There's a big difference between the top 10 best beats ever, top 10 best remix beats ever, and what I consider to be my favorite beat. After all, in life there are some things that we just personally dig that not everyone else digs. That's what makes us individuals.

While I'd say I have a pretty long list of tracks that I personally think are incredible, my favorite beat of all time is actually a relatively simple one- it's the beat for "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man." It's really just a two-note piano chop looped over the drums from "Synthetic Substitution," and a couple other drum sounds from popular breaks. Still, there was something different about that particular track. It's simplicity was actually a blessing, because it made it just a dope beat to rhyme to. It wasn't overproduced, with elements in it that didn't need to be there. It's one of those beats that can play endlessly on repeat and you never get tired of it, kinda like Biggie's "Who Shot Ya?" I always felt like the melody reminded me of windshield wipers going back and forth on the windshield of a car, as stupid as that may seem. But whatever.

What's your favorite beat and why?