What’s Your Favorite Beat Ever?

There’s a big difference between the top 10 best beats ever, top 10 best remix beats ever, and what I consider to be my favorite beat. After all, in life there are some things that we just personally dig that not everyone else digs. That’s what makes us individuals.

While I’d say I have a pretty long list of tracks that I personally think are incredible, my favorite beat of all time is actually a relatively simple one- it’s the beat for “M.E.T.H.O.D. Man.” It’s really just a two-note piano chop looped over the drums from “Synthetic Substitution,” and a couple other drum sounds from popular breaks. Still, there was something different about that particular track. It’s simplicity was actually a blessing, because it made it just a dope beat to rhyme to. It wasn’t overproduced, with elements in it that didn’t need to be there. It’s one of those beats that can play endlessly on repeat and you never get tired of it, kinda like Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya?” I always felt like the melody reminded me of windshield wipers going back and forth on the windshield of a car, as stupid as that may seem. But whatever.

What’s your favorite beat and why?

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  • PH

    “T.R.O.Y.” Pete Rock

    I think this one of the greastest bests ever and my fav just becuase it is so emotional and is a permanent fixture in time and hip hop culture. And any MC worth anything can spit on it and sound sincere.

    • og bobby j

      Regulators – warren G
      It was a good day – cube
      Get Away – mobb Deep
      Can I Live – Jigga

  • http://www.myspace.com/uptownempire Trouble

    “Can I Ball”

    Artist “Mac Feat. Soulja Slim”

    Album “Shell Shocked”

    Producer “Beats By The Pound”

  • spence

    long kiss goodnight
    notorious thugs
    california love
    u can’t c me
    hate me now
    Gz and hustlas
    deep cover
    serial killa
    kick in the door
    thes are im no praticular order

    • booboo james

      This doesn’t apply to only you but more or less all the assholes from here down. niggas don’t don’t listen. I swear he said pick ONE BEAT!

  • Cinsere

    Mine’s gotta be “T.R.O.Y.” I wasn’t even a big hip hop head at the time it dropped, but those horns always invoke a feeling of good times.

    “Shook Ones” would have to be a close second though.

  • Bobby Digital

    Rainy Dayz From Raekwons A Crazy Beat.

  • lyricallyC

    Machine Gun Funk. It’s a beat to battle too, ride too, easily to write to and just grabs your attention. A nice groove (though the chorus was silly with the la la’s in the background on the hook) I think if someone looped it with biggie saying “So you want to be hardcore” and just flow from there. Problem is now, who can destroy the track if someone used it today?

  • Pierzy

    Tough decision but I have to go with “Duck Seazon” from Wu-Tang Forever. I know that it’s more polished than the 36 Chambers sound but to me it’s an amazing beat that is still basic…

  • 619

    Damn there’s so many, Dre on ‘Xxplosive’, I could just listen to the instrumental like I’m bumpin’ a regular song. But I’d have to say ‘Affirmative Action’ off Nas’ It Was Written. Just the way the beat flipped that Tetris sounding song and made that shit sound hard as hell.

    • 619

      I forgot The East Flatbush Project’s ‘Tried By Twelve, Carried By Six’. That shit is the greatest beat ever.

  • http://theyoungfreshnew.com youngfreshnew

    Some of my favourite beats are
    Black Moon – Who Got Da Props
    ATCQ – Bonita Applebum
    NORE – Grimey

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    “brooklyn zoo”


    “the world is yours”


    “microphone master (dome cracker remix)”

  • jonathan

    what the black and mild cigar! get a life! if you think me smoking a black and mild cigar is gonna cover up murder kidnapping and all the rest of the nonsense get a life! NICE TRY THOUGH! GOODLUCK! YOU PEOPLE ARE SO COMICAL ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE! AND THATS REAL! GOODLUCK!

    • 239allday

      Damn! I’m glad to see this muhfucker back, he’s provided my first laugh of the day.

      • Pierzy

        Yeah, jonathan has been missed lately.

  • 239allday

    Fuck these “favorites” posts. I have no 1 favorite, I have at least a thousand nigga.

  • http://xxlmag.com slim

    verbal intercourse -rae ghost and nas
    come clean jeru the damaja
    oh boy cam

  • Reemycks!

    Bitin my Stylee-Original Concept

  • J.Brookinz

    toss up between T.R.O.Y and Stakes is High and Nas is Like

  • Reemycks!

    Bitin my Stylee-Original Concept

    Knowledge Me-Original Concept

    She Watch Channel Zero-Public Enemy

    Gotta get my shit off-Jay-Z & Timbaland

    Sex, Sex, And more Sex-Spicy Ham

    The D.O.C. and the Doctor RMX-D.O.C. and Dr Dre

    I could go on for days.

  • gumer

    New York State of Mind-Nas

  • ozla


  • http://- Big Gucci

    Warren G – What’s Next
    Scarface – I Feel Ya
    Outkast – SpottieOttieDopealicious
    Busta Rhymes – Bladow
    Snoop – G’z Up
    Snoop – Hennessey and Buddah
    If you are from Houston – June 27th instrumental

  • http://clapcowards.com Zilla Rocca

    Wow…tough one

    “Winter Warz” by Ghostface

    The arrangement is masterful. The synth is filthy. THe drums sound like the soundtrack to a beat down. The random cuts and stabs in the mix make it layered and subtle. And the chords are mean as shit!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “Glaciers Of Ice” by RZA
    of Raekwon & Ghostface album:
    “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx”

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      That beat is futuristic, complex, ahead of time, classic… damn!!!

      For me RZA is the GOD of Producers in Hip-Hop

      • Simple like ABC, 123

        Other favorites beats:

        Smif-N-Wessun –
        “Let’s Git it On” by Da Beatminerz

        Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg –
        “The Chronic (Intro)” by Dr. Dre

        Nas –
        “Nas Is Like” by Dj Premier

    • Kne81

      Yeah no doubt….too many to choose from…but off the top of my head I’ll go wit that one.That beat alone had made Rza one of my fav. hip hop producers of all times…along wit Dre and Primo

  • M

    I agree with those that said T.R.O.Y.

    But also one of my favorites is Know the Ledge, Eric B and Rakim.

  • avon

    lifes a bitch
    it aint hard to tell
    cash money is a army
    press one (b.g. checkmate album)
    any one of those beats could be my favorite on any given day dam it just hit me memory lane is my all time fav t.r.o.y. a very close second and then the others i listed

  • avon

    damn spottieottiedopaliscious is one of my favs and west savannah

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    “Protect Ya Neck,” Wu Tang

    “Get Away,” Mobb Deep (the beat is dark, which fits my mood at times. And plus QUEENS ALL DAY)

    “Capital Punishment,” “You Came Up,” “Triboro Trilogy,” Big Pun

    “Average Man,” “There They Go,” Obie Trice

    “Juicy,” “The World Is Filled,” Biggie Smalls (how can I NOT love this beat!?)

    “A Nigga Wit A Gun,” “The Next Episode,” Dr. Dre

    “Queen Bitch,” Lil Kim

    “Made You Look,” “Life’s A Bitch,” Nas

    “Gotta Get Mine,” ‘Pac & MC Breed

    “Ain’t Mad At ‘Cha,” “Keep Ya Head Up,” 2pac

    “Amityville,” Eminem

    So many beats…!

  • Queens Boy

    yeah i def. agree with amityville a few of my personal faves are troy as well including but not limited to criminology by rae and ghost guillotine swords by rae and them cash still rules by the wu come clean by jeru work by gangstarr above the clouds gangstarr the champ by ghostface 4th chamber by gza and them any timbo pre 06 ny state of mind memory lane by nas what we do by freeway till i collapse by eminem pretty much most of dre’s beats but not all i could go on for days and days but i gotta breeze…………………….!

  • LEO

    DMX-Get At Me Dog

    That shit just sound so amped and like a needle is just skippin on a record over and over again…raw ass beat…matter fact…

    DMX-Stop Being Greedy…dark ass beat…good times…

    Jay-z-Jigga what, Jigga who?

    Jay-z-Jigga (from RR album)

  • michael

    Nas is Like

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    This is good post. Top beats?? So many to choose from, I can’t pick a fave:

    “Made You Look” – Nas
    “Westside Story” – Game
    “Mass Appeal” – Gang Starr
    “Shadow Boxing” – GZA
    “Nas Is Like” – Nas
    “Two Words” – Kayne West
    “Incarcerated Scarfaces” – Raekwon
    “Flipside” – Freeway
    “They Reminise Over You” – Pete Rock & CL Smooth (might be the greatest beat of all time)
    “In The Club” – 50 Cent
    “Motherless Child” – Ghostface
    “Can I Geta” – Jay-Z
    “Money, Cash, Hoes” – Jay-Z
    “Roc Boys” – Jay-Z
    “Till I Collapse” – Eminem
    “The Way I Am” – Eminem
    “Who Shot Ya?” – Biggie
    “Shook Ones” – Mobb Deep
    “Long Kiss Goodnight” – Biggie
    “Ambitious As A Rider” – 2pac

    So many more. I can’t pick a fave, ever. But this is good food for thought.

  • Dee El

    “Never Never Land” UMC’s dope and simple great to rhyme to.

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    “Be a Witness” – Three Six Mafia Live By Yo Rep
    “Assasination Day” – Ghostface Ironman LP

    fuck all of this shit. this is gonna take too long

    basically anything by Rza and DJ Paul & Juicy J especially their earlier work

    • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

      I saw your earlier post regarding the top ten beats ever, and its fucked up that 36 Mafia was only mentioned in one persons list. Paul & Juice are just as ill as the god emcee/producer Rza.

      I forgot “three” of of Prodigy’s first album produced by Alchemist. he is sick

      also Mouse on the Track = the next Mannie Fresh.

      • Simple like ABC, 123

        Three 6 Mafia –
        “Fuckin’ Wit Dis Click” by Dj Paul & Juice J
        from Mystic Stylez (1995)

        Too Horrorcore!!!

        • Reemycks!

          Break the Law 02. Dj Paul & Frayser Boy

          this nigga Dj Paul chopped up Everlasting Bass by Rodney O Joe Cooley and Black Frost by Grover Washington Jr.

          In the words of Hank Shocklee when discribing “I know You got Soul”…”This shit is purfection!”

  • Big Gucci

    I hope on Ghost next album he can pickk some better beats……..You all are forgetting I really Mean It from dipset

    • Reemycks!

      nigga u trippin!!! BigDoe Rehab was fire!

      the nigga Ghost has good taste in beats.

  • iBomb

    “Dead Wrong”- Biggie Smalls
    “Bridge is Over”- Krs-One
    “Renegades”- Jay-Z

    Just great beats, especailly dead wrong. Blast it in ur car n u’ll c wat i mean.


  • Big Gucci

    Reemycks!, Imagine if he had some Nottz production, alil bit of RZA and some Pete Rock… In my opinion Fishscale was more fire…

  • keejee

    Artist:Lost Boyz ft. A+, Redman & Canibus Track:Beasts from the East

    Da sickest track ever!!! I swear da god canibus ethered dis cot damn beat!!

  • Vicious Seiger

    Some of My Favs:

    Luke – I Wanna Rock
    Mos Def – Ghetto Rock
    Busta – Put Your Hands…
    Jadakiss – Show Discipline
    2pac – No More Pain
    BIG – Who Shot Ya?
    2pac – Hail Mary
    Rick Ross – Maybach Music
    Erick Sermon – Music
    Redman – The Goodness
    Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean
    Pitbull – Bojangles
    Pitbull – Toma
    Tone-Loc – Loc’in On The Shaw
    Jim Jones – Summer Wit Miami
    Westside Connection – Gangstas Make The…

    Damn who am I kidding I could keep going for hours on this post.

  • MOi

    soliloquy of chaos-gang starr

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Benicio Del Thoro

    “New York State of Mind part 2″
    From the I Am album.

    This beat is vintage Primo, and one of the best beats he did for Mr. Jones. The way the piano just glides, and the pounding bass. It reminds me of a gloomy day in Queens.

    Honorable Mention: Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) – Hov

    I don’t even have to tell you about this one. Mark the 45 King was just remarkable. There have many samples flipped, but shit this is the cream of the crop when it comes to Hip-Hop.

  • anutha_level

    “don’t sweat the technique” eric b & rakim

    “best kept secret” diamond d

  • Trickdd

    Pac “No More Pain”

    • 239allday

      Or Pac’s “Heartz of Men”, “Soon as I Get Home”, “Never Had A Friend Like Me”, and my favorite “So many Tears”, and countless other tracks.

      I remember some fuck nigga out of XXL tried to say that Pac’s beat selection was horrible. I strongly disagree, I think he had on of the best ears for beats. Some artists have the ability to pick only the best beats. Camron does the same shit(not equating the two).

      p.s. I know I said I wouldn’t comment but I guess I just couldn’t help it.

      • 239allday

        My mistake, Pac didn’t choose the “Soon as I Get Home” beat. He was already long gone by that time.

      • Reemycks!

        sorry to be the one to break this to you fam but after Me Against the World Pac’s beat selection went to shit. in one of his interviews he even said that he didnt pic the best beats but he took what was available and tried to give it as much life as possible. I wont even lie to you I cant listen to All eyes on me disc 2 even if you paid me.

  • jonjon23

    “The Shiznit” by Snoop Doggy Dogg—-produced by Dr. Dre. (notables Everybody Get Your Roll On , “And Then What”–Mannie Fresh)

  • anutha_level

    juve’s “ha” off that 400 degrees album….shit STILL bangs to this day!

  • paychexx

    c.r.e.a.m.- shit was smooth but raw

    iron maiden-not to fond on uptempo beat,but this goes hard

    all eyez on me/street dreams-shit never gets old

    deep cover-hard west coast shit

    almost everything preemo does

    shook ones-never really gets old

    memory lane- im not from queens, but when i hear this i think i am

    still d.r.e.- scott storch piano is simple, but that shit make you wanna get a 64 fo’real

    almost everything dj toomp does

    kanye west is very close to genius, sample or not his beats are always on point.

    all the beats from only built 4 cuban linx album

    the formula by dr. dre- the way d.o.c. rhyme on this, shit never left the boombox.

  • Shawty J

    Tie between:

    “The Watcher 2″ – Jay-Z f/ Dr. Dre & Rakim (produced by Dr. Dre)


    “U Don’t Know” – Jay-Z (produced by Just Blaze)

  • http://www.myspace.com/jazz1 Jazz One

    Tried by 12- East Flatbush

  • http://www.otrfan.com concerned hater

    top 3:

    Souls of Mischief: 93′ til infinity
    :: I feel a real visceral emotional response to this one. 93 ’til -> me = madeleine -> proust.

    Notorious BIG: Dead wrong
    :: got really into this one after hearing Cage over it on a Weathermen mixtape. This is the only ringtone I ever paid for (technically it was a gift certificate).

    Melodramatic: Love to a star
    :: this is some underground group from the mid-west (i think). This song reminds me of my warehouse rave days circa 93-4, I heard it on a college radio show, taped it, and then spent a few years trying to find it…

    • Quan


      .. i been waiting to see 93 till infinity. .props due

  • kne81

    Also gotta say T.O.N.Y.-CNN feat Tragedy it just have that hard East Coast feel to it…shiet made me copped The War Report

  • Football Hooligan

    3rd Bass – Gasface.

    Something that sounds as good today as it did alll those years ago.

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    ‘Crank That’ – Soulja Boy or ‘A Mille’ – Lil’ Wayne for sure!


    Or not…

    I’d have to say ‘Shook Ones Part 2′ – Mobb Deep or ‘Lose Yourself’ – Eminem

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    OutKast (Andre 3000)
    Song: “?” (Track 17) by Earthtone III
    Album: Stankonia


    just couldnt pass on this one. a list of some of my fav. producers cuz i listen 2 too much music 2 try 2 think of my fav. beat. (and i’m from da new skool so u old heads dont get mad):
    Kanye West
    Three 6 Mafia
    Cool & Dre
    DJ Toomp* niggaz is sleepin on toomp 4real
    Drumma Boy
    Soulja Boy* dat gucci bandana beat is FIRE!!!
    and yea dat M&M shit the way i am is a sick ass beat, deserves to be @ da top sumwhere.

  • jojo

    I dislike Master P, but I always thought that “bout it, bout it” beat did him a great service…..

    Imagine B.I.G. or Rakim goin on that, the beat was simply hardbody

  • Trickdd

    Do Or Die “Still Po Pimpin” “Do You” “Pimpology” “Smoke And Ride”

  • abdulnasir

    My favourite beat too. funny thing is i cnt find “M.E.T.H.O.D man” anywhere now on disc. fuck itunes.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Xzibit – Paparazzi

  • Hotte Peng

    Shook Ones Pt.2

  • NIc Diamonds

    Ok producers shouldn’t try this because I’d could name a million beats but a few…

    The world is your’s/Aint hard to tell/Memory lane/Mass Appeal/Ride(Q-Tip)-They all sound like what would happen if a drum machine caught the holly sprit.

    One more chance(remix)-Just so fresh and shiny for the time I remember going and buying the “tape” and playing it for hours over and over until I knew even Puff’s adlibs.

    Where I’m From/Apollo Kids/Release yo Delf/Ice Cream-These are so fucking rugged and still so epic. I just wanted to make all of my beats that way.

    Still D.R.E.-The perfect beat Board, Drums and Snoop and Dre perfect.

    Song Cry/This can’t be life/ Girls,Girls, Girls/U Don’t know/Breathe-All just masterful sampling, I studied these beats like they were a credited courses. I spent hours in record stores looking for “Sounds like a love song” (I managed to find the wrong version) I love soul and Jazz samples.

    I could keep going I love beats there’s some many Tribe shit, Kanye, Pete Rock, Rza, Jay Dee just too much.

  • blake symphony

    drag-on ft juvenile:down bottom
    jay-Z: girls best friend
    jay-z:chamge clothes
    juvenile:follow me now
    juvenile”400 degreeze album intro
    Jay-z:big pimpin

    just to name a few

  • Pose

    Jedi mind tricks – Blood in blood out!

  • ya boy rab 843

    its gotta be shook ones by mobb deep.that shit was crazy yo and got ya hype.I still bang it to this day

  • P. Harris

    The Sun and The Rain (Interlude)

    Big Pun / Capital Punishment

  • alderman j


  • Shamarie Knight

    1. “Who Shot Ya?”-Notorious B.I.G.
    2. “Who Got Da Props?”-Black Moon
    3. “Release Yo’ Delf”-Method Man
    4. “C.R.E.A.M.”-Wu-Tang Clan
    5. “The Show”-Doug E. Fresh
    6. “Uptown Anthem”-Naughty By Nature
    7. “Deep Cover”-Dr. Dre
    8. “Check The Rhime”-A Tribe Called Quest
    9. “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”-Geto Boys
    10.”Ambitionz Az a Ridah”-2Pac

  • Mula

    You dont know-just blaze