Worst Decisions In Hip-Hop History

A trip to my barbershop took me down memory lane this past weekend.

They were playing old Video Music Box episodes all afternoon, so I got to see videos I forgot existed like EPMD’s “Crossover.” But one video in particular caught my attention: “1, 2 Pass The Mic” by the D&D All-Stars, the original not the remix. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the classic boom bap track, it features DJ Premier on production with KRS-One, Doug E. Fresh, Smiff-N-Wessun and Jeru Damaja on vocals. Hearing Jeru spit over Primo’s beat, I couldn’t help but think about how his career spiraled down since they split. Heroz 4 Hire had a few tracks, but his post-Primo work has never measured up to The Sun Rises In The East and Wrath Of Math (YES! IT WAS DOPE!!) Why leave Preme? What a horrible decision!

As the videos kept playing, I started thinking about some of the worst decisions in hip-hop history. Since this is off the top, I’m likely to forget some bad ones, so I thought of five and you guys could add the remaining five in the comments. Here are mine, including the aforementioned Jeru one.

Prodigy Jabs At Jay-Z: P was one of the illest MCs out pre-”Takeover.” I never quite understood it, because as Ron Mexico will further explore in the SDN (Smart Dumb Nigga) tournament, P’s pretty much a moron in regular conversations, but has penned some of the most brilliantly thuggish lines  ever. In an old Source Magazine interview, P complained about Hov’s “New York’s been soft ever since Snoop came through and crushed them buildings” line from “Money Cash Hoes” and jabbed that the God Emcee was “quiet like a bitch” during the East Coast/West Coast feud. Well, Hov got wind of the remarks, destroyed P on “Takeover” and the Queens MC has struggled to make two consecutive lines rhyme since. Maybe P should have stayed quiet like a bitch.

Canibus Works With Clef, Not Premier:
Jesus! The Source did used to be the hip-hop bible. I remember reading that Bis was in the lab with DJ Premier during the publication’s Summer Music Preview back in the day. Preme could do no wrong at the time, so any collaboration between the two was a classic waiting to happen. If only “Second Round Knock Out” had been indicative of Can-I-Bus. Clef isn’t solely to blame for the blunder. Bis should have been man enough to tell him them beats were wack. I’m sure Clef had plenty of heat in the chamber. It just ended up being a bad fit. Bis could have been one of the illest of all time. Now he’s all he can be in the marines or some crap.

Ja Rule Snubbing 50 Cent: For argument’s sake, we’ll take Ja Rule’s side of the story. To let Jeffrey tell it, Fif grew obsessively angry with him after he snubbed him at some video shoot. At the time, Ja was “Always On Time” and Fif was still figuring out “How To Rob” industry negras. The tension eventually escalated, 50 punched Ja in Atlanta, Black Child poked 50 at the Hit Factory in New York, Murder Inc. tried blackballing Fif, Fif signed with Shady/Aftermath and Fif vaporized Ja’s career. If only he said hi at the video shoot. They may have ended up doing songs together. Ja’s career would probably still be over today, but at least he could have lasted a few more years.

Signing With Diddy: Forget 10, 11 years later Puff Daddy is still somewhat on top. The Harlem mogul doesn’t control 40% of the Billboard charts like he once did, but he consistently ranks among top earners in hip-hop. Yup! Diddy’s career has lasted over a decade, but the same can’t be said for any of his artists. At least not on a prominent level. Craig Mack, no. Biggie, R.I.P. 112, nope! Total, where? Mase quit to become a pastor. Shyne got caught up and is currently serving the 9th year of a 10-year sentence. Loon, where? G. Dep was last spotted scheming on some chicken wings at Cassidy’s listening session. Black Rob is stealing old lady purses out of hotels. The Lox got raped for their publishing for years. Members of Da Band are working at Wal-Mart and Starbucks. Carl Thomas…where? Need I say more?

In your opinion, what are some of the worst decisions in hip-hop history?

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  • bornnraisedcmr

    Jay puttin out Super Ugly instead Bluprint II to go against Ether.

    • yo


      • Deez Nutz

        Tell em why you mad son

        Check out the new Cube album…real rap..not no hip hop bullshyt

        • yo


      • Nigga Please

        Maybe try actually checking out rap albums beyond Nelly.

        Lots of good shit came out this decade. Smarten up.


      you’re god damn right, blueprint² track is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY harder than super ugly

    • The SpokesMan

      I blame it on the new south, the old south keep it gangsta! I like UGK R.I.P Pimp C, T.I.P, Wayne, Face, OutKast and Jeezy. As for all the other knuckle heads down there they make me sick! Too much dancing and all the beats sound alike! Dont get me wrong I am glad HIP HOP is speading but it came to a hault when the south grasp on it. Call it what you want but I am keeping it 100!

      WestCoast Stand Up!

  • these posts are racist

    I disagree with the “Signing With Diddy” section. That’s just silly. The music/entertainment industry is like that…people rise and disapear, its not Diddy’s fault. Diddy and Biggie made each other. Its a complete like to say Biggie make Diddy or that Biggie wouldve been on top w/out Diddy. One can never tell, but by all accounts, Biggie wouldve probably end up getting killed/jailed in the drug game. Sadly, he was killed, but to blame Diddy is just wrong.

    • DevoG

      I guess you didn’t notice the 10 other names on that list besides Biggie. To tell the truth that’s not even counting the acts that were signed to Bad Boy but never caught on and got any shine at all, outside of a listening party.

  • http://none boss nig

    nas stopped using trackmasters, premo, large p, q-tip, pete rock, etc…

  • Og bobby J

    WORST Decision in hip hop history….

    Making album sales public and using them as a measuring tool for whats hot.

    • yo


    • jUBjUB


    • http://xxlmag.com YEAH RIGHT

      Og bobby J hit it on the jaw wit it. He dead right.

      …oh and another bad decision was Bow Wow talkin so much shit about whoopin Game in Madden then gettin BLASTED now everybody knows he just a shit talker…The Bengals, fam? Verses the Patriots? HORRIBLE descision!! hahahaha!

  • terrence

    Jermain Dupri Not being on top off his game!! I dont fuck with that down south movement BS, but So So Def could off been Moetown ya dig!! Jezzy, Luda, TI, TLC, Keri Hillson, instead this nigga deals with bullshit artist!! To much talent came out of Atlanta that he passes on!!

  • Chest Rockwell

    1. Dr. Dre dropping Rakim and then shelving the album
    2. Dr. Dre dropping The Last Emperor and then shelving the album
    3. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth breaking up
    4. De La Soul doesn’t work with Prince Paul for next album
    5. Nas doesn’t do an album with DJ Premier instead releases mediocre album
    6. Almost every hip hop artist works with 12 different producers on an album and only 3 good tracks on it
    7. Gangstarr breaking up

    • Justice4All

      I agree, I agree. ‘Specially #6-You mean to tell me you got 8 of the hottest producers, 7 of the top artist (per the present ignorant public hip hop consumer standards)and you can only produce 1 1/2 good songs? Negro Pleeeeze.

      “New Age” hip hop artist stay losing.



  • avon

    mos def singing more than rappin on the new danger
    papoose and kay slay signing with a major instead of going independent
    bone thugz not getting rid of bizzy’s crazy ass sooner
    lil wayne goin t-pain on us i know he still hot now but lets face that niga is done he fucked his self making tc4 too pop and corny

  • bishop

    xxl what up everyone could’ve went different ways and brought alot of different f— ups in hip hop but my offering is current what the hell is up with Game nowadays? first off BBC is no belly2 why in the hell would they even associate a classic(apologize cuz you hurt my feelings haha) with a ok but low budget release.second homie the star? it looks good on you though the butterfly was better.last leave hov alone you do not want that i guess he figure he got curtis(my hood dont call him 50 it’s disrespectful r.i.p.) he cant get jay and then he got at em too and he still sneaking jabs at rule he wont wont even win that battle and i know yall agree with me on that one he has potential but he slowly killing it sorry or this long a– comment and i call myself a fan of ‘starface’

  • yoprince


    tupac tryna be a thug in real life

    50 droppin Game and Buck

    Dear Summer as Bleek’s intro

    Game’s butterfly tat

    choices for singles on the last 50 album.. forgot the title

    the split of Dipset

    Big Boi solo albums

    Lil Flipper dissin Tip

  • fireforreal

    Dr.Dre leting the game leave. New edition signing with diddy also(they had there lowest selling album of there career when they signed to bad boy ? that doesn’t make since) Mobb deep signing with g-unit(they lost fans,respect and the album was by far there worst and still didn’t sell. A tribe called quest breaking up. Cam’ron starting beef with 50 and not finishing it. Dre letting Joell ortiz leave. Tony yayo and jim jones being allowed to release albums.

  • http://xxl gside

    Bullshit the late great made puff no doubt look at him since big pass.



    I agree with the list. Signing with Diddy should be #1.

    Also, siging with Cash Money: Currency. Where? Chopper. Where? DonkRiderz. Where? Squad Up. Where? Turk serving his 10th year, for his 7 year sentence. Nobody knows where Juvie is. BG is doing OK at best. Looks like husbands Lil Wayne and Birdman kicked the kids out of the house.

    Rick Ross lying: If the dude just said “Yes, I was a CO. So what? I had a job, niggas”. His career would’nt be over. People would’ve even cosigned him telling the truth.

    T.I hiring that bodygaurd: Over 3 million paid, 1 year in jail, lost GM’s multimillion dollar endorsement. Nuff said.

    50 kicking out Game: Lets face it. The dude is worth alot, but no one listents to him anymore. Ever since their split, his albums have gotton worse and worse. Gayo sucks. Lloyd Check-Cashing Store hasnt made any noise since his first single, Buck was kicked out for a stupid reason, Game is still holding strong, and niggas said 50 fell off. Think about it.

    Collipark signing Soulja Boy: Yeah, he made alot of ringtone sales. Good. State of Hiphop? Bad. Great job Colli.


      That last one I said:

      I should’ve said the invention of Snap and Crunk music period. Basically commercialized Hiphop. Made it sound like bullshit.

    • 619

      I agree with the comment on signing with Cash Money, because nobody besides Wayne and Birdman are ever going to drop an actual album. But I think it’s more about West Coast artists going to Cash Money. Everyone from the West that went there had success with record companies in the West then went to Cash Money got shelved for years and now their career is pretty much over:
      Mack 10
      Tha Dogg Pound
      Glasses Malone

  • Pierzy

    –Snoop & Dre not working together all the time.

    –RZA giving up control of the Wu empire after his “5 Year Plan” ended with Wu-Tang Forever.

    –Lil Flip going at T.I.

    –Anybody that passed over Eminem

  • http://xxlmag.com slim

    signing with 50 after u seen how he did bang em smurf! hahahahahaha

    • ChumCHum

      oh thats COLD and so on point…what do White Folk say: ZIIING!!! LMAO

  • Southernbreed

    1.Dr.Dre Pushing Back The Detox, By the time he finally drops it, he’ll be in his 50′s.

    2.Master P changing up and going with the kiddie rap shit, No Limit could’ve been
    Roc-A-Fella of the South.

    3.Jay-Z being greedy and shitting on the dude that stuck his neck out for him.
    Need i Remind you, no label wanted Jay, so they started Roc-A-Fella.

    4.2Pac signing to Death Row.
    It Was A Gift And A Curse,he put out some great music but, being down with Tha Row got him killed.

    5.Ma$e coming back and getting down with
    You Suppose to be a Minister and you connect with 50 Cent?

  • B

    This is East Coast shit. What about the west & south

    • Southernbreed

      Aite B, My Bad.
      1.Lil Wayne Doing The Auto-Tune on Damn Near every song.

      2.Rick Ross For Lying about being a “Boss” and he was really a C.O.

      3.Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre Not Doing a Whole Album Together.

      4.Bone Thugs signing with Swizz Beatz.

      5.Soulja Boy,V.I.C.,Hurricane Chris and Collipark For Fucking Up The Hip Hop Industry.
      Collipark was better off with The Ying Yang Twins.L.O.L.

      • Pierzy

        I guess you don’t count “Doggystyle”? Or do you mean having Dre rhyme on every track too? Snoop, D.O.C. and RBX wrote all his verses on “The Chronic” so you could count that as well.

  • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

    1. DMX not going to/staying in rehab.

    2. 50 kicking Game out of G-Unit. This was the start of 50′s downfall.

    3. Lauryn Hill not being the mc she was born to be.

    4. E-40 starting the hyphy movement. Just couldn’t respect the dude anymore.

    5. Screwed Up Click not staying together after Screw died. They could have let Mike Jones and Paul Wall start the national shine for Houston and then stole it from them.

    Honorable Mention: Baby stiffing everyone at Cash Money. (Juvie, B.G., Turk out of a lawyer, and Mannie Fresh). Now album sales (his real money getter) are lower than they’ve ever been. (and getting lower)


      Your #3 is def the truth.


    Yo, all ya’ll are funny as sh!t.

    But I co-sign….. Making Album sales public is killing real hip hop. All people care about is how many units people are moving.

    But the worst decision in Hip Hop History.

    FILE SHARING…. I’ll never buy another cd in my lifetime.


  • Pierzy

    What about everybody being either “Lil’” or “Young” or “Yung”? That shit ruined things too.

  • Bigg Webb

    TOP Ten Worst Decisions in Hip-Hop History

    1.B.I.G going to Cali to promote LAD instead of waiting to do it a couple of months after it came out

    2.Easy-E allowing Jerry Heller to break up NWA due to not wanting to pay Cube & Dre right

    3.Columbia Records & Nas for panic & scraping the double cd version of I Am… when some songs were bootleg

    4.Some one not helping Pun lose weight a lot sooner in life before he got his record deal

    5.No battle between Rakim & Big Daddy Kane

    6.The break up of the Fugees,Epmd,& ATCQ

    7.Ja rule decision to diss everybody being up set which lead to his “early retirement”

    8.Dame Dash & Biggs decision to not keep the Roc-A-Fella name instead to giving Jay-Z the masters for Reasonable Doubt

    9.50cent not willing to work with some big name artist especially those from New York for b*tch reasons, which is one of the reasons that lead to the east coast falling off & not signing any up & coming NY artist instead of reclining the same old ones

    10.For fans buying into this garbage rap that’s been coming out the last few years & the artist for putting all there hard work into there single then having a garbage album.

    • ChumChum

      I feel U on #4 – the Pun reference. That shit iz soo right – I Love Pun – jus bought my 2nd copy of “Yeeah Baby”. On the track “Its So Hard” dude actually said “I just lost a hundred pounds, I’m tryin to live”, Thats Crazee…

      But the NWA split – was not one of the worst decisions in Hip Hop ever. No. What did we gain from the split – The Death Row Movement – The Rise of The West Coast –
      Ice Cubes solo rap career and his impeccable career in Hollywood.


  • kingequality

    1. Making gangsta rap comercial so all you hear from our so called young black males is hate and destruction.2.Turning hiphop into the WWE 3.Turning female emcees into Hoes of homegirls 4. Releasing jocking jayZ trying to make people beleive that wack nshit is hot

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Benicio Del Thoro

    This one was good, but I disagree with the Puff one. I mean ya those artists shouldn’t have gotten dropped, but they weren’t sweet either. Black Rob and Mase went about as far as they were gonna go anyways. Puff just signed Janelle Monae who is gonna be huge soon…

    1. 2pac signing with Death Row Records – This one is a lay-up. He had east coast labels interested in him as well. If he goes to another meeting, we talk about his next album release, and I’m willing to bet he would have gotten a few oscars with the right scripts. We all know he was a terrific actor. Damn.

    2. Jay-Z being an executive – There’s a reason why executives shouldn’t rap and rappers need not sit in an office. There are exceptions, (Scarface, Ludacris, Buckshot, etc.) But lets not forget, Dash and Biggs signed the acts over there that mattered. If you remember Jay wanted no parts of Kanye rhyming or even touching a mic. Cam would still be relevant if Hov lets him be VP. Def Jam, well that’s another blog right?

    3. Jive drops the ball with Papoose – I was gonna say Interscope, but this one is another lay-up. How do you get a 1.5 milli advance, and no album comes out? Not to mention they dropped the ball on the Clipse, and they didn’t give a shit about UGK til the great one died. Bogus!

    4. The Electric Circus Sessions – I know ill catch hell for this one, but this should have stayed on the cutting room floor. Derek Dudley, or whoever was Com’s manager back in 2002, should have said, “Wait, What are we doing?” Probably one of the worst albums released in 02′

    • Pierzy

      I totally co-sign #4. No doubt.

    • Josh

      I’m sick and tired of people hating on Electric Circus. Most people never even listened to this album. This album is a classic — one of the most cohesive, well-put-together albums of Common’s career. Definitely better than Be and Finding Forever. Electric Circus is what Hip-Hop is all about – experimenting and going against the grain.

      Go back and listen to it. Open your mind.

      • Worley

        Electric Circus is wack except for “I Got the Right Ta.” Be is a classic.

        1. Shyne bustin’ his gun for Bluff Daddy.

        2. Mystikal putting his sexcapade on tape.

        3. Rae and Ghost not doing another full album together.

        4. Cool J’s 14 Shots to the Dome

        5. Whatever the hell happened in that hotel room with ‘Pac.

        6. Black Star break up.

        Just to name a few.

      • KSA1001

        I agree…Electric Circus was a great album, no matter what.

  • slikathanmost

    Wu tang put out cappadonna before deck

  • dddd

    the return of NWA with dre,snoop,cube,mc ren dat never happened

    g-unit records dat could have been the next great thing..for some reasen never happened

    suge knight dat killed death row and had split all the DPG, dre, 2pac

    DMX dat killed his own carrer

    Snoop not realesing good shit all the time(NAS also)and dre taking too much time for realesing just anything

    All 2pac unrealesed albums after Better Dayz

    ghost beef with RZA: the end of wu-tang..

  • capcobra


    • 619


  • Michaelbchnn

    Nas scrapping I Am…

    Jay- Blueprint 2

    Dmx- picking up the pipe

    Tupac- signing with Death Row

  • chad bro chill

    1. the day ron artest said i think i’ll pursue a rapping career
    2.ice cube doing kiddy movies but still putting out good gangsta music completely contradicting
    3. xzibit doing pimp my ride i thought full circle was a great cd but it sold less than 10,000 copies its first week cause people thought he wasn’t real for doing that show
    4. and lastly ever song the radio decides to play is pretty much a bad decision

  • fireforreal

    1.Anyone trusting Suge Knight after what he did to his artist’s in the past.
    2.Those ugly ass no limit album covers in the late 90′s.
    3.Canibus trying to sound gutter on those smooth tracks wyclef is known for was not a good match.
    4.Def jam not knowing how they wasted time not treating Joe budden better when he’s been one of the best emcee’s for years now.
    5.Rocafella signing Amil.

  • that nigga

    Anybody from the South pickin up a microphone. Sorry? Just my opinion.

    NaS not holdin Cormega down and fuckin up the FIRM album.

    Jay fuckin wit NaS when he was mournin his mom’s passin = Ether.

    Lil Kim fuckin up her face an now looks like Ms. Piggy.

    Kay and Pap takin 2 years to put out an album, sorry Pap your window has been shut. 50 mixtapes and no album?

    And to dude who said signing wiht Puff. You are exactly right homie. Fuck Bad Boy for gettin B.I.G killed along with the killin of many artists careers.

    • osharp7

      without badboy you wouldn’t even know who BIG was so……

      i think a big worst decision is allowing mags and radio to tell us whats hot.

      there’s too much music out here to be this angry about this topic. fyi HIP-HOP is alright. graf, breaking and djing are well preserved and respected all over the world. do any of you love hip-hop or is it you just love rap music?


  • Youngstreet

    “1. Making gangsta rap commercial so all you hear from our so called young black males is hate and destruction.2.Turning hip hop into the WWE 3.Turning female emcees into Hoes of home girls 4. Releasing jocking jay Z trying to make people believe that whack shit is hot”

    The best response so far big ups to kingequality

  • http://wheresthegaming.org AJB4

    Some of Da Band members are workin at Starbucks and Wal-Mart. lol. but for real they were pretty good but they should of took things more seriously

  • Lou

    5 Worst:

    1. Roc-a-Fella break-up
    2. Dipset break-up
    3. Ruff Ryders break-up
    4. Terror Squad break-up
    5. Death Row break-up

    Notice a theme?


    Letting Chamillionare, Mike Jones, and Slim thug put out a CD…

    Giving yung berg aka mr punching bag a deal…

    TI signing Alpha-mega…

    Soulja Girl song, and his gay sex tape…Mr. Colli park should be shot!

    Fat Joe letting DJ Khalid corny ass in the industry…ACE WHO!

    Y is PLIES on a CD, the nigga cant even speak english

    Auto-tunes…T-pain period

    Janet Jackson making a comeback, the bitch is 50yrs old….come on Jermaine

    50 cent dropping Game and Buck while letting YAYO in a damn studio…

    Diddy signing Day 26 and Danity Kane…Da Band.lol

    Nas for marrying Kelis…I think i fucked her

    Snoops sensual seduction…That nigga was smokin more than weed

    R. Kelly’s releasing “in the closet”…nigga should’ve stayed in one

    Bow Wow lusts for Ciara…that is a man!sorry 50 u’ve fucked up enough

    Nick Cannon’s CD…glad he got Maria…the boy can act though

    A label allowing David Banner to rap…im glad he’s now an activist

    Yin Yang twins signing…

    Ja Rule thinking he’s a gangster rapper…him and Ashanti was the perfect group

    Def Jam for dropping Foxy Brown…the bitch is cold

    Def Jam letting Jay-Z fuck up damn near errrything…

    Jay stabbing Un…fucked up alot of shit

    Puffy signed LOON…

    DMX leaving Ruff Riders…

    Universal letting Master P come out with all that wack ass music….Fake ass country boys never knew PAC and thats all they shouted

    Lox signing to Puff…Craig Mack being dropped off Bad Boy

    EPMD separates…Dropping K-Solo from label and keeping Das FX

    Death Row Period…NWA was the best thing to ever happen to the West Coast

    Easy E not standing up to SUGE…

    Gang Starr separates…

    Digital Underground letting Pac go…


      Farnsworth fucking Bentley! WHY HIP HOP WHY!
      but why this nigga got one of the hottest songs out, has me fucked up!

    • LEO

      X is still on RR homey

  • lou

    5 Worst:

    1. Roc-a-Fella break up
    2. Ruff Ryders break-up
    3. Terror Squad break-up
    4. Dipset break-up
    5. Cash Money break-up

    Notice a theme?

  • SoulClickk

    Worst decision in hip hop i would have to say Memphis Bleek deciding to rhyme. and Lil’ Wayne claiming bloods for no reason

    • Rex Banner

      seriously, Memphis Bleek is not that bad, there are a million other rappers that are worse than him

  • LEO

    1-The Rocafella BreakUp(for Dame)

    2-The fall of Def-Jam…I dunno how it hapenned, but I’m prety sure it had to do with some sort of stupid decision.

    3-Jay-z’s line: “ask Nas he dont want it with Hov…noooooooooooooooooo” then Ether hapened…hasnt been the same since…in my opinion…

    4-G-unit break up…if Game and Buck were still in there…G-unit would b running it right now…but Game and 50 had to act like lil bitches and kill it for NY and LA…and now we have to listen to Lil Wang on the radio everyday… :(

    5-I know somebody has had a chance at shooting Lil Wayne in the headand hasnt done it…do it!!! now!!!

  • Dre”I’M MAD” Peoples

    1.Can-i-bus going at LL(5,4,3,2,1 was hard!)

    2.Niggas not working shit out(J-Hoodrat and d-block(at least he was with a bunch of dope niggas),cam and jim jones(i really don’t care though),Jay-z,Dame and Biggs.etc.

    3.Jay-z not taking full creative control of memphis bleeks albums.

    4.Jay and Kanye not doing a new hot ass track together with memph man for a new single(This might be his last chance)

    5.Dr.Dre’s whack ass Detox

    6.Saturation of hip-hop(50 cent,lil wayne etc.)
    7.Master P Messing up all those classic songs and nursery rhymes(Whisle while you twirk,I need dubbes,row row row ya dope etc..)

    7.Dr.dre not dropping Rakim after he blazed the watcher pt.2

    8.Eve going to after math and turning into a girl

    9.The source folding

    10.Soulja boy,V.I.C and all that whack ass cheerleaders!

    • Shawty J

      I agree with #3, but #4, if Jay-Z and Kanye appeared on the same song as Memphis Bleek, people won’t remember that Bleek was in the song.

  • geico lizard

    i think the clipse did a song with n sync or timberfake and they havent been the same since. they shouldnt let pharrell talk them into doing crazy shit like that.

  • Dre”I’M MAD” Peoples

    and another thing,anybody that didn’t sign Kanye

  • MO

    Letting Suge Knight run a record label.

  • http://xxlmag.com Cal

    The Source (during the Dave, Benzino nazi era) declaring war on Eminem!

  • http://xxlmag.com source

    1.dave mays having benzino as a partner!
    2. pras releasing a solo album
    3.pac goin to vegas wit suge
    4.mase going around the block trying to get a tranny! aint seen him since hahahaha

  • http://xxlmag.com manny

    1.mase gettin in the car accident in atlanta
    2.pac rollin with suge going to vegas
    3.dave mays having benzino for a partner at the source

    4.whover signed pras to a solo deal!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Worst Decisions in Hip-Hop History:

    1. East Coast–West Coast rivalry in the mid 90′s.
    2. Nobody diss to Sugarhill Gang for making “Rapper’s Delight” song.
    3. Nas and Ghostface signing with Def Jam Recording.
    4. MOP and Mobb Deep signing with G-Unit Records
    5. Texas, especially Houston rappers, signing with major labels.

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      6. Raekwon and Ghostface not doing together OB4CL 2
      7. Eminem and Royce not doing “Bad meets Evil” duo album.
      8. East Coast rappers dissin each other and don’t care about there status.
      9. When Timbaland start to producing POP music.
      10. Busta and Luda cut there hairs.

      • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

        Cosign everything this dude be sayin

  • kenetic

    that t-pain shit
    rappers getting the whole gangsta thing mixed up,”straight outta compton”was real shit but otha rappers just fake
    south rappas doin that crunk shit i’m from the south and that shit annoys me
    collipark being dumb by signing wack rappers
    nas doing mediocre albums
    lauryn hill stop rapping
    mc’s not coming up with catchy shit and still keeping it lyrical(made you look was one of those lyrical catchy songs)

  • dave

    1. big going to la when he should of stayed in nyc to promote lad

    2. tupac signing with death row

    3. Big l should of stayed away from his old block

    4. Big puns homeboys should of gave him a fitness plan instead of rice and beans pernil and flans

    5. epmd gang starr a tribe called quest lost boys def squad wu tang clan (basically the core of east coast hip hop breaking up)

    6. the south (new generation) for not respecting the pioneers of hip hop

    7. puff for staying out of touch with the streets (at one time he had the streets on lock)

    8. jam master jay should of had his studio in the burbs instead of the hood

    9. Stretch and bobbito, sway and tech not having a nationally syndicated show somewhere (real hip hop might of had a chance to survive)


  • DC

    Valid points everyone. Let me give this a shot. If I reiterate a point that somebody posted before, then consider this paying homage.

    #1: Hypocrites telling other people to support the real Hip-Hop by buying so and so’s ablum when they do the opposite by downloading it for free.

    #2: BET for banning the Little Brother video “Lovin It” by deeming it “too intelligent” and the De La Soul video “Shopping Bags (She Got It From You)” for “not being relevant”.

    #3: The Muisc Industry for dumbing down Hip-Hop.

    #4: Technology for making it easier and free to breach incoming releases and get the artist’s album.

    And #5: Our choices of what songs should be played in The Media are terrible.

  • Worley

    1. The killings of Big L, ‘Pac and BIG.
    2. Busta becoming a buffoon.
    3. Flavor Flav doing Flavor of Love.
    4. Group Home not working with Preemo for another full album.
    5. Rappers messing with Superhead or Erykah Badu.
    6. Remy shooting her tampon holder.
    7. Foxy spazzing every two weeks.
    8. Everything Redman did after Muddy Waters (except for Blackout).
    9. Keith Murray hitting dude with a chair.
    10. Lil’ Kim lying when the shooting was on tape.
    11. Rah Digga getting glammed up.
    12. Da Brat hitting that chick with a bottle.
    13. Mike Jones mouthing off to Trae (for Mike Jones).
    14. Yung Berg going to the D. It’s cold my nilla.

    I got more, but y’all get the rest.



  • Tico loco

    1. D&D studios closing when needed the most
    2. Guest verses considered remixes
    3. Trickin at an all time high and it’s glorification (you can have whatever you want if you get a job Ms I N D E P E N D E N T)
    4. Rappers acting like divas
    5. Rappers claiming to be goons and they’re better known for their lovey dovey songs.
    6. The justification of the garbage that’s out (I thought rappers would be nicer with time but is backwards)
    7. Beats outshining the verses
    8. Def Jam no longer a rap label
    9. VIACOM
    10. Lil Kim surgical procedures (no time for fake ones? I held up to that Kim what happened?)

  • http://yahoo.com mr. docwood



  • anutha_level

    1. fall of lauren hill – absolute tradegy.
    2. PAC & Biggie beef -imagine some of the collabos if they only squashed the bullshit.
    3. materialism surfacing/taking place of real hip hop.
    4. everybody stopped break dancing-WHY?
    5. D.O.C. f’n up his voice
    6. nobody picking up Rakim or big daddy kane
    7. ATCQ & EPMD & Gangstarr breaking up


      4. everybody stopped break dancing-WHY?


      We only see white boys and asians doing it now. WTF happened to my black b-boys?? We were the sickest at it!

  • DC

    I got a plethora (a lot) of worst decisions in Hip-Hop, but here’s mine.

    BET for banning “Lovin It” by Little Brother for deeming it “too intelligent” and “Shopping Bags” (She Got From You) by De La Soul for “not being relevant”.

  • anutha_level

    …and whoever came up with that “Ms Rap Supreme” show BULLshit, wit MC SERCH & YO-YO as judges!!??!


  • Awaxx29

    5 Worst decisions in hip hop.
    5. Rappers/CEO’s-Don’t get me wrong I believe black men need to be buisnessmen and handle theres but not every rapper can run a company and make quality music. When this started happening it became more about being rich than making quality music. After No Limit and Cash Money every rapper wanted to do it. I believe if you want to start a record label have a person running the buisness side and you take care of the music. ie….Chaka and Luda, Suge and Dre(Before the B.S. went down), Jay and Dame and Biggs(Before the B.S. Went down).
    4. Russel Simmons sold Def Jam-Man he was a true pioneer for Hip Hop and what it stands for, starting from a dream and building something incredible. He sold the Titanic and then it sank.
    3. Benzino started having more involvement in the source magazine-XXL is my s**t don’t get me wrong, but it was the hip hop bible. We didn’t waste money on albums cause if your source review was wack and less than 4 mics we ain’t coppin it. Unless ur like me from the WestCoast and knew we don’t get love anyway so jus show love for the “W” and go buy it. Question: XXL can you buy The Source throw out the XXL name but keep the same writers? Lie to us PLEASE!!!!
    2. DJ Quik not using the autotune first-He learned that from the great O.G. himself Mr. Rodger Troutman. By his side everyday Mr. Troutman schooled Quik on that. If he would have used it more we wouldn’t be as sick of it because the way he would have used it plus the music he would’ve put out would’ve been way better than the s**t we here from T-Pain. Quik is a musical genius he probly would’ve blew up and got more shine. And he would’ve called out all these rappers for biting his style.
    1.When people decided to download and bootleg!!

  • Chris S

    dj khaled’s mommy and daddy deciding to have a chubby little child

  • avon

    rappers signing to other rappers its a ill advised move because they cant focus on your career when they are still rapping they damn self
    new york blaiming the south for the state of hip hop
    rappers not choosing they battles wisely lets be honest a lot of these rappers cant afford to have the fans take sides ex b.g. vs lil wayne (i am a big b.g. fan but wayne got it rite now the fans aint gon go against wayne) shawty lo vs t.i. new york vs the south what the fuck is new york thinking they need to embrace the south

  • Carter

    Kicking The Game out of G-Unit

  • Moi

    what if biggie had responded to pac?

  • Rae Tha Great

    Cam & Jim breaking up. Diplomats is in limbo.

    Ma$e being a pastor again. (I wanted to hear that G-Unit material).

    Nelly – Dude put out like 4 songs for Brass Knuckles he know that shit gone flop soon as it hit shelves.

    Ja Rule vs 50 – He almost made a comeback with Wonderful.

    Roc-A-Fella breakup – I’m still upset about that shit till this day the had the best roster EVER


  • yaOK

    H.N.I.C. Pt 2…. all you writers are gay.


    1-any rapper dat takes a 3 or 4 year hiatus and comes back thinkin they still relevant…2-any rapper signin a deal wit jive records( papoose & the clipse )…3-jim jones not takin max b more seriously as an artist…4-shyne bustin his gun 4 a millionaire who aint got da guts 2 shoot 4 himself…5-big pun not losin the weight he needed 2 when he was warned…6-any rapper dat signs 2 a label dat has another rapper dats hotter than them as da ceo…7-mase signin wit g unit instead of wit sum1 like kanye…8-mack 10 signin wit cash money…9-50 cent not puttin out m.o.p. and mobb deep as soon as they signed 2 g unit…10-remy ma shootin dat girl instead of sendin a goon…and this 1 is a bonus-ANY RAPPER DAT DEPENDS ON GUEST APPEARANCES ON EVERY SONG IN ORDER 2 HAVE A HOT ALBUM

  • HipHopFive15

    1. If biggie really did set up pac to get offed, that shit was retarded. look where it got him. two of the best shot tha fuck up
    2. Benzino goin at eminem. just stop.
    3. Fuckin walk it out and crank that and whatever other bullshit dance rap they put out
    and fuck laffy taffy
    4. yea hip hop goin commercial. ima put that at the top
    5. 50 turnin every dude who rap wit him into him. same style flow everythin
    6. DMX smokin to much crack for his own good

  • TicoLOco

    1. Justification of trickin on
    “I N D E P E N D E N T” women (I ain’t the one was my anthem and still is now “you can have whatever you want”? SMH)

    2. Same beat and hook + guest verse = remix
    (how? since when?)

    Rick Ross accepting the department of corrections job offer not knowing he will become a famous wack rapper who relies on street cred to overcompensate for lack of skills

    Dating Eryka Badu knowing the effects it will take on your sense of style (see common, 3 stacks)

    Rappers that decided to wear tight pants (that means tights next and the fat kids are gonna want to do it to fit in pun intended)

  • reality5000

    First off what a great BLOG!

    dudes career died, from elvis to elmo in a matter of months..?

    Royce da 5’9 rejecting $1million aftermath contract.

    Rakim and dre for spliting,

    Dame dash’s whole life,

    Nelly for singing, he got no fans now,

    britney leaving justin Ha Ha,

    puffy letting j-lo leave,

    suge knight bailing tupac outta jail,

    dre leaving NWA and DEATH ROW and not releasing some music worth listening too since the documentary and keeping 50 over the game????????



  • Wu Clanman

    Raekwon’s Cuban Linx II still not out.

  • bishop

    everybody going hard with this one good blog my first was game and his decision making, now hiphop capitalizing off of poprap was a gift and a curse yeah getting way more money and oppurtunities but once more of the masses here what we are thinking they start censoring and telling us we cant say we have it hard because of this or that and the language, but the rock culture says what they want, does what they want, but since we are the loudset voice in the world we get muted when artist want to title their albums what they want speak on political issues so on and so on, my worst decision is hiphop getting white folks money but if they didnt we wouldnt be talking about this on a computer but on a corner or a porch stoop

  • Fireforreal

    1.Damon dash being the new Suge Knight when it comes to hating in ever interview on people he was once cool with.
    2.Pras releasing albums.
    3.Tony Yayo
    4.Tony Yayo again because he is one of the worst rappers ever.
    6.The Bluprint2
    8.50 cent dissing Ja rule,becoming Ja rule then just like Ja rule try to comeback hardcore like before when the people get tired of his bullshit songs.
    9.Whoever grenn lighted Rap city without the

  • Marco317

    1. Jay-z not retiring after The Black Album, and puttin out weak ass albums after that.
    2. The Game puttin a butterfly in his face and not being loyal to 50.
    3. B.E.T. takin “Uncut” off da air. Haters…

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    the south has been the best thing to happen to hip hop for the last decade and more. if it wasn’t for the south hip hop would be in its post disco state or perhaps worse at this particular juncture.


      Big, Pac, Nas, Rakim, and niggas like that were the best things to happen to Hiphop dumbass. Then came Scarface, Outkast, and U.G.K. They brought out what the south had to say. After that, it went downhill.

      The south made Snap music & Crunk music. Two of the worst sub-genre’s in the history of Hiphop. If those bullshit genre’s werent created, we would still be in the Golden Age. Where a nigga could have a club hit, and STILL actually spit some shit. I.e: Big Pun “Still Not A Player”.

      And before you come up with some “you just a hatin up north nigga” bullshit, IM FROM THE SOUTH MYSELF.

      FLA ALL DAY. So there you go.

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    and I grow weary of you fags comin on this site with your preambles talking about the only ones from the south who are good are scarface, outkast blah blah blah. the south’s resume is mad extensive. you mainstream fags just don’t know how to dig in the crates for that south g shit. I’ll say it like this, mad kniccas hate on the lil nigga Boosie and Webbie, yet, the one southern emcee who all you fags adore and put on some pedestal cosigned and underwrote Lil Boosie saying that he rides with the nigga. put that in your pipes and smoke it. but i’m sure some smarty pants know-it-all is gonna come and try and throw salt in my game. so im sending a preemptive fuck you.



      KRS One, Kanye West, Nas, & 50 ALL cosigned Soulja Boy. Does that mean he’s GOOD? According your logic, because Pimp C cosigned Lil Booger, we should not have our own opinion of the dude being fuckin WACK. This makes sense to you?

      Lil Boosie is probably the wackest rapper out the south, with the most annoying voice in the industry besides Plies of shit and Ace Hoodrat.

      If we think the nigga is garbage, its OUR FUCKIN OPINION!! Who are you to “throw salt” on our game?? Since when has it been “hatin” to have a damn opinion?!?!? Give me ONE song, ONE verse, ONE line from Lil Booger that that was actually GOOD. C’mon this guy actually said

      “Summer, spring, winter, and I cant forget to fall”


      What the hell is he falling for??? Lines like these, and all his other terrible lines is what makes the guy fuckin trash.

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    fuck you


      So its not a fuck us my nigga, its a fuck YOU.

  • avon

    lil boosie is that nigga but plies he is overated his first album was that fire tho but differant niggas like differant shit if a nigga fuck with plies let em the shit aint making or breaking you

  • avon

    since this post is about mistakes in hip hop plies mistake was not pushing somebody loves you and instead workin the joint wit jamie and dream instead he already got the ladies right he need the hood now because you are judged by your singles and if you aint heard his album he might think he was all about ladies athems now im not the biggest fan of ples but there is more to his music besides what you see on t.v. and hear on the radio another recent mistake in hip hop is the choppa city boyz bubblegum video b.g. know better than that

  • Macdatruest

    Man this is the greatest blog ever first off. Now secondly here are Mac’s worst ten hip hop decisions:

    1. Doctor Dre doing any music for anybody at all or taking over any projects and the “myth” Detox
    2. Lil Kim turning her face into a fucking meat filled balloon
    3. Tyrese aka Black Ty
    4. Currupt from the Dogg Pound sayin he don’t love them hoes then crying over Foxy Brown
    5. Lil Cease dancin’ ass naked in a room full of dudes
    6. Any current Fiddy Cent headlines “Fiddy bought baby milk today”
    7. Anything Yayo Thought or said Out Loud In His Hip Hop Career/His Hip Hop Career
    8. No Ray Cash follow up album
    9. The ma$e Rangerover scandal
    10. N.O.E.

  • Macdatruest

    So Soulja Boy killed Hip Hop? How did he get that much power? Where was your favorite rapper, or better yet what was your favorite rapper doing while Soulja Boy was grindin out a career, 15 years old, on Youtube and Myspace? How can you hate a kid for being succssful? All these rappers wanted to be like gay ass fiddy cent these last couple years, but it wasnt as much as a market for fake beef as a lot of these old ass niggas thought. Now they mad, why be mad get to the money. All the people who criticize Soulja Boy should realize that hatin is garbage and if you think he killed hip hop, go get rich or die tryin’, go start some beef r somethin and hope somebody wanna hear some he say shit

    • mbizzle

      hip hop has been on life support for about 10 years now, soulja boy just pulled the plug

  • http://www.myspace.com/ndotciamhiphop.com/ndotc N DOT C

    One of my personal ‘lessons’ in Hip Hop is releasing one of my latest songs called
    ‘IT’s KILLING ME.’ The title alone seems timid for most as if they haven’t heard EMINEM before. I guess pulling the skirt on Hollywood, and holding the mirror for society isn’t the SOULJA BOY thing to do


  • Shawty J

    Signing with Diddy – He uses his artist to make himself hotter and put more money in his own pocket. After taking his on artist popularity to feed his ego, he either ditches them or turns them into his ghostwriters (Ness, Black Rob, G.Dep,…)

    Signing with a rapper, period – You’re putting yourself in competition of a multi-platinum talent artist and putting yourself in their shadow at the same time. Sounds like career suicide.

    Mixtapes – Yeah mixtapes are hot, but half of the time they just prove that your only real talent is freestyling on other peoples beats and swagger jacking their punchlines for your own (yes I’m talking about Weezy)

    Signing with Aftermath – Dre will only drop your album if it’s perfect. Unfortunately, perfect doesn’t exist.

    Jimmy Ivione convincing Dre & 50 to make Game a split venture between all three parties – Let’s face it The Game would still be signed to Aftermath and we’d still be hearing new Dre beats if Jimmy hadn’t gone to 50 and said “you need a member of G-Unit from the West Coast”

    Record Label Expansion – See above at signing with a rapper. Basically label expansion spreads the label owner’s attention to thin. Example you really think T.I.’s gonna drop his album, Dro’s album, Kuntry’s album, B.o.B’s album, and Yung LA’s album within the next twelve months. No, someone’s getting pushed back.

    Rapper’s not using a central producer – If you wanna have a different producer on every track, fine whatever. But you need some kind of producer to oversee the album and direction it’s going in, or else it’s gonna be just like Chest Rockwell said, twelve producers, three good songs.

  • Rex Banner

    Nas signing to def jam after calling it the evil empire lulz and basically working for jay after “ethering him” lmao nas stays with the losses


    shawty j brought up a good point wit da central producer thing but sometimes u need 2 hav different producers in order 2 keep da whole album from soundin da same from beginnin 2 end…remember wen damn near every cash money song sound exactly da same cuz mannie fresh did all da tracks…now lil wayne got his 1st multi platinum album with NO mannie beats…but u do hav 2 hav @ least 1 producer 2 set da tone of da album by doing maybe half da album…or just hav 1 particular producer help u 2 EXECUTIVE PRODUCE da album so u can hav sum kinda direction and zone 2 take ur audience…cuz half these artists just slap 12 songs 2gether by usin big name producers witout even thinkin bout quality and expect us 2 automatically think its hot…so yeah i most definately co-sign shawty j and chest rockwell

  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    1. The Roc-A-Fella breakup they had two completely different movements at the same time. State Property had movies, clothes, and they cd’s was crazy. And the Dips had 3 classics with the Roc and had niggas wearing pink.

    2. Jay letting Puff fuck up Vol. 1 cause it was damn near classic.

    3. Rick Ross lying about that C.O. shit.

    4. Wayne kissing Baby and rapping about it like its cool

    5. Big not waiting at least a year to put out LAD after Pac died.

  • dez



  • Trae

    Prob all the NYC rappers beefing with each other, while they were beefing Atlanta took over the game as for good

  • Flow

    “Tony yayo and jim jones being allowed to release albums.” Thumbs up! Worst decision ever in history of rap…

  • Maurice L Dees

    The death of Easy-E,Tupac and biggie small. The federal telecommunications act of 1996. And corporation america water down essence of hip hop, that why magazine like XXL need to side with the no the astist.

  • Collan

    1. Big going to L.A
    2. Nastradamus
    3. Kingdom Come
    4. Rass Kass being jerked on Capitol
    5. Rakim’s Oh My God Being sheleved by Dr Dre

  • IndyKid

    For sure, the biggest f up of this decade is 50 cent’s career. His mouth got him to the top but it’s also puttin him in the dirt. He’s still too proud of ‘get rich or die trying’. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a classic album but he got too cocky from it. Anybody remember ‘the massacre?’……..yea, me neither…

  • RedemptionsSong

    1. Going major. Going major is selling your soul. executives are the true pimps making rappers into their little hoes.
    2. MTV dropping Yo! That was the last true hip-hop show besides the Bassment.
    3. Bezino taking over The Source, he destroyed the Hip-hop bible.
    4. “Bling”, no one cares about rented diamonds especially considering a mojority being blood diamonds.
    5. No Limit Films this started the lame-ass trend of rappers acting in corny D-list films. Leave the movies to Will Smith.
    6. The ring-tone, if video killed the radio star, the ring-tone killed the lyricists.

    All of the other break-ups and album choices are trivial, it happens in all music genres.

  • Jhon da analyst

    5. Invention of the DAT
    4. Rappers not using two turntables and a microphone.
    3. Emcees going to majors instead of going independent.
    2. Allowing illiterate bastards to sign record deals when they can’t even read the contract.
    1. BET…….instead of The Box or Video Music Box with Uncle Ralph Mcdaniel.

  • Tico Loco

    Letting 106 and krap dictate standards in hip hop

    SRC not coming back as Loud Records

    Lil Wayne facial piercing