What MC Do You Relate To The Most?

I can’t relate to too many MC’s out there.

It’s a nice bonus when I do, but at the end of the day I could care less as long as the music is good. Coming from a different walk of life doesn’t absolutely mean you won’t be able to understand what the artist is talking about. My short criminal career consists of stealing upper deck basketball cards and soda cans at neighborhood corner stores. I never hustled (drugs) a day in my life. Still, I can appreciate a nice Freddie Foxxx or Jadakiss verse just as much as Kanye’s.

Speaking of Kanye. He and Andre 3000 are just about the only cats I can relate to. “Act like you ain’t took a bath with your cousins/Fit three in the bed while six of ya’ll/I’m talkin’ bout three by the head and three by the leg,” he offered on “Family Business” off The College Dropout. I swore Ye was talking about the Chery’s in that verse. As for 3 Stacks, the brother just be in my head sometimes. I listen to his verses only to hear lines rooted in something I recently said in a conversation. Me and my boys had been called them long ass T’s night gowns. I also see where Dre is coming from in his relationship verses.

And then there’s Nas. In his case, it’s not that I to be “having dreams of being a gangsta.” But when he spits, “crews without guns are goners/in broad day light, stick up kids, they run up on us.” I just remember that time so clearly. The beauty of Nas’ line is that though it spoke of a change of the guard in the big apple, it wasn’t necessarily NYC specific. I’m sure brothers in other parts of the country and possibly the world, were going through similar transitions at the time. I spent most of my Illmatic summer on the road during a basketball camp, but ended my summer in NY before a stop in Montreal. Both cities were going through the same thing. Before then, you had a problem with somebody, you knuckled up and that was that. But suddenly, fighting somebody meant you had to worry about them possibly coming back with a freakin’ gun.

So, what MCs do you guys relate to the most and why? I’m going with Ye, 3G and Nas.–Jackpot

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    NAS & Prodigy

    • Stereo

      I gotta go with Joe Budden. He really be average Joe with real problems.

    • Tha Ace

      -Eminem & Tupac….. nas somewhat too, as far being able to actually alter your feeling when listenin to one of their songs, and also everybody can relate to pac

      -Jadakiss……dude is always droppin knowledge with adages and all that

      -Royce da 5’9″…….here lately, he been spazzin hardcore

      -Murs….he keeps it hella real

    • http://www.soundclick.com/jayech jayech

      My top three as follows and no particular order…

      Lupe Fiasco : I skateboarded back in the day so a song like “Kick Push” was crazy relateable. Just his subject matter on his albums are crazy. “Little Weapon” “Sunshine” “The Coolest” I think everybody can relate to.

      Kanye West: Subject matter in his rhymes has been consistent. “Through The Wire” “Tradegy to triumph” or “Champion” I think are relevent to anyone. Being a dropout in college is something I relate to even working at the gap “Spaceship”

      Phonte, Nas, Jay-Z would round it off. Nas for every reason. Phonte for the witt in his rhymes and the verses from “The Foreign Exchange” album as well are crazy personal. Jay-Z for witt and songs like “Song Cry” for me go crazy deep with me.



    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


      • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.con DJ Daddy Mack

        LUPE TOO.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com damion

    Jigga – The Swag, the gownupness (new word), the HUSTLE.

    Ye – The Arrogant playfulness, the dressing.

    UGK – The balance – I know they’re a group, but really they’re one. Pimp C – dude was just straight outrageous at times, but he loved life and good music. Bun B – at times brought Pimp down to earth. He was the mellow head of the group.

  • KLutch

    MURS,Kanye&Pacific Division

    • Smoothe

      I like that Pacific Divsion pick. But Ima have to say top 5 emcees i can relate to

      1. Joe Buddens
      2. Jay Electronica
      3. Common
      4. B Breaks
      5. Vic Damone

  • these posts are racist

    Tupac. The greates rapper, poet and ghetto prince.

  • LEO

    Joe Budden…who can’t relate to this dude?

    -we’ve all needed 10 minutes
    -our mothers have always told us to calm down
    -everybody relates to that Stan Up nucca joint…”trying to buy guns and dont know where to get em”
    -We all think about what would happen if we died tomorow
    -We all want to know who “killed” Hip-Hop, I use to blame regeton 2…no lie
    -And we aaaaaaaaaaaall get mad at our girls for being on dat dumb shit…
    -We’re all mad at Jay-z for fucking Def-Jam up lol

    dats just a few

    • DA TRUTH

      im going to co-sign LEO, my top five

      1. Joe Budden
      2. UGK
      3. OUTKAST (3 stacks & big boi)
      4. TUPAC
      5. Jay – Z

  • LUcky

    WEll i would say andre 300 and nas. they are great poets and thats hard to see these dayz cuz every one else is getting silly or doing the stupid super man.

    kayne west is more like for white kids on the white places.

    any real person from the hood listens to real music that relates to them.

    like tupac nas biggie andre 300.

    in the hood we dont carry desinger bags we worry about life how we have to sell weed or crack to make a living.
    how we dont know your fathers how we lost many homies things that really matter not desinger glasses or bags.

    I would pick tupac snoop dogg nas emniem biggie jay z DMX.

    those are the realist people i seen.

    • ez

      “white kids on the white places”?…lucky you’re a fucking moron.

  • Khan

    Tupac, many do which is one reason he was great

    Kanye on the social political tip

    DMX on his pain on its dark and hell is hot


    Lupe Fiasco

  • davante supports Barack

    Devin the Dude!!

  • Og bobby J

    I would say eminem…for the obvious racial similaity. I would also say jadakiss (got no felonies, but do my damn thing)…..

    Of course Big and pac….but in terms of relating to the words….its more on a song basis then a artist basis….i can fuck with a cube track and aint stepped foot in cali once in my life….

    • these posts are racist

      How could anti-Muslim person like you relate to a justice seeking Tupac?

      • OG bobby j

        was the question asking for whether my life resembles the person? did i not clearly state that I feel I can relate more to a song then to an artist? Why is it outside your fucked up brain that I can vibe to I get Around without loving bean pies?

    • ez


      • Og bobby J

        I wont even entertain your assumption. You look like a caps lock type of queer that want my attention….

        Why not formulate your own view and stop worrying about “what type of guy” i am….thats some fagman shit.

    • ez

      and you’ve never been to Cali? Nigga where are you from? It’s time to get out of ya mom’s basement and expand your horizons.

      • Og Bobby J

        This world traveler ass nigga….vacationing is hood. But no matter where you go, a bitch is a bitch.

        In fact, you sound like a bitch. Why the fuck you so fascinated with me…shits suspect.

        & I am from NY son…

        • A yow

          Why you cussing dude calling him nigga like u black u just said u the same as eminem with the race is that how it is in new york or this just your internet verbage if that’s the case change your name 2 Wigga b.j!

        • these posts are racist

          Yeah, bobby always uses the “N” word and is also a bigot/racist – he hates arabs/muslims and black people.

        • og bobby j

          I dont know how it is where you frm…but talking a certain way based on where you are from or how you came up is acceptable…by I truly don’t give a fuck what you think…take your self-righteous bullshit someone else…get off my dick

          tbag…you never answered my questions….I am not about to get into this agian with your lame ass….you are a scumbag flunkie…..Why are you latching onto someone elses comment talking bout “yea, og bobby j is this…he’s that”….you sound like a scorned bitch…you too, should raise up off my dick before you choke.

        • these posts are racist

          Tupac and much of his music stood for everything you are against. You have made many anti-black/anti-muslim/anti-arab comments. Such comments are the antithisis of what much of Tupac’s “Music” stood for…

          As far as the “N” word. You would never use that word around real life black people. Never. Maybe one or two of your closest friends, but that’s about it. So why use it over the internet?

        • og bobby j

          as long as you continue to assume you know any fucking thing about me…you will continue to be wrong. 2pac was a beast on the mic…in my top 5 no doubt….and I dont need some fake ass bleeding heart lawyer to tell me what i can and cannot relate to….eat a dick

        • these posts are racist

          On a different note, your political analysis was on point…re: the inherent corruption in the system. The brightest i’ve seen you. You’re clearly an intelligent guy, its just your anti-muslim bull is plain wrong and bigoted.

        • og bobby j

          i agree…and for the most part i dont really feel that way…but more often..your ultra liberal rhetoric brings out my desire to ridicule you….and your arab support is really your most vunerable trait.

          I would actually like to discuss things civily, but I just think you liberal stance prevents us from seeing eye to eye on anything….

        • these posts are racist


        • og bobby J

          until we meet again…..

        • Danny

          Yall are internet fags

  • No Intro

    Eminem-cuz of family issues, social, and everyday life

    Nas-if your an MC, he is that dude

    Hova-represents NY to the fullest

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Ras Kass………without the prison shit
    Talib Kweli

  • Sdub-google-me

    I feel you kid these dudes do put alot of realism in they lyrics. That’s what this new generation dosen’t get. What person working a 9 to five can relate to Rims, Chains, Gun busting, Making it rain and all that dumb shit. I miss the good old days I only buy old classic hip-hop albums, or old school shit like Marvin, Al Green, and Bob.

    I could relate to alot of what Biggie said he was brutally honest. “Sewing Tigers on my shirt and Alligators you wanna see the inside I see you later”. That was me sewing guess logo’s on my fresh black jeans…LMAO

    Good Post Homie you a Monster

  • Reggie Rooker

    Andre 3 Stacks always come with it, that’s my dude. I like Nas because of his intellect and Tupac was cool with me until he started acting like a fool and not representing himself like he should have.

  • avon

    lupe fiasco
    they are 3 very differant artist but i can relate to all of them because no one is just 1 thing or one way when i listen to them i feel the same way they feel heres a couple of songs from them i think every one can relate to
    papoose-fruits of labor,what makes me me
    lupe fiasco-american terrorist,hurt me soul,he say she say
    b.g.-geezy where you been,dont talk to me,im tryna,he used to be a man,
    those songs you can relate to be it on a personal level or you might know someone thats been through it

  • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

    As for me..
    DMX, Soulja Slim, Dead Prez (M1 and Stic Man)

    shout out to my man with the MURS choice. i feel ya

  • avon

    i almost fogot about mos def

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=24401 MrPresident916

    Eminem cuz he comes with tha real wen it comes to his mom, girl, n daughter.. cleaning out my closet, mockingbird, toy soldier, theres way more.. but those r some great songs of his that show his struggle..

  • Ryan

    It was nice to see Ras Kass and UGK shouted out, those are two of my favorite artists. I can relate to certain aspects of their shit, but the artist I feel I can relate to the most at this point and time is Joell Ortiz. We’re about the same age (I’m a couple years younger), feel the same way about our moms, hip hop, eating, struggling but finally feeling like you made it, etc. The only thing I can’t really relate to is when he spits about being Puerto Rican, cause I’m not haha.

  • El Tico loco

    Ice Cube – He says whatever everyone is scared to say

    Keeps it gangsta but keeps a job

    Keeps his family and money in order

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    This is a really interesting post and intriguing question.

    I got to go with Nas too, especailly “I grew up giving a fuck, I thought Jordans and a gold chain was living it up” Which is like a narration of my life. I even remember being like 8 or some shit and seeing some dude with the paten leather black and red 8s and a big ass gold chain and thinking he was the man. God knows what ever happen to him.

    But in reality most rappers I like I relate to on one level or another, it’s hard to think of who I relate to the most since I never thought about it like that. Off the top, I would it would probably be Joe Buddens since he’s pretty much the most down to earth rapper around.

  • http://xxlmag realjoe

    I feel Juvenile and Soulja Slim became i am from they city so i can see what they are talking about Lil’ Wayne back in the day he was on time what i was go through but now he in some other shit

  • http://www.myspace.com/friscorepresenter ant

    dam near all of joe budden songs i can relate to
    and kanye

  • JElect

    Joe Budden Hands down. most therapuetic emcee. Only rapper i can goto when shits rough

  • a


  • Domjel

    Nas & Ice Cube
    thses cats have that internal love for their people that success hasn’t diminished.



  • Tristan

    For me i have to relate to Lupe Fiasco the most because of the concepts he thinks about. I think of things as well, especially about world issues and personal pain.

  • Rae Tha Great

    Jay-Z, Kanye, Nas, Lupe, The Game, Common. PEACE

  • paychexx

    me personally, i kinda relate to a lot of rappers. some verses just talk to you. but kanye west first album spoke to me, dre 3gs the realness in his ryhmes. nas cuz at the time it like you were on the outside lookin in the street life, ya dig. scarface cuz he spoke on both sides of game. of course pac with social commentary. ice cube, boosie( im from br so i know what he talkin bout).

  • kelito-vision

    50 – that being told all your life…u were never gonna be shit…only for u to make it

    Game – problems with your family

    • these posts are racist


      you never responded to my comment to you that you were lying about Iraq having an Al-Qaida connection. Do you admit that you lied? Do you admit that not even the Bush administration claims that this is true or that this was a reason for invading Iraq?

  • GMAN

    asher roth… im reeeal fuckin white

  • dan99


    -Joe Budden


  • Pierzy



    -2Pac (depending on his mood)


    I can definitely relate to Kanye with the whole college thing. I’ve never sold drugs a day in my life as well. But the problem with rappers that i can relate to is that they never have sick flows, multi’s or metaphors to dish out. Kanye offers some sick lyricism at times but thats when he’s not on a vocoder or having a problem with flowing on point with the beat. I need to listen to someone who i can relate but also has a mean flow, till then, It’s Jigga!!

  • Jules

    The three I can relate to are Jay-Z, on some “I’m not a business-man, I’m a business MAN”
    Lupe Fiasco He’s just the best MC (besides Hov) out right now and hes from Chicago my city. I can relate to everything this cat spits.
    And Jadakiss to round it off. This mans lyrics are off the chain and I can relate to being a Gangsta & Gentleman. Im sure there are others but those three are the first that come to mind.

  • Martin

    Kanye-good message sick beats fly dressing. Substance.

  • Aron22

    I would say I relate most to B.G., Young Jeezy and Plies wich is ironic since im not from “the hood”. I guess it’s the fact that theyll just tell it like it is even if it risks alineateing people that’s the same thing that made me listin to Soljah Slim

  • leedadon

    I relate to any artist that addresses real problems in life. Not that BS on tv

    Kanye, Lupe, Chammillionaire, JayZ,
    Nas(love how he addressed Fox News)

  • This Guy

    I gotta go with Phonte-
    “Girl what you mean you don’t recognize me? I’m only the biggest rap star in your apartment complex.”

  • http://www.soundclick.com/jayech jayech

    Top six no particular order..

    Lupe Fiasco
    Kanye West
    Phonte of Little Brother
    Andre 3000

    So many person reasons for my list its too much to go into.



  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Nas,bob marley, peter tosh,common,ice cube-revolutionaries
    styles p-laid back dont fuck with me mentality
    jay-z-seeing the bigger picture.
    Biggie-for just being that nigga
    A buncha other dudes 2 basically a lil something from a couple artistes.

  • Big Deaz

    Jadakiss n Styles P

  • ee-city

    Nas, the way he puts things and feels about it is usually how i already feel about it, dats why i be shocked when he drops a gem on a record.

    3000 is different in the way he acts and dresses but i relate to him to especially when it comes to hiphop and supposed gangsters of today.

  • J-Killer15

    I listen to a lot of artists, but Joe Budden is someone I can relate to the most. He talks about real life shit. Got problems with ur girl? Got problems with ur co-worker(or label in his case)?

    Listen to Joe Budden

    Eminem: being psychotic n crazy(we all are whether u want to admit it or not)

    Lupe: He’s just that normal kid going through life n it’s problems

    TIP: We all have problems n sometimes we want to get violent…TIP is that nigga.

    Asher Roth: He talks about college life n the views of an average american

    Jay-Z: I’m a very laid back dude n Jay-Z is the EXACT same way.

  • T Chris

    Everyone should putt up RICK ROSS because 99 out of 100 of you motherfuckers is fake!!!! West Bodeymore all day!!


    NAS no doubt

  • Don Rollo

    Jeezy – on sum everyday hood ish

    Dmx – spiritual minded but conflicting behavior

    Redman – cause I smoke like a chimney n I like big bitches “mo cushin 4 da pushin”

  • South Ambassador

    I relate the most to Andre because he doesn’t condense his message for the sake of rhyming. He doesn’t hold back a specific feeling he has just because it isn’t popular. I like that about him. My favorite rapper is Jay…but even he doesn’t spit it as unfiltered as 3 Stacks, he’s just cooler.

  • Don Dollo

    Jeezy – on sum hood ish

    Dmx – spiritual minded.. But conflicting behavior

    Redman – cause I smoke like a chimney… n I fuxz fat bitches ” mo cushin 4 da pushin”

  • jfoxgotraps

    For me its LIL FLIP. dude has swagger with out being cocky. Grown man for sure. Struggles but always sees positive.

    Eminem. white girls will make you crazy. Plus, Im white. Blonde hair. Chip on my shoulder type. Im like the slim shady of basketball in my area. Sick wit it. I get alot of respect from the black community because i can hoop. So shady is a natural fit for me.

    Nas. Mastermind is one of my favorite songs ever.

    and Fabolous. That song bad guy. my jam

  • LBoogs

    Got damn, i cosign everybody who saying Joe Buddens. i swear his music therapeutic. especially if you got a spiteful baby moms. his music just makes you zone it.

    My other is Jay. not growing up wit ya pops there, who can’t relate to daddy where have you been and even better still got love for you.

  • Michael

    1.Kanye- I think everyone can relate to Kanye.

    2.Nas- i’m just like him in a way, staring at the window wondering why things are the way they are, dreaming of a better place yet being somewhat fascinated with the gangsta lifestyle.

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    I’m digging this alot. Because you just made an editorial about 3 of my favorite artists.

    I honestly relate to all because of, well, their honesty of course. It’s alot of shit that they say in their songs that make me think alot more deeper than I already do. Every last one of them dudes have been looked at as “over-analyzers,” and so have I plany of times. It’s just that we all think very deeply. No KRS. Whom I also can relate to in some ways.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Benicio Del Thoro

    Kanye, and Common. Both Fly shit and substance. Also Common was a straight G back in the day, and I wasn’t a G, but I can get busy when need be. 100.


    1- Cam’ron
    2- Shyne
    3- Lil’ Flip
    4- Fat Joe
    5- The Game

  • capcobra


  • http://www.mycosmostore.com raskizzo my nizzo

    In exact order…
    Ice Cube
    Talib Kweli and Common

    Cube- he from SCLA just like your boy. From Imperial Hwy to Jefferson Bl. He talks about what I saw everyday living in the ghetto and broke.

    Nas- He’s the NY version of me. I feel everything my man says.

    Jay- for the hustle mentality. He got me on that ‘get your money’ trip.

    Talib and Common – The spit about serious shit in that intelligent manner with real old school, soulful wordplay.

    shout outs to KRS-One n BDP, Bone Thugs, Quik, Game, Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC (my first rap tape), Crooklyn Dodgers Juice Crew, King Tee Beasty Boys, Ice T, WuTang, World Class, Grandmaster Caz, Wrecking Crew, Gangstarr, Afrikka Bambaataa, Westside Connection, Scarface, The Mac Short Dogg, Sugar Hill Gang, X-Clan, Pete Rock,DPG, J-Dilla, Public Enemy, Big Pun, NWA, BigL RIP, BootCamp Click, E-40 LA Dream Team, Slick Rick, and the God MC RAKIM

  • southsidesean

    I can relate to Nas. I lost my mom around the same time he lost his,and the songs he dedicated to his mom off the God’s Son album really helped me deal with my loss.

  • Yessir

    Who can’t relate to JOE BUDDEN.

    Offcourse NAS.
    KANYE lyrics and beats.
    JAY-Z always. dude just gives you his life.
    PAC – All around
    SCARFACE – no questions asked. Legendary
    BIG – You feel the struggle
    AZ – The visualitar

    The rest of them, I can relate sometimes.

  • Yessir

    Oh yeah.

    I forgot EMINEM. TI. STYLES P, and when DMX first came out.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mc585 MC

    TUPAC AND MY SELF..lol…most of these other rappers be on some old imaginary sht”” so i can’t really dig that..

  • the-K.I.D

    Joe Budden. Straight-Up! Bottom Line!

  • escobar9300

    Easy choice if I had to pick 5 rappers whos message I relate to most. Nas, Immortal Technique, 2pac, Jay Z, and Big

  • Teddy

    Lupe Fiasco
    Devin The Dude

  • Teddy

    Lupe Fiasco
    The Cool Kids
    Devin The Dude

  • http://kingmag.com RedKlay

    Pastor Troy
    Devin the dude

  • JDizzel3000

    Pac Div – I mean young niggas,cali kids,ex-college students, rhymers …shit i should be in the group

    Nas – More so on his whole attitude …he’s a laid back kinda of dude same as myself …also i share a lot of his views on certain social issues plus he’s a real hip-hop addict like myself

    Skate Board P – Dude is truly one of those creative culture clashing types …i can relate to that the way he blends different aspects from different cultures into his art…

    Mos Def – Another Laid back cat …who has an intelligent view on a lot of things

  • Shawty J

    Kanye West – Pretty relateable on various levels. I can go through his song and pull out lyrics I relate to.

    Lupe Fiasco – He’s creative and has an interest in manga/anime and sci-fi, and that comes across in his music.

    T.I. – There’s two sides to me, both happen to be the exact same person..LOL

    OutKast – The thing about OutKast stands apart from most rappers because of their subject manner (something most rappers lack) on, during my school years I always felt different from everyone on different levels.

    Ludacris – With every album, Ludacris shows more and more growth with his subject manner and style, and I’ve been doing the same with my artwork.

    Little Brother – see Kanye

  • Jerm

    Ludacris- he is just creative and artistic, and most dont realize it

    Chamillionaire- his lyricism, creativity, and his humbleness, speaks with a purpose, on and off the mic

    DMX- hes got a song for like every possible emotion and u feel it

    UGK- they are some grown men, talkin some trill shit, and it always feels like its straight to u, no metaphors no punchlines no nothin

    and Outkast of course…for Bobby’s reasons…

  • jojo

    Chuck D, LL cool J, Kanye, Talib, Kool Keith, Q-tip and Phife

  • tensensi

    andre 3000
    andre nickatina

    in that order… but i’m an old fuck.

  • d. b. cooper

    Kanye, cuz I can’t rap for shit either.

  • SouthCakC23

    If you grew up poor and had to work your ass off for everything you have and appreciate what the good Lord has given you, these are the kats that will share your thoughts on your personal plight.

    Andre 3000
    Killer Mike
    Cee Lo
    Bubba Sparxxx
    Nappy roots

    On socio-political subjects

    Killer Mike
    Ice Cube
    Andre 3000
    Cee Lo

  • Maddolies

    The Nigga Cam’Ron 4 Real Lol Dat New Joint Of His Speaks 2 Me Yes Indeedy

  • http://www.myspace.com/sniperskaos Kaos

    Joe Budden an Redman fam
    they the real regular niggaz

    • http://xxlmag.com the brown

      Yo! Redman! Damn, I forgot too mention Red.

  • capcobra

    yo niguz still picking biggie and 2pac for shit….that’s the problem….them niguz been gone 10+ yrs…stop it…they not relevant today…so how everybody relating to them?…that’s like picking run-dmc in 98…or melle mel in 88…it’s 08..almost 09..and dumb ass niguz still saying biggie and 2pac…fuck outta here…nas was better than them niguz then and now…look at the people opinion….now add in all these living legends like hov.snoop.face. and whoever else…and niguz still picking 2pac and biggie….keep it real and salute jim jones and dipset…niguz was on they dick..now say “nohomo”..and prove me right….LOL..and nobody mention ‘em….be honest instead of cool…it’ll work out better.

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    Lil Boosie

  • http://xxlmag.com the brown


    3000 and Common, though Com’s a little too bigotted for me.

    RZA and O.D.B. for sure, they’re out there.

    Old School rappers like, Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, and ONYX (bacdafucup!)

  • http://xxlmag.com the brown

    Yo! I forgot to mention, about the 3000 and Com comment, I would really love to bone Erykah Badu. I saw her at a concert long ago and Outkast was there. It was around the time when Dre(pre 3000) had dreads and he and Badu just started kickin’ it, but I swear she had spotted me out in the crowd and for a moment there, we were one. WHOO! Anyway, Miss Bag Lady may have some baggage but still got a thang her.

  • Ryan

    Isn’t this supposed to be about who you relate to most, not who you like the most? Can all of you fools relate to Jay Z talking about his fucking jewels and being paid? Nope.

    On a side note, I can somewhat relate to Lil Boosie and Ghostface only in the sense that they’re both diabetic and so am I, but that’s real world shit not their rhymes.

    I can related to Kool Keith well………

  • C

    I relate to a number of MCs for different reasons

    1. Devin The Dude bcuz I love weed wine and women
    2. ‘Pac prior to learning his story I could’ve sworn he was from Miami.
    3. Cee-lo because he can articulate the black struggle in song or rap. Check the verse from Live at the Omni.
    4.Common because at times I feel like I’m slept on and I know eventually I’m going to get my shine.

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz.

    They SO real man.


    cant believe noone said David Banner. dat man speak on sum real shit sometimes. & lil boosie

  • t.c.

    Killer Mike-Watch his interviews on youtube dude is mad intelligent

    UGK- The Song High Life from Rydin’ Dirty is something everyone can relate to even if your not poor or dead broke everyone is trying to get better than where they are now

    Andre 3 Stacks- The whole album Atliens is amazing

    Lord Infamous- Dude came back hard with his solo shit on where’s the love talking about why he been gone “Overdosin and crashing cars tried to cut my own veins” everyone gets depressed

    Tech N9ne- I probably should have put him first. Where is my happy ending is my shit just about him trying to be happy in life ” ALL I WANTED A WAS A FAMILY PORTRAIT TO SEE MY BABY GIRLS ON A RANCH WITH HORSES BUT I WAS FUCKIN’ DEVIL BITCHES IN CORSETS I WAS NEVER REALLY GOOD THEN I TORCHED IT”


  • KSA1001

    1. 2 Pac – No1 else like him, in his blueprint, but not like him. He could be meaningful as hell, or bring that fire. That fire never felt fake, you could dude MEANT that shit! in his heart. Like shock said, he rapped from the pit of his gut.

    2. Eminem – Just feel him, he’s real, got issues [like everyone else] and also has not issues airing you out.

    3. Lupe – He’s just talented and doesn’t feel the need to front, be extra/whatever.

    4. Joell Ortiz – He’s just that dude right now. I feel it all, and he deserve to blow more than anyone else right now.

    • KSA1001

      forgot my man Cee-Lo
      anything he touches I’m wit it 1000%
      From GooDie MoB to the slept on solo classics to Gnarls
      can’t get enough.

  • Chad Biggz

    I gotta go wit…

    Joe Budden (his name isn’t spelled wit a S…album coming soon lol)

  • Maurice L Dees

    2 pac
    mc eiht
    L L cool j
    big pun

  • Produnkgirl

    I think Ye or Scarface. I would say Nas because of prolific storytelling, but Scarface because his depressive state of mind of being suicidual and shit. Kanye because he raps about political and social ills,fashion, and his swag you’ll never hear how kanye pop guns because he never did. He stay true to hisself……shit I scared of guns myself.

    My favorite Rapper is Jay but his earlier material I can’t relate too because of the way he was feeling and living as a drug dealer, but he’s so open that you just love to live in his world.

    Oh Yeah I forgot Biggie. My other favorite rapper. I can’t relate to him on his drug fiasco but his everday struggle and suicidal thoughts and feeling like you got to make it by any means nessary you have to do it.

    • Maurice L Dees

      I think produckgirl right, but she cound be a psychologists all i no. Scarface and kanye, nas & jay z all work together in this rap game. Not biggie.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Ghostface = He love 60′s and 70′s music like me.
    Andre 3000 = He have an unique style in all aspect.

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      and Joell Ortiz = He’s humble person

  • TheCo!!inB

    Malice-paranoid about his past but thankful for the fruit of the labor
    Killer Mike-no stranger to hard work, ackowledge that relying on another man to become successful at anything is foolish
    Murs-kinda like Malice and Mike combined.
    Ghostface-even though he has years I too, like baked zitti and other pasta dishes……and the nigga is real with is mad passionate about life

  • HipHopFive15

    Sean Price…Im broke as fuck too.
    Kenn Starr

  • stevie b

    Malice-Deep thinker humble and shows remorse

    Jeezy-Grinder hard worker never forgets about where he comes from gets to the money. deep thinker as well just on some street shit

    Lupe- does not follow trends nigga sets them another deep thinker

  • Chronwell

    KRS 1-
    Im on that knowledge of self shit but I smoke mad izm and will throw a nigga(or a cracker) offa platform!