My homey Combat Jack asked me the serious question..."Would you fucks with Asher Roth if he weren't a white?"

Bascially, could a Black dude get off with the same steez? Damn, I had to think about that one. The truth is that Asher Roth fills the void in my listening taste that has been vacant since Eminem went off the grid. I fucks with Marshall Mathers hard [ll]. I feel like he was able to transcend race in his devotion to Hip-Hop.

When I consider Asher Roth I realize that he uses the privilege of whiteness to make himself accessible to rap.At the end of the day his notion of the suburbs as a place that was devoid of rappers is a fallacy. Just look at De La Soul. They were the originators of the suburban rap lifestyle. De La made that shit available for any kid who didn't live in the inner city but wanted to be connected to this Hip-Hop movement. De La Soul also got that off without trading in their quote unquote Blackness. It wasn't like they acted as if they were separated from the disenfranchisement that plagues the kids from poorer neighborhoods either.

De La just saw a wider, larger world to occupy.I'm not downing Asher Roth here. I think he has talent enough to be a recognized Hip-Hop persona. He is just going to have to decide to act like this Hip-Hop shit is more than a hobby. There are Black rappers that treat rap like its their part time job, something they do only on weekends when they aren't selling drugs or having sex with whoever or designing clothing. Is this the one and only instance of Black privilege? Possibly, but I don't care about part time rappers anyhoo. Their times limited, hard rocks too.

We need Eminem to return from his hiatus. Along with Jay-Z and NaS, I feel like Em is the reason that kids are trying to be rappers today. Especially Asher Roth. What they need is guidance in the game and the image of people who have a work ethic for making their rhymebooks golden. NaS definitely does that. Jay-Z doesn't write rhymes, or so he claims. He is a part time rapper anyhoo too busy with doing things outside of the music. The rappers with rhymebooks reign supreme.

Do you think that Sarah Palin would be able to skate if she were as Black as Michelle Obama and she had a teenage daughter pregnant? Do you think the baby daddy could get a pass if he were a Black high school athlete that had a provacative MySpace page? Do you think Sarah Palin's husband would get by for supporting a secessionist political party if he were Black like Reverend Wright? Would Sarah Palin even be a name we knew if she were a Black chick that loved guns and dropped out of several colleges?

Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor, and America is a racist country.

The end.