The King Of Hipster Douchebag Rappers…

asher roth

Last week I fuxxed with the Heltah Skeltah show in lower Manhattan at the classic venue called S.O.B.’s. If you live in NYC and you have not seen a Hip-Hop show at S.O.B.’s then you aren’t Hip-Hop whatsoever. Cats from Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey come here to catch shows. It’s one of the last live venues in the city where you can really experience a show where the artist doesn’t have a separation from the listeners.

You already know what the fuck it is with Rock and Ruck. Their new album is called Da Incredible Rap Team and these niggas are still punching motherfuckers in the mouth with their lyrics. There ain’t a crew in rap more hardbody than those niggas and that’s my word. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I saw all of these broads in high heels and short skirts. Heltah Skeltah is not one of these glam rap groups where the chicks that come to see them are wearing Chanel shit. Broads that come to see Heltah Skeltah usually have stab wounds, they wear Timberland chukkas and can prA’li kick the ass of 94.675% of XXL mag dot commenters.

Who the fuck were these foxy bitches coming to the club to see perform? It turns out that these high-heeled hot chicks (read: white girls) were here to see some nigga named Asher Roth. Who the fuck is Asher Roth? I know that he has had some shit featured here on this website, but seriously, who the fuck is Asher Roth? Motherfuckers are coming through the spot in button ups and boat shoes. When some skinny looking Italian dude hopped off the Vespa with not one, but two skinny model type cokehead broads riding on the back I knew exactly what Asher Roth was. He is the king of the hipster douchebag rapper movement.

What I didn’t know was that Asher Roth is also the king of the suburbs too. At least Eminem had to come up through the hardscrabble Detroit battle rap circuit. And we all know how cold shit can get in the D. Asher Roth is straight from the Stroudsburg mall parking lot poetry cipher. I’m not saying that you have to have gunshot wounds to be a rapper, but it does help no doubt. Asher Roth is 180 degrees from all that fake gangsta poseur bullshit. Roth is more like the greatest frat rap artist since DeLa Soul debuted. Imagine if Eminem were a little less lyrical and more poetical. WTF?!?

Asher Roth doesn’t make me hit the rewind button like Em used to, but he still has lines that are worth repeating. Download his mixtape here and peep his game. I’m surprised how much I enjoy listening to son’s album. Yes, you would want to be high when you let this shit play. He has a wordplay that staggers through his songs and connects rhymes at assymetrical points in the verses. My favorite song on the mixtape is where he talks about which cartoon chicks he would fuck. Pure dumb frat boy bullshit that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. Asher Roth is the next rap phenomenon. Straight from the suburbs.

Hip-Hop is dead, long live Hip-Hop.


Video: Asher Roth vs. Heltah Skeltah

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    1st! FINALLY FUCK!

  • N.O. in my soul

    now i wonder if i was a black young man spittin about “f’n cartoon chicks” would i even be looked at…this is he’s white so it’s ok bull

    • Bang

      well pharcyde could get away wit it. but asher is still corny

  • Jamar

    Whackest wigga to touch a mic

  • Pierzy

    I think that Asher Roth is garbage. Being in Philly, I’ve been hearing for a while now and he’s nothing more than a poor Eminem imitator, especially his back-ups and ad-libs. I don’t know if he’s going to be hip-hop’s next big star but I guess it’s possible…

  • nerditry

    @Billy : I think you’re just hating on his strong sweater and Volvo game. Swing on by the food court and get your ass fucked up [||] at Manchu Wok!

  • fredMS

    isnt this shit the exact opposite of what hip hop. hip hop is like whitey wont let me fuck with his shit so fuck whitey. i dont understand what this is.

  • DJ Daddy Mack



    My favorite song on the mixtape is where he talks about which cartoon chicks he would fuck.”"”"

    WOW…Thirstin Howl III did that like 5 years ago “dreams of f$$king a cartoon btch”

    …this Asher Roth cat is straight garbage, even most frat boys who freestyle could eat that dudes food.

    …can’t wait for the Heltah Skeltah album though, so I’ll take that away from this post.

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    This name is gonna ring out for a while so get used to it. I have to.

  • Og Bobby J

    Fuck the haters…
    I do not think Asher or whatever is that nice, but atleast he isnt fake. He doesnt claim to be a gansta and really isnt (see: your favorite rapper) or claim to do shit he never did….(also see your favorite rapper). He is a sunurb douchebag but he know it and that much i respect.

    • iLL G

      feel u… but we gotta ask ourselves what rappers ARE really living what they spit? like 20 percent? lol i appreciate the fact that he is real to himself and his style.

      and Billy X, I thought for a second there the post was hatin on him..but the cple last paragraphs i see ur just givin him props. good shit

  • geico lizard

    i really think asher roth has a rich dad who paid dj drama and cannon to cosign this guy and make his kids dream come true. this guy was on rap city so he is getting way too much exposure for the average underground rapper trying to come up so he has a rich relative hooking this up.

    • EReal

      Wow, a Jew making a quick come up in the Entertainment business, I wonder how THAT happens??? LMAO.

      Im suprised Bol is all over this guy. (Nullus)

  • Incilin

    I’m really surprised you like this dude. Don’t tell me he doesn’t sound kinda like Em? I know that some people are gonna say Nas sounded just like Rakim when he came out so there’s some kind of precedent for this kinda stuff, but dude doesn’t really seem to have any kind of content either. I mean cartoon chicks? Yeah its funny and worth mentioning, but I can’t see myself fucking with that ‘frat boy’ shit. Probably why I never got into De La.

  • Apollo Moses

    “Dey want that thug shi* that dumb sh8t”-Jay Jeezy Jenkins
    Everyone has their own opinion but I admire the hustle of Asher Rother. He just fell into rapping recently and of course Emimnem would influence his sound, he did sell 10 million copies to brothas! He has his own lane and pretty much deed his thing on the Greenhouse Effect mixtape. “I love College” is a great jam, but for all you wannabe trappers it might not be REAL enough for you. Damn, now that is ironic, but I guess it’s cool to be uneducated, play dumb, make ignorant ace statements, and make youtube videos flashing ugly ace chains, and in Tyga’s case…a necklace. Get over yourselfs, it’s just music, and hip hop craves diversity. Asher Roth is alright with me.

    • JDizzel3000

      Said Perfectly

  • bongolock

    yeah asher is alrite. but can u give me more details about the heltah skeltah show? i know they ripped isht. i’m gonna see sean p in philly friday but to see em both musta been madness


  • Worley

    Apollo Moses: Eminem did not sell 10 million of anything to brothas. He sold that sh*t to the type of chicks Sunday described above.

    “Pure dumb frat boy bullshit” sums up Asher Roth. But ay, they had Elvis and Eminem. Now they have Asher.

  • yoprince


  • Penelope Rodriguez

    I can’t get into Asher Roth. I just can’t.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Asher Roth will remind you of Eminem for sure. He has a nasally type whiny voice and he loves the self-deprecation mixed with the far fetched braggadocio.

    I like to get high and listening to Asher Roth while I was lifted on that hayze made me laugh. Sonn gets bitches too. I can’t never hate that.

    • Moi

      this brings up important issues about being high.

  • kelito-vision

    all the white kids tired of waiting for Em are gonna flock to Asher Roth…he’s the next big thing in hiphop

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      so true.

  • capcobra

    sorry but it ain’t enough room for em and asher…unless they join forces….and if they do….somebody gon ether them…asap.

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    Scooter Braun and Steve Rifkind get a win for this one. Hova passed on this guy for Pittsburgh Slim, but this guy is gonna sell about 5 mil. There’s a lot of colleges out there, and the whit girls are gonna eat this shit up like fries and ketchup.

    That Heltah Skeltah album is coming out on another BIG day in Hip-Hop. Lots of good releases, so lets go to the fuckin store mothertrruckers! Lol.

  • Moi

    Roth is more like the greatest frat rap artist since De La Soul debuted.
    way to throw that one in there.

  • Bang

    BCC for life!

  • anutha_level

    not really into this cat yet…until i hear some grimy-battle bars, i will continue to be underwhelmed. much like i was w/EM when he first came out wit all that silly ish…then i heard the REAL and it was ill.

  • bro emperor

    fucking racist black people hating on a white rapper. first of all, do not mix hipster and fratty. the two could not be more opposite. fraternities hate hipsters more than illegal immigrants