I don't mind telling you I was a Dipset stan when that Diplomatic Immunity was being circulated. That shit was fireworks. The KanYe West beats, the Cam'Ron rhymes. The swagger. Ugggh. Kill me for just saying that.

As the Diplomats have been steadily deteriorating into a joke of a rap collective big chunks of their persona keep falling out of the sky to land like, puns always intended, dead birds. You know that money will always break apart the closest of friends and family. You just hope that the amount is large enough to make it all seem worth it.

The Diplomats were feuding over busfare.

I'm surprised now that I haven't seen any of their chains on eBay yet. Maybe these dudes went the traditional pawn shop route. Peep this video interview with Dipset's former manager named Big Joe. I always thought he was Cam's bodyguard because he would get all crazy eyes when you tried to take a picture of Cam. Big Joe airs out the Dips for real on this clip something serious.

*Don't watch this shit if you have some ridiculous love for pink fur.