The great bloggerati Byron 'Bol' Crawford asked the obvious question...

"Why has KanYe West been arrested and while George W. Bush hasn't even been indicted yet?"

That's because KanYe West is still being scrutinized for his televised freestyle during Universal Entertainment's Hurricane Katrina fundraiser. You didn't think he was going to be let off the hook do you? Even though his mom has passed away KanYe still doesn't get a pass from NSA. It didn't help his profile either to be remixing M.I.A. songs. Doesn't he know that chick is on he Homeland Security hotlist?

What the fuck are people doing at an airport loitering with cameras and video equipment. Isn't it illegal to take pictures inside airports and other government buildings? Isn't that one of the provisions of the anti-terrorism legislature that has been in effect since 09.11.01. along with the Verizon, AT & T and T-Mobile being given immunity to tap our phones on behalf of the government?

I think 'Ye Tudda was set up. The invisible hand knows that KanYeez isn't a morning person. All you have to do is have some asscap shove his camera in 'Ye Tudda's face at the asscrack of dawn and then watch the sparks fly. This is why being an iNternets Celebrity > real world celebrity. Sure, the pay sucks but at least I get to enjoy my pr0n without people giving me their shit opinions.

*F.Y.I. I fucks with Buttman mags and Asshole Fever films. Good shit (puns always intended).*

Some people remarked that KanYe got himself nabbed as a P.R. stunt. That's a hilarious assumption, and mostly stupid. KanYe gets press for any song he produces or rhymes on. So even from a marketing standpoint I don't see what KanYe could asd to his portfolio by being put in the clink. Unless maybe getting arrested removes his obligations to Universal Music Group and now KanYe can sign with Koch and make some real money.

I don't know a damn thing about KanYe's business and I can only speculate as to what moves he is about to make but I just want to say that sonn has this shit figured out. As I predicted, the 'Love Lockdown' leak is driving the clubs bananas. If your a hater you will say it was because that dude was in jail and ?uestlove was already wearing the shirt.


I can't wait to hear the remix featuring Akon, T-Pain, Lil' Wayne, KanYe and Kellz.

Is it too soon for me to give that track a Grammy?


Going back to Cali?

"Nahh, I don't think so."