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  • USA

    Real classy. Obama will ruin this country, and it’ll be because of ignorant people like yourself.

    • Devog

      I find it hard to believe that Mr. Obama can do any worse than mr. Bush. You right wingers kill me. It’s amazing how you can blow off what your party has put this country through in the last 8 years. Allow me to reintroduce you to you. Hmmm, where to start? the current economy, foreclosure crisis, sky rocketing gas prices, a stolen election(probably two), a v.p. who shoots a friend in the face with a shotgun, torture, two wars, putting a CIA agents identity on blast, a republican congress that didn’t do much, firing justice department attorney’s for political gain, and in general just being a bunch of self absorbed assholes who claim to put America first, but only truly care about “their” America. Show me some proof that Mr. Obama will destroy America. It seems to me that your party’s ignorance, and love of money and war(not to mention gay sex)already has our country headed for ruin.

      • Silverback Gorilla

        nice retort

      • Tony Grand$

        ^^^dont forget the Katrina aftermath.

  • John Galt

    As usual, I respect your blog for presenting opinions that are well thought out, a rarity. That said, Palin’s speech — which dazzled me — stemmed directly from someone being attacked in terms of her experience and personal life from all sides by the media and her opposition before anybody had even had the chance to find out what she was about. Who could blame her for coming out right off the bat with a chip on her shoulder? That’s the attitude you have to have — sadly — to get things done the way government is currently constituted. I thought she was refreshing, though how she does in a debate with Biden will be interesting to see.

    • Ron Mexico

      the media did give her a hard time… but she lashed out at people who took the high road during their own convention.

      she’s a cockface.

      • Og Bobby J

        I’d still hit

    • DevoG

      Sara Palin where’s draws with dick holes in’em. 15 x lol

  • lvlf

    shes going to be attacked more when more details come out about how she got her former son in law fired from his job that surfaced last nite. On top of that she couldnt even establish morals in her own home and now tryin to have a forced marriage to make it look like they loved each other pleeeze. Shes gonna get ate up in that debate cant wait for that!

  • Meech

    It’s funny how the McCain-Palin side is all of a sudden angry about “off-limit” comments made about Sarah Palin, when the right-wing media and John McCain’s camp have been attacking Obama and his wife and his upbringing. Republicans say they can’t see Obama as president because he didn’t live all his years on the U.S. mainland, but Sarah Palin lives in FUCKING ALASKA!


    You r the Truth and a shining example of edutainment. I know blogging is about “opinion”. Every one has an “opinion”….and usually people are so married to they’re “opinion” they never r willing to hear others. but your ability to take big argument issues and polarizing points and the scale them down to every day common sense so that folks on either side see both sides and instead of winning a debate they simply get exposed to the “opinion” from both sides is pretty fucking cool. that’s jus My “Opinion’ doe (and a bad ill doc impersonation) …lol…u the truth Jay Smooth the Strait Up Sir….i watch faithfully!!!!! GTRG…BBB

    P.S. Thanks 4 the Carlin Tribute…….Could u hammer out one on Pryor and Bruce? I am asking as a Fan so u can’t charge Me…!

  • http://xxl gside

    So Silky Jonhsons show up tonight that’s good shit right there Iv been saying that for weeks know, I need to get me a blog you stole my shit. Refreshing my ass that speech was thash b.s. or hate hate hate if Mccain and Palin get in office we won’t have to worry about health care we be all dead because of the wars they will start poeple who vote for them will have alot of blood on there hands just like the poeple who voted for bush do know.

  • Severe3000

    in a debate…obama and biden will eat this soccer mom alive. she’s such a joke. nice for mayor and governor of a tiny state like alaska..but as vice president (or president when mccain croaks) ..u gotta be kiddin me.
    u really think leaders in the rest of the world would actually respect her?
    she cant even keep them bad ass kids in check. how she supposed to run the country.

  • these posts are racist

    What’s sad is that her speech will be effective.

  • Real Deal Mane

    All Sarah Palin is good for is laying on her back and giving throat. She’s like the Republican version of Superhead.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    seriously tho. i beat ya did not know dat speech was written b4 she was even chosen and it was written by bush’s speech writer.

    the republicans took another L.

  • Ron Mexico

    this convention smells like burning crosses.

    …and that was my first thought. how many “community organizers” were in that room that night?

    obama helped motherfuckers adapt to a new workforce. this bitch sold a plane on ebay.

    i was gonna play nice until she pulled this bullshit. now anything goes.

    she, her ho ass daughter and her fake touchdown baby can all eat a whale dick sandwich.

    • these posts are racist

      There’s a lot of people who are going to eat her speech up. The problem is, no democrat and certainley no one in the media will take her task, i.e. grill her about her comments and make her defend the one liners in a substantive sense.

  • Rosemarie Rambo

    Did you see the “Hottest governor from the coldest state ” buttons? EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

  • 619

    Palin will get put on front street real soon though, because her and Biden have a Vice Presidential debate coming up. She won’t stand a chance, Biden has what thirty something years in politics. And Palin was mayor of a town of only 9,000 people in Alaska before she became governer. On top of that she’s only been governer for twenty months and she’s already under investigation. Biden already responded to her speech by saying she didn’t even discuss any plans the McCain camp has to solve any of the issues facing Americans right now. She just used most of her speech to talk about Obama, just like McCain always does. And people mentioned that Obama’s camp will use that organizer comment she laughed about against her. Did you see all of the people in cowboy hats at the convention? Looked straight up like a redneck gathering.

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      Cosign that redneck gathering comment. ‘Cause that’s exactly what it looked like. Real talk.

      I didn’t hear shit about Palin’s national and international experience last night. When a crisis occurs in another country…or if another country confronts us, how is she gonna handle those things? I didn’t hear about any diplomatic efforts that she’s made. Once she said, “What is it that the V.P. does every day, exactly?” it left a negative impression on me. I don’t want to have someone who is clueless about their position in office. I hope that shot that Palin took at Obama about him being a community organizer does come back to her. She can’t say that he’s inexperienced, what about her? Until now no one’s ever heard of Palin. So who the fuck is she to scream “inexperience”? But those jabs that she took at Obama–what can I say? That’s what the Republicans do. Attack. There isn’t much that I can say about that.


    UFC 2008

    michelle obama vs. sarah palin

  • da barbarian


    Much dismay in the Lib zombie crypt!

    A mere woman from Alaska has Lib hipsters & “gangstas” sniveling and running in circles?

    You can smell the gut-fear!

    That good vibe for Nov. just keeps getting better!

    • DevoG

      Trust me, nobody is running scared from a damn PAWN from Alaska. Yes a PAWN.

    • Jay Smooth

      I have no idea what you just said, but out of curiosity: which one are you calling me, a “hipster” or a “gangsta”? lol

      • these posts are racist

        I think you’re a hipster gangster…Jay, “barbarian” is a clown.

  • Tony Grand$

    That dude said they can “eat a whale dick sandwich”. Palin’s speech might excite a few rightwingers and give a couple republicans a reason to scream “hurrah” for the ninute, but its not a good look when the pulic know about your personal business before they even know exactly where you stand politically. At the time of her speech, she’d already been dragged through the mud (health care/sex ed cuts-both of which her daughter couldve def benefitted from, the scandal involving bro in law, no experience in foreign policy, never left the US until couple months ago,) and her attempts to let Amerikkkans get to know her was more like a lost verse from ‘Pac’s “Bomb First”. She displayed that snarky, “my kids better than yours”, soccer mom attitude, and it was very unbecoming. I’m interested in what these motherfuckers are gonna do for me as a tax paying, law abiding citizen. Though I’ll admit that both parties spend a lil too much time playin pitty-pat, at least Obama has the diplomatic presence that one would expect from a possible Commander in Chief. McCainis like an old ass Doberman Pincher, back then he might’ve bit you a new one, now he just sits in the corner with that pathetic barking moan. Not really a threat, until his Alzheimers fully kicks in. Nobody cares about his war stories, and I doubt most Americans have that same blood thirsty lust for revenge towards anything foreign as he does. I think his pick for VP was a cop out so he wouldn’t have to deal with MEN (yes sexist) that have legitimate experience and valid opinions and knowledge of what they do/say. That would have been people in power (as opposed to figureheads) possibly questionong his thoughts and motives. Why not pick a “yes woman”? Good idea, bad decision. He took the “change” thing too far. Not sex change, old man. She sounds like a hand puppet, dude might as well just picked his wife. I’m sure she has more knowledge of world affairs. If Obama is “famous for being famous” like Big John likes to imply, well @ least he’s in the cool runnings of leading this nation, Sarah Palin is famous for not being famous. It seems the republicans forget that if somebody bodies McCain or whatever, this is the person that would become president by default. Aint McCain like 217 years old? Smh @ the political games being played.


    “John Galt”, huh? I would call you a biter, but its worthless arguing with a person who thinks that anything Republikkkan is refreshing. Jesus, you’re stupid.

    Sarah Palin is a woman who can’t keep her daughter’s legs closed, but doesn’t want sex-ed taught in any school in the country. Oh, and John McCain is senile. The only interesting thing will be how dumb she proves to be when Biden goes at her.

    And I refuse to watch any part of the GOP convention.

    To TPAR, the only way that the speech will be effective is if you and other people keep talking or writing about it, keeping it alive. Let it die and no one will remember it.

    Does anybody remember that the Republikkkans are responsible for mass murder in the name of peace-keeping in the middle east?

    Big ups to Jay for a good post.

    • these posts are racist

      Good point. I also think there is no reason to watch the Repubs convention. Unfortunatley, it will get talked about…but in the end I guess it hinges on those few “undecided” who will tilt the election. And I honestly have no clue who they are or how they can be undecided…or what will make them decide.

      • DevoG

        I might be wrong, but was I the only one who noticed that CNN kept getting the camera shot from behind Palin where you could see her speech on the teleprompter. I only watched about 5 minutes of the convention off and on, but I caught that shot at least 3 times. I’m not mad a CNN. They’re starting to play by the rules Faux newS play’s by.

    • John Galt

      So I’m stupid, huh? You don’t know me, “Underwriter,” nor do you know that I worked for a State Assemblywoman for three years and know a little about how politics works. But what I know is that the last word I’d use to describe someone with a mind of their own is “stupid.” Let’s keep it civil, son.

      The only reason to refuse to watch any part of either convention would be to only embrace one side — that of the masses — while being perfectly OK with not being informed about every possible idea. Personally, I’d never want to be in that position, but maybe that’s just me.

      The reason everyone keeps talking about Palin’s speech is because it was good, and because she carried herself brilliantly. The liberal media and government wanted a punching bag. At least at first, it appears what they got is more than they bargained for.

      • Jay Smooth

        I agree the speech was a home run, at least in terms of winning over the home crowd. Things like the jabs at O’s “bitter” comment were probably very effective for their audience, no matter how I may disagree with the spin.

        But outside of the GOP home base I’m wondering how her sarcasm and bile will play with “swing voters”, I think it could work against her if she doesn’t tone it down.

        And either way the real test comes when she starts actually talking to reporters etc. Damn sure a more interesting race than we were due for with Pawlenty.

        • John Galt

          Cosign on literally every last one of your comments right here. Swing voters may just decide the crucial states, and it’s a valid point, she was almost definitely offputting to some. As usual, JS: sharp as a tack.

  • te noh

    “Try the moose casserole.”

  • Cal

    And can you believe that shit they were spewing about being tough on oil companies and all other corporate big heads when those same cock suckers were sitting right infront of them! Their trying to play that bullshit underdog game as if republicans have been getting their asses chewed by the “MAN” or something.

  • FLO

    Apparently jay Smooth was watching the wrong Convention. Palin did not disrespect community organizers, she simply stated that being a community organizer does not give you any quantifiable experience on a resume to become the President of the United States of America and does not give someone the same experiences as being a mayor or governor (regardless of the state or town).

    Furthermore, the media went after Palin’s family without her family getting involved in the debate. The media has not said one thing negative about Obama’s daughters or his responsibility to his young daughters if he became President, yet one of the first things the media mentions is how is this women going to raise her kids and be VP.

    Also, although people may not want to admit it, Obama’s wife put herself out in the public eye and discussed policy and politics, thereby making her a viable target for anyone. Palin’s daughter and husband have not done so. Therefore, attacking either of them is unfair.

    Finally, the Democrats had their own hate-fest during their convention as well. I watched all of the prime time speeches, every day of the convention and they hated on McCain and the Republicans just as much as, if not more than, the Republicans have been doing at their convention. But all anyone is going to respond with is “F*** the Republicans, F*** Bush, F*** McCain, F*** Palin” with no real reason beyond they were told by others to hate Republicans, because the Republicans did what exactly? Oh yeah abolished slavery, as the first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln. And before anyone says well before that they were…., the Republican party was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery expansion activists and modernizers.

    • Ron Mexico

      and now they’d sign a bill to bring slavery back if they could get away with it.

      these ain’t your great-great-great-great-great grandpappy’s republicans.

    • DevoG

      Thanks for the history lesson, but don’t insult my intelligence. Your talking about 1854, and we are talking about the last 8 years continual f*** ups by your party. If you need a list of them check the top of the comments section. It’s a response to some USA character.

    • Jay Smooth

      “Palin did not disrespect community organizers, she simply stated that being a community organizer does not give you any quantifiable experience on a resume to become the President of the United States of America and does not give someone the same experiences as being a mayor or governor (regardless of the state or town).”

      I’m sorry but that is most certainly not what she said. That may be the generous interpretation you’d like to put on it, and it may be what she MEANT to say, but it’s not what she actually said.

      What she actually said is that community organizers do not have any actual responsibilities. And this insult followed Rudy Giuliani’s claim that being a community organizer is a “problem on Obama resume”.

      Both of these jibes go beyond merely suggesting that community organizing doesn’t singlehandedly qualify you for the presidency (which nobody has ever claimed so it is an irrelevant point). These judgements belittle and disparage the basic value of the community work that is a vital part of what this country great. The same work that Republicans used to recognize as a “thousand points of light.”

      And, although as I said I’m not a fan of either side’s conventions (or of either side in general), I do not agree that the DNC’s “red meat” was comparable to this RNC event in style or substance.

  • USA

    It is not surprising for the majority of the posts to be anti-republican, especially on a site like this. The posts here are so ignorant, and uneducated. Obama is a communist, a racist, and an embarrassment to America. You all need to get your heads on straight.

    • DevoG

      Ok? What the hell are you talking about? First of all this is a site dedicated to urban culture(you know, the people most negatively affected by the last 8 years of republican leadership; except for the dead and wounded troops that is) and you can let loose here if you please. No fireside chats here. This not the republican convention, where u blatantly distort facts, and lie to yourself, your party members, and potential voters. If you don’t like it, take your ass to the crypt, my bad, the convention.

    • 619

      Get our heads on straight? Ignorant and uneducated? Tell me how, when I just gave you a few reasons up top that makes Palin unqualified to even think about debating with Obama, Biden, or even Obama’s wife for that matter. And don’t even get me started on McCain’s wife and why he keeps her in the background, because her doesn’t want her to get on the mic and say something stupid. Ignorant? You mean like John McCain’s wife when she made the comment that Palin has better foreign policy than most think because Alaska is close to Russia? HAHAHA! Before you disrespect people making negative comments about Republicans, check all of the things Republicans are saying recently. Republicans chanting ‘drill baby drill’ at the convention? Who’s the ignorant one now? Don’t act like there’s nobody on here who knows what’s really going on, because I can bring up a lot more ignorant Republican issues than what you have to say.

    • Styalz

      Hi Hater. Uneducated? In what way? Also, elaborate on why Obama is an embarrassment to America.

      All this really is, is that people are NOT ready for a change. It doesn’t even matter about his ideals and what not. The truth behind this is that the most citizens in the Republic as well as Democratic parties don’t want a President who is not of the same color skin as the previous ones. Palin talked about doing stuff like not depending on another country for oil and what not and making our own. Now think about it.. If that were possible, I’m pretty damn sure they would’ve done that awhile ago. And of course we’d love to lose our relations with foreign countries in trades, import & export. We already have many other countries who dislike.. no HATE the U.S. and here she is talking about this bullshit.

      Our economy is shit already and she wants to use more of our own money to try to drill our own oil? Then she talks about how Obama is gonna raise taxes.. Where the hell are we gonna get the money to even fund the oil drilling and finding out oil?

      She is out of her mind.. And what Jay Smooth said, all truth / real talk.

      Of course both parties have writers for their speeches but it doesn’t seem like Palin’s writer thought it out clearly and just added witty remakes and jokes to grab the starving Repubs’ attention. Anyway, a change will come no matter which wins, McCain or Obama, but I promise you and strongly believe Obama can do real good for our country.


    fuck politicians, they’re all snakes! obama is a lyin ass nigga too, and everybody is actin like they don’t know it…..”i never knew rev. wright spoke like that”…lmao! ALSO, if you don’t vote for your local politicans, but vote for pres. you’re an asshole that doesn’t understand this system at all. your local representation plays a much larger role in what actually happens regarding your day to day life than the president does!

  • FLO

    Yeah Ron Mexico, the only party to place two black people as Secretary of State, sounds like the party that wants to bring slavery back. Come on. Stop being ignorant. Neither party wants to bring back slavery and saying that either party does just shows that you have no idea what your writing about.

  • USA

    Flo and Detroit make great points.

  • Cal

    You guys notice that anywhere there is a hint of anti-republican sentiment going on, one of em always pops up doing the usual routine check to see whose making all the noise and in this case its some bullshit “USA” asshole up top the comments section.



    • FLO

      Good one Internet Bully! Your mother must be so proud of you. You have no argument and thus demean others and blatantly state that you bully others over the internet using a fake name. To steal a quote from Bol, “Is that what’s hot in the streets?”

  • kingequality

    Yall kill me its all politics we the people got to take our futures into our own hands it dont matter who wins the president dont have any real power he is just a face that reps the usa its congress that passes all them fucked up bills yall need to start paying attention to them other elections to plus most of yall aint gonna vote any fucking way instead of talking shit on a blog stand up and be counted for

  • thugler

    yes! more gold from jay

  • Og bobby J

    Funny how cats talk about Palin having no resume but suddenly Obama does…

    Bottomline…minorities vote democratic…so a site devoted to “urban culture” is going to be flooded with minorities from “urban” areas…or wannabes like Internet Bully.

    But those of us educated enough to see past what nas and jeezy think, realize that the system is corrupt…no matter what party wins. In the same space, the system has the ability to provide great gain for people who educate themselves and understand it.

    Get educated fuckboi’s….the presidential election is a popularity contest….

    oh yea…Obama is half white…

    • these posts are racist

      Explain how the “system is corrupt.”

      • Og bobby J

        what I meant by “corrupt” is that the interest of the American people is and stays on the back burner. The power in this country comes from money. Look at the healthcare system, drug companies, oil companies and privatized prison systems…..all perfect examples of how money is in control, and the government is simply the tool for making their corruption acceptable.

        The system was not designed to deal with lobbyist organizations and an overly extensive “free market”.

        For example, the oil crisis in this country could be solved if the government imposed certain stipulations on the oil companies. Without the US consumer base, the oil companies profits would shred damn near by 50%…so negotiations should occur to establish a fair market value for the goods. In addition, when the “goods” become a necessity instead of a desire, the supplier essentially holds a monopoly over the demand market. The government should be working on behalf of the people to insure the standard of living for all people and prevent these types of issues. But, the rich stay rich and no “public servant” is gonna take that cash outta there pockets…

        • these posts are racist

          So you acknowledge the control lobby and special interest groups have over our elected officials. Do you realize that our foriegn policy, especially w/respect to the middle east is controlled by such groups as well…and it happenes to be against the best interests of the American people?

  • tensensi

    very insightful – thanks jay.

  • balaramesh

    “so a site devoted to “urban culture” is going to be flooded with minorities from “urban” areas”

    what do you expect….dumbass. we only have a select few outlets to express ourselves. mainstream media does NOT tell our story.

    palin loses. the media “rallied” around her last night. it was no realer than WWE. completely scripted including the self makeover of the daughters “redneck” boyfriend or jumpoff. i bet the media will not consider her to be his “babymama”

    • Og bobby J

      what exactly is OUR story that the media won’t cover? You must watch some other shit cause we all know the liberla media loves “your story” if by your story you mean how its someone else’s fault that you fucked up.

      Whether her daughter is taking cock like a champ means nothing of value for this election. I mean, Palin looks like she could eat a beefsleeve of two herself…so it must run in the fam…

  • Ghost

    Regardless of all this bickering…It is good to see Jay drop these post on the regulack…


  • RedemptionsSong

    Co-sign balaramesh.
    Palin did not come out swinging, her writer did. Does anyone really think she made up those jabs herself? Of course, Obama’s speeches are all ghost-written as well. The political system is bullshit. We Americans are getting screwed by both parties. The Republicans kiss ass to the top 5 percentile while the Democrats make false promises of hope and change(with our defecit how could we afford national heathcare and alternative energy while cutting taxes?) It all comes down to voting whoever screws us the least.