:

“[Dr. Dre's] very apprehensive when it comes to putting out music. That’s why he creates all this music and no one ever gets to hear it. I got tired of that. I got tired of going to the studio [in the] A.M. and staying in that bitch all night long making songs. And nobody hearing this shit. We just ridin’ in our cars to this great shit. I got sick of that.”

But wait, apparently young Stat isn’t the only one who feels this way. He continues:

“I’ma quote Jimmy Iovine, ‘It’s like the New England Patriots, imagine if they never played on Sunday and they just practiced all through the week.’ I was in the studio and Jimmy was there, and Jimmy said, ‘This like the greatest practice team of all time.’ ‘Cause ain’t shit came out.”

So you see, practice music is when you’re hitting the studio night after night, striving to make the best records possible, and nothing ever comes out. You’re just sort of in there practicing. Seriously, you think Dre and Eminem don’t have millions of songs stockpiled on hard drives? Granted, not all of it may be good, they may be scattered or incomplete, but they’re there. What’s the point, to impress yourself?

Stat says:

“Dr. Dre got 40 Detoxes he done made, all killing everything that been came out. What’chu think Eminem do when he get up? He go make music that’s incredible!”

Mind you, this is all coming on the heels of Stat saying he’s going to be releasing somewhere in the range of 400 songs that he has in the can that he recorded during his Shady Records tenure. He’s pissed because all that music he’s worked on has been sitting there collecting digital dust. Meanwhile he could have been releasing records online this whole time, keeping his buzz from 2003 going (wow, has it really been five years?), getting shows and building a real fan base that actually cares about him. He could have gotten a PHD in astrophysics in the time he’s been sitting on the shelf.

It’s the old music business vs. the new music business rearing its ugly head again.

I understand being protective of your creativity. I know the way the music business works, how to exploit intellectual property for the greatest return. But is Dre just being ridiculous? Will a guy like, say, Bishop Lamont, also fall victim to being aligned with a producer who is still living in 2001?

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    I say all of hip hop put an embargo/boycott on Aftermath until Dre drops this album he’s been talking about forever. I’m about to do the same damn thing with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, too–Raekwon either needs to shit or get off the potty. Quit talking about something dope if I can’t have one, too. That’s real.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • BrownWonda

    i feel like hes setting himself up to have a legacy like pac with all his posthumous records
    when dre passes, u kno someones guna have access to them, and they r guna be put out some way or another

  • capcobra

    fuck dr.dre…he always needs some kind of controversy to sell a cd…he always promoted the negative/gangster type of artists from nwa to snoop to em to g unit to game…but give him stat quo.rakim.raekwon.eve.ortiz…and he can’t deliver…we already know that he got phantom producers and ghost writers so how homie such a factor or genius…he’s a chump…cube told us..easy told us..pac told us..rakim told us..eve told us…rae told us…now stat telling us…dre is a lame and he outta touch with the times…i guess he trying to save all the material for when he die….so tell the practice squad to keep practicing.

  • jmill1224

    All this damn practicing! Dre can fart on a damn record and it’ll beat 95% of all this bullshit thats out now.

    • Lancelot


  • TheCo!!inB

    I know the record Dre gave Slim Thug is a beast. I know Grow Up by Bishop is a beast. I can only imagine what’s on their hard drives but to be honest, fuck em. It’s too much good music out there to give a shit what they’re not releasing gooch…and I don’t mean just rap….of course when it drops i’ll stan the fuck out but if their fans and listeners aren’t on their radar then they aren’t on mine….buncha notre dame Rudy ass niggas

  • El Tico Loco

    It feels like Dre spend the whole Bush administration without puttin out any music. He could at least blessed us with a mixtape.
    And as far as OB4CLII coming out I’m not holding my breath I’m still waiting on Blood on the Chef’s apron.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Aftermath and Interscope presents:
    “The Greatest Practice Team”, The album!!!
    Producer: Dr Dre
    MC: Eminem, 50 Cent, and others

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “Somebody send a message to Dr. Dre and Eminem
    They taking so long to drop that we jam Soulja Boy instead of them”

    Chamillionaire – A Millie Freestyle

    “That’s why Hip-Hop is Dead”

  • Pierzy

    To answer your question, yeah Dre is being ridiculous. Stat Quo, Ca$his, Bobby Creek and Bishop Lamont are one thing, but let’s not forget that Dre has refused to release an album by Rakim, Joell Ortiz, or especially Raekwon’s Cuban Linx II.

  • Baby Bobby

    This post is fire! Right on the money bro.

    Also, I’ll add that I don’t think it’s about money when it comes to Dre not releasing any material over these years. I’m afraid Dre may have Howard Hugh’s syndrome. A sort of illness where your own perfectionism becomes a detriment to your health. I doesn’t know alot of things, but I do know music was made to be heard, especially GREAT music. It would truly be tragic for Dre to leave this Earth without ever living to see people enjoying in his greatest music. All because he was scared (for lack of a better word) to put it out.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Man, fuck Dre!! He’s had us waiting forever for all that shit……….Bastard!

  • amar

    fuck that, it’s impressive to see an artist working so hard and being so hard on themselves in order to put out the best possible product out there.

    If anything, the hype is so big, from a marketing perspective, it’ll sell like crazy. From a creative perspective, it’ll be the best product. Worth the wait type shit. It’s like how kanye makes tracks…to an extreme.

    yes waht dre and rakim do is extreme and unnecessary. But i’ll wait 2 years for dre any day over having another soulja boy blow in 5 minutes.

    • Baby Bobby

      You’re absolutey right except for 1 thing. It hasn’t just been 2 years only since Dre’s last album. That would be considered normal. Taking 3-5 years to release another album would fall under the categorey of a “big buzz”. But his last album came out in ’99, 10 YEARS AGO! That’s insane for someone who has had no controversy keeping him from concetrating on music. It’s well known that Dre is still a studio rat, but it is now also time to realize that he may be his own worst enemy.

  • DV8

    im visualizing Stat Quo as Allen Iverson in that one interview where hes like “this is about practice….practice….we talking about practice…not dropping albums or mixtapes…we talking about practice.

    I agree with Stat on this one Fuck practice.

    • DV8

      oh yeah I stopped giving a fuck about Detox after it didnt come out after Game’s first CD which was after it was supposed to come out after 50′s 1st CD.

  • avon


  • Shawty J

    It really took Stat that long to leave Aftermath. I knew this was gonna happen. Dre strives for perfection and if he doesn’t achieve it he dismantles his projects and starts over, that why Aftermath should be one of the last labels you ever consider signing to.

    Perfection doesn’t exist. In 5 years, Stat could’ve recorded 3-6 albums worth of material and it wouldn’t matter. At this rate he’s gotta be like 30 something by now with no debut album. The man’s whole rap career is screwed because the Doc wants to acheive something that doesn’t exist.

    The Detox isn’t gonna happend. I don’t understand how Jimmy Iovine has put with this as long as he has. This Dr. Dre we’re talking, this album has got to have one of the biggest budgets on Interscope records, and Dre’s throwing away time and Jimmy’s money.


    Fuck the haters Dre and take as long as you want. “I make albums cuz I want to. Not to stay in the game, fuck tha fame. I’m still staying the same. Lil bitch.”

  • Dra$T-iQ Alkoholik

    true that em niggas fucking taking too long and are just about irrelevant, the last shit worth bumping they dropped was “the documentary” ever since then aftermath put out dud after dud, bull shit sfter bull shit, am expecting the album the same way as niggas expect snow in L.A it aint gon happened stat quo a bitch for that 1 though the nigga needs to back to his west coast roots, pull in all em niggas,Cube,Game,Snoop,Hitman and all em WC niggas to really make it hot coz if he goes east he gon flopp

  • Macdatruest

    Yall niggas aint know? Dre is scared. Dude come out of hiding niggas hittin him and shit. He been known as being soft but try to keep “gangstas” around him. Throughout Dre’s career, when he has worked with top notch MC’s like Jay-Z (Kingdom Come) and Nas (The Firm) the results always show that Dre’s so-called “legacy” is bigger than his worth as a functional producer. Shit Bricks is what Dre makes. Ghost Producers? Whats going on? Aint no such thing as a ghost that was another nigga man! But for real fuck trading in your own legacy to be a part of some muthafuckas pending ass dreams, get yours my nigga. If you fifteen and you grind hard now, when you turn 44 you can have an album niggas been waiting on since you was 34 too!!! Just like Dre!

  • sealsaa

    I won’t hold my breath for Raekwon, he’s fallen off. Back when Only Built for Cuban Links, Wu-Tang Forever, and even Ironman came out, I thought Rae could have gone at BIG. Much love to Ghostface, but Rae killed him on his own shit with that Ironman. Go back and match them verse for verse, you’ll see. Rae’s mixtapes are lackluster, his flow sounds dated, and he comes off sounding tired in his ryhmes. RIP Rae. As for Dre, I don’t get it. What’s all the anticipation for? I’ll give him his respect for the beats he drops, but he don’t write all of his shit. I put him in the same class as Coon Diddy and Will Smith when it comes to ryhmes. YOU either write your shit, or YOU don’t. Stick to beatmaking.

  • DANJA29

    On some real shit, it’s gotten to a ridiculous point. If Dre went into the first Chronic with this kinda mentality, the shit prob’ly wouldn’t have dropped until ’97! Him and Em are takin’ entirely too long, which can possibly work against them in the long run. Because the longer you make people wait, some say “fukkit” and stop waiting. And then, the ones who stay waiting are expecting the shit to be beyond great, beyond classic, beyond incredible. And on top of that, you got wack-ass niggas comin’ out damn near weekly, moving the music further and further into an era that really doesn’t value the names “Dr. Dre” and “Eminem” as much as they did 5 years ago or so. Everybody’s waitin’ to hear the shit, but it’s gonna get to a point where the anticipation is gonna be the album’s worst fukkin’ enemy. Take this Guns N Roses album for example. I expect it to get a lotta fanfare based on the long wait. But it’s nowhere near as important as it would’ve been 10, 8, or even 6 years ago.

  • Chris Mac

    In my opinion the reason almost ALL rap is crap now and days is cuz no one spends time crafting an album. Why does ludacris drop every two years cuz he writes and crafts each track to perfection. Take ya back to another post. Once Jay-z he didnt write and he just spat, everyone wanted to do it(lil weezy). Music is an artform that takes a long time to create. Jus let the man be he lost his son, I would not be dissapointed if it didnt drop becuz u gotta give respect for what the man is going through. You also gotta understand that its hard for a old head to cross over into a new heads industry, half the people that listen to hip hop now consider dre to be old old school and 50 cent to be old school. He’s jus waitin for everyone to shut up and then he’ll RILE ya’ll up again. ONe

  • Curtis75Black

    When it comes to Dre, I just laugh at homie. I’ve heard his music since the World Class Wreckin’ crew days and when he was introduced into NWA we all gave him his respect. Now with the Chronic & 2000, what can you say ? With his Detox Project, right now it’s whatever. I find alot of Vets still doing their thing and sounding good. Why would you sit and just wait for ONE cd for 10 years ? Alot of yall was probably 11, 21 or even 31 years old !! Niggas sleep and truthfully ignore good shit just to hear a Producer.