A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Club…

danny hoch

Your boy was supposed to go to the Hudson Hotel last night to big up my homey from Giant Step for his born day. Pete Rock was going to be on the 1′s and 2′s doing his thing. I was really going to hear T.R.O.Y. which might be Hip-Hop’s greatest tribute song evar.

I usually make a pit stop in this community college across the street from my day job before I go into the city. I use the internets there and check my e-mail and shit. Sometimes I write a column for the X spot, you dudes know the deal. As I was walking through the school to the computer lab I saw a poster advertising Danny Hoch and his new one-man play ‘Taking Over’. The play was going down last night for free and bong I was there in the building.

If you don’t know this cat Danny Hoch then you need to step up your Hip-Hop game. Danny Hoch might be the most Hip-Hop white dude of all time in the history of all time. He is even more Hip-Hop then about 92.375% of Black dudes who are Hip-Hop. One of the main reasons he is so Hip-Hop is that he has this incredible play ‘Taking Over’ and he is performing this shit for like three straight months for free.

Yes bitches, for FREE. I know some of you internets music thieves love that word. ‘Taking Over’ is this masterful piece of storytelling that takes you through the characters that occupy Danny Hoch’s New York City. From the real estate sellers to the slumlords to the disenfranchised Puerto Ricans we see the viewpoints from a cross section of people affected by the real estate boom in New York City. The theme is universal in that all around the country the ghettos are being transformed by the wealthy, while the suburbs are being made into ghettos.

That reminds me of my trip to Paris. I stayed in the center city right across from the Notre Dame chapel and I had to go into the suburbs to see Black people and do my sneaker shopping. This will be the same fate for New York City as it becomes a playground for only the uber-rich and the tourists who hold Euros and Sterlings. Danny Hoch expresses this idea in the play more than once through his incredible ability to instantly change characters. Hoch is a magician at this with way more talent than bullshit David Blaine. You can see he is a white dude, but he speaks so Black!?!

I said Danny Hoch was more Hip-Hop than most because he is actively fighting against the forces that created Hip-Hop. He rails against the prison industrial complex and poverty. He speaks all across the globe about their effects on people. Danny isn’t some half baked communist revolutionary in a Che Guevara shirt. He’s just a poet, ne a griot, who illustrates the world and culture we live in through words. I’m going back to see the play on Thursday night because the story is that good, and its FREE. If you live in NYC, if you grew up in NYC, if you LOVE this place called NYC then you should see this play as well.

When I hear T.R.O.Y. in the club again I will reminisce over my first love, NYC.

Danny Hoch’s ‘Taking Over’ and the Hip-Hop Theater Festival schedule

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, nigga, if he’s white and bout’it bout’it, I’m a vouch for his ass. I’m a look that nigga up now, I needs to get edumacated for reals…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • LEO


  • B

    I saw that show in Oakland and it was entertaining as hell. We have the same gentrification problem out here and he really hit the nail on the head with his one man show. That was the first play I’ve seen and it was definitely worth it.

    • B

      O yeah, NO-G Matthew Herb… you are one corny motherfucker. I know you are a certified ho for hire but damn…


    I thought white people have no sense of humour

  • these posts are racist

    Danny Hoch is awesome. I met him and spoke to him several times. The man is a genius. I wish his work could reach a broader audience.

    Forget swag…Danny brings straight knowledge and wisdom to the table…all while making you laugh.

  • Matt Herbz

    But DAMN what, nigga? Finish your muthafuckin thought. Oh, I’m sorry, did I break your concentration? Look you little snot-nosed shit. This “gentrification problem” is nation-wide, not exclusive to NY or Oakland. Don’t blame my niggaz for stepping in and cleaning up the damn city. Take Atlantic Station for example over here in Atlanta. It used to be rundown as fuck as are a lot of areas of urban Atlanta, but some White Niggaz went in there, threw some green bills on the situation, and now, it’s nice as fuck. It’s a place now where niggaz of any color can go chill, walk the streets, get a bite to eat, and get yo drank on, but if yo punk ass can’t pay the muthafuckin rent, be out at closing time, my nigga. Don’t hate because yo niggaz can’t squat on valuable downtown property no more…get on the train, fool.

    And you know the first play I went to? Ya little sister’s…last muthafuckin night. Sat in the front row, too, muthafucka. When she comes of age, I’m a impregnate that bitch. Bet it…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • B

    But damn… you really are more queer than a three dollar bill. O yeah, it’s not like you guys come down to the ghetto to clean it up… more like cheap rents and the cool factor. The funny thing is, once it’s gentrified its no longer cool and rents are risen, you’ll come to move us out of our next residence. It’s the way the world works and there are some advantages… there is no advantage however to being a fruity ass white dude named NO-G Matthew Herb… that my friend, is what makes you a ho for hire.

  • http://www.nerditry.com nerditry

    Currently credible white guys in hip hop : Danny Hoch, Rick Rubin, uhhhhhh Pharrell?

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I’m glad you giving Danny Hoch props. He desereves recognition for the great work he’s done (Have you ever seen “Some People”, that shit is great) and when he does impressions they aren’t over the top or demeaning, their authentic and thoughtful. Good post.

  • DV8

    Yes bitches, for FREE. I know some of you internets music thieves love that word.

    Yall internet music theives are killing the industry by fucking up hiphops economy

    Danny Hoch is cool but I dont know much about him. I thought Micheal Rapaport was the most hiphop whiteboy. I mean the guy named his son Maceo, after the De La Soul member (Yall youngn’s learn your hiphop history). I dont know of any black children named after one of they favorite rappers, yet.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    A cool factor to living in the ghetto? This is ignorance preached by your beloved mainstream hip-hop that the ghetto is where the black man should stay. I don’t need to counter this idea–I’ll let Nas do that for me, but what you stated is a myth propagated by the ignorant. White people just come down to your house, bang on the door and force you to leave? Is that before or after foreclosure? They say minorities are the hardest hit in this “housing crisis.” Is that because of the cheap rents and cool factor? Tell me?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • LEO


    • Dub Sac


      You obviously don’t understand gentrification. Nobody is talking about black people thinking it’s cool to stay in the ghetto. They’re talking about white people coming to the ghetto to be cool.

      You talk about “cleaning up” Atlantic station, and then basically laugh about displacing someone from their home. That is gentrification. Where are people supposed to move from there? All the new houses I see are two-story suburban houses that nobody can actually afford.

      This is part of why minorities are hit hardest in the housing crisis – because, due to any number of other factors, they were probably having trouble affording the places they lived and are then forced to move to somewhere that is even more expensive. You want to act black so you can pretend you understand hardship and therefore don’t have to extend sympathy.

  • B

    Damn, where is that fool TPAR? I’m sure he would give some profound insight on this shit. Matthew Herb, why do hipsters move into the ghetto then? Tell me. Yes, cheap ass rent, and because many think it’s cool. You obviously think it’s cool to say “nigga” even when you’re white so why wouldn’t affluent white kids think its cool to pay less money to live in a place they think is “diverse, ethnic, charming” (read: ghetto). Tadaow.

  • EReal

    Yall on some SDN shit.

  • B

    Damn… I may be having an SDN moment from just arguing with Matthew Herb… TPAR, take my place before I self destruct.

  • these posts are racist


    I won’t argue with Matt Herb – until I have verification that he uses the “N” word in front of real black people. More importantly, Matt lacks anything even resembling intelligence or the ability to critically think.

    Matt – give it up.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Wow. That was the most deflating post ever written about Matt Herbz…

    …Witnessed by an audience of 3.

    Answer me this, though. Other than being accurate, what else does this play have going for it?


    Is not Matt Herbz an entertainer?

    I don’t front about pushing some social agenda, nigga…I’m having fun with my shit. I’m not always right and I don’t care. The more a man realizes how little he knows, the more intelligent he is. That puts YOU on the side of the smart dumb niggaz, nigga. All the intelligence in the world spoken from the same platform as them gay niggaz posting “first” on every blog will get you heard by no one. Act like you knew that.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Yall wasting your breath talking to OG like he might could understand this situation.

    OG, you still my nigga though since your fam is prA’li some of the OG niggers from way back.

  • capcobra

    between the chronic and comments..i forgot what the blog was about…my fault.

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