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  • FaMe

    I’m 18 and I’m happy that this is my first presidential election to be voting in. It’s a powerful one, not only for the country but for the history of our people. You’re right though. It is so close that we can almost feel it. The idea of having a Black president blows my mind after all the years of segregation and Jim Crow- type laws. But then again, the Republicans are known to cheat. So as a college student in America, I know I’ll be up all night watching the results of the election after I go out and vote…..and probably write some papers lol


  • chad bro chill

    blaht blaht jay smooth coming in with a banger
    he came to philly last month with bruce springsteins old ass he shoulda just brought u

    i dont want to be a mother fucking asshole vote obama

  • ATI


  • fupmsoulja

    could not have said it better my self……

  • DV8

    Nice…I like it.

    Feel the Starang Wondah rapping with yourself flow.

  • we aint ready

    seriously obama better lose because im not gonna trade my safety for a few dollars on the share market. yall crazy markets crash all the time, what you idiots thought credit was manna from heaven huh? hell everyone with debts deserve that shit your are all the reason for this bullshit not the republicans. yall gonna vote for obama and things are still gonna get worse. or you can vote for macain and things are still gonna get worse. know why..? because history repeats itself everything has a peak and after that it falls and america aint no exception. at least if mcain wins things will get worse and osama will stay in his cave. on the other hand obama is gonna pull out troops and another 9/11 will happen all over again. seriously people are you thinking about ruining your future so that you can live comfortably today..? im sick and tired of hearing niggas say they voting for obama because hes black you bitches better get a life even if that nigga gets in the white house there will always be ghettos so stop dreaming.

    oh well i guess hip hop and politics have more in common than we think. just like niggas supporting a worm like soulja boy or rappers putting money first over their own safety and friendships (yes i mean lil wand & dipset)

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, son, that beat was ILLLLLLLLLLL! Nah, no frontin, that was a dope rhyme.

    Whoever you vote for, just get out there and do it, but Herbz sez…

    …Obama, baby! Let’s get it!

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • these posts are racist

    FYI, my comments are not posting.


    Do you really believe anything will change if/when Obama gets elected? It will not. The same forces that control policy now, will control the agenda no matter who is in office.

  • Vicious Seiger

    A Note to Mr. We Ain’t Ready:

    Terrorism occurs everyday around the world and the US so called “War on Terrorism” is just an excuse to reinstill those same Imperialistic Puppets many of these countries had before the dictators they had were ousted. The US at one time was actually an ally of Iraq (supplying them with armaments and training) when Iraq and Iran were at war. To sit here and truly believe that the two conflicts we are involved in are in any way deterring terrorist with anti-american agendas is simply foolish. Notice that countries with nuclear capabilities the US will not engage such as North Korea. Many times we as a nation need to understand that there are no good guys and bad guys in the world today. Do you think that the US doesn’t engage in Terrorist Activities, Assassinations and Political Tampering in other nations? Of course we do. 2 days ago we bombed sites in Pakistan and Syria to eliminate terrorist targets and the means we use to maintain our way of life in many other peoples point of view can very well be called terrorism. As for Obama pulling out troops I wouldn’t hold my breath. Iraq is a broken country that is now DEPENDENT on the American presence there. The minute we leave Iraq a civil war is bound to occur leaving a power vacuum for another dictator to take control and perhaps be someone potentially even worse than the one we removed so, any hope of a withdrawal is highly unlikely. This idea of total victory generated by Bush and Supported by McCain is a Farce. The War is costing us Billions of Dollars every month and we need use diplomacy with our fellow nations to solve this problem Bush has left us. I can’t lie I am not the Biggest Supporter of Barack Obama but I know without a shadow of doubt I will not waste my vote on John McCain. I rather take the chance that Barack can put us on the path towards prosperity rather than know just where we are going with John McCain and Sarah Palin. No president is going to fix all that ills America but we need someone who will at least try.

    • we aint ready

      to be honest your points far excel my emotional speech. Yes i agree Obama’s IQ is higher than Mcain and Palin’s IQ combined by at least 90%.
      The idiot knew he was losing polls because kids these days dont care much about war and protecting their beliefs so he decided to pick palin which i thought was his worst move ever.
      But im still not going to vote for the clever guy because he has more to lose since he has more shit to prove. Its all roses when we look from outside the white house but inside its nothing but an entire mess that needs sorting. By mess im also referring to the wars that were started by the bush families quest for revenge on iraq and the economy.
      This financial mess started because of the war as you pointed out. Its drawn more money than any other department but its just going to get worse if the wars dont end. If it was just an economical problem i would vote for obama but since this problem requires someone who can relate to the army and cut costs without risking the lives of the soldiers i have no other choice but to vote for mcain. Obama’s probability of improving the economy without these other factors like war is higher than mcain but for the moment he would just make the imbalance even worse and at the end of the day make america lose both the war and economical position or sacrifice 1 for the other. Obama has my vote but not when things are like this. The war has to end before america can begin to prosper again thats why im voting for mcain.

  • Vicious Seiger

    I respect your views and I am not going to play Point vs Counterpoint. Obviously you value your safety and feel that McCain is more prepared to lead and I feel McCain isn’t. We both have something that many people have fought and died for… the right to choose and we’ll both have to pray for the future and do what many people must do in this critical election … Vote….I’ll see you at the Polls.

  • chillin mayne

    very nice rap, wrecked it mayne..real talk, da track was hot….

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    After careful consideration, and considering the supposed current title owner I gotta say jay smooth-best rapper alive. no dick riding of course

  • LightSkinMofo

    One word… Fresh!

  • amar

    lol good rhyming! some def poetry jam some shit!

    *mos def comes on stage, nasal weed voice* This nex cat, real cool cat, I’m bring out. Give it up put ya hands together for jay sm-*passes out*

  • dj nice wit it

    Your the only blogger who has a brain on this site. Bol is a hatin rapist. and Billy is a smoker!